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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

If you loved the other Ace Combat then this one blows the others away

Wow! Ace Combat 3 sports improved visuals and Dual Shock compatibility along with multiple endings, groups to join, and a cool replay mode. The story is still basically the same as the other Ace Combats, but this time you can switch sides and even at one point in the game fire on your own wingmen(life's a *itch). The setting is different from the previous games but I like it better since it features dogfighting in the future with unheard of planes and even multiple guns and missiles to choose from. I like the replay mode with the function to view the dogfight from different angles and the option to blur it and give it a static-like look to make it look more realistic. Missions range from space flying satellite destroying missions to your basic ambush and defend-type missions.

Planes - Ultimate planes, planes with the ability to capture other planes, wicked-looking bombers...I'm in heaven.
Side-switching - I love switching sides since each side gives different planes and eventually leads to a different ending.
Graphics - The PSX ain't dead yet! Namco pulled another R4 out of a hat and have presented us with the best in console dogfighting. I particularly like the replay mode and the option to use the right analog stick in the dual shock to see your plane from the top, bottom or sideways. You're your own co-pilot!:) Bingo this you useless AI!
Music - I thought that the music from part 1 and 2 was much better since it reminded me of Top Gun. I just didn't get into it in this game.
Learning-curve - Man! I breezed through parts 1 and 2 but I had to spend some time getting adjusted to using the dual shock in part 3. By the way, it is much easier to handle because Namco programmed the digital control horribly.
Tunnel thing between missions - Gets me dizzy and while there IS voice acting...I'd much rather skip it and get on to the real stuff.
Other stuff:
It's a 2cd game with a 1cd storyline. Ace Combat 4 for PSX 2? God, I hope so! Ummm...oh and the endings while there are 5 of them, suck!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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