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  • The opening cutscene in the North American version of the game was put together by the Working Designs localization team, using splices of scenes from the ending sequence in addition to new gameplay footage the staff put together themselves. The video is overlaid with a rock-n-roll song that was not composed by game composer Kohei Tanaka. Victor Ireland explained the original Japanese introduction didn't get everyone too excited about playing the game, and made their own intro for this reason. If you let the title screen idle for long enough, the original Japanese intro starts playing.

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  • There is a hidden warp zone in the game which allows you to cycle through all of the game's chapters. The warp zone is located on top of the fountain in Inoa Village but is unreachable without cheat codes as it is impossible to jump high enough to reach this point.

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  • Two menu items that were cut from the game included an "Oak's Ring" which was a more powerful version of the "Olga's Ring" and the "Refresher" which was a better version of the "Recovery Ring." These unused items are still in the game's code and will overwrite the aforementioned items in the item menu when hacked in.

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