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Reviewed: 03/05/03 | Updated: 03/05/03

I guess you get what you pay for....

I've wanted a good PSone 3rd person action game for a while, so I decided to pick this up for $9.99. I've wanted a good PSone 3rd person action game for a while, so I immediately sold the game back to the retailers. :)

When you turn the game on, you are met with an attractive menu screen. Instead of the usual patterned background with various options like most games have, Action Man's menu uses a first person perspective. The menu is Action Man's HQ, and you can control Action Man by using the directional buttons to look around the room. You will find a closet, where you can change your clothing, a computer you can access various programs with, among other things. Too bad this is the only really good part of the game.
The graphics during gameplay have generic PSone detail. Looks alot like C-12.
The game would have been a lot more playable if it weren't for the camera. You get a bird's eye view. But it is too bird's eye-ish. You can't see what's going on. I mean, you walk through a alley, and you can't see what's in front of you until you are literally running into it. Annoying at best. However, you can look around the rooms freely, but you can't move while doing this. I heard that Action Man can't move his head and his body at the same time, or he will explode.... It's true.... Okay, so maybe I made that up. Anyway, Video: 6/10
The audio is a different story. There are only two sound effects that I know of. One: the gun shooting, which you can't really even hear. Two: Grunt. Lots of grunting. Action Man grunts a lot.
The music, on the other hand, is well done. All the music for the levels are technorchestral (a mix between techno and orchestral.) The music really sets the mood... even though there really isn't a mood to set because all Action Man does is stand there, move his head around a little bit, and then grunt. So... Audio: 2/10

Here comes the not so fun part! :)
Supposedly, you have to stop some Dr. X (omg!!!1 teh originality!!!1!) from creating some kind of toxic, killing... stuff. Except, you don't know that until you are about half way through the game.
The first level is a driving type stage. I swear they used the original Grand Theft Auto engine for this, because except for a little more 3D-ish graphics, it is practically the same. You drive around shooting missiles at enemy cars that spill toxins all over the city. You never quite know what's happening....
After the lame-attempt-at-trying-to-be-a-cool-game-first-level, Action Man gets on his feet and storms the enemy base with various weapons and gadgets, and has to stop the, as the game puts it, ''Evil Dr. X.'' I don't want to give out any important details of the first level, but let's just say it has to do with shooting rockets at a flower. Yes, a flower.
The gameplay just gets boring. There isn't much else to say. Gameplay: 2/10

Replayability: Maybe a little, I am not sure, though. I never gave the game a chance. So, how about... None.

Buy? Rent?
Unless you are a kid that likes the Action Man TV series, than don't even bother making the mistake of buying the game.

Overall: (not an average) 2

Rating: 2

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