Poll of the Day: September 2020

09/30/2020 Over the next few years, which company do you think will have the biggest impact on gaming?
09/29/2020 Do you still own a Nintendo 64?
09/28/2020 Have you ever pre-ordered a game console just to resell it at a profit?
09/27/2020 Have you pre-ordered a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X?
09/26/2020 Have you ever played Super Mario 64?
09/25/2020 How many hours of video games do you play a week?
09/24/2020 Which do you watch more of: traditional sports, or eSports?
09/23/2020 How many hours of video programming (on TV or off, live or recorded) do you usually watch each day?
09/22/2020 What do you do when you're playing a game and it gets too difficult for you to continue progress?
09/21/2020 In the last 24 years, how many games in the Persona series have you played?
09/20/2020 Have you ever bought a Season Pass of upcoming DLC for a game?
09/19/2020 After you beat a game, do you stick around to watch the end credits?
09/18/2020 Have you ever met any GameFAQs users in real life that you first met online?
09/17/2020 Now that you know the details, do you plan to buy a PlayStation 5?
09/16/2020 Since you started, what's the longest you've ever gone without playing video games?
09/15/2020 How often do you exercise?
09/14/2020 Do you still own a GameCube?
09/13/2020 How many times in your life have you beaten the original Super Mario Bros.?
09/12/2020 Have you ever been listed in the credits of a video game?
09/11/2020 Now that you know the details, do you plan to buy one of the new Xbox models?
09/10/2020 Do you ever buy games on impulse, coming home with a game you didn't go out to buy?
09/09/2020 What was your first PlayStation system?
09/08/2020 Have you ever paid for extra downloadable content for a game?
09/07/2020 Other than Cloud, who is your favorite playable Final Fantasy VII character?
09/06/2020 Have you ever played Final Fantasy VIII?
09/05/2020 Do you still have a CRT (non-flatscreen) television or monitor in your home?
09/04/2020 Are you currently playing an MMORPG?
09/03/2020 Do you think what we know as ''reality'' is really an advanced computer simulation?
09/02/2020 What's the longest you've ever played a single game without stopping to sleep?
09/01/2020 When you need to give a custom name to your character in a single-player game, what name do you give them?