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Reviewed: 01/20/02 | Updated: 01/20/02

This game is easily the best flight sim game in the market.....but....

This is my first review at these coveted shores goes

You take the role of a young pilot caught in the cross fire of battle in the two main continents. You can engage in tactical, strategic warfare, high altitude takeouts, canyon chases, escorts and dogfights. There are 52 missions for you to slug out. There is no real storyline ie emotion love etc: All there is a sort of story line which you play through. You can select Easy or Normal control, Easy is where you press left, the plane immedaitely turns left, and in Normal, when you press left, all you do is 'yaw'. Yawing is where your body moves left/right after your nose, therefore making turning slower. There are also a host of other differences between easy and normal control modes. Your HUD shows altitude, speed, an arrow pointing to the nearest enemy, your damage, when you are fairly near to an enemy a missile lock-on target appears and when you're very near, a small circle fills up. When it is full you shoot your machine gun. Note: the machine gun is more accurate than the missile.

You have a choice of over 15 planes to play with, including the Mirage, and the MiGs.

You also have a choice of different m. guns and missiles

That's about all you need to know

GRAPHICS 8/10 The graphics are generally extremely good. I was impressed by the sun, wind and sky effects, but the plane was below par

SOUND 7.5/10 The music that you could actually HEAR was good and the sound FX were simple but sublime!

GAMEPLAY 7.5/10 This is where the game really fails to add anything to the series. I love the HUD but the control system is terrible. To redeem that there's a decent collision detection and a nice selection of planes and guns and a very good lock-on system.

LONGEVITY 8.5/10 52 missions should satisfy most tastes but they're similar, and there's little to none replay value.

DIFFICULTY CURVE Steep, about 2-3 hrs of solid play to get used to it. The steep learning curve will switch off some novices, mainly because of the toughness of the 1st mission. I took a good few hours of play to crack it.

OVERALL 8/10 When you see underneath, or try at least, the poor presentation, the bad controls and the lack of replay value, you see a game, a very good game, that stops quite a few rungs short of the 'Treehouse of Classics'

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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