Carnby says he is still missing item(s)?

    A friend and I are stuck at the same spot we were stuck at years ago & just now replayed the game from the very beginning of Disc 1, and we found some new stuff but we still didn't manage to find what we're missing.

    As you know, the game is nonlinear and so sometimes you can get pretty far not having what you need. And perhaps way too far! i.e. perhaps we're *literally stuck* with no options but to start from earlier saves and find more items before proceeding onward in the game back to where we are now except with the item(s) we're missing.

    *However*, if we look online at a walkthrough, it will give us TOO much info and spoil the game. So I was wondering if anyone here who has solved the game (there may be 100+ of you if I'm interpreting GameFAQs' voting widget stats properly) or if anyone who has simply played the game and given up on it (and therefore doesn't mind reading this part of the walkthrough FOR us and reporting back with one very general answer lol--see below) might be able to help us?

    DESCRIPTION OF ISSUE before I ask the question. So,
    We get to a certain location (Disk 2) and Carnby says "I seem to be missing something" or "I seem to be missing some items" when he's talking to Aline. (I'm trying not to have to check the 'plot spoilers' checkbox if possible with this question, but since he talks to Aline dozens of times I can say this and still the question won't reveal anything regarding the plot.) If you don't know where this is and you're reading the walkthrough for us, then I'll tell you specifically where it is And Then Update this question to say 'contains plot spoilers'. Then you could give us the general answer we're looking for.

    Without y'all saying WHAT we're missing (and I'm hoping this generates a whole convo thread and not just a single Q&A because then maybe people could ask specifics if they wanted to, and we could spoiler-shield it), here is the question we hope anyone can answer:

    Q: As Carnby, where did we miss the item(s) as described above, to make him say this to Aline?

    A: Answers (and, if you please, don't get more specific than this, so we can still have some sort of puzzle)

    A. Before we ever leave the manor the first time.
    B. After we leave the manor but before Disk 2 gets put in,
    C. After we put Disk 2 in and get to the location.

    Feel free to answer "A *and* C" if we've missed two items for him to say that, but again please we'd prefer no one to add further specifics unless they shield them in "spoiler alert" shielding and say that they're more specific, that way we can avoid specifics and still have a puzzle for ourselves a bit. THANK YOU ^_^

    FAQs about my Q that I could predict:

    1 - We need to know your inventory. Can you list it for us?
    Yes, and if so I will Reply with it (and I'll then update the 'contains plot spoilers' box to be 'true')

    2 - Am I playing this on a PS1 or PS2 machine?

    3 - Did you leave any sealed-up stuff in the manor?
    Yes, and didn't know how to unseal it, or even if unsealing it was necessary, so if that's a problem then you can just say "make sure there are only 1 sealed doors left in this location in the manor when you leave", or maybe it's 2 locations, or zero. Not sure! This is part of why we're stuck: we don't know when it's OK if we're missing something!!! Lol. Well that's hopefully all the info you need.

    Again, we've gone through the whole game up to there twice, and keep getting the same warning from the game! If anyone can be bothered to get this information for us and answer the above question as to: which massive area it is where we've missed something! (A, B, and/or C as listed above) then we'd be very appreciative and we can't wait to replay it with this one tiny clue -- THANKS! I hope also you'll permit us to ask another question on this thread if we are still stuck after like, days, ha. Take care and thanks for reading this long-as question. >.> <.<

    User Info: jackcrusher

    jackcrusher - 7 months ago

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