How do I get into nirude's dungeon?

  1. Hi guys got a bit of a problem with getting into nirude's dungeon and was hoping someone could point out if I missed something. I understand that to get into the dungeon I have to destroy the three stone heads scattered around the area, the problem is that I cant hit them, at all, I throw bombs at them, I use magic, I use the weapons, but nothing works.

    I have looked at some guides and they all just seem to say that I should destroy them, but since I cant hit them that's a problem. Then I looked on youtube and the stones in those videos all have glowing red eyes....mine don't. Did I miss something that activates the stone heads, or is this a bug?

    Playing on psvita.

    User Info: reptar-on-ice

    reptar-on-ice - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hey Reptar....I recently had the same exact problem. In case you are still stuck what you have to do is go to Mountain above the Water mill where Nirude's Lair is. It's the one south, next to one of the Stone Portals. Climb up the mountain almost to the top and once you see a chest, move left and drop down to the Large Statue's right foot. There is an open door in there, go inside. You'll enter a room with Two Chest, ignore this and go left into a hallway with three statues. Walk all the way to the end and a little minion will see you. Immediately exit out of Nirude's Lair and this will activate a cut scene where the little minions will activate the Statue heads and their eyes will glow red. You can destroy them now! but this will now require a little backtracking but it's not too much a pain once you've lowered the water in the Water Mill cave and/or you have activated most of the portals. If you need anymore advice, let me know. Hopefully you already figured it out!

    User Info: Urameshi7

    Urameshi7 - 5 years ago 2   0

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