Poll of the Day: April 2019

04/22/2019 How concerned are you about environmental issues like climate change, pollution, and sustainability?
04/21/2019 Do you still own an original model Nintendo Game Boy?
04/20/2019 Over the last 29 years, how many games in the Fire Emblem series have you played?
04/19/2019 If you had a one-time-use time machine, when would you travel to?
04/18/2019 Have you ever been banned from an online gaming service or server?
04/17/2019 When a big-name movie or game is coming out, how hard do you try to avoid plot spoilers?
04/16/2019 What kind of clothing do you normally sleep in?
04/15/2019 Do you get upset when a game that was exclusive to a system you own gets ported to a new system?
04/14/2019 Which professional sport do you most closely follow?
04/13/2019 Got A Link to the Past?
04/12/2019 Which classical element do you feel most closely associated with?
04/11/2019 Do you have any pets?
04/10/2019 Did you ever subscribe to any print video game magazines?
04/09/2019 How common is your first (a.k.a. given) name?
04/08/2019 What do you do when you get a phone call from a number you don't recognize?
04/07/2019 What's your astrological sign?
04/06/2019 How large is the television you play your console games on?
04/05/2019 How do you usually find your way to someplace you've never been before?
04/04/2019 With the shift of many game sales from physical to digital, do you think dedicated game stores like GameStop, GAME, and EBGames will survive?
04/03/2019 Have you ever returned a game you bought just because you didn't like it?
04/02/2019 25 years later, have you ever played Final Fantasy VI?
04/01/2019 Have you pranked or been pranked for April Fools' Day this year?