Poll of the Day: July 2021

07/29/2021 How many foreign countries have you been to in your life?
07/28/2021 Do you snore?
07/27/2021 Where is the last place you went swimming?
07/26/2021 Have you ever been directly impacted by the permanent closure of a game's online servers?
07/25/2021 Do you have at least one game pre-ordered right now?
07/24/2021 How often do you get food from a drive-thru restaurant?
07/23/2021 Does the amount and type of DLC available for a game ever negatively influence your decision to buy it?
07/22/2021 Have you ever been on television?
07/21/2021 What do you do for a living?
07/20/2021 20 years later, got Final Fantasy X?
07/19/2021 30 years later, have you ever played Final Fantasy IV?
07/18/2021 On average, how many caffeinated drinks (cola, coffee, tea) do you consume a day?
07/17/2021 How often do you use emoji when you send texts or other messages to people?
07/16/2021 What's the longest you've ever owned a game without actually playing it?
07/15/2021 After 38 years, got NES?
07/14/2021 Do you wear glasses or contacts?
07/13/2021 How many different Wi-Fi networks can you see online from your home?
07/12/2021 Do you plan to get a new game system by the end of the year?
07/11/2021 Do you plan to buy a OLED Model Nintendo Switch?
07/10/2021 How many hours out of the last 24 have you spent outside?
07/09/2021 Got Antibodies?
07/08/2021 Got VR?
07/07/2021 Got Smartphone?
07/06/2021 Got Xbox One?
07/05/2021 Got PlayStation 4?
07/04/2021 Got a gaming-quality PC?
07/03/2021 Got Switch?
07/02/2021 Got Xbox Series S or X?
07/01/2021 Got PlayStation 5?