Poll of the Day: February 2020

02/28/2020 Have you ever played the original Pokemon Red or Blue games?
02/27/2020 Over the course of the last 24 years, how many different Pokemon have you caught?
02/26/2020 Have you ever owned a Nintendo 3DS?
02/25/2020 How do you pour yourself a bowl of cereal?
02/24/2020 If you have a choice, what difficulty level do you usually play games on?
02/23/2020 Of the games you've bought in the last year, what percentage did you buy to download online?
02/22/2020 Where do you usually play video games at home?
02/21/2020 Do you look at the results of the Poll of the Day before you vote?
02/20/2020 Do you ever sell your used games?
02/19/2020 Have you ever used a typewriter?
02/18/2020 Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding?
02/17/2020 What's more important for the graphics in the games you play: Resolution or Framerate?
02/16/2020 What's the ''Make-or-Break'' factor for you when deciding whether or not to buy a game?
02/15/2020 Eight years later, Got Vita?
02/14/2020 Have you ever been involved in a romantic relationship with someone you first met online?
02/13/2020 Do you play more single player or multiplayer games?
02/12/2020 Got Super Mario Bros. 3?
02/11/2020 Do you know how to whistle?
02/10/2020 Have you ever stolen a video game from a friend?
02/09/2020 Have you ever played and beaten Contra on the NES?
02/08/2020 How do you pronounce ''February''?
02/07/2020 Have you ever intentionally destroyed one of your video games?
02/06/2020 What time do you normally wake up in the morning?
02/05/2020 What time do you normally go to bed at night?
02/04/2020 Have you ever cracked the screen of your mobile phone?
02/03/2020 Are you concerned about the Coronavirus?
02/02/2020 If you were forced to re-live a single day over and over again until you got it just right, what would be your top priority?
02/01/2020 Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?