Poll of the Day: November 2020

11/25/2020 What percentage of the games that you own have you beaten?
11/24/2020 How long do you think it should take to beat a great video game?
11/23/2020 Have you ever played Final Fantasy IV?
11/22/2020 Have you ever owned an Xbox 360?
11/21/2020 What is your all-time favorite Super Nintendo game?
11/20/2020 After 16 years, do you still own a Nintendo DS?
11/19/2020 What is your name for those popular sugary carbonated beverages that you usually buy in a can or bottle?
11/18/2020 How many different games have you gotten all of the Achievements or Trophies for?
11/17/2020 Have you changed your holiday gathering plans with friends or family this year?
11/16/2020 After two years, how many games of Among Us have you played?
11/15/2020 If a game has multiple endings, do you make it a point to beat the game to see every one of them?
11/14/2020 Have you ever bought a game, system, or accessory (such as amiibos) with limited availability just to resell it at a profit?
11/13/2020 20 years later, got Final Fantasy IX?
11/12/2020 Got PlayStation 5?
11/11/2020 14 years later, got PlayStation 3?
11/10/2020 Got Xbox Series S or X?
11/09/2020 Are you getting either new game console launching this week?
11/08/2020 Have you ever punched your television or monitor in anger over a video game?
11/07/2020 20 years later, have you ever played Shenmue?
11/06/2020 In a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which do you throw first?
11/05/2020 In games where there are destructible elements (boxes, rocks, bushes), do you clear the area of them before moving on?
11/04/2020 How optimistic are you for the future of humanity?
11/03/2020 Are you happy?
11/02/2020 Have you pre-ordered a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X?
11/01/2020 Which scheduled November release are you most looking forward to?