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FAQ/Walkthrough by JBickford

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/20/98

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ A r m o r e d  C o r e @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

                By Jim Bickford (fusaki333@yahoo.com)

Version1.00                                 6/20/98

          Fighting Strategy
          Weapon Nuances
            right arm weapons
            left arm weapons
            back weapons
          Mission Tree      
          Mission Walkthroughs
          Nine Ball
        WISH LIST 

        This FAQ is designed to give newer AC players advice (especially 
for the versus and link modes), or veteran players some fresh insight 
from a fellow AC enthusiast. I would love to hear anything you have to 
say about this document; questions, comments, concerns, criticisms and 
especially contributions ^_^ (I would love a nice ASCII title logo)! You 
can even E-mail me if you just want to discuss the game itself. I will 
try and respond to each E-mail I get, but I can't make any kind of 

<==============G E N E R A L   G A M E   S T R A T E G Y ==============>

        This section will give you advice that will adhere to all parts 
of the game; Vs., link, and Mission. 

                    F I G H T I N G   S T R A T E G Y

        The most important thing you should get down first is the 
controls. Make sure you know them and can react almost unconsciously. 
Fiddle around with the setup if you are new to the game and are not used 
to them, however, if you are experienced, I advise against this. Reason 
being, is that you will instinctively go for a button, and do something 
you didn't intend to do. 

        The next thing you should master is situational awareness. In 
other words, know exactly where you are, where your opponent is, and 
generally know your surroundings. The four best ways in order of 
preference are:

1. Radar
        Use this to get a general idea where your opponent is. Always 
keep the dot representing your opponent aligned with the top part of the 
radar cross (for the most part). The only situation I can think of in 
which to ignore this statement is when you are recharging your boosters, 
then run like hell. Remember, yellow dot means below you, red dot same 
level, blue dot above. Always try to keep an eye on the radar.

2. Lock-on window
        This is used after you get a good idea of where your opponent is 
with the radar. You should choose a weapon with a larger lock-on window, 
such as the missile launchers so you can scope out a large area fairly 
quickly. As an added bonus, you can even fire off a couple of missiles 
if you wish. Before switching to a more... suitable weapon, like the 
grenade  launcher. 

3. Booster flashes (and loudness)
        This is a way that many people overlook. Anybody that's played a 
link or versus game of Armored Core knows that boosters are used quite 
often. Use this fact to your advantage. If you are in an especially dark 
stage, this tactic is even more useful. When you use your booster, you 
emit a little white trail of light. If you can see the light trail, this 
makes finding your enemy much easier. Also, you can use the loudness of 
the booster noise to gauge distance.

4. Enemy fire
        My least favorite way to find out where my opponent is ^_^. If 
you can tell where they are firing from, you can retaliate fairly 
quickly. Even easier if they miss. Also useful when they hit a wall you 
are behind, and you didn't know they were there.

        Next, it is important to learn how to dodge your opponent's 
attacks when he has fired something at you. First, and one of the most 
useful (especially with missiles), is the side step evade. To do this 
technique, hold down R1 (L1 has priority over R1, which is important, as 
you'll see), and when you see something coming at you, tap and hold L1 
for about half a second, and repeat if necessary. Make sure the timing 
is correct, however. 

        Another way to dodge is to use the boosters. Use the boosters 
and dash in any direction. Then, if the shots still hit you, dash in the 
exact opposite direction, and tap the booster button again. This should 
shake the bullets. And remember, another way to keep them from hitting 
you is to break their lock. To do this, simply go in a direction, and 
double tap the booster button. The second tap, however, hold down the 
booster button, and while in the air, change directions randomly, one or 
two seconds after the last direction change. Another way is to get 
extremely close to your opponent, and either jump over or straight above 
them, or dash to their side, and get a couple shots on them in the 

        You can also use cover to block your opponent's line of sight. 
This will prevent them from hitting you as well. And, if the stage is 
dark, and they have a long ranged weapon, you can make them waste ammo 
by just sitting there while they think they have a clear shot at you. 
This is also useful in that you can switch weapons without fear of 
retaliation ( when you switch, there is a period of time where you 
cannot fire any weapons. This would usually be where my opponents love 
to rush in with their MOONLIGHT laser sword, or fire their WC-GN230 
grenade launcher at me ^_^). 

        Back weapons also have many little "quirks"; firing around walls 
is another good cover method, however, if you want to do this, equip 
your primary back weapon on the right side. This will allow you to fire 
your right back weapon while still maintaining your cover. This 
obviously means that you should always keep your radar on your left 
side. This will let your fire with your right. Also, just so you know, 
the order in which you cycle through your weapons is: Right Arm, Left 
Back, Right Back, Right Arm. Thus, if you anticipate not using cover 
much, but will be using back weapons often, put your primary back weapon 
on the left. 

                      W E A P O N   N U A N C E S

        Here is a description of the strengths and weaknesses of each 
weapon in the game, as well as my personal rating of each weapon(1-5, 5 
stars being best). The stars in parentheses with the plus or minus next 
to them is the weapon's mission rating. Example: ***(+**) means that 
while it is an average weapon in Vs. mode, it is great in mission 
combat. This list also assumes you have all of the special parts but the 
useless auto launcher and radar option parts. If your particular 
opponent isn't using the missile jammer part, then add one star to all 
the "missile" weapon ratings.

                    R i g h t   A r m   W e a p o n s

       (Note: almost all arms, legs, and heads have high shell defense 
ratings compared to energy weapons. I believe part of this is to offset 
the only huge weakness of solid ammunition weapons, price, which is 
nonexistent in Vs. mode) 

WG-RF35 "Rifle": This is the weapon that you start with. Bad reload, 
range, and power. Pass.

WG-MGA1 "Machine Gun": This is the weakest machine gun. I don't like 
machine guns as a whole, because you need to keep your opponent in the 
window for a long time. All the machine guns are good if you are doing 
the "Destroy Fuel Depot" mission.

WG-MG500 "Machine Gun": Slightly stronger than above, but slower to 

WG-AR1000 "Machine Gun": Double the ammo, slightly weaker, and faster 
reloading than above, and more flexible.

WG-HG235 "Hand Gun": I really can't see using this weak weapon. Low 
attack power, low reload rate, and very short range. It spreads out, but 
it still has short range, and when you're at short/medium range, why not 
use, say, the laser sword, or the Grenade Launcher?

WG-RF/5 "Sniper Rifle": It has okay attack power, and low reload rate, 
but the best range in the game. Use this weapon, but be prepared to keep 
your opponent back with a good knockback weapon, like the WC-GN230 
grenade launcher. However, it doesn't have a good enough damage/ammo 
ratio for the missions, so you couldn't kill many enemies.

WG-RF/P "Sniper Rifle": Same as above, but slightly more powerful, less 
ammo and slower to reload. Also, the prime reason to use above, range, 
is also deminished. Too few bullets to really be affective in missions.

WG-HG512 "Hand Gun": First of all, short range, and average attack 
power. However, has decent amount of bullets for missions, and is very 
useful if you are booster-happy; you can hop around and fire it easily, 
with it's wide FCS window, and it does not consume energy.

WG-FG99 "Flamethrower": Pathetic range, okay attack power, but fun, fun, 
fun to use ^_^ !!

WG-B2120 "Bazooka": Medium-ranged weapon with good attack power, and 
decent ammo.

WG-B2180 "Bazooka": Slightly shorter range than above, but much more 
damaging. Slower reload. However, the shots are fairly slow. 

WG-XP1000 "Pulse Rifle": Mediocre damage, great range, and great reload 
rate. Good long distance poker to keep up the pressure.

WG-XP2000 "Pulse Rifle": Same as above, but with more damage, ammo, and 
range. However, reload is doubled.

WG-XC4 "Laser Rifle": Good weapon, but why use this when the KARASAWA is 
almost the same thing but better?

WG-1-KARASAWA "Laser Rifle": What can I say? The best hand held weapon 
in the game! Great attack power, and it's an energy weapon(no good 
defense ratings vs.)! Only downside is limited shots, however, this only 
really affects you if you are doing a mission.
                   L e f t   A r m   W e a p o n s                         

        I have very little to say about the left arm weapons but GET THE 
LS-99-MOONLIGHT! Every stat (but weight and energy drain) is DOUBLE the 
nearest competing sword. It takes less energy to use, and deals more 
damage. Kind of a no brainer, huh ^_^?

                               A r m s                              

        This section rates the arms that function as weapons. Note that 
while all arm-weapons do add AP, they have 0(!) defense against solid or 
energy rounds. Therefore you must be very careful not to get hit too 
often(BTW, when I refer to "shots, I mean one press of the fire button).

AW-MG25/2 "Machine Gun": You only get 100 "shots", and it does 632 
damage per "shot". This is a really good deal, considering it has a 
reload rate of 2! The range is also decent.

Aw-GT2000 "Gatling Gun": This medium range weapon does 610 damage per 
"shot" (less than above weapon) and has 150 "shots". It has more AP, 
though. Less useful (IMHO) than above weapon in Vs., where you try for 
the quicker kill, but more useful in missions, where ammo conservation 
is important.

AW-RF105 "Cannon": I don't really like this weapon. You only get 50 
"shots" however, they deal 3060 damage per "shot"! While the range is 
and power are good, the rockets seem to travel very slow. So, if you 
fire them far away, a skilled opponent could easily dodge these. 

AW-30/3 "Dual Missile": This would be a really good weapon, if only the 
missile jammer part didn't exist(I'd give it ****). But since it does, 
the whole purpose of firing six missiles has disappeared. If your 
opponent is not using the missile jammer, however, go ahead and use it 
(outfit your existing AC with the light WM-S40/1 small missile launcher 
to find out, it's not that heavy).

AW-RF120 "Cannon": Basically the AW-RF105, but with 140 more AP, 4240 
damage per "shot", and slower reload. 

AW-S60/2 "Dual Missile": This is the AW-30/3 dual missile, but more 
ammo, and 1 less lock-on.

AW-XC5500 "Plasma Cannon": This is a good weapon. It has medium/long 
range, 2481 damage per "shot", and okay reload rate. It's only flaws are 
low ammo and it eats energy.

AW-XC65 "Laser Cannon": 4644 damage per "shot"! a couple "shots" from 
this weapon will put down almost all competition. The only flaws this 
weapon has is it's limited number of "shots", and charge drain. It 
travels fast, yet for some reason, seems to travel slower than the other 
energy weapons.

                         B a c k   W e a p o n s

WM-S40/1 "Small Missile": While there's nothing fantastic about this 
weapon, there is also nothing detrimental to just slapping one on to 
your AC if you have a couple hundred WP to burn (unless it results in 
you going down one "jump class"). However, if you can put on the WM-
S40/2, (not much more weight, slightly better), go ahead and do so.

WM-S40/2 "Small Missile": Another "slap-on" weapon, just the same as 
above weapon with 1 more lock.

WM-S40/4 "Small Missile": We're getting out of the "slap-ons" and into 
the heavier weapons. This is not that great a weapon for just that 
reason. Who wants to wait around for 4 locks?

WM-S40/6 "Small Missile": This weapon is terrible. I can think of a lot 
of better things I could do with that weapon slot and 583 WP, can't you?

WM-MVG404 "Missile": This is a good weapon, but if you want to fire 
missiles, go ahead and spend the extra AP and use the WM-MVG802 or WM-
L201 (which will deal much more damage in a shorter amount of time).

WG-MVG802 "Missile": This is an excellent weapon. They are very strong, 
have good range, and a generous ammo amount. Good in Vs, unless they 
have the missile jammer part, then go with the WM-L201.

WM-L201 "Large Missile": This weapon is just as good, not necessarily 
better than the above weapon. It only requires one lock to unleash all 
of it's power, which is good for those opponents who love to use (or 
abuse) the missile jammer part. Good weapon to just hold down the fire 
button and concentrate on dodging primarily, and getting a lock 
secondary. However, this weapon kinda sucks in the missions, because of 
low ammo load.

WM-X201 "Multi Missile": Overall, this is a balanced weapon. It only 
requires one lock, and splits into six separate parts. This makes it 
tough to dodge (I speak from experience ^_^). Not sure if attack power 
is for all six parts devided or together (anyone have the answer?). Good 
weapon for the "Repulse enemy attack" mission.

WM-X5-AA "Bomb Dispenser": The description of this weapon when you buy 
it is somewhat misleading. It says "mines" when in reality they are a 
short range shower of little bombs that explode on contact with anything 
(when I first saw the description, I bought it immediately, thinking I 
could plant land mines like in the "Stop Gang, "Dark Soul"" mission 
^_^). This is not that useful, unless you are going up against an 
opponent that charges you often, and even then, you have to switch 
weapons, letting them smack you when you do, which is needless to say, 
quite convenient for your opponent, them being right next to you with 
their LS-99-MOONLIGHT ^_^. 

WM-X10 "Bomb Dispenser": Same as above, but twice as many mines, and not 
as useless. It might actually be worth it to try to hit them with this 
every once in a while, considering the hypothetical damage you could 
deal (10800!). However, even then, you are left open for a while (reload 
time of 50!).

WM-P4001 "Dual Missile": This weapon is often overlooked, because it 
fires missiles indirectly. "Oh no! I can't use it in halls!" Well, I 
have used it many different times in halls. It says it fires them 
indirectly because a lot of times, it fires just outside the range of 
your opponent's core's anti-missile system. This makes it hard for your 
opponent's core to destroy them. Also, it is harder to sidestep-dodge 
them. Another positive factor of these missiles is the fact that they 
fire 2 missiles with 1 lock.

WM-PS-2 "Triple Missile": This is the same as above weapon, but it fires 
three missiles with one lock. Also, it fires upwards instead of 
sideways, so if you use it in rooms with lower ceilings, the top one 
will usually not hit. Still, it is a good weapon, especially in Vs. 

WR-S50 "Small Rocket": One might call this a "slap-on", however, why use 
this when you can use the WM-S40/1 or the WC-01QL, especially when they 
are actually lock weapons, and not dumbfire? Yes, it has good power, but 
you can't hold down the button and keep on hitting them the way you can 
with the previously mentioned weapons.

WR-S100 "Small Rocket": If you read my review of the last weapon, you 
know what's going down with this weapon. In fact it's worse (if you can 
believe that ^_^). The reload is slower. Much slower.

WR-M50 "Rocket": Yet another crap weapon. More damage, longer range, but 
travels slower.

WR-M70 "Rocket": Dear god, please let the pain end!!! Why in the world 
would I want 20 more ammunition to fire a weapon that has such a bad 
speed, reload rate, and to top it all off, DOESN'T EVEN LOCK!?!?

WR-L24 "Large Rocket": Notice I gave this weapon one more star. This is 
because even though you may only hit your opponent once or twice with 
this SLOW weapon, the payoff is actually worth it. By the way, HOW are 
you supposed to hit an opponent that is 17700 units (the weapon's range) 
away when you can't even see them, let alone LOCK?!?

WC-CN5 "Chain Gun": Until (and if) you get the "Plus" enhancement that 
allows you to fire shoulder mounted weapons from a standing position,
I wouldn't use this weapon. While it has decent range, the concept 
behind this weapon is off; a weapon that makes you retain a lock for a 
long time, while kneeling (thus, vulnerable) is not a good idea.

WC-ST120 "Slug Gun": Another "spreadshot" weapon. Seriously, if you 
can't hit a target within the weapon's range (8100), then get a Wide and 
Shallow FCS, not a crappy weapon.

WC-LN350 "Linear Gun": This weapon is alright, but nothing that makes it 
a step above anything you couldn't get in a hand-held weapon.

WC-GN230 "Grenade Launcher": As you can see by the rating, this one of 
the best back weapons in the game. If you are going for a good one-shot 
spanker, this is your weapon. This weapon has a myriad of uses. First of 
all, if you know an opponent is hiding around a corner or behind a 
building, this weapon, with it's proximity explosion, will usually hit 
them. Also, if an opponent is getting too close for comfort, dash back 
and fire this off (this obviously only works if you are "Plus") as a 
"knock-back" weapon. This weapon is just really great, and really fun 

WC-XP400 "Pulse Cannon: This is just your average energy weapon; no 
really useful features, but good overall.

WC-XC8000 "Laser Cannon": This is a good "big boom" weapon as well. Use 
this in conjunction with a solid firing weapon in your right hand.

WC-O1QL "Plasma Cannon": This is the best "slap-on" weapon. It has 
excellent damage, range, ammo, and reload (with the special parts). 

WX-S800/2 "Dual Missile": Just one word: "Why?"

WX-S800-GF "Dual Missile": This weapon has a deceiving name; it fire 6 
missiles with one lock on! The combined damage if all 6 hit is 6720! 
However, to make sure they all hit, it would be wise to jump into the 
air, then fire. It is, however, heavy.

XCS-9900 "Multi Missile": Not that much better than firing two multi 
missiles, much more heavy, and takes up two slots. Pass.

<=====================M I S S I O N   G U I D E========================>

        This will help those of you that are ailing as of what to do on 
the part of the game I spend the least amount of time on (versus mode is 
just so fun and challenging ^_^). 

                         M I S S I O N   T R E E

        I was originally going to put a mission tree here, but it's  
pretty obvious how to get which missions, either work for chrome more, 
or murakumo more. I might work on a tree in the future, but right now 
I've got a lot of FAQ writing and schoolwork to do. If one of you would 
like to submit a mission tree, I'd be immensely appreciative (clasps 
hands together and falls to knees begging "Please, Please!!" ^_^).

                 M I S S I O N   W A L K T H R O U G H S
        I will put the missions here, in order of ascending reward. I 
will often use the radar in the upper portion of the screen, and will 
often use directional abbr. ^_^; these are as follows:

                            N/NW   N/NE  
                         NW             NE  
                    W/NW                   E/NE  
                  W                             E  
                    W/SW                   E/SE
                         SW             SE
                            S/SW   S/SE

Mission: Attack Urban Center                            
Pay: -----                            Difficulty: **(* to kill Valkyrie)
AC Parts: None                        Open or closed?: Open

        When you begin, there will be some cars parked to your left. Run 
over these on your way to the fray. As you walk, look up a little bit. 
You should see a track of sorts, and eventually, there will be trains 
that are on them. Destroy these for approximately 8000 credits. You 
should be able to destroy two or three of these before you get a message 
from the gaurd. If you find one in your lock, back up to a wall, stay 
there, and fire. You won't even have to move; another MT (Mobile Target 
^_^) will pop up in it's place (you can rack up a lot of credits this 
way). At about 1:05 seconds left, you will get a message saying a 
ranking AC (Valkyrie) is coming (from the west); to defeat Valk, have a 
powerful weapon (WC-O1QL or WN-GN230 work well) equipped, and destroy 
her. You'll get about 5000 credits for destroying her. All other enemies 
are worth about 1000 credits. After the timer runs out, the mission will 

Mission: Remove Gun Emplacement        
Pay: Parts                            Difficulty: *
AC: Parts: LN-SSVT                    Open or closed?: Open

        At the start, the dropship will release you, and you will fall 
to the water. As you land, dash forward and over the barrier. Now, 
sidestep and circle the island, going counter-clockwise and unload on 
the TURRETS only (if you really want to destroy the planes, you can, but 
it is not necessary, and wastes ammo). Just keep them in your FCS window 
and keep moving, and you should get through unscathed. Once you destroy 
the fourth turret, the stage ends. 

Mission: Prototype MT Test                            
Pay: Parts                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: SP-SAP                      Open or closed?: Open

        When you start, the MT will be to the west. The second MT will 
drop in on the northern side, in the middle. The MT is fast, so it would 
be best to pick a good one shot spanker weapon. This is a really cool 
mission, 'cuz you can hone your Vs. skills here. Thus, apply the tactics 
you would in a Vs mission. It shouldn't be too hard to beat the two MTs 
if you have strong weapons, and a fast AC. Also, if you look closely, 
you can see a pattern. Take advantage of the period when the MTs stand 

Mission: Stop Gamg, "Dark Soul"                            
Pay: Parts                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: SP-AXL                      Open or closed?: Open

        As you begin, there will be a tank close to you to your S/SE. Be 
careful of the mines, sidestep dodge the missiles, and open fire upon 
that tank. From there, go E/SE and the rest of the tanks will be there. 
Just remember to sidestep dodge the missiles, and you should leave this 
mission without too much damage. Once you destroy the last tank (there 
are about 5), the mission will end.

Mission: Destroy "Plus" Escapee                            
Pay: 5000                             Difficulty: **
AC Parts: GBG-XR                      Open or closed?: Open (but small)

        From the very start, walk forward, and land on the little bridge 
between the buildings. Here's a diagram:

     |                |\                       ===============      
     |                |                        |             |\
     |                +------------------------+             | 
     |               Land here ->   *                        |
     |                +------------------------+             |
     |                |\                       |             |
     |                |                        ===============
     ==================                         \             \
     \                 \   
                  walk around like this -----------+          
                       =========================== |
                       |    |               |    |\|
                       |____|               |____| |
                       |                         | |
                       |                         | |                  
                       |____                 ____| |
                       |    |               |    | |
                       |    |               |    | |
                       =========================== |
                   Start\here -> |  *  |          \|
                                 ======= <---------+          
After you land on the bridge, look toward the building you started on. 
Count down from, and including, the top scoffolding. Jump to the third 
ledge, and walk around to the back. You will find a gold- colored 
generator. Pick this up and continue on with the mission. As with most 
one-on-one missions, this guy loves to jump a lot, so it is best to have 
a damaging one shot weapon, or missiles. Once you destroy him, the 
mission will end.                                   

Mission: Destroy Unkown MTs                            
Pay: 12000                            Difficulty: * 
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        As soon as you start off, you will get a lock on an enemy MT. 
Destroy this one and proceed forward. Soon after you will meet another 
MT which you must destroy. Destroy two other MTs and round the corner. 
Open a door to encounter another two. Once these have been taken care 
of, proceed forward. After you open another door, destroy the two 
enemies you come to to end the mission.

Mission: Eliminate Strikers          
Pay: 13000                            Difficulty: *  
AC Parts: WL-L24                      Open or closed?: Open                           

        Right at the start of this mission, quickly kill the enemy MTs 
ahead of you(just hold down fire). Then, turn around and destroy the 
middle vehicle, and jump over the barrier. Collect the weapon, turn back 
around, and proceed forward. As soon as you get a lock on the enemy 
ahead, dash forward behind the rock, and stick your right arm out from 
the cover of the rock and lay down fire on the enemy MT. Once he's 
destroyed, walk out from behind the rock and proceed forward. Climb up 
on top of the wooden structure and open fire upon the turret. Once you 
destroy it (or the truck, once it explodes it deals enough damage to the 
turret to kill it, usually), go forth and destroy the enemy AT, using 
the side step evade. This will end the stage.

Mission: Eliminate Squatters
Pay: 14000                            Difficulty: * 
AC parts: none                        Open or closed?: Open

        Right off the bat there should be an enemy to the SW. Sidestep 
until he comes into view then destroy it. As soon as you destroy him go 
N. As you are walking, there will be an enemy to the N and the W. 
Destroy the turret to the N first, as the MT to the W will ignore you 
for a little bit. As you go down the W-bound corridor, there will be an 
MT to your left. You will be able to see him, but wait until he starts 
firing at you(there is a bad polygon clipping problem here so that he 
appears as though he's in front of the wall, while in reality he is 
behind it). Go to where there is a choice of left and right. Go right, 
and there will be an MT in the little alcove on your right, to the E. 
Wait and see his pattern, then boost past the opening while shooting him 
while you have a clear LOS (line of sight), open fire a little bit, and 
repeat between his missile shots. Once he is dispatched, proceed S. 
There is another MT to the E, this time behind the alcove. Just sidestep 
and hold down fire. Destroy this MT to end the scenario.

Mission: Stop Security MTs                            
Pay: 17000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Open

        As you begin the stage, you will encounter two MTs. Destroy them 
using the sidestep dodge and trek forward. After this, the entire 
mission is simple; just walk forward, search the sides to make sure you 
don't miss any enemies, continue sidestep dodging, and once you destroy 
12 MTs, the mission will end.

Mission: Worker Robot Removal                            
Pay: 17000                            Difficulty: **(** not hit gen.)
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        The best way to not cause an explosion is to be extremely 
patient, and wait until the robots are far enough from the generators. 
Wait for a bit and they will stop walking toward you. Try to push them 
away from the generators. However, the easiest way to complete the 
mission is to open the door to the room, fire at a generator, and dash 
back quickly ^_^. If you can empty one room without hitting a generator, 
do the above method, and you'll only lose 2000 credits. 

Mission: Reclaim Oil Facility                            
Pay: 18000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Open

        As you start off, you'll get a lock on an enemy. Destroy this 
one, and start sidestepping. The key to this stage is to not stop 
moving. You will take damage if you do. Just keep circling, and firing 
at the enemies above you. If you can't get a clear shot at an enemy, 
dash away, turn, and fire. Once you destroy enough enemies, or enough 
time runs out (they will "engage in support fire"), the mission will 

Mission: Eliminate Squatters                            
Pay: 19000                            Difficulty: *
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Open

        There will be MTs swariming you as soon as you start this 
mission. Immediately start dispatching them with the first MT your FCS 
window comes upon. Once you destroy 4 of them (one of which is behind a 
wall, but thanks to the clipping problem, you must wait until he is 
clear of the wall), proceed SW, and destroy the MT there. Once he has 
been killed, go N, until you reach another MT. Destroy this one, and go 
W. There will be MTs on either side, and as usual, the clipping problem. 
I'd destroy the MT to the left first. Go just far enough that it clears 
the wall, and open fire. Next, kill the enemy on the right, and proceed 
on through the right path. This time, there will be two MTs in plain 
view as soon as you turn the corner. Kill the MT in the front first, and 
dodge the second's fire as you return it. Jump up onto the top of the 
alcove to the W, and across to the one S. Then aim down upon the MTs and 
destroy the larger missile firing one first. Then kill the smaller 
energy weapon firing one to end the mission.

Mission: Rescue Transport Truck                            
Pay: 20000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        When you start, get up onto the median. This will prevent you 
from hitting any cars. Proceed until you come upon a section where 
another section of the tunnel "intersects" with the one you are in. As 
you enter, there will be an MT to your left. Destroy it, then walk N a 
bit until you get a lock on an MT. Wait until they get over to the 
right, away from the truck. If they start to veer towards the truck, 
stop firing. This may take a little longer, but it's worth it not to 
destroy the truck. Once you destroy the two MTs, two more  come from the 
N. Use the same tactics on these two, and once you destroy your fifth 
Mt, the scenario will end.

Mission: Destroy Fuel Depot                            
Pay: 21000                            Difficulty: *
AC Parts: WG-1-KARASAWA               Open or closed?: Open

        Open the door that is in front of you, and destroy the turrets 
that fire down at you if you wish (personally, I would ignore them. 
There isn't that much opposition here, and you'll need your ammo). Start 
firing at all the fuel tanks. Make sure you get them all, on both sides. 
Go into the next room, and destroy the tanks on the ground first. Next, 
get the ones hidden in the wall on both sides. After that, fire a shot 
up into the ledge. After the tanks are done exploding, go up to the 
ledge, and go NW. There you will find the WG-1-KARASAWA. After you have 
destroyed all the tanks, you get a message confirming this. Leave the 
chamber, dash from the MTs, and leave how you came.

Mission: Stop Terrorist Threat                            
Pay: 22000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        This level just requires navigating. The enemies are very easy 
to dodge. Here is a map to help you.
                           Isaac City Sewers              
                            |^|   |........|
                            | +___|:+----+:|
                            |.......|    |:|
                            |:+---+ |    |:|
                            |:|^| | |    |:|
                            |:| |  \/    |:|
                            |:| |        |:|
                            \:  /        |:|
                     ,_______|:|         |:|                
                     |:+-------+| Boss 0...|             
                     |:|        +-----+--+ |         
                     |: =====>           \/         
                     +--+:|          +^+      
                        |:|          | |  
                        |:+__________+ |   
                        | +----------+:|     
                        | |          |:|________     
                        | |          |..........+
                        | |          +--------+:|
   ^ = dead end         | |                   |:|
   0 = door             | |                  / : \
dots = trail            +\/+                 | * |
   * = start here                            \___/
Once you get to the boss', just keep dodging his shots using the 
sidestep dodge, and fire your strongest weapons (you can even use your 
laser sword if you want to). 

Mission: Terrorist Pursuit                            
Pay: 23000                            Difficulty: *
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        This level is very easy; you must chase a single MT around a 
parking lot. If you can, just get in some shots on the upper floors, and 
whack him good on the bottom floor, where he really can't do anything or 
run anywhere.

Mission: Rescue Survey Team                            
Pay: 25000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        When you begin the level, immediately dash forward, and dodge 
the enemies you come across (in fact, I'd do it the whole level; there 
are a LOT of enemies here, and killing them all, you'd probably run out 
of bullets quickly). Go straight at the first intersection, then at the 
T, go straight. You will come to a place where the current path ends, 
and you must proceed right. As you exit the large room, head left. Pass 
up the turn on your left, and the one on your right. You should come to 
another open area. This time, you should head right as you exit it. Pass 
up the next two lefts, and a right, and you'll happen upon another large 
open area to the W. Just proceed forward, down an incline, and into the 
white room. Destroy the gate lock, and exit the mission.  

Mission: Prototype MT Test                            
Pay: 28000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Open

        This level is fairly simple as long as you have strong weapons, 
and use Vs. tactics. Just keep locked on, and sidestep dodge. BTW, when 
the mission starts, the MT always seems to go to the left. Once you 
destroy the MT, you'll get some dialogue, and the mission will end.

Mission: Recover Capsules                            
Pay: 30000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: none                        Open or closed?: Closed

        The best tactic to use in this mission is to dash and dodge. As 
you begin, go forward, and proceed forward past the intersection. You 
will come to a little room to your right with 6 grates on the floor. Go 
past this, and drop down the hole in the floor in the next hall going 
right. As you drop in, make sure your right shoulder is facing the hole, 
and when you land, dodge the MTs that bar your way. You'll come to a 
bend, and another grate room. Go past these and you shall find another 
hole in the floor. Drop down this with your left shoulder facing the 
hole. After you land, go turn right at the intersection that lies ahead, 
and you'll come to a room that has a path that goes directly the 
opposite direction you were coming (underneath). Once you go down this 
path, you'll come to a room on your left; this room has the pod you 
need; collect it and end the mission.

Mission: Exterminate Organisms                            
Pay: 30000                            Difficulty: **
AC Parts: QX-AF                       Open or closed?: Closed

        In the beginning, just go into the cave. Boost over the 
organisms, you'll come to a branch; take the left, and then straight at 
the next. You'll find that there is another branch, and another annoying 
organism. Take the left branch, and got to the left at the next branch. 
You'll come to a long hallway, and many rooms on the sides; don't go 
into these. Just boost over the organisms, and you'll find a large room 
with the queen organism. Do not kill it yet, there is an FCS over a tiny 
little hill in the E/NE corner. After you get it, go ahead and unload on 
the queen to end the mission.

I will soon get the rest of these missions, so hang in there!!

<================P R E - C O N F I G U R E D   A C S===================>

        This section is a section in which I will get supply some 
pre-configured ACs for those of you who either
A) Need inspiration
B) Want to try someone else's AC 
C) See what works for other people so you can design something similar
D) Are simply too lazy to design your own ^_^ 

        Some of these I designed, and some of some of these are the 
designs that the other ranking ravens use (some suck, others are really 
good, or fun to use). BTW, please E-Mail me with your own designs! I 
will provide a form for you to copy and paste at the bottom of this FAQ.

                              N i n e - B a l l

Head: HD-X1487 
Core: XCL-01
Arms: AN-K1
Legs: LN-1001B
Generator: GBG-XR
FCS: QX-9009
Boosters: B-P351
Back Weapon L: WC-GN230
Back Weapon R: None
Arm Weapon L: LS-99-MOONLIGHT
Arm Weapon R: WG-XP2000

<=============================C O D E S================================>

        Here are some codes for this game; some useful, some useless, 
some controversial. Anyway, here we go...
1st person camera: Press triangle, square, and start all at once any 
time during play.

Stationary camera: To make the camera stay in one place, press circle, X 
(or, if you prefer the manual that came in the box's pronunciation, eks 
.^_^ Really! Check it out if you don't believe me!) and start all at 
once at any time during play (or if you're like me, you'll do it during 
test mode, at the top, in the center, and do lots of little "flybys" 
across the arena ^_^).

Emblem Background: If you spent a lot of time doing your emblem, and 
want to show it off or admire it, you can put it in the background by 
going to the edit emblem screen and holding R1, L1, and select (me, I 
made a little picture of Crono from Chrono Trigger and am proudly 
displaying it on my AC. HAHA, LUMINAIRE!! Oops, sorry, I love that game. 
*WARNING! SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT* In fact, I'm writing a lovely little 
script and FAQ for it right now as you are reading this. I know it's 
old, but it's so fun!!).

Change AC pilot name: *Note: PLEASE... DO.. NOT...USE... THIS...CODE.. 
WITH..PLUS...PILOTS...* Sorry, I had to put that in there because if I 
didn't, I'm sure some militant AC purist who hates Pluses of any kind 
(especially those masquerading as non-plus pilots) would come and split 
my kneecaps if I didn't put that line in there. Well, to do it, 
highlight the "AC name entry" and press L1, L2, R1, R2, right, and 
square. Then press eks, er, X ^_^.

Debug code: I forget this code right, now, but it doesn't even work with 
production copies of AC, so don't fret. I was just going to list it 
because everyone else is".

Ride overweight ACs: Beat all missions, and you can launch overweight 
ACs (frowned upon by some AC purists, though).

"Plus" pilots: Most of you probably already know this, but you can 
become "Plus" if you drop below 50,000 credits. Each time you drop, you 
can gain a new ability. They are as follows:
        O  Short-range radar built into your brain.
        O  Laser sword shoots beam (X as rears back blade) 
        O  Ability to fire back weapons like WC-GN230 Grenade Launcher 
           from a standing position in biped legs
        O  Doubled Booster Energy
Before you go off saying "HOT DAMN!! I gotta be plus!!" Read the 
following section...
        Whew! There sure were a lot of comments in that section!
<==============T H E  G R E A T " P L U S " D E B A T E================>

        As previously mentioned, you too, can become a "Plus" pilot. 
However, are you sure you really want to? While there are many pluses, 
so to speak, there are also negatives to becoming a "Plus" pilot. To 
start off with, the first enhancement you get, the radar, precedes any 
radar which you may equip yourself with. Thus, if you want the best 
radar on your AC, it does no good. You are stuck with the built-in 
radar. Pay no attention to what it says on the "Performance" ratings. It 
is always going to give you about a 5800 unit radar. Second, you may 
think that doubled booster energy would be a great thing, however, while 
booster energy is doubled, weapon energy is not. So, when you fire, you 
effectively use twice the amount of energy you would use if you were not 
"plus". Think of your energy bar as being twice as long. It has been 
shrunk to fit the screen. Booster energy has been proportionally 
refitted to only use what it would normally use, however, energy still 
uses what it normally does, and this means weapon energy has been 
doubled, and energy gain has been refitted as well, so you gain energy 
that you used from that weapon twice as slow. 

        However, this does not mean that becoming a "plus" pilot is 
completely inane; it still confers the benefits of back weapon fireage 
(fireage?)and laserblade shootage, with no real penalty. This can make 
for some INCREDIBLE fights; I have witnessed many (double energy-
conferred) airborne fights with laser blades, flame throwers, and 
GRENADE LAUNCHERS!! I have also witnessed incredible comebacks thanks in 
part to the laserblade shot mentioned earlier (you can do about 3500 
damage with it). 

        In conclusion, you really just have to weigh the pluses and 
minuses together, and make the decision you think will work best for 
your particular brand of playstyle (that, and whether you get called 
"scrub" or "plusling" or other such flak some poor sports love to wave 
in your face. Tell them all the previously relayed facts, or just 
proclaim "YOUR FATE IS SEALED" and proceed to whip their ass with your 
perfectly recreated 9-Ball AC, whichever comes to mind first).  >8) 
<==========================W I S H   L I S T===========================>

        Here are some things that you, the reader(yes, YOU!! ^_^), can 
help me with. I would really appreciate it if you could try and fill any 
of these. 

        O  ASCII title logo
        O  Mission Tree Branch
        O  Any corrections for the Ranking Ravens' ACs.
        O  All those great AC designs you have in your head!
        O  Any miscellaneous info or strategies
        O  Codes I may have missed (pretty sure I got them all, though)
        O  Pilot logos (not sure how to implement in text, however, 
           maybe through coordinates and colors; I'll try to make a 
           submission form, sooner or later)

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