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Reviewed: 06/22/07

A new review for an old game, but it's still fun years later.

Before I start this review I want to get a few things straight. Fist off this game was released around the year 2000 this makes it 7 years old at the time of this review. My review will also be based on the last generation system and games that were out at the time of this game, as there is no point in trying to make comparison to the current generation of systems, or for that matter any system that came out after the "Play Station". Now that we got this straight, I'll let you know as to why I'm even reviewing it in 2007. As of late I have either played/grown tired of the current selection of games/systems and have now looked to the old "Play Station" games that I never played but wanted to, yet never wanted to spend top dollar on at the time. I guess the game "Action Man" fits that description well. I assume if you’re reading this review you know a little bit about "Action Man", but if not then let me fill you in. "Action Man" was originally a toy action figure released in the late 1960 's and over time has evolved form a full size 6in action figure to the later smaller scale action figures, like the mid 80 's "GI Joe" Action figures of the same size. My first experience with "Action Man" came around the late 90 's when my local grocery store would carry the "Action Man" action figures, in which he came packaged always with some type of theme such as mountain climber/scuba diver but you get the idea. It was just a passing interest at the time but during the late 90 's I got interested in the new CGI based cartoons which started with "Beast Wars" and led to me watching "Max Steel" which in turn got me into the CGI "Action Man which was kind of a rip off of "Max Steel" but I liked it. "Action Man" was always a campy/corny show where the good guys were good, and the bad guys were as evil as they come, with some very evil names such as "Dr.X" or any name that one would give to someone that they wanted to appear really evil. "Action Man" was the type of guy that would Halo Jump riding a motorcycle, just to make a very cool grand entrance into the clutches of evil. Of course he could have taken the normal approach by pulling up to the beach on a life boat and sneaking into the back entrance, but what fun is that for "Action Man". In the CGI he was a super spy with a secret cover of "Alex Mann" the extreme sports star "I wonder how no one ever figured out who he really was, with such an obvious cover" but that was the show for you in a nutshell. If only James Bond and Alex Mann were real; the world would be a pretty peaceful and safe place considering we would never know of there exploits but onto the review. "Action Man: Operation Extreme" is a game based on the show but at the same time they tried to make the game work for fans of the toy line also, as I took notice that "Action Man" in the game is not as tall and lanky as his counterpart from the show but much more buff with a very pronounced scare on his face, much like the action figure. The game places you in the role of "Alex Mann" as you quickly discover an evil plot being hatched by "Dr.X" and his Hench man, to bring havoc to the world in the form of ecological disaster and some evil robots but as you guess there is a bit more to the story, but not a whole lot more. The story works and I found the game really fun for what it was. The levels are broken up into overhead vehicle levels which remind me of “Twisted Metal" yet with some sea/air missions just to mix things up. The other missions have you playing from an overhead 3rd person perspective where your tasked with sneaking around bases, get the key card and then face a boss but it's all really fun in an over the top way. The game boast a variety of game play with takes on the "Metal Gear Solid/Twisted Metal" formula of game play, but as to be expected it can't measure up to those games or even come close, but its fun.

Story: 6/10
Nothing worthy of a high production movie, but get across the feel of the show it is based on. A story where the good guys are really good and the bad guys are really evil with an even more evil laugh. "Dr.X" is bent on destroying the world and over the course of the game you'll see all the ways he'll try to accomplish his evil scheme.

Graphics: 7/8

For its day, it was average with some decent textures and nice bright colors. The game is pixel heavy but then again how man "Play Station" games were not pixel heavy? The cuts scenes where done using the game engine for the most part but look all right.

Audio: 6/10

As to be expected was over done, with catch phrases such as "Your evil plans have to be stopped!” but that was part of the charm with this game. The voice acting sounds fine but the lines sound very forced and dry. Music was actually pretty good as it set the mood for many levels. The weapons on the other hand sound very much under powered.

Game Play: 9/10

Yes I'm actually giving a "Play Station" budget title a 9 just because it was so fun. The auto targeting needs some work yet it did get the job done, just barley. The sheer variety of the game levels is great and it's too bad more games didn't follow this aspect of this game. The controls all worked and in a few minutes time you'll be playing like a pro. The game is very easy and short but great for little short burst when you want to play an action game that's not too stressful yet challenging. You can pretty much save anytime you want "except boss fights” during the 3rd person levels which is always a nice option to have when you want to stop playing.

Rent Vs. Buy: Buy

The game is very old now and if you do find a place to rent it at, then I would seriously think about finding another rental store. I paid $3.00 used, so just buy a copy.

Overall: 8/10

If you’re looking for an old retro over the top action game then, this will work for you. If you've ever been a fan of the show then you'll love this game "even more so considering the show 's not been on television for many years now". Not an AAA or even an AA title in its day but a fun game, and by now it's very cheap game to buy if you can find it. Even if you hate the game, it won't set you back other then a few dollars. Please do remember my review is based on what was out during the time of this games release, and not this current generation of systems.

My Final Verdict: Fun

A very fun old school action game that you’ll have a blast playing.

Rating: 8

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