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Guide and Walkthrough by KingBroccoli

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/19/2000

Apocalypse Walkthrough
Platform: Playstation
Genre: Action
Version: 1.0    19/02/00
Me: King Broccoli
E-Mail: KingBroccoli@hotmail.com


- It really does make it easier if you use a dual shock controller, the 
analogue sticks work wonders.
- When there's a lot of jumping to be done take your time, the jumps can 
be tricky to judge and you can find yourself falling to yoour doom quite 
- When jumping try to use your shadow as a guide to where you will land.
- Save some of the more powerful weapons for the end of level bosses
- Pickup as many health bonuses as you can. (That's a pretty obvious 

The first four rooms are pretty much all the same, rooms 1,3 and 4 all 
have guard resistance. Kill the guards and activate the door switch.
Go into the next room and around the left bend (look out for guards 
that'll jump out at you from behind the explosives) then activate the 
door switch.
Shoot all the barrels and the guards then pick up the health and the
particle beam, activate the switch, kill some more guards and you'll 
have reached the first checkpoint.
Follow the walkway while taking out any guards that you may bump into, 
watch out for three missing sections in the floor. When you reach the 
missing section take out all the guards in the glass room before 
continuing, pick up the health and the particle beam, then move to the 
next smart bomb whilst looking out for guards on platforms behind the 
When you reach the spotlight room watch the patterns of the lights and 
when it's safe move to the right pillar, wait, then run across the 
middle to the left pillar and finally onto the next room, where you have 
to do the same thing, then out onto the next walkway. Kill the guards in 
the glass room and drop down to the checkpoint and health bonus. Run to 
the end of the walkway (use your shadow as a guide for the jumps) and 
pull the lever that's in the next room. The lever will release prisoners 
and unlock doors, pick up the flamethrower and use it to toast the 
In the next room Bruce will shout out "hit the deck" the next three 
all have infra-red beams, roll through all of them. Activate the next 
switch and run through the door.
Kill all the guards that you see and collect some homing missiles from 
the end platform. Continue until you find two raised platforms, each one 
has a guard and some health on it. Then keep going until you run into 
another health bonus and jump down to reach another checkpoint.
Now run along the walkway and soon you'll reach the second last 
platform, eliminate the two guards then jump on and follow the 
platforms, you'll find another smart bomb and an extra life.
Jump back onto the walkway, when you reach the end of it jump onto the 
next walkway, follow it until you reach the Rip Laser. Follow the 
walkway, jump gaps, then kill the two guards in front of the door.
Go through the door and collect the Rip Laser. Kill all the prisoners 
and shoot the crates for an extra life. The first, second and third main 
rooms all have prisoners to kill, do so then activate the switch.
Go through and collect the homing missiles.
Follow the succession of platforms and use your homing missiles to kill 
all the guards. (You may need to jump and fire.) Drop down one platform 
away from the checkpoint and use more homing missiles to take out the 
guards until your path is clear. Continue down until you reach the next 

As soon as you enter try to stand back as far as you can and fire at the 
pillar on the right until it crumbles. Pick up the pulse powerup then 
focus all your attention on the left pillar, once this is knocked down 
you can concentrate on the boss itself. (That big tank in the 
This boss shouldn't cause too many problems, just avoid it's 
flamethrower and missiles whilst running and attacking. Picking up all 
of the pulse powerups would be a good idea as well.

Right at the beginning of this level you'll be surrounded by derelict 
bombers that will need to be taken out. The best way to do this is to 
simply stay on the run, avoiding their bombs and taking them out at the 
same time.
Once they're all blown up run to the first drop, you should drop to the 
right. Pick up the flamethrower and continue on. Kill all the derelicts 
and take the next two drops, (watch out for the bats though) when you 
land you should be able to find a hole to your left, next to the 
waterfall, with grenades in it. 
On the same left wall you should see a tall, rock pillar. Shoot it and 
enter the newly revealed cave to find the smart bomb. Jump over the next 
gap and to your left you will find a blue wall. Jump the wall to find a 
health bonus.
On the wall with torches and a door there is a series of platforms 
rising to the right. Follow the platforms (jump carefully and watch out 
for bats) and you will come across an extra life, smart bomb, homing 
missiles and rockets. Follow through the door and jump down to find a 
Be sure to get the health bonus before taking on more derelicts, then 
shoot the barrels and wood leaning on the gate to make it drop. The same 
rule applies when you reach the next gate, killing dero's along the way 
and getting the flamethrower.
Kill more dero's and pick up the health bonus.
Continue on until you reach the mines, these can be blown up with 
grenades, but if you dont have any then your gun will do nicely. Drop 
down the hole to the next checkpoint.
Next up you'll have to kill more of those pesky dero's, but watch out 
for the caps on the sewer outlets, if you shoot them fire will come out.
Exit and pick up another health bonus, carefully jump the flames in the 
passageway, then drop down and run towards the screen to find a smart 
Follow the next tunnel while avoiding the flames and eventually you'll 
make it to the next checkpoint.
There are now two paths in front of you, the left one leads to a smart 
bomb and an extra life whilst the right one will take you to a Rip 
Whichever way you choose, be sure to stop at the second platform down 
and eliminate the dero's that are on the ledge.
When you reach the place that the two paths meet wait until the rocks 
have passed before continuing on. Take out more dero's on the ledge, and 
follow the platforms until you reach a checkpoint. Watch for falling 
rocks on the few next platforms, when you reach the second, jump towards 
the screen and follow these platforms to an extra life.
When you hit the pipeline, follow it back towards the screen to the 
health bonus. Now follow the platforms down to yet another checkpoint.
Shoot all the pillars and crystals until the rockets are revealed. Now 
watch the bats. Follow to a pit where you will have to fight bats and 
giant rats. Once this is done shoot the rock at the north end of the 
pit, get the health and kill the rats. 
At the pentagram you have a choice of going left or right again, both 
ways are pretty much the same. Once you arrive at the lava shoot the 
blue crystal and the platforms will lower. The next platforms you reach 
will fall as you use them so be careful until you reach the next 
Watch out for rocks and mines in the next sewer until you come to 
another CHECKPOINT (gasp). Head north avoiding the flames until you 
arrive at the next pit.

This boss is a crocodile. He attacks by lunging out of the water at you. 
Before he strikes watch out for the air bubbles. Once he pops up in the 
air fire away at him. Don't bother shooting at it when it's underwater, 
it's just a waste of ammo. The more damage you do to it, the more dero's 
and mines will show up in the arena. Also look out for health bonuses 
and pulse powerups during the course of the fight.

---During this level avoid helicopter spotlights---
In the first room there is a flamethrower and a health bonus.
If you've got any grenades left try dropping them off the edge to get 
the guards. Blow up the smoking stacks and get the particle beam.
Jump the fire, shoot the smoke stack and get the Pulse Laser. Get the 
health bonus and kill the guards behind the barriers, you can find a 
health bonus at the blown out store front then kill more guards and grab 
yet another health bonus. Jump down to the Rip Laser and checkpoint and 
watch out for bombs being dropped from above (to avoid them move all the 
way left or right) Get ANOTHER health bonus from the store front then 
kill the guards and mini tanks. 
Shoot the flashing wall in front of you, kill more guards and tanks in 
the store front and grab the health. Shoot the next wall, get the 
grenades and drop one off the edge to the guards waiting down below then 
jump down to the next checkpoint.
At the movie screen you can go left or right. To the left there are mini 
tanks and guards, followed by Particle Beam power ups, whilst if you go 
to the right you will be ambushed by guards and get flamethrowers.
Shoot the wall at the end, pick up the health, and continue to the 
checkpoint. A big tank with a flamethrower will then attack you, just 
keep on the move while firing at it and it shouldn't give you too much 
Jump down the next ledge and you will find some rockets, here two tanks 
will block your path, stand back to avoid their flames and to avoid the 
missiles hide behind the pillars and attack the tanks as you weave.
The next ledge down has another two tanks, just stand back and let loose 
at them. Drop a grenade off the next ledge to kill the guards then 
proceed to the left to find a health bonus and a checkpoint.
Kill the guards you see and get the health behind the pillar on the 
right. Jump the gaps in the road and kill all the guards that you come 
across (don't forget to pick up the health after the second gap.
Continue, killing guards and grabbing any bonuses that you can find 
behind the pillars, then pick up the health bonus and proceed to another 
Pick up the particle beam, and jump onto the hover craft. Follow the 
craft along, taking out guards until you reach the next checkpoint (also 
beware of the ship behind you). Get the homing missiles, climb up the 
ledge and grab the particle beam. Enter the second door on the top ledge 
for a flamethrower.
Pickup the health, check all the doorways for powerups then jump down 
and fight the tank just as you did before. Pickup more health and 
continue on to the checkpoint.
Look out for exploding ground as you proceed, killing all the guards 
that you can see. As you turn the corner you'll have to be careful as 
the ground wil keep exploding. Once you reach the end follow the 
platforms, make your way to the left and jump to the ground at the left 
for an extra life. Then move to the next 100% health and checkpoint.

This boss room will have two tanks that keep flaming and launching, two 
flight craft launching and a continuous wave of guards. Always stay on 
the move. The pillars hold a Rip Laser, rockets, and some health.
Keep the number of guards down as you focus on one of the tanks, move to 
the next tank while keeping guards down and then take out the flight 
craft using the Rip Laser. Once all this is done you can proceed to the 
colourful door and Level Four.

Stay at the back of the screen firing at Death. Watch the spots on the 
ground that his lightning makes, little green men will come out of them 
and chase after you. After these have been taken care of return your 
fire to Death straight away. Pick up all the powerups that you find 
along the way. Soon the roof should start to explode, when this happens 
move forward because the ground is going to start collapsing.
Death will back off into a new room complete with fresh powerups. Death 
will then start shooting purple stuff at you from his sword, avoid it by 
running left to right and keep shooting at him with all the powerups you 
find. Just keep on doing this and Death will soon lose all his energy 
and you can go on to the next level

Start off by killing the guards, then shoot the "furniture" on the roof 
to find a particle beam. Skip rooves, kill the guards and mini tanks, 
then collect the health and smart bomb.
Next cross the bridge, be careful as it crumbles at your feet. Jump 
down, kill the turret and the guards, shoot the furniture to reveal a 
health bonus then flip the lever.
On the next roof kill the guards and get the flamethrower, then use your 
normal gun to wipe out the flying guards. Jump down to the checkpoint, 
kill the guards and get all of the bonuses. Get the health from the 
flying fox wires and kill the guards. Keep going to the next roof where 
you'll have to destroy mines and guards.
Collect the rip laser and use it to destroy the flying craft. Jump up, 
get the health and cross the bridge. Jump to the ledge on your right as 
you come off the bridge and get the homing missiles and the life.
Finish off the guards and jump to the next roof to find a checkpoint.
You'll have to fight a flying craft that drops guards and mines whilst 
shooting missiles. Pick up the pulse laser then destroy the guards, 
mines and finally the ship to obtain another checkpoint.
Pick up the health then jump and follow the bridge until you reach the 
next rooftop where you will have to fight guards, avoid spotlights and 
grab the pulse laser.
Kill all the guards on the next roof and follow until you reach the 4 
way junction at the blue bridge. To the left, are homing missiles, to 
the right is a 100% health bonus (you should get both), meanwhile kill 
the guards and minitanks and take the next bridge over to the left.
Kill all the flying guards then jump over the gap and kill the next 
group of guards that you run into and destroy the crates to find a smart 
Flip the lever and jump onto the lift. Kill the guards and take the 
health. Follow the bridge along, take out the flying guards. Kill the 
guards on the next roof and collect the homing missiles. Follow the next 
bridge taking out more of those pesky flying guards and the guards on 
the platforms behind the bridge.
As you come off, kill the flying guards, destroy the flight craft and 
collect the health and extra life bonuses.
Follow yet another bridge and kill the guards, destroy the crates and 
wipe out all the flying guards. Once you make it to the checkpoint 
you'll have to kill the rest of the flying guards from the bridge plus a 
swarm of guards on the roof. Once this is done take the homing missiles 
and health bonus from the crate.
Jump onto the highwire and run straight to the other side without 
stopping (it should stop you from falling to a certain doom).
Now drop down, kill the guards and collect more health bonuses.
Next climb up the middle, destroy crates, take the particle beam and 
kill the guards on the bridge.
You can now go left or right, it makes no difference which way you 
choose. Kill the guards and jump onto the highwire. Destroy the flying 
craft and the guard on the next roof. Jump onto the next highwire and 
down onto the next roof. Kill the guards and collect more health.
Take ANOTHER highwire to ANOTHER roof and climb up the structure to the 
upper roof. There is an extra life ripe for the picking.
Kill all the lower guards before jumping down and following the highwire 
that you see to the next roof. Just destroy EVERYTHING on this roof. 
Make sure to grab the flamethrower and the health bonuses.
Now kill the flying guards before crossing the highwire to the next 
checkpoint. Destror the crates, grab the smart bomb and cross the 
Follow this, watch the flying guards and guards on platforms. One of the 
guards will leave behind a health bonus.
The bridge will collapse at one stage, of you keep running you should be 
fine. You'll soon reach a set of yellow platforms that drop when you 
land on them, so cross them as quickly and carefully as you can and soon 
you'll come across a checkpoint.
The next section is hard because the bridge will blow up as you run 
along it and jump to the next. Continue, killing guards and flying 
guards. Jump some more of those tricky yellow platforms and only take 
the next health bonus if you really need it, as it can be quite tricky 
to get.
Watch out for guards and flying guards until you make it to the next 
checkpoint. Kill all the enemies you come across and collect the health 
bonus. Use the highwire, kill the guards then move to the next highwire.
Take out the guards and turrets then collect the smart bomb and some 
more health before throwing the lever. Take the lift to the boss.

You'll be running bakwards along a bridge, wait until you know you're 
hitting the craft, keep running and you shouldn't be hit.
The boss will start to destroy the bridge, but with a little bit more 
punishment he should die.

Start off by obliterating all of the zombies, proceed to the opening 
where you'll have to kill more zombies plus some bats and grenadiers.
Shoot the tall pillar in the middle of the opening, when it falls jump 
up and collect the flamethrower.
Continue to the next two platforms, kill all the zombies and grenadiers 
that you see. Proceed onto the next platform, kill zombies and 
grenadiers, then shoot the green doorways on both buildings to recieve a 
health bonus and a smart bomb.
Jump and collect the health bonus from the left roof. Jump onto the 
wooden platform and shoot the blocked doorway for Homing Missiles.
Continue on, kill grenadiers and shoot the middle of the waterfall to 
reveal an extra life. Keep going, kill the zombie then follow the 
walkway and kill the hell hounds and grenadiers until you reach the 
first checkpoint.
Shoot the blocked doorway for another health bonus, but be careful as 
it's a tricky spot to get out of. Grab another health bonus from under 
the walkway, kill the hell hounds then drop down to the next platform 
and a rip laser.
Back on the walkway you'll have to work your way past the revolving 
platforms. Once you reach the top kill the hell hounds and look out for 
the bombs from above. Shoot the pillar on the other side and cross.
Kill the hellhound you come across and get the health bonus. Jump into 
the water and dispose of the alligators whilst avoiding the whirl pools. 
Proceed up the platforms, kill the grenadier and follow more of those 
revolving platforms to a wooden walkway.
Under this walkway to the right you should be able to find a health 
bonus. Then keep following the walkway, jump up for another health bonus 
and keep going. Jump to the top and onto the crane. Jump over to the 
other side and kill the hounds that are in the pit.
Jump onto the platform and kill the clown, follow over to the smart 
From here jump to the left to collect an extra life and proceed to the 
next walkway. Kill the bats and proceed to the checkpoint.
Shoot coffins, zombies and bats, then kill the hell hound and jump to 
the platform. Follow the platform and kill a stack of bats and 
grenaduers. Keep going and you will be assaulted by a LOT of grenadiers. 
Kill them with a smart bomb and proceed to the doorway.

Throw the green switch. It will bring down zombies and grenadiers which 
you must dispose of. You should see the door open a little bit, but 
close after a certain amount of time. Just keep throwing the switch and 
shooting the baddies until the door is open enough for you to roll 

Plague will jump down onto the speakers. Attack her while dodging the 
green stuff she throws at you. It's easiest to avoid it by jumping. The 
next attack will be a series of green rings coming out from random 
platforms, dodge them by jumping and hopping from platform to platform 
whilst picking up any powerups that you can.
Attack whenever possible. A disco ball will soon drop down onto the 
middle platform and shoot a fire ray. Hide behind the fencing where it 
can't hit you. The ray will some become three, just avoid it the same 
way. But don't stop attacking.
The two side platforms will shake, when you see this move to the middle 
platform. The sides will drop off and the middle platform will rise.
As soon as you can jump to her stage do so as the middle will be 
dropping quite soon.
Plague will be on her hands and knees now, run away shooting at her at 
the same time and avoiding the green sludge that she leaves behind. Soon 
you will be VICTORIOUS. Onto level eight.

Go along the first passageway, killing all the mini-mechs and taking 
power-ups from the crates until you get to the first checkpoint. Look 
out for the blue electricity whilst jumping over the obstacles. Kill the 
mini-mechs and proceed to the sliding doors. Be careful about the 
timing, just as the wall passes jump through. Follow this to the end 
whilst killing the mini-mechs that are between each door.
Don't go down the pit yet, jump diagonally to the right to get a health 
bonus. Now jump to the platforms at the pits side without touching the 
green electricity. Follow them down to the Rip Laser, then to the bottom 
right hand corner. You will fall to the checkpoint, there you will be 
ambushed by some mini-mechs. As you kill them the glass tube hanging 
from the ceiling will replenish them.
Keep killing the mechs as you get the health and the pulse laser. Kill 
more mini-mechs, take the grenades and go through to the next room. You 
will be attacked by more damn mini-mechs, kill them then take the 
health, particle beam and smart bomb from the cage.
Jump onto the crates, and onto the lowering platform. Kill the guards at 
the top. Now find your way across the other lowering platforms, killing 
the mini-mechs at the end. This will activate a lift, you will be 
ambushed a couple of times before you come to the checkpoint. Kill mini-
mechs and get the extra life.
Follow the corridor, killing hidden mechs, until you make it to a 
sliding door. Watch the timing and move to the platform, as the platform 
rises jump to the right platform at the top to get a Smart Bomb. Bet 
back on the platform and jump the electricity as it moves.
In the next room, you will need to kill a mech and a flying droid, then 
jump to the left to get Homing Missiles and the Rip Laser. Move quickly 
as the platform will drop. The next room requires you to kill more mechs 
and flying droids then get a health bonus. Do the same in the next room 
but get the Rip Laser which is to your left.
Jump off at the end to the next checkpoint then take care of the mechs. 
Kill the rest of the mechs and get the extra life and homing missiles. 
Follow the moving platforms, kill the mechs and take the pulse laser. 
Find your way to the next platforms and onto another moving platform. 
Grab onto the highwire and make your way across, killing as many enemies 
as you can without stopping until you reach the next chexkpoint.
Jump across the platforms to the next wire, stand on top of the very 
next platform and take out the lower mechs. Take another high wire 
across to a health bonus and more homing missiles.
The next moving platforms will take you through a field of mechs and 
other various obstacles. Use the homing missiles wisely and try to pick 
up the smart bomb and some more homing missiles. Use the vacated 
platforms to cross the lavam getting the smart bomb and missiles at the 
Get onto the new platform and kill the flying droids before the next 
checkpoint. You will now come across a room with a moving floor and some 
mini-mechs. The mechs will rejuvenate by the way. Try to get to higher 
ground and take them out whilst getting all the pickups you can.
The middle will soon fall out, drop to the next checkpoint and take out 
the mech there. Jump to the next platform and get a health bonus, Rip 
Laser and smart bomb, move quickly though as the platform will drop.
This platform will take you through a whole lot of flying droids, kill 
as many as you can then use a smart bomb to get rid of the rest. Jump to 
the platform to get a smart bomb then jump back to the one you were on. 
Kill more flying droids then jump to the next platform and you will move 
to the exit (finally).

As soon as you start take ou the turrets on the ship wreck from a 
distance. War will then come from the explosion, keep attacking him and 
then dodge his homing missiles as best you can (practice is the only way 
to be any good at this). After wearing his life down he will start 
chasing you with a laser beam from his hat. Jumping and attacking will 
have War morphing into a huge version.
Keep shooting and following the arrows towards the screen. Get the pulse 
laser, health bonus and smart bomb. As you run towards the screen you 
should see glowing piles of waste. Use a smart bomb to ignite them which 
will then hit War. Keep detonating each pile with a rocket or smart bomb 
all the while attacking War whenever you get the chance.
Once you come to the fourth pile of waste swerve left to avoid the fall, 
then right, then left again. You must be ready to jump gaps and detonate 
waste piles at the same time. Keep attacking War until he smashes into 
the ground. You now have to jump from platform to platform, collecting 
rockets and attacking whenever you get the chance.
By now War should be dead. If not, when you reach the signs 3, 2, 1, 
jump to the nearest side, attacking until you win.

At the start you will be attacked by two soldiers and turrets. Take them 
out and pick up the pulse laser. Now move to the second turrets, take 
them out and kill the soldiers. Now destroy the gate, and either shoot 
or jump the mines to get past.
Beware, as the ship will keep dropping them. Collect the health bonus 
and take out the next two sets of turrets, soldiers and ship at the 
gate. Blow up the gate and get a health bonus and some grenades. There 
will be soldiers posted along the bunkers, the easiest way to get rid of 
them is a sweeping motion with the grenades over the bunker.
Continue until you get to the next gate, destroy and proceed, killing 
the dogs. You will now have to avoid the spotlights, and take out the 
turrets from a distance along the way.
Get to the checkpoint and collect the homing missiles. Move to the edge 
of the pit. Jump to the left platform and get a smart bomb, further to 
the left is another platform, this one has an extra life. Go get it!
Move back to the staircase and proceed. Kill the guards at the top and 
follow the balcony to a health bonus and some grenades on the stairs. 
Follow the ledge where the health was and jump to the upper ledge at the 
end. There is a turret at the other ledge. Take it out and jump on over.
Take out the next turret and continue on. Around the next corner you'll 
have to deal with some soldiers, the ledge will then be shot out by 
passing helicopters. Jump over the gap and wait for the next ledge to be 
shot out. Then take out the soldiers on the ledge and jump across before 
hiding behind the wall.
On the next ledge there is another turret, stealthily take care of it. 
Take out the next turret, jump over, and there will be yet another 
turret where the wall turns. Take care of it then proceed to the corner, 
where you can jump to the second level balcony of the White House. 
Take out the turret on this balcony and proceed, jumping to the next 
platform at the end, then up to the roof. Get the health bonus around 
the corner and kill the guards. Around the next corner you will be 
attacked by soldiers, helicopters and a turret. Take 'em all out.
Continue to the front of the next balcony and destroy the room that 
resembles a cathedral before jumping down to the checkpoint.
The indoor hallway will be blown open by an outer helicopter at the 
first desk. Body guards will then attack you using the next desk as 
cover. Take them out whilst avoiding fire from the helicopter.
Round the first corner and take out the furniture (including the desk) 
to get some rockets and a health bonus.
At the next corner, blue shields will pop up and body guards will use 
them as they attack you. Don't forget you can also use them for cover. 
After killing them, towards the end of the hall, the wall will be blown 
out by a helicopter. Jump over it's missiles, take it out, amd jump down 
the hole it leaves as it crashes.
Follow this hall, beware as you approach the pillars on either side. 
These will fall, position yourself safely and wait for them to fall 
before jumping over the wreck. A body guard will emerge from behind the 
first desk. Take him out and get the health bonus from the desk. The 
hall will then appear neglected and decrepit. The floor will begin to 
explode into lava pools. Navigate your way over the narrow ledges 
avoiding the ball of molten spitting from the lava. 
Jump out to the next platform and you will notice that the volcano is 
erupting. Jump to the next platform avoiding the molten balls and run 
across the stone steo bridge.
This bridge will angle and look deceptive, so proceed with caution. Go 
to the right and collect the item there, then follow towards the screen 
and jump the volcano to the next platform.
Avoiding the molten balls jump to the next platform, then to another 
platform. Run to the end and jump to ANOTHER PLATFORM. Jump down and 
make your way over to the cave on your right. Here two bodyguards will 
attack you, kill them and make your way to the end of the hall and the 

The main thing to remember against The Beast is never stop moving. Never 
stop, or you will be punished. You'll have to work through four of his 
energy bars before he'll lay down and die.
He'll start off with a sweeping fire ray, jump it whilst attacking. He 
will then start throwing fireballs at you. Dodge them and keep attacking 
until he switches back to the fire ray.
Pretty soon he will grow and it will look like he explodes as he jumps 
through the roof. As The Beast lands it will have an earthquake effect 
on the floor. Jump the rings whilst attacking whenever you can.
As the power ups appear on the pentagrams collect them.
Keep sweeping left to right across the field, he will then use his fire 
breath to attack. Dodging and attacking him, it will soon be time to 
jump the fire ray again, As he repeats his attacks use the previous 
patterns to attack him. He will also begin to use his fire balls, and he 
will jump again. The Beast will now become quite unpredictable, jumping 
and attacking with variety. Beware, each time he lands the arena will 
get smaller and smaller, just don't fall off.
He will jump to the corners of the arena, then to the center. Eventually 
he will just start stamping the ground for the tremor effect and attack 
you within swiping distance.
Move carefully to a pentagram and attack The Beast from there, 
collecting the power ups as they fall. Keep attacking the beast from 
your "island", and soon he will start jumping from island to island 
which will then drop (i would suggest moving if he tries jumping on 
His attacks will continue to be random, so deal with them as best you 
can as they come, but try not to stop attacking. FINALLY THE BEAST WILL 


All Weapons:
During gameplay hit pause and then hold L1 and enter:
square circle up down x square 

Level Select:
During gameplay hit pause and then hold L1 and enter:
triangle up x down
There will then be the level select option at the main menu 

Debug Mode:
During gameplay hitpause, hold L1 and press:
down, down, triangle 

During gamepaly hit pause, hold L1 and press:
down, up, left, left, triangle, up, right, down 

Infinite Lives:
During gameplay hit pause, hold L1 and press:
triangle, circle, X, square 

Regain Health:
During gameplay hit pause, hold L1 and press:
square, X, triangle, circle 
Thanks to StingRay84 

All Weapons & Infinite Ammo:
Pause the game, hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Circle. If you entered 
the code correctly, you will hear a gunshot. 

Endless Fall:
Pause the game, hold L1 and press X(6). If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a gunshot. There will be no end to the fall. 
Enter the code again to disable it. 

All Weapons               80018BD22400
InfiniteAmmo              80022B462400 
Infinite Health           8005DF062400 
Infinite Lives            800FF8740005 
Infinite Smart Bombs      8005D45E2400

0.3 - The first version, added levels 1 - 4, added quick tips, added 
legal thingy, added this bit.

0.6 - The version after the first version, added the next three levels    
(5-7) added the cheats and the gameshark cheats. I've decided it's ready 
for submission to the best website on the net. GAMEFAQS!!!

1.0 - The version after the version after the first version. Finished 
off the walkthrough. This FAQ can now be found at GameFAQS, Cheatcc, 
Vgstrategies and I think the other one is Games Domain. LUCKY ME!

Australian Playstation - The regain health and Endless fall cheats.
My gaming buddies - For help with all those tricky shoot the hell outta 
everything bits (senseless violence just 'aint my thing)
CJayC - For having the kindness to put my work on his site.

Copyright 2000 "KingBroccoli"
This cant be stolen, used for profit, or changed. It can be used for 
personal PRIVATE uses. If you want to put this FAQ on your site or 
something like that (although you'd have to be crazy to want to) just     
e-mail me at Kingbroccoli@hotmail.com 

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