Poll of the Day: May 2019

05/24/2019 How many unused game systems do you own that are boxed up and/or in storage?
05/23/2019 Would you buy a next-generation console that was download-only and didn't use physical media at all?
05/22/2019 Over the course of your life, how many games of Microsoft Solitaire have you played?
05/21/2019 How do you feel when a developer rebalances a game specifically to break the most popular strategies?
05/20/2019 How many of Steam's games do you have in your library?
05/19/2019 Do you take steps to protect your skin from the sun?
05/18/2019 Do you know how to swim?
05/17/2019 What's your favorite pizza topping?
05/16/2019 Do you have any piercings?
05/15/2019 After a bad day at work or school, what kind of game do you unwind with?
05/14/2019 Have you ever had one of your game systems stolen?
05/13/2019 Have you ever regretted pre-ordering a game that turned out to be broken, buggy, or not nearly as good as advertised?
05/12/2019 Have you ever actually been insulted in game chat by someone claiming they had been intimate with your mother?
05/11/2019 Have you ever owned a Sega Saturn?
05/10/2019 Got Minecraft?
05/09/2019 Have you ever shoplifted a video game?
05/08/2019 What is your name for those popular sugary carbonated beverages that you usually buy in a can or bottle?
05/07/2019 Where are you browsing GameFAQs from right now?
05/06/2019 When playing a turn-based game against another person, do you prefer to go first or second?
05/05/2019 If you were given the opportunity, would you want to travel into outer space?
05/04/2019 Do you regularly read comic books or graphic novels?
05/03/2019 Fifteen years later, have you ever played the original Red Dead Revolver?
05/02/2019 With all of the recent high-profile password leaks, do you still use the same password on multiple online sites?
05/01/2019 How often do you get packages delivered to your home?