Poll of the Day: August 2019

08/25/2019 Which poll answer do you think will be the most popular today?
08/24/2019 Have you ever fallen asleep while playing a video game?
08/23/2019 22 years later: Got GoldenEye?
08/22/2019 Have you ever beaten the original Legend of Zelda?
08/21/2019 What's your favorite way to watch a movie?
08/20/2019 When you want to watch a weekly television series, when do you usually watch it?
08/19/2019 What do you miss most about classic video games?
08/18/2019 Do you plan to buy a new console before the end of the year?
08/17/2019 How often do you buy used games?
08/16/2019 What's your favorite type of theme park ride?
08/15/2019 How old are you?
08/14/2019 Have you ever owned either of the two Genesis / Mega Drive add-ons?
08/13/2019 After 28 years: Got Super Nintendo?
08/12/2019 Do you still own a record player?
08/11/2019 Are they any publishers whose games you refuse to ever buy, no matter how well-reviewed they are?
08/10/2019 How do you hang the toilet paper in your home?
08/09/2019 Just how ''bad'' do you like the main ''bad guy'' to be in a video game?
08/08/2019 How often do you wear a seat belt when you're in an automobile?
08/07/2019 If you were actually dropped onto an island with 99 other people into a battle royale, how well do you think you'd do?
08/06/2019 How do you feel about games with a time-based energy system, requiring you to either wait or use premium items to continue playing?
08/05/2019 What's your favorite science-fiction genre for video games?
08/04/2019 How many other people do you most like playing games with?
08/03/2019 Do you take a portable game system with you when you travel?
08/02/2019 Do you ever dream about playing video games?
08/01/2019 How do you feel about single-player games that require a persistent online connection to play?