Poll of the Day: October 2020

10/26/2020 Got PlayStation 2?
10/25/2020 20 years later, got Majora's Mask?
10/24/2020 How many hours out of the 48 this weekend do you plan to play video games?
10/23/2020 Have you ever owned an iPod?
10/22/2020 Do you currently subscribe to any video game subscription services?
10/21/2020 How often do you use GameFAQs on a portable device?
10/20/2020 How do you feel when a Japanese game is censored for content (such as for sexual or religious references) when it's brought overseas?
10/19/2020 Which Nintendo console is your all-time favorite?
10/18/2020 Could you beat Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. with your eyes closed?
10/17/2020 Have you ever played a video game while working?
10/16/2020 Has a game's ''Free Weekend'' of play ever convinced you to buy the full version afterwards?
10/15/2020 What part of a traditional news lineup do you pay the most attention to?
10/14/2020 Have you ever caught every single Pokemon in a single game?
10/13/2020 How regularly do you keep your game controllers charged?
10/12/2020 What's the most enjoyable part of a video game to you?
10/11/2020 What's the longest you've ever played a single video game without taking even a short (10 minute) break?
10/10/2020 Do you think violent video games have more or less impact than similarly violent movies or TV?
10/09/2020 How do you keep track of all your online passwords?
10/08/2020 How many hours have you spent in video conferences (such as Zoom) in the past week?
10/07/2020 How far do you live from school or work?
10/06/2020 Which science-fiction technology would you most like to see become a reality?
10/05/2020 Have you ever broken or cracked a DVD/CD/game while trying to remove it from its case?
10/04/2020 Can simply looking at (or even just thinking about) insects cause you to start itching?
10/03/2020 What type of ending do you like in your video games?
10/02/2020 Are you now aware of your breathing?
10/01/2020 Which scheduled October release are you most looking forward to?