Additional ProgrammerSam Nova
Adventure Game DesignersLaurent Franchet
Adventure Game DesignersGuillaume Gouraud
Adventure Game DesignersSebastien Lambottin
Art DirectorGuillaume Gouraud
Background DesignersBenjamin Carre
Background DesignersCyril Perrin
Background DesignersPatrick Pion
Background DesignersBenoit De Ravelle
CGI Character ArtistsMarc Lepretre
CGI Character ArtistsGuillaume Moreels
CGI Movies Directed ByGuillaume Moreels
Character DesignMatthieu Lauffray
Characters Sculpted ByJean-Claude Gouraud
Characters Sculpted ByMatthieu Lauffray
Characters Sculpted ByGuillaume Moreels
Creature DesignClaire Wendeling
Creatures Sculpted ByAndre Jaume
Development ManagerEmmanuel Boutin
Game ConceptionGuillaume Gouraud
Game ConceptionDavid Rochedieu
Game ConceptionAntoine Villette
Game DesignLaurent Franchet
Game DesignGuillaume Gouraud
Game DesignSebastien Lambottin
Game DesignDavid Rochedieu
Game DesignAntoine Villette
Lead DesignerNicolas Bouvier
Lead ProgrammersEmmanuel Boutin
Lead ProgrammersDavid Rochedieu
Lead Script CoderFabrice Rappe
Music & SoundThierry Desseaux
Music & SoundJean-Sebastien Rossbach
Paintings ByMarc Botta
ProducerEric Angelier
Production AssistantChristine Ostrowski
Production DirectorEric Labelle
ProgrammersChristophe Chaillon
ProgrammersBenoit Chaperot
ProgrammersStephane Denis
ProgrammersKarine Lefrancois
Project ManagerLaurent Franchet
ScenarioAntoine Villette
Scenario Adaptation and Pre-Production Game DesignPascal Luban
Script CodersMathias Deshayes
Script CodersPierre Gironde
Script CodersDaniel Gloannec
Script CodersCendrine Laguerre
Script CodersSebastien Lambottin
Script CodersIvano Pirona
Story-BoardersDenis Bajram
Story-BoardersNicolas Bouvier
Story-BoardersPatrick Pion
Technical ManagerDavid Rochedieu
US Executive ProducerKurt Busch
US ProducerSean Fish


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