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Hidden Parts FAQ by SIMSteven

Version: Final | Updated: 09/09/04

********************Armored Core: Hidden Parts FAQ***************************

Technical stuff I gotta do:
Final Version
Date: 2004
Author: SIMSteven
A GameFAQs Strategy Guide and ONLY for GameFAQs and those I have given
permission to.  I will put their names on the bottom so don't lie!

This is a must for any FAQ, and if you haven’t noticed by now I’ll spell it
out for you:
C-O-P-Y-R-I-G-H-T (C) N-O-T-I-C-E-!!!!!!!!

COPYWRITED (C) 2003-2004 BY SIMSteven!!!!!
HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I just HATE people who copy/plagiarize other people’s work and call it their
own.  What is plagiarism you ask?  It’s the technical word for the stealing
of other people’s work.  It’s also ILLEGAL in every state and country.
Patchwork plagiarism is also illegal.  This means that someone copies someone
else’s work, changes a few words and/or paragraphs, and claims that it is an
original work.  In other words: DON’T DO IT without my permission!!!!!! 

Over time, I've gotten tired of all these sites asking to use my FAQ's.
People ask, "I read all of your FAQ's.  Can I use them on your site?"  First
off, I doubt anyone would really read through ALL of my FAQ's.  They probably
just looked at my contributor page and thought they'd get an already written
FAQ, without doing any work.  Then, I'd have to go and update all of my

So therefore, my FAQ's will ONLY be displayed on sites of my choosing.  The
sites that already have permission to use my FAQ's may keep on using them,
but from now on, my newest FAQ's will belong to GameFAQs ONLY, and my own
site.  Other sites will be sites with special privileges, and will only get a
FAQ of mine if I contact them personally.

This FAQ is about a really old game: Armored Core.  In Armored Core, there
are hidden parts that you can find.  These parts cannot be bought, and can
only be found on missions.  This guide will help you find them.

Page width of this document:

This FAQ is best viewed in MS Word, Courier New, size 10 font, with 1 inch
margins around the document.  Apparently, when I change the margins in Word
to 1 inch all around, it resets the left and right margins to .92 inches.
Just to let you know.


********************************E-Mail Policy********************************

As mentioned above, I will not give anyone my FAQ's so don't ask for them.
Also, I do NOT like dumb questions.  Please do NOT ask me about anything that
is already covered in the FAQ.  In some of my FAQ's, I included a FAQ section
for the most Frequently Asked Questions.  Please look there, and look at the
content of the main FAQ, and if you still don't understand, ask the message
board.  Personally, I do NOT like questions, period.

Also, do NOT ask me anything about sequels, other games in a series, or
anything within those lines.  If you HAVE to ask me a question, keep it
within the game I made a FAQ for.  Praise is also accepted, but don't ask for
a response, because I won't give you one.

Honestly, I get enough junk mail day after day, and I am sick of it.  I check
my e-mail every day, but I would rather keep my inbox as small as possible.
Also, don't try to sell my anything, as your e-mail will be deleted the
moment I see it.  Thank you, and good day.

*****************************Version History*********************************

Final Version: Just about everything seems done.  Added an e-mail policy and
a new distribution policy.

Version 2.2: www.gamenotover.com can use my FAQ.

Version 2.1: faqs.ign.com can now permission to use me FAQ.

Version 2.0: Added section 2, "Plus, Overweight Mode, and 100% completion."

Version 1.0: I just put in all the parts.

****************************Table of Contents********************************

1) Hidden Parts
2) Plus, Overweight Mode, and 100% completion
3) People who have permission to use this FAQ
4) Credits

*****************************1) Hidden Parts*********************************

Just a quick note:
To pick up parts, push O or whatever button the blade is set to.  You have to
be standing right over the part.

Mission: Eliminate Strikers
Part: Back Part: WR-L24 -- Large Rocket
How to Acquire: Jump the barrier behind the starting point and you should
find the part.

Mission: Remove Gun Emplacement
Part: Leg Part: LN-SSVT -- Humanoid Legs
How to Acquire: Complete the mission.

Mission: Destroy Fuel Depot
Part: R-Hand Weapon: WG-1-KARASAWA -- Laser Rifle
How to Acquire: On a far wall, there is a raised area.  Destroy the fuel
tanks here and search the ground.  You should see the part somewhere on the

Mission: Guard Freight Train
Part: Head Part: HD-X1487 -- Defensive Head
How to Acquire: Destroy the containers farthest away from the railroad
tracks.  You should find the part inside one of the containers.  It should be
in one of the containers farthest away from the railroad tracks.  The
location is near the back-center.

Mission: Guard Factory Entrance
Part: Booster: B-T001 -- Regular booster
How to Acquire: Search the northeast corner.  In the out-of-area zone there
is a container with the part inside.

Mission: Secret Factory Recon
Part: Back Part: WM-S60/4 -- Small missile
How to Acquire: Head to the southwest corner and destroy a box.  It's in the
out-of-area zone.  Inside the box is the part.

Mission: Guard Wharf Warehouse
Part: Back Part: RZT-333 -- Radar
How to Acquire: It's inside the warehouse you start next to.  You will fail
the mission.

Mission: Stop Gang, "Dark Soul"
Part: Optional Part: SP-AXL -- Accelerates lock-on time
How to Acquire: Complete the mission.

Mission: Exterminate Organisms (Part 1)
Part: FCS: QX-AF -- Wide and Shallow FCS
How to Acquire: Find the Queen of the Organisms.  Search the floor opposite
of the room's entrance to find this part.  It should be slightly to the left
of the back-center of the room.

Mission: Destroy Intruders
Part: Right-hand weapon: WG-FG99 -- Flamethrower
How to Acquire: There's a hole in the wall below the start of the mission.
It should be to the left and just under the bridge you start on.  There
should be a container with a part inside.  There's more than one hole.  This
hole should be underneath a bridge.

Mission: Destroy Plus Escapee
Part: Generator: GBG-XR -- Best Generator
How to Acquire: Go down two floors from the starting point.  It should be on
a ledge somewhere down there near the destroyed catwalk.

Mission: Prototype MT Test (Part 2)
Part: Optional Part: SP-SAP -- Decreases Cannon Recoil
How to Acquire: Complete the mission.

Mission: Retake Air Cleaner
Part: Back Part: WX-S800-GF -- Dual Missile
How to Acquire: The part should be in the ceiling on the south end of the
main chamber.

Mission: Kill "Struggle" Leader
Part: L-Hand Blade: LS-99-Moonlight -- Best Blade
How to Acquire: A ways into this mission, you will come across a room where
you have to jump through the ceiling.  A little bit further in, you will be
going down a long corridor with fireballs coming from behind you.  The floor
here can be destroyed.  You'll know when you're in the right area when you
come across a mine that destroys the floor when it explodes.  Down at the
bottom of the very long shaft is an alter.  On it is the part.

**************2) Plus, Overweight Mode, and 100% completion******************

Plus Mode:

Plus is a special trick that you can do to get extra abilities for your AC.
To do it, you'll need to go -50,000C in debt.  In general, you'll want to do
this a total of six times in order to get all the upgrades.

Plus 1: Special Radar
Plus 2: Blade Beam
Plus 4: Fire Any Back Weapon While Moving
Plus 6: Energy Consumption is Halved

Overweight Mode: 

In version 1.0 of the FAQ, I made a mistake.  I had said that in order to get
Overweight Mode, you have to get 100% completion.  I had been corrected by
Ravensoul Blackblade.  Here's what he said:

"One thing I notice you mention is that you have to have 100% completion to
get the overweight to work. This is NOT true actually. 

All you have to do is complete every mission. Even if you get all the secret
parts, then go plus and then beat the game and then go and finish all the
incomplete missions you will be able to go overweight. 

I recently went back and beat the game and didn't even bother with any of the
hidden weapons except for the karasawa since it is the easiest to get. After
completing the game I quickly went and completed all the incomplete missions
as a test, still without getting any weapons or parts, I had 93% completed
and was able to go overweight..

I even madea superlight with 2 gernade launchers and the karasawa and
completed a few missions with no issues.

I THEN went and started again and went until I was a mission or two before
destroy floating mines, collecting everything along the way. I went ahead and
lost all my cash to -50,000 and got plus, starting over. I completed all the
plus operations and beat the game and all the incomplete missions. I got a
93% completion rate and was able to go overweight. 

So all you need to do is get all the missions completed."

**************3) People who have permission to use this FAQ******************

1) www.gamefaqs.com
2) www.geocities.com/simsteven01
3) faqs.ign.com
4) www.gamenotover.com

********************************4) Credits***********************************

1) To me, of course.  ^_^

2) To Ravensoul Blackblade for tipping me off on how to really get Overweight

3) To CJayC, for being the best host for the best gaming website in the www.

4) And to Agetec for making a great video game series.

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