How can i buy Merrick's itens?

  1. He sells some itens in a certain point of the game but everything is 10000 gil and the max is 9999. How can i get the itens?

    User Info: Electro7

    Electro7 - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Check out Lutas and Fein's house in Inoa village - is the chimney smoking? If so, at a later point in the game, it'll stop smoking. If not, jump into the chimney from above. You'll find a chest containing a Pass. Head to the Riverside Pub west of the village and talk to the Bartender. Upon seeing your pass, he'll allow you passage into the Casino.
    When you've done this, you'll notice that some of the Pub's patrons have new things to say. The bottom left sailor in particular will tell you about Captain Merrick's quest for the Gilded Falcons - the same rare treasures you should have been collecting up to this point. Visit Captain Merrick again, and you'll now be able to trade Gilded Falcons for unique equipment, as well as life vessels.

    User Info: _oddhead

    _oddhead - 9 years ago 2   0

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