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Rule Sheet by BKerins

Updated: 04/25/2004

From: Bowen Kerins <bostonpinball@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: simpsons party pinball..

Rulesheet for Stern's "The Simpsons Pinball Party"
Bowen Kerins (bostonpinball@attbi.com)
last update: June 5, 2003 (ROM version 3.00)

--- Overview ---

The Simpsons Pinball Party is one of the most fun, yet most complicated,
games ever made.  Playing it to have a good time doesn't require too much
effort, since there should always be something to do.  Playing it
strategically takes more effort than almost every other modern pin, but it
sure is worth it.

If you haven't played it yet, why are you reading this?  Go play the game,

--- Help Me! ---

Although thorough, this rulesheet sucks as far as being complete.  If you
know of things that should be here, please contact me at
bostonpinball@attbi.com.  Most places marked with square brackets [ ] are
areas where I feel there is incomplete information, but please let me know
if you find things that are dead wrong, too.

--- Special Thanks ---

Thanks to Tim Showalter for his ideas on a rule sheet, and TJ Beyer for his
work on the list of Cletus Kids and the details on Captain's Bounty.
Thanks to untold others for strategy tidbits and whatnots and whosits.

--- Playfield and Basic Scoring ---

This section describes, briefly, the location and basic scoring of shots.
See later sections for specifics on mode and multiball scoring.  This is
roughly clockwise, from left to right.

-- First, the main playfield.

- Left inlane / outlane: Standard setup.  Either can be lit for Extra Ball.
  Inlane lights spinner on Right Orbit for 3x scoring or higher.

- Lite Otto standup: This target is in roughly the same position as the
  "G-R" standups of Addams Family.  Hit the standup when lit, and Otto's
  Bus Tour will light at Springfield Elementary, activating timed 2x
  scoring on a shot.

- Left (Cletus) Orbit:  Through the bumpers, around the back, feeding the
  upper right flipper.  Adds 1 Cletus Kid, and lights the Nuclear Value at
  the Pop Target.  See "Cletus Kids" and "Nuclear Value" sections for more.

- Pop Bumpers: Three, in standard arrangement.  The left pop is standard,
  while the other two have a nuclear cooling tower that "pops", much like
  Data East's 1990 Simpsons game.  Each pop bumper adds between 1,000 to
  5,000 to the Nuclear Value.

- Pop Target: Standup target above the pop bumpers.  This target is
  frequently hit while the ball is bouncing in the pops, and can also be
  hit directly from the upper right flipper.  When the timer is active, the
  Pop Target adds time (2 to 10 seconds, depending on how it was hit).  See
  "The Timer" section for more.  The Pop Target also collects the Nuclear
  Value when lit.

- Adv. Pops standup: This target is in roughly the position of the Electric
  Chair shot of Addams Family.  Hit the standup to advance one pop bumper's
  value from 1,000 to 2,500 to 5,000.

- Comic Book Guy standup: This target is directly behind the Adv. Pops
  standup.  It cannot be hit from either lower flipper directly, but can
  be shot from the upper right flipper or on a plunge.  Starts a Hurry Up
  when lit.  Also a Skill Shot.  See "Hurry Ups" and "Skill Shots"
  sections for more.

- Left (Treehouse) Ramp: Directly above the Comic Book Guy standup.  This
  ramp feeds the upper playfield.  Collects Treehouse of Horror when lit,
  and adds 1 Simpsons letter toward D'Oh Frenzy, or 2 if hit as a combo
  from the Left (Cletus) Orbit.  See "D'Oh Frenzy" and "Treehouse of
  Horror" sections for more.

- Left (Kwik-E-Mart) Loop: Inner loop above Left Ramp.  Shots through Left
  Loop tend to hit Bully standups.  Kwik-E-Mart collects Kwik-E-Mart value
  and adds a bonus multiplier.  Also a Skill Shot.  See "Skill Shots"
  section for more.

- Kwik-E-Mart standup: Guards Left Loop.  Seems to add a random value
  between 1,000 and 9,990 to the Kwik-E-Mart award.  Shots off this standup
  from the lower flippers tend to hit Bully standups.

- Garage: Big door in general vicinity of the Toilet shots of South Park.
  Hit the door and it opens.  Go through the door and over a small ramp to
  enter the upper playfield.  Shots that are not powerful enough to make it
  over the ramp fall to the bumpers via the Left Orbit.  Collects "Clean
  the Garage" random award when lit.  Often adds 1 Simpsons letter toward
  D'Oh Frenzy.  See "D'Oh Frenzy" and "Clean the Garage" sections for more.

- Right (Springfield Elementary) Loop: Inner loop behind Right Ramp.  Shot
  is straight up the middle and can be made from either lower flipper.
  Feeds upper right flipper.  Starts Otto's Bus Tour 2x Scoring and
  advances to Chalkboard Award.  See "Double Scoring" and "Chalkboard"
  sections for more.

- Bully standups: Three standup targets along the side wall of the Right
  Loop shot.  Difficult to shoot directly, they are made through the Left
  Loop.  Completing the bank lights a Daredevil Mode.  Also a Skill Shot.
  See "Daredevil Modes" and "Skill Shots" sections for more.

- Right (Moe's) Ramp: Get Duffed.  Scores 25,000 for the first shot, then
  5,000 more each shot to a maximum of 75,000.  Also advances to Treehouse
  of Horror and Extra Ball.  See "Treehouse of Horror" and "Extra Balls"
  sections for more.

- Captive Ball: To the right of the Right Ramp is a captive ball.  Hitting
  it a short distance spots a Bully standup, and also starts a Daredevil
  Mode or advances the value of a running Daredevil Mode.  See "Daredevil
  Modes" section for more.

- Right (Krusty) Orbit: Past the upper right flipper, through a spinner, to
  the bumpers.  The first spin scores 1,000 points, and each successive
  spin is an additional 50 points.  Can be lit for triple value or
  higher via the left inlane.  Lights TV Mode.  See "TV Modes" section
  for more.

- Itchy & Scratchy Drop Targets: Below the upper right flipper are three
  drop targets.  Completing them scores 75,000 points, then 25,000
  more each completion to a maximum of 150,000.  Behind them is the...

- Itchy & Scratchy Sinkhole: Behind the drop targets.  Lights, then starts,
  an Itchy & Scratchy multiball.  See "Itchy & Scratchy Multiball" section
  for more.

- Right inlane / outlane / plunger lane: All three connected.  It is
  possible to nudge the ball into the plunger lane for a free Skill Shot.
  The inlane can be lit for Extra Ball, while the outlane can be lit for

- Manual plunger: Can be used to try for three Skill Shots: the Comic Book
  Guy, Kwik-E-Mart, and the Bully standups.  See "Skill Shots" section for

-- And now, the upper playfield...

- "Lite"/"Lock" standups: Hit these to light lock.  Difficulty of lighting
  locks is variable.  See "Couch Multiball" section for more.  These
  targets can be hit from either upper playfield flipper, though are easier
  from the lower left flipper.

- Side (Couch) Ramp: Exit upper playfield.  If lock is lit, lock a ball in
  the Couch.  If not, feed to the left inlane.  Can be shot by the upper
  playfield's right flipper, but also possible on a carom from the left.
  The third lock starts Couch Multiball.

- Light Mystery standup: Light "Clean the Garage" at the Garage if not
  already lit.

- Upper (TV) Loop: Feeds from lower flipper to upper flipper on playfield.
  Starts TV Mode when lit.  See "TV Modes" section for more.

- Monorail: Drain from upper playfield to right inlane.  Normally not a
  good thing, this is actually a required step in the "Stop the Monorail"
  TV mode.  See "TV Modes" section for more.

-- Whew, that's "all".

--- The Timer ---

The timer is your friend.  Don't let the timer run out.

All timed modes in The Simpsons Pinball Party run on the same timer.
Starting a timed mode resets the timer.  The timer is displayed on the TV
board, and will change colors as it counts down:

 More than 15 seconds left: green.
 Between 6 and 15 seconds left: yellow.
 5 seconds or less remaining: red.

What does this one timer to rule them all mean for you?  As long as you
start something else before the time runs out, you get to continue
EVERYTHING you have started since the timer became active.

This is the most important thing to learn about playing this game
strategically.  There are at least 20 things that can reset the timer, so
it is theoretically possible to have -timed- modes such as the D'Oh Frenzy
running for more than 10 minutes.

The timer stops when the ball is in the bumpers, and time can be restored
by hitting the Pop Target.  Hitting the target after hitting a bumper adds
2 seconds to the timer.  Hitting the target directly from a flipper (usually
the upper right, but possible from either lower flipper) adds 5
seconds to the timer ("Great googly moogly!").  Hitting the target from the
upper right flipper as a combo shot from the Left (Cletus) Orbit adds 10
seconds to the timer ("Ahoy! You are the king!").  The timer can go above 30
seconds; its maximum seems to be 99 seconds.

The timer is reset to 30 seconds if it is not already above 30 seconds when
starting any of these:

 - Any of the 10 Otto 2x Scoring modes
 - Any of the 7 main TV Modes
 - D'Oh Frenzy
 - Any of the 4 Treehouse of Horror timed modes:
 - Apu's Giveaway
 - Captain's Bounty
 - Krusty's Nightmare
 - Nuclear Disaster
 - See "Spoilers" for some other timed modes.

The timer is -not- cleared when a TV Mode is completed by making all its
shots; instead, Victory points are awarded for each shot (see "Victory
Points" section for more).  The timer continues to run no matter what else
is going on, including multiballs.

There is a grace period of about 4 seconds on the timer (it will read 00).
Hurry up and shoot something!

Note that at most points in the game you are no more than 2 shots away from
resetting the timer (Lite Otto, then shoot it).  Don't forget about it!

--- Double Scoring ---

Shooting the Right Loop when Otto's Bus Tour is lit starts a double scoring
mode.  The double scoring modes are indicated by red lights at major shots.
A flashing light indicates that the double scoring for that shot is
currently running, while a solid light indicates that the double scoring
for that shot has already completed and will not be available again until
all double scoring modes are completed.

The ten double scoring areas are:

 - Bumpers
 - Left (Cletus) Orbit
 - Left (Treehouse) Ramp
 - Left (Kwik-E-Mart) Loop
 - Garage
 - Right (Springfield Elementary) Loop
 - Right (Moe's) Ramp
 - Right (Krusty) Orbit
 - Itchy & Scratchy
 - Living Room (entire upper playfield)

These ten areas are awarded in a seemingly random order.

Double scoring applies to ALL shots to that area, including shots during TV
Modes and multiballs.

Double scoring modes continue until the timer runs out or the ball ends.
Since the timer can be reset, double scoring modes may run for a very long

When all ten double scoring modes have been completed (and are not
running), the red lights will pulse instead of being solidly lit.  Then,
shoot the Otto shot one more time to start... see "Spoilers" section for

--- TV Modes ---

TV Modes are lit after every 4 goals.  No, that's not it.  TV Modes are lit
by shooting the Right (Krusty) Orbit.  They are started by making the TV
Loop on the upper playfield, or by an award from "Clean the Garage".
Starting a TV Mode scores an instant 250,000 points and is counted toward
the final score for the mode.  Most completed TV Modes score 2,500,000
points, and possibly as much as 4,750,000 if double scoring is active.

There are seven base TV Modes.  Each resets the 30-second timer.  You can
control which TV Mode will be next by flipping the right flipper (!!).
TV Modes remain active until the timer expires, or until all shots in the
mode are completed.  If all shots are completed, the TV Mode ends and
Victory points can be earned.  See "Victory Points" section for more.
Remember that any shot where "2x Scoring" is flashing will double in value
at any time, including TV Modes.

Here is a description of each of the seven TV Modes.

 -- TV Mode: Duffman --

 "Duffman likes your attitude!"  Shoot the right ramp to SCORE.  Five shots
 to complete.  Score from 250,000 to 650,000 by increments of 100,000.
 "OH yeah!"

 -- TV Mode: Homer's Day --

 "Wake me up when it's break time..."  Shoot the Nuclear plant bumpers,
 then shoot Moe's, then the Garage, and finally the Couch Ramp.  Nice, huh?

 The first three shots score 500,000, while the Couch scores 750,000.
 "Beer. The cause of, and solution to, all life's problems."  Nice
 animation of Homer eating his dream donut at the end.

 -- TV Mode: Willie's Woes --

 Hit the Bully standups for 250,000, then Springfield Elementary for
 500,000.  Repeat three times to complete.  Stomp those flowers, Kearney.
 To hit the Bully standups, try the Kwik-E-Mart shots.  Or, lock a ball and
 plunge the loop!

 -- TV Mode: Wiggum vs. Snake --

 "Another dirtbag..."  This "chase" goes across the board.  The first shot
 can be any of the Right Loop, Right Ramp, or Right Orbit.  The second shot
 can be either the Left Loop or Left Ramp.  The third shot is the Left
 Orbit.  The first shot scores 500,000, the second scores 750,000, and the
 third scores 1 million.  Try for shots that have double scoring active to
 make the round more lucrative.

 -- TV Mode: Bart's Day --

 "Bite me, Skinner..."  Shoot Springfield Elementary, then the Kwik-E-Mart,
 then the Treehouse, then the TV.  The first three shots score 500,000,
 while the TV scores 750,000.  For the Kwik-E-Mart shot, either the Loop or
 the target in front of it count.  Is this the first ever dot display
 animation of a full moon?

 -- TV Mode: Krusty's Last Stand --

 Score 100 rating points to complete this mode.  Shoot the Right Orbit to
 earn 20 rating points for each shot, plus 1 rating point for each spinner
 spin.  Each rating point is worth 20,000 points, so completing the mode
 is worth 2,000,000 plus any extra ratings points on the last shot.

 Note: In earlier ROMs (2.04), each Right Orbit shot earned 10 rating
 points, not 20, making this mode last longer than it does now.

 -- TV Mode: Stop the Monorail --

 In this mode, the ball must travel down the Monorail, the "drain" from the
 upper playfield.  This scores 250,000 and lights all major lower playfield
 shots for 500,000.  Shoot any shot to relight the Monorail "shot".  Repeat
 this three times with three different lower playfield shots to complete
 the mode.  Try for shots that have double scoring active.  Watch the dot
 matrix when a main playfield shot is made to see what is being used to
 stop the monorail...

When all seven TV Modes have ended, either by the timer running out or by
completing them, the TV will be lit for... see "Spoilers" section for more.

The first time through the TV Modes, a mode will automatically be lit at the
start of each ball.  After the first time through, the TV Mode will not be
lit at the start of a ball, and you must shoot the Right Orbit to light the
first mode of a ball.

--- Victory Points ---

Victory points, sometimes referred to as "Siegpunkte", are scored when a
major shot is hit while

 - the timer is on, and
 - all active TV Modes have been completed during the current timer run

The number of points scored depends on the number of completed TV Modes:

 - 1 completed TV Mode :   100,000 per shot
 - 2 completed TV Modes:   250,000 per shot
 - 3 completed TV Modes:   500,000 per shot
 - 4 completed TV Modes:   800,000 per shot
 - 5 completed TV Modes: 1,250,000 per shot
 - 6 completed TV Modes: 1,800,000 per shot [?]
 - 7 completed TV Modes: 2,500,000 per shot [!!]

These points will award for every major shot (loops, ramps, orbits, holes),
along with a tinkly sound effect and an animation of Homer at the top of the

Victory points can be huge, potentially more valuable than a well-played
multiball, but they take a lot of work to achieve.  All TV Modes in
progress must be completed before any of these points are available.

If you start a new TV Mode during Victory, you won't get any more Victory
points until you finish the TV Mode.  However, they will be worth more if
you complete the mode.

Double scoring applies to these points as long as an active shot is hit, so
it is possible to make all major shots worth 5 million points for 30
seconds or more by skillfully playing TV Modes and starting Otto 2x

--- Hurry Ups ---

A Hurry Up is started by shooting the Comic Book Guy ("CBG") at any time,
even during multiballs.  When a Hurry Up begins, it will light at one of
six major shots:

 - Left (Cletus) Orbit
 - Left (Treehouse) Ramp
 - Left (Kwik-E-Mart) Loop
 - Garage
 - Right (Moe's) Ramp
 - Right (Krusty) Orbit

The Hurry Up value starts at 200,000 and counts down to 50,000.

Hitting the Comic Book Guy again starts a second Hurry Up simultaneously.
When multiple Hurry Ups are active, their value is increased and
multiplied.  Specifically, 50,000 is added to the base value and the base
value is multiplied by the number of started Hurry Ups.  So, if two Hurry
Ups are started at once, their value is 250,000 x 2 = 500,000.  [This
might all be dead wrong.]  The base value counts down at the same speed
throughout, so the Hurry Ups will count down faster when more of them are
active.  When multiple Hurry Ups are active, shooting one collects the
value, and adds [50,000?] to the base value of the remaining active Hurry

Double scoring applies to these points (of course!), so you may score
double the displayed value.

Hitting the Comic Book Guy from a plunger shot is a Skill Shot and starts
two Hurry Ups immediately at a starting value of 500,000.

When a Hurry Up has been collected, its light will stay solidly on until
all six Hurry Ups have been collected.  When all have been collected, the
lights will be pulsing rather than solidly lit.  Then, hit the Comic Book
Guy one more time to start... see "Spoilers" section for more.

Don't drain while a Hurry Up is active, or the Comic Book Guy will lambaste
you with his sarcastic "wit" - "Oh, and you were doing SO well."  Similar
wit applies when a Hurry Up times out.  "The Flash, you are not."

The Status Report keeps track of how many Hurry Ups you have missed.
[What's up with that?]

--- Daredevil Modes ---

A Daredevil Mode is lit by completing the Bully standup bank, and is
started by hitting the Captive Ball.  It is possible to light as many as
all four Daredevil Modes before starting one, and the Captive Ball starts
only one at a time, always from top to bottom.  Hitting the Captive Ball
also spots one Bully standup in the bank of three.

The lights in front of the Captive Ball indicate the status of each
Daredevil Mode:

 - flashing: lit
 - pulsing: currently active
 - solid: completed

Each Daredevil Mode accumulates points for a particular type of shot.
These points are added to end-of-ball bonus.  The base score for starting
a Daredevil Mode is 100,000.  When 750,000 points (or more) have been
scored, a bonus of 250,000 points is added to complete the mode.  All in
all, this is a similar system to World Cup Soccer's Ultra Modes, including
the fact that no points are scored until the end of the ball.

Each Daredevil Mode scores on certain shots:

 - Daredevil Ramps scores on any ramp, including the Garage mini-ramp and
   the Couch ramp on the upper playfield.  Starting value is 50,000 per
 - Daredevil Loops scores on either Orbit, either Loop, and the TV Loop on
   the upper playfield.  Starting value is 50,000 per loop.
 - Daredevil Bumpers scores on any bumper or slingshot hit.  Not since
   Mario Andretti have slingshots been worth this many points!  Starting
   value is 12,500 per bumper.
 - Daredevil Targets scores on, well, targets.  Starting value is 25,000
   per target.

Double scoring applies to these points (of course!), which can help
complete the mode that much sooner.

Hitting the Captive Ball during a Daredevil Mode increases the value of
each shot, seemingly by 50% per shot, allowing the Daredevil Mode to be
completed more quickly.

Hitting the strobing Bully standup from a plunger shot (via the
Kwik-E-Mart) is a Skill Shot, scoring an increasing number of points from
250,000 to 500,000 and immediately lighting a Daredevil Mode at the
Captive Ball.

When all four Daredevil Modes have been completed by earning at least 1
million points on each, all four lights in front of the Captive Ball will
pulse.  Then, hit the Captive Ball one more time to start... see "Spoilers"
section for more.

Don't tilt, or you'll lose all your Daredevil points!

--- Itchy & Scratchy Multiball ---

The Itchy & Scratchy 3-bank of targets hides a sinkhole.  To start Itchy &

Scratchy Multiball, you must:

1. Knock down the entire bank of targets once.
2. Shoot the hole.
3. Knock down the entire bank of targets again.
4. Shoot the hole to start the multiball.

The rules are relaxed a bit for the first multiball.  For the first
multiball you may shoot the hole without completing the bank of targets.
For later multiballs, if you shoot the hole without completing the bank of
targets, you do not get progress toward the multiball, and the targets all
reset.  This is somewhat like the "Danger Bar" in the Last Action Hero game
of yore.

The rules are tighter for the third and later multiballs.  For those, the
bank of targets will reset on its own after a time.

Completing the target bank is worth 75,000 points the first time, then
increases by 25,000, to a maximum of 150,000.

The lit Itchy & Scratchy Multiball can be changed by hitting the right
flipper.  All multiballs are similar.  Starting the multiball will turn on
a brief ball saver and fire a ball onto the playfield.  Since Itchy &
Scratchy Multiball can be started while other multiballs are active, there
may be more than two balls in play.

Jackpot starts at 100,000, and all major shots collect it.  Collecting a
Jackpot adds to the Super Jackpot, which starts at 500,000 and is collected
by making the Itchy & Scratchy hole.

In each multiball, the Jackpot is raised by something different [need the

 - Spay Anything: Spinner spins add 1,000 to Jackpot
 - Kitty Kitty Bang Bang: Bumpers add 1,000 to Jackpot
 - Field of Screams: Captive Ball adds 25,000 to Jackpot
 - Esophagus Now: All shots add 10,000 to Jackpot

This means that Esophagus Now is the highest-scoring of these four

Double scoring applies to these points (of course!), producing Double
Jackpots and Double Super Jackpots (hee-hee!).

When all four Itchy & Scratchy Multiballs have been played, put the ball in
the Itchy & Scratchy hole one more time to start... see "Spoilers" section
for more.

--- Couch Multiball ---

Couch Multiball begins when three balls have been locked in the Couch.
Locks are lit by hitting the "Lite"/"Lock" standup targets, then collected
by shooting the upper playfield's ramp when the Lock light is on.  If the
Lock light is flashing, the next Lock shot starts Couch Multiball.

Locks become progressively more difficult for each multiball:

- For the first multiball, all locks are lit automatically.
- For the second multiball, the "Lite" and "Lock" targets must each be hit
  once to light a lock, and all three locks may be lit at once.
- For the third multiball, the "Lite" and "Lock" targets must each be hit
  once to light a lock, and each lock must be collected before the next can
  be lit.
- For the fourth multiball, the "Lite" and "Lock" targets must each be hit
  once, in order, and each lock must be collected before the next can be
- [There's more, but I don't know it.]

The first lock scores 100,000 points, and the second lock scores 250,000.

In single-player games, you get free credit for any balls already in the
Couch when the game begins, making it easier to achieve a multiball.  In
multi-player games, each player's locks are retained independently, so
there is no "stealing" of locks.  However, a player may receive more or
fewer Skill Shot chances if the lock is full.

Couch Multiball is a three-ball multiball when nothing else is going on,
and triggers a short ball saver.  Starting the multiball scores 500,000
points on the spot, and all major shots are lit.

Most shots score an increasing Jackpot, beginning from 200,000 and
increasing by 25,000 [?] per Jackpot.  The maximum value of the
Jackpot is 500,000.  Upper flipper shots (Left Ramp, Left Loop) score
Double Jackpots.  The TV Loop scores a Triple Jackpot.  The Couch Ramp
scores a Super Jackpot, worth 5 times the Jackpot, and relights all
Jackpots.  The Super Jackpot then relights only after an increasing number
of Jackpots are scored, but the number needed is unclear.  It seems to
match the number of Super Jackpots attained that multiball, making it more
and more difficult to get each time.

Double scoring applies to these points (of course!), producing Double
Jackpots, Quadruple Jackpots, Sextuple Jackpots, and Double Super Jackpots.
The maximum value of the Double Super Jackpot seems to be 3,750,000, a big
sum of points.

When the Super Jackpot is lit, a family member's playfield light (look in
the center) will flash, and when it is collected, the light becomes solidly
lit for the rest of the game.  When all five family members have been
collected (i.e., 5 Super Jackpots have been collected), progress is earned
toward... see "Spoilers" section for more.

Couch Multiball ends when one ball is left on the playfield, but there is a
long grace period where one or more additional Jackpot shots may be made --
it is even possible to start Itchy & Scratchy Multiball during the grace
period, in which case both multiballs continue.

--- D'Oh Frenzy ---

One letter in "Simpsons" is awarded for opening the Garage, shooting the
Garage mini-ramp (to feed the upper playfield), or shooting the Left
(Treehouse) Ramp.  Two letters can be earned by shooting the Left Ramp
after the Left (Cletus) Orbit.  Listen for Homer's quality spelling job.
"Simpso?!"  "Ohhh, Simpsons!"

When "Simpsons" is complete, D'Oh Frenzy begins.  The timer is reset to 30
seconds if not already above 30, and all switches score.  The first D'Oh
Frenzy is worth 10,000 per switch, and further Frenzies score 2,500 more
per switch.

For the second Frenzy, you'll only get letters by shooting through the
Garage or Left Ramp.  For the third and later Frenzies, you'll only get
letters by shooting the Left Ramp.

D'Oh Frenzy can run for a very long time, since the timer is reset by many
different events.  See "The Timer" section for more.  D'Oh Frenzy ends only
when the timer expires, the ball in play ends, or a mode that ends all
timers starts (see "Spoilers" section for more).

--- Treehouse of Horror ---

Treehouse of Horror is lit by making enough Right (Moe's) Ramp shots, then
collected by shooting the Left (Treehouse) Ramp.  There are many possible
choices, some which give a quick point award, and others that start a timed
round.  You won't know what you're about to get until it's awarded, but the
awards seem to cycle (seems like you would get them all before getting one
for a second time).

On default settings, Treehouse is lit at 5 ramp shots, then 15, 25, and
every 10 thereafter.  Treehouse awards are stackable, so you do not need to
collect the award before lighting the next one.

Here is a description of each of the Treehouse of Horror awards.  This
should be a complete list, unless there is a final Treehouse award given
when you get them all in the same game.

 -- Treehouse: Apu's Giveaway --

 In this timed mode, the Kwik-E-Mart shot is worth more points than normal,
 and awards 2 or 3 bonus multipliers instead of just 1 per shot.  [More
 specifics needed.]  "Sanjay, give this man more points!"

 -- Treehouse: Captain's Bounty --

 In this timed mode, each of the Left (Treehouse) Ramp, Garage, and Right
 (Moe's) Ramp score points.  How many points?  Read the treasure chests!
 Each chest starts at "1" -- the Left Ramp adds to the leftmost chest, the
 Garage to the center chest, and the Right Ramp to the right chest.  You
 then score the number of thousands on the chest (so the first award is
 either 211,000, 121,000, or 112,000, depending on the shot hit).  The Left
 Ramp adds the most to the value, but all three collect it.

 -- Treehouse: Krusty's Nightmare --

 In this timed mode, each shot to the Right (Krusty) Orbit scores a random
 number of points.  Each spin changes the number of digits, from 2 up to 6,
 then right back to 2.  You can score as little as 10 points and as many as
 999,990 points when the spinner is shot.  "Are you nuts?"

 -- Treehouse: Nuclear Disaster --

 "Mr. Smithers, it's happening again..."  In this timed mode, each bumper
 hit scores 20,000.  Earn 1 million points by making 50 bumper hits before
 the timer runs out.  [Is there anything else to do in this mode?]

 -- Treehouse: Max Everything --

 Max all incrementing awards, such as the Bumper value, both Ramp values,
 and Chalkboard value.

 -- Treehouse: Really Big Points --

 Awards 2 million points.  Used to be called "Horrifyingly Big Points".

 -- Treehouse: Really Small Points --

 Awards as many points as Really Big Points, but in a super-small font!

 -- Treehouse: 10x Nuclear Value --

 Score 10x the current Nuclear Value.  Also advances 1 (not 10) Nuclear
 Value collections toward Extra Ball.  See "Nuclear Value" section for

 -- Treehouse: Crazy Extra Ball --

 Oh boy.  Extra Ball is lit at one of the three lanes (left outlane plus
 either inlane), but you do not get to control the lit lane.  The GAME
 controls the lane, and you won't like its choices.  Ball heading out of
 the bumpers?  Oh, the right inlane will become lit.  Ball heading down the
 Monorail?  Oh, look, it switched to the left inlane just in time.
 Hilarious, unless you expect to get the extra ball!  "Whoa, that's

Since it takes an awful lot of ramp shots to collect all of these, it is
unknown whether something special happens when all the Treehouse awards
have been collected.

--- Cletus Kids ---

Each time you shoot the Left Orbit (directly, or as fallback from a failed
Garage mini-ramp shot), you get a Cletus Kid.  The display will show the
name of the new kid and the point award.  Awards start at 25,000 and
increase by 5,000 per shot.

Great displays here, since all the previously awarded kids are still shown
in the animation.

The kids are Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan, Dermot, Jordan, Taylor,
Brittany, Wesley, Rumer, Scout, Cassidy, Zoe, Chloe, Max, Hunter, Kendall,
Caitlin, Noah, Sasha, Morgan, Kyra, Ian, Lauren, Q-bert, and Phil.  Or they
might be, anyway.

Since there are 26 kids, shoot Cletus 26 times to collect all the kids.
Then, shoot Cletus one more time to start... see "Spoilers" section for

--- Random Awards ---

There are two shots that give random awards: the Garage and Springfield
Elementary.  The Garage gives "Clean the Garage" awards when lit, and
Springfield Elementary gives "Chalkboard Completed" awards every few shots.

 -- "Clean the Garage" --

 Clean the Garage is lit to start, and is relit by shooting the standup
 target on the upper playfield.  Shoot the Garage mini-ramp to collect the

 The possible awards include [not a complete list]:

  - Light Special
  - Light Extra Ball
  - Light Lock
  - Award Lock
  - Light Otto
  - Award Otto
  - Light TV Mode
  - Start TV Mode
  - Light Itchy
  - Award Itchy
  - Light Nuclear Value
  - Light Daredevil
  - Start Daredevil
  - Small Points (multiples of 10,000)
  - Big Points (multiples of 100,000)
  - Max Bumpers
  - Max Right Ramp
  - Max Left Ramp
  - Max Drop Targets
  - Max Chalkboard
  - Max Headroom
  - Add to Bonus: 50,000
  - Add [ ]x Bonus (from 1x to 5x)
  - Add [ ] Simpson Letters (from 1 to 3?)
  - Add [ ] Cletus Kids (from 1 to 3?)
  - Add [ ] Duffs (from 1 to 5?)
  - Add [ ] Time (from 5 to 15 seconds)

 -- Chalkboard Awards --

 Chalkboard Awards are given for shooting Springfield Elementary several
 times.  Each shot gives a small number of points, but some shots also
 give a random award.  It seems to take an increasing number of shots
 each time [really unsure on this].

 The possible awards include [a very incomplete list]:

  - Hold Bonus Multiplier
  - Hold End-of-Ball Bonus (value, not multiplier)
  - Hold Nuclear Value
  - Hold Chalkboard Value
  - Hold Left Ramp Value
  - Hold Right Ramp Value

--- Skill Shots ---

There are three available Skill Shots in the game.  The first is the Comic
Book Guy target, which normally starts a Hurry Up.  Hitting it from a
plunge scores an increasing number of points, from 500,000 to 1,000,000 [?]
and starts two Hurry Ups immediately.

The second Skill Shot is the Kwik-E-Mart loop, which normally adds a bonus
multiplier.  Hitting it from a plunge adds an increasing number of bonus
multipliers: 5x, 6x, ..., up to 10x.

The third Skill Shot is the strobing Bully standup.  Hitting the Bully
standup (almost always via the Kwik-E-Mart) scores an increasing number of
points, 250,000 to 500,000, and lights the next Daredevil Mode

Try maxing out one or more of the Skill Shots by hitting it six times!
You'll like it.

--- Miscellaneous Scoring ---

 -- End-of-Ball Bonus --

 A switch bonus is kept throughout the ball; it starts at 10,000 and 130
 points is added for every switch you hit.  When you drain, this switch
 bonus is multiplied by the bonus multiplier, and any Daredevil Mode points
 are added to give a final value.

 It is possible to earn at least 99x as a bonus multiplier.  [Is that the
 maximum?  Or has the maximum changed?  I've seen 99x but now haven't seen
 higher than 50x.]

 Both the switch bonus and the bonus multiplier can be held to the next
 ball as a result of Chalkboard Awards.

 -- Combos --

 Combos exist in the game, from 3-Way to 5-Way.  A 3-Way Combo is worth
 250,000 points.  A 4-Way Combo is worth 500,000 points, for a total of
 750,000.   A 5-Way Combo is worth 750,000 points, for a total of 1.5

 Some examples of Combos are Cletus > Treehouse > TV > Couch (4-Way), and
 Moe's > Elementary > Treehouse > TV > Couch (5-Way).

 -- Kwik-E-Mart --

 The Left (Kwik-E-Mart) Loop scores points and adds a bonus multiplier.
 The number of points awarded by the Kwik-E-Mart Loop is increased by a
 random score between 1,000 and 9,990 by hitting the target in front of the

 -- Moe's --

 The Right (Moe's) Ramp scores 25,000 for the first shot, then 5,000 for
 each additional shot, to a maximum of 75,000.  Extra Balls are lit at both
 10 and 60 ramps on the default settings.

 -- Nuclear Value --

 The Nuclear Value starts at 100,000, and can be increased as high as
 500,000.  Add to the Nuclear Value by hitting any pop bumper.  The Nuclear
 Value is lit by shooting the Left (Cletus) Loop, and collected by hitting
 the Pop Target directly above the bumpers.   Collecting the Nuclear Value
 advances toward lighting an Extra Ball.  On default settings, an Extra Ball
 is lit when the Nuclear Value has been collected 10 times, and again at 60
 times.  The score and collection count depend on how the target was hit:

 - If hit as a bounce from a bumper, score the base value and count 1
 - If hit directly (no bumpers involved), score triple the base value and
   count 3 collections.  This is usually done from the upper right flipper,
   but can be done from the lower flippers by luck.
 - If hit from the upper right flipper immediately after a Left (Cletus)
   Loop, score five times the base value and count 5 collections.

 The Nuclear Value can also be scored at a 10x multiplier from a Treehouse
 of Terror award, but this only counts as 1 collection.

 -- Spinner Points --

 Spinning the spinner adds an increasing number of points per spin,
 beginning at 1,000 and raising by 50 per spin.  Going through the left
 inlane triggers a brief period where the spinner is worth triple, then
 quadruple.  "Nail that clown!"  "Hee hee, hit him again!"

 Additionally, a bonus is awarded after a number of spins [60?].  This
 bonus is not a lot of points [200,000, then 300,000?], but a nice little

Double scoring applies to all these points (of course!), so get them while
the getting is good.

--- Extra Balls ---

Extra Balls can be lit in many ways.  Here is a list of some of the ways to
light an Extra Ball:

 - Hit the Right (Moe's) Ramp 10 times.  Hit it 60 times for another.
 - Collect the Nuclear Value 10 times.  Collect it 60 times for another.
 - Score the first Super Jackpot during Couch Multiball.
 - Get "Crazy Extra Ball" from Treehouse of Horror and hope for the best.
 - Light Extra Ball from a "Clean the Garage" award.
 - Score few enough points to light the "bozo" Extra Ball on your final
   ball.  Or, should that be the Krusty Extra Ball?

Extra Balls are lit on the inlanes and left outlane.  All except the Crazy
Extra Ball may be controlled by flipping either flipper.

--- Spoiler Section ---

WARNING:  This section includes spoilers for many of the special features
available in the game.  Don't read this section unless you absolutely want
to ruin the surprise of seeing these special features yourself.


--- SPOILERS ---

Okay, that ought to be enough space to keep everyone away.  Oh, you're
still reading?  Fine, be spoiled, see if I care.

 -- Double Scoring --

When all ten double scoring modes have been completed (and are not
running), the red lights will pulse instead of being solidly lit.  Listen
for the quote, you'll love it --

"You have come to the end of your journey, it's sad and alarming..."

Then, shoot the Otto shot one more time to start...


"Where logic takes a holiday and all laws of nature are meaningless."  Boy,
you'd better believe it, because the left flipper button and the right
flipper button have switched their abilities.  "Aww, everything's all

Fortunately, all major shots are lit for 500,000 apiece, double scoring is
active for ALL ten shots, and five balls are put onto the playfield with a
lengthy ball saver.  Mystery Spot, by itself, isn't worth so many points;
but WITH something else, it can make your score jump in a hurry.

Springfield Mystery Spot ends when only one ball is left on the playfield,
and things return to normal (you'll still be freaked out for many seconds).
Fortunately, a ball saver kicks in at the end of this event to keep you
from losing your ball due to switching back.

To "win" Springfield Mystery Spot you must

 - first, complete all ten major shots that score Jackpots.
 - second, shoot the Garage for a Super Jackpot and 5 million points.

The red lights that indicate 2x scoring will tell you which of the ten
major shots you still need to collect.

Why is the second phase so difficult?  Because the Garage closes, and will
only open for about 3 seconds when you hit it.  So, to get the Super you
must open the Garage then nail a second ball through it to score.  If you
do so, the first phase starts again.

"Winning" Springfield Mystery Spot is pretty important if you plan on...
see "Big Spoiler" section for more.

 -- TV Modes --

When all seven TV Modes have ended, either by the timer running out or by
completing them, the TV will be lit for...


It's an Attack from Mars!  No, wait...  It's just Kang and Kodos, or one of
them at least.  The timer is set to 60 seconds.  [Note: In the newest ROMs
the timer is based on the number of TV Modes completed.]  There are four
phases to Alien Invasion.  In each phase the goal is to lock all balls.
One ball may be locked in the Itchy & Scratchy hole and in Springfield
Elementary at any time.  Up to three balls may be locked in the Couch at
any time.

Additionally, if there is only one ball remaining, that ball may be locked
in Springfield Elementary, the Garage, the Treehouse, the TV Loop, or the

In each phase, an increasing number of balls are kicked out.  In phase one,
2 balls must be locked.  In phase four, 5 balls must be locked.  If you
lose a ball after the ball saver has shut off, you drop down to the next
lower phase and must complete it again.

Finishing phase four requires at least two balls to be locked in the Couch
without losing a single ball.  Supremely challenging.

Each lock scores 500,000 points.  Finishing a phase for the first time
scores 1 million multiplied by the number of balls in play for that phase,
and adds 10 seconds to the timer.  "Run!!  He's got a board with a nail
in it!!"

Finish phase four and you "win" Alien Invasion.  This is pretty important
if you plan on... see "Big Spoiler" section for more.  If you are not
deliberately trying to "win" all these modes, it is probably better to
keep Invasion going, since other points are available (most readily
available is Daredevil).

If the timer runs out, all balls drain and the mode is over.

Note: Any timed modes that were running prior to starting Invasion end
immediately when Invasion begins.  Keep that in mind as your D'Oh Frenzy
and 2x Scoring all vanish.

 -- Hurry Ups --

When a Hurry Up has been collected, its light will stay solidly on until
all six Hurry Ups have been collected.  When all have been collected, the
lights will be pulsing rather than solidly lit.  Then, hit the Comic Book
Guy one more time to start...


When Secret Stash begins, all six Hurry Up lights flash, and a countdown
begins at 500,000.  The countdown goes to 100,000.  Shooting a Hurry Up
clears it and resets the countdown to 500,000.

You must hit ten Hurry Ups to complete Secret Stash.

All six Hurry Ups will relight if you complete them all, or if you hit the
Comic Book Guy during the round.  Completing the six Hurry Ups without
hitting the Comic Book Guy scores a 2 million "All Shots Completed" bonus.

Completing Secret Stash awards a 1 million point bonus.

Double scoring applies to all Hurry Ups (of course!), so each can be worth
up to 1 million, and the round can be worth up to a total of 13 million

Finishing Secret Stash is pretty important if you plan on... see "Big
Spoiler" section for more.

 -- Daredevil Modes --

When all four Daredevil Modes have been completed by earning at least 1
million points on each, all four lights in front of the Captive Ball will
pulse.  Then, hit the Captive Ball one more time to start...


Daredevil Mania is an untimed round where you must earn 5 million points
from Daredevil shots.  All four types of shots (ramps, loops, bumpers, and
targets) score more points than they normally would for the other Daredevil
modes.  If a multiball is going on, you are very likely to finish Daredevil
Mania by earning 5 million unless you drain.

As with the Daredevil Modes, Daredevil Mania points are not awarded until
the end of the ball, so don't tilt if you want the points.

Finishing Daredevil Mania is pretty important if you plan on... see "Big
Spoiler" section for more.

 -- Itchy & Scratchy Multiball --

When all four Itchy & Scratchy Multiballs have been played, put the ball in
the Itchy & Scratchy hole one more time to start...


Scratchy's Revenge plays a lot like the other Itchy & Scratchy Multiballs,
except that 10 Jackpots must be hit before Super Jackpot becomes lit at the
Itchy & Scratchy hole.  Note: As of the latest ROM, the Super Jackpot
requires 15 Jackpots, minus the number of Super Jackpots earned during the
other four Itchy & Scratchy multiballs.

Since starting the multiball still only kicks one ball onto the playfield,
it is strongly encouraged that you play Scratchy's Revenge in tandem with
another multiball in order to get a Super Jackpot.  In particular,
Scratchy's Revenge plus Springfield Mystery Spot is perhaps the most
valuable multiball in the entire game.

Jackpot is worth at least double what is normally is during Itchy &
Scratchy Multiball.  Overall, it is quite possible to get more than 30
million points from this multiball.

Getting a Super Jackpot during this multiball is pretty important if you
plan on... see "Big Spoiler" section for more.

 -- Couch Multiball --

As mentioned earlier, you must get 5 Super Jackpots during Couch Multiball
to earn progress toward... see "Big Spoiler" Section for more.

 -- Cletus Kids --

There are 26 kids, so shoot Cletus 26 times to collect all the kids.  Then,
shoot Cletus one more time to start...


You remember that one with all the pretzels?  Well, too bad.  It's good
Cletus action.  During this five-ball multiball, all shots score points and
add pretzels, and the Left (Cletus) Loop seems to collect some big jackpot.

 [Needs more info.]

The most valuable scoring in the game seems to come from Mystery Spot +
Pretzel + Scratchy's Revenge + Couch Multiball.  Sweet stackability.

 -- Secret Awards --

There are several buried secret point awards.

 - Max out 1 skill shot: 1 million bonus.
 - Max out 2 skill shots: 2 1/2 million bonus.
 - Max out all 3 skill shots: 5 million bonus. [?]
 - In Couch Multiball, score a 1x Jackpot, 2x Jackpot, and 3x Jackpot, in
   that order: 2 million bonus. [?]

[Other awards are still out there.  Find 'em!]

--- Big Spoiler ---

This is a really BIG spoiler!  Don't read this unless you really, really,
want to know what happens.


--- SPOILERS ---

What?  You're still here?  Okay, here's the spoiler:

Bobo was a stuffed bear.

Just kidding.  Here's the real info.

Finish the six tasks listed above, then shoot any hole in single-ball play.
And so begins...


Yes, that is the actual name.  There isn't much fanfare generated by the
game, but quit your whining if you get that far and feel at all ripped off.

During this five-ball multiball, all shots do good stuff.  What good stuff?

 - Bumpers are 25,000, and spinner spins are 50,000.
 - All shots are lit for Jackpot, beginning at 500,000 and growing 50,000
   on each travel down the Monorail.
 - Completing either bank of targets (Bully or Itchy & Scratchy) lights a
   strobing shot for two different types of Super Jackpot, worth 5x the
   regular Jackpot.
 - Locking a ball in the Couch multiplies Super Jackpots for about 20
   seconds or so -- a timer will count down from 99, but it counts very
   quickly.  I think that the first time it happens, Super Jackpots are
   doubled, then tripled the second time, and so on.
 - Apparently lining up both strobing Super Jackpots at once does something
   really good ("Mega Jackpots", the display taunted).  This is probably
   worth more points than a Super Jackpot (you would think).

The round ends when only one ball is left, and then the rest of your game
will have very little weather.  Or, rather, I mean it will be
anti-climactic.  This mode seems to be good for somewhere between 50 and
100 million points, which makes it valuable but not all-powerful.



--- Strategy Guide ---

Your mileage may vary, so take these ideas at face value.  Watch out for
spoilers in the strategy guide.

 -- The Timer is Your Friend --

Your #1 priority during the game should be the timer.  Having double
scoring on a shot or setting up Victory points are well worth the
trouble, so you should give yourself every opportunity to keep the
timer in play.

So, in my opinion, the two most important shots in the game are the Light
Otto standup and the Right Orbit.  These are the shots needed to keep the
timer going -- the other two (the Right Loop and TV Loop) are much easier
to hit, and also easier to think of.  My personal strategy is to try to
keep these two lit at all times, and it is the first thing I will try to
do when the timer starts at 30 seconds.  The Light Otto standup can be
hit as a reflex backhand (I think it is safer that way).

And yes, these same things apply during multiball.  I think that in
multiball, lighting and starting as many TV Modes and Otto scoring modes as
possible is more important than shooting for jackpots.  It might seem
counterproductive, but you're helping yourself reach the high-scoring
opportunities later.  It's quite possible to do this strategy and have
nearly 10 things going on at once -- and at that point, pretty much every
shot in the game will score jackpot-level points just in regular play.

"Oh, there's 5 seconds left, I'd better do something!"  If you haven't
hit the Otto standup or the Right Orbit, and you're down on time, you're
in trouble.  The best hope is the Right Orbit, since you might get some
extra time from bouncing in the bumpers.  And don't forget about the
Frenzy, which also resets the timer -- if you're close to the Frenzy, then
go ahead and get it started.

 -- Multiball Strategies --

During Couch Multiball, I aim for the Right Orbit immediately to light a
TV Mode.  If you're going to aim for a Super Jackpot, you may as well start
a TV Mode while you're there -- those are worth 2 1/2 million on their own,
which is just as much as the maximum Super Jackpot value.

Another good idea is to get Itchy & Scratchy -ready- by clearing the drop
targets.  Then, shoot for it when you're down to 2 balls (or, if you're
daring, when you're down to 1 ball!).  Getting these going together is
pretty good for scoring.

If you are playing Itchy & Scratchy, don't forget that you can still do
everything you would normally do, including starting TV Modes, and even
locking balls for Couch Multiball.

Don't ignore the timer!  You should still hit the Light Otto standup and
the Right Orbit to keep those modes ready.  To me, it is easier to start
these during multiball than at any other time.

 -- Coordinating Big Scores --

The biggest scores in the game seem to come when you can coordinate the
game's high-scoring multiballs.  Specifically, Pretzel Multiball, Couch
Multiball, Scratchy's Revenge, and Springfield Mystery Spot are huge
when combined in any way and really, really huge when they all come
together at once.  How huge?  Over 200 million points huge.

So, you need to have some idea how close you are to all these as you
proceed.  Never, never start Scratchy's Revenge by itself, it is a big
waste when it is only a two-ball multiball (it's too hard).  If possible,
keep track of where you are toward Pretzel -- since it a five-ball
multiball, it really can help more than anything else in coordinating

 -- Victory Points and 2x Scoring --

The easiest way to get Victory points is to just start one TV Mode at a
time and complete it before starting another, and shoot Otto only when
the timer is at risk (under 5-10 seconds left).  However, the Victory
points are much greater when more TV Modes have been completed.  If you
can, try starting as many TV Modes as you can right away, then shoot
Otto to preserve the timer.  It is possible to get all 7 TV Modes
started and completed -- and when that happens, EVERY shot is worth a
Super Jackpot while the timer continues; if you've got some Ottos
going, too, each shot can become worth up to 5 million.  How big is
this?  Big enough that it was worth over 400 million points on one

 -- Alien Invasion --

Don't bother -- it's not worth enough points.  Instead, start as many
Daredevil modes as you can, since they are so easy to finish during
Invasion.  If you want to finish it, the key is getting balls on the
upper playfield as quickly as possible (say, during the ball saver).
You need to lock at least 1 ball there in stage three, and 2 balls in
stage four.  If possible, lock the last ball in the Garage so it goes
on the upper playfield immediately when the next stage starts.

 -- Other Stuff --

End-of-ball bonus can add up big, but there really isn't much strategy
to it.  Just don't tilt and blow 30-50 million when it happens.

Hit the Lite/Lock targets with the upper left flipper, not the right.

Get used to the timing on the Couch ramp shot, since this is a shot
you really, really want to be able to make consistently during Couch

Having trouble with the Itchy & Scratchy shot?  Try backhanding the
ball off the "Adv. Pops" standup.

Want to start a Daredevil mode cheaply?  Push the game forward!

The Garage, Right Loop, and Right Ramp can all be shot from either
flipper.  Try it, it's fun.

That's all for now.  Please send me your strategies, and I'll add
them to the sheet.

"Cheating makes Baby Jesus cry..."

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