Poll of the Day: February 2021

02/28/2021 Would you rather be rich or famous?
02/27/2021 Over the course of your life, how many different Pokemon have you caught?
02/26/2021 Is your Internet connection censored for certain content?
02/25/2021 Do you think physical gaming media (discs, cartridges, cards) will eventually be completely obsolete?
02/24/2021 When playing games online, how does your skill level compare to the people you play against?
02/23/2021 Which of the current console controllers is your favorite to use?
02/22/2021 Have video games made you a better or worse person?
02/21/2021 35 years later, have you ever played the original Legend of Zelda?
02/20/2021 What was the first console Zelda game you ever played?
02/19/2021 Who is your favorite person to play a video game with?
02/18/2021 How many keys do you usually carry around with you?
02/17/2021 Have you ever live streamed yourself playing a video game?
02/16/2021 Who is your favorite of the original twelve Street Fighter II characters?
02/15/2021 Nine years after its release, what do you think of the PlayStation Vita?
02/14/2021 Have you ever been involved in a romantic relationship with someone you first met while playing a game online?
02/13/2021 If a game has multiple playable characters, do you make it a point to beat the game with each one of them?
02/12/2021 Do you think game developers pay too much or too little attention to fan feedback?
02/11/2021 Do you think Nintendo will announce a new system this year?
02/10/2021 Have you ever played a game in Japanese?
02/09/2021 Do you know the Konami Code by heart?
02/08/2021 Have you made any long-lasting relationships with people you've met playing games online?
02/07/2021 If a game is available both at retail and for download online, which would you buy?
02/06/2021 How do you feel about ''grinding'' through monsters to gain money and/or experience in RPGs?
02/05/2021 When playing team vs. team games online, how often does your team win?
02/04/2021 Do you subscribe to any of the three premium online console services?
02/03/2021 What do you spend most of your gaming money on?
02/02/2021 Would you rather have a long winter or an early spring?
02/01/2021 How do you pronounce ''February''?