Poll of the Day: May 2018

05/22/2018 Do you regularly play games that are older than you?
05/21/2018 Have you ever called in sick to work or school just to stay home and play games?
05/20/2018 How many monitors do you use with your computer?
05/19/2018 Do you show or use your real name on your online gaming profiles?
05/18/2018 How do you feel when a game you're anxiously waiting for gets delayed?
05/17/2018 In a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which do you throw first?
05/16/2018 Do you currently pay to subscribe to a music streaming service?
05/15/2018 When a game has collectible items or creatures, are you compelled to get the entire set?
05/14/2018 Which sequel would you most like to see be announced at E3 this year?
05/13/2018 Which series would you most like to see be revived at E3 this year?
05/12/2018 How do you feel about Nintendo's Switch Online service plans?
05/11/2018 When playing an RPG, how do you normally level up your characters?
05/10/2018 Do you download all of the free games offered each month with Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus?
05/09/2018 Whenever you're playing a multiplayer game with voice chat, how much do you actually talk?
05/08/2018 Whenever you're alone and playing a single player game, do you talk to the game at all?
05/07/2018 Do you ever play games a lot longer than you normally would just to get more Achievements or Trophies?
05/06/2018 Which digital game store have you spent the most money on over the last year?
05/05/2018 What's your all-time favorite '5' game?
05/04/2018 Have you played a streamed game yet?
05/03/2018 Do you own any games that you've never actually played?
05/02/2018 How was your computer made?
05/01/2018 Which company's E3 lineup are you most looking forward to seeing this year?