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An outstanding action RPG 10/02/01 AlucardX
Extremely challenging with a well written plot. 01/02/00 Cyd
Solid 2D action adventure game for The PSX 06/19/17 Darc_Noah
Stunning dream based adventure rpg 08/21/07 enemy of the public
The truth about Alundra 03/25/02 GameChick
Last Action Hero 08/02/02 Herc Freak
I've seen Keebler elves have more excitement 03/26/00 Higashi
BY FAR the hardest RPG ever...but still great 06/04/02 ItsMillerTime
These dreams go on when I close my eyes. 06/09/11 Kashell Triumph
The best game I almost never got to play. 07/26/05 KillerCrono599
Atrocious platforming and obtuse puzzles ruin an otherwise good game 09/22/14 Neo_Super_Llama
The Greatest RPG I've ever laid eyes upon 11/01/99 Ozma
Poodle's Alundra review 06/06/02 PowerfulPoodle
Sheesh! Good game?! 12/30/01 punishment 01
perfecto 03/11/01 QVo
Great Action Adventure Addition to Your Playstation Collection. 11/01/99 RiddlerOne
Keep dreaming 04/25/03 rond556
I should have burned the money I spent on this 11/01/99 RPGKobe
This game is worth buying :) 05/02/02 Squall6Cloud
Ah warned yeh! Dinnae Ah warn yeh?! Those Alundra puzzles were forged by Lucifer himself! 09/25/00 SStrife_
A magnificent game 12/14/01 stevensproat
A Zelda like classic for the Playstation! 07/12/08 TheLegendFMS
Quick 'n' Easy Review of Alundra 11/04/10 Thirdorion
The hardest game I've ever played... 10/21/00 TyrantMH
This goes there....and this goes here....there we go, I've now clocked this puzzle at 3 hours 17 minutes.... 03/23/02 Xenoedge7

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Alundra Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection from SuperDerek RPGs
The First 30 Alundra
The first 30 Alundra from MR. Onizuka

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