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Fun for all ages above 14. 01/13/01 Brian L.
Lets see how many laws we can break 06/16/02 Cheese moogle
Not quite the same game as Grand Theft Auto 1. 11/01/99 Cliq
All I can say is... Violence! 08/19/10 davidlancers24
Addictive gameplay and great new elements make this a great game! 12/31/99 DCmikey
Am I Playing The Original Version or What? 01/17/00 DreThug
A grand day at the park turned into a rampage 03/28/04 Fastkilr
Grand enough sure but... 10/16/02 Flux Wildly
Crime does pay! 08/02/02 Hyperonic HellStorm
Improvement or failure? 11/24/02 Jules Rules
Breaking the law is actually quite fun in this game 12/09/01 kidgame2001
Almost the same as Grand Theft Auto 1 03/16/00 KWatters
Believe your parents when they tell you crime doesn't pay 07/09/00 Nivla
It's The Closest Thing To Stealing A Car Yourself 01/02/02 PoP TaRt
Grand theft auto 2, A great game 01/13/02 Prismfan
In my opinion, as bad as the first, just for different reasons 04/18/04 reddragonflame
Cheesy graphics at their best... 03/02/03 smallfry645
Get this game if you are a sadistic maniac. Get it even if you aren't one. 03/07/01 squalldaman
Improved since the original Grand Theft Auto 06/20/04 Stealthy Serenity
2D Violence At It's Best 10/12/02 THAguyINgta3
Lookin' for a game with pure mayhem? Look no more! 04/26/01 Tybalt
better GTA? Maybe... 01/14/02 vabus
This car stealing game stole my time for WEEKS!!! 08/06/02 WesleyCarnicom
"Hey, that's a nice car! Let's steal it!!" 03/16/02 Wheelman

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