Poll of the Day: June 2019

06/25/2019 Which was the best of the original 2D Super Mario Bros. games?
06/24/2019 Which was the best of the 3D Super Mario Bros. games?
06/23/2019 Have you ever played Super Mario 64?
06/22/2019 Over your gaming career, which recurring villain have you defeated the most times?
06/21/2019 Ten years from today, which company do you think will have the dominant gaming platform?
06/20/2019 When playing games with a large cast of characters (like vs. fighting or MOBA), how many do you actually focus on?
06/19/2019 Do you wear a watch?
06/18/2019 Have you ever pledged money to a crowdfunded video game project (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)?
06/17/2019 How many different types of waste bins do you have in your home?
06/16/2019 Who is your favorite video game father?
06/15/2019 Do you think Google's Stadia game streaming platform will be a success?
06/14/2019 After seeing E3 this year, how excited are you for all of the upcoming games?
06/13/2019 Do you think Sony made the right call in skipping E3 this year?
06/12/2019 With all of the games showcased at E3 this year, have you been convinced to buy a new console?
06/11/2019 How would you grade Nintendo's E3 Direct?
06/11/2019 Do you plan to buy Final Fantasy VII Remake?
06/10/2019 Which of Sunday's newly announced titles are you most looking forward to?
06/09/2019 How would you grade Microsoft's E3 Press Conference?
06/09/2019 Starting with the first press conference today, how many hours of live E3 video do you plan to watch over the next week?
06/08/2019 Which major E3 press conference / live stream are you most excited to see this year?
06/07/2019 Have you ever used a video game as part of your workout routine?
06/06/2019 Do you regularly wear sunglasses when it's sunny outside?
06/05/2019 Have you ever played EarthBound?
06/04/2019 Are you a morning person?
06/03/2019 Have you ever gone online or called in for one of the surveys on the bottom of your receipt when you buy something?
06/02/2019 What is the worst thing about video gaming right now?
06/01/2019 Have you ever paid extra specifically to gain an advantage in a video game?