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    Rule Sheet by PHall

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                                      Black Hole Rulesheet
                                          by Peter Hall
                               e-mail: storks_nest_pins@hotmail.com
    This is a text version of this rule sheet.  HTML version plus other
    goodies can be found at http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Jetty/8726/
       Game Objectives:
        Black Hole is a tough game to play! The perfect ball would be to spell out
        B-L-A-C-K H-O-L-E on the upper field's drop-targets to give 3x g-force
        scoring on the lower playfield, hit the 4 yellow spot-targets, capture a
        ball on the upper playfield. Then shoot the second ball up the Gravity
        Tunnel and down to the lower playfield, completing the 3 and 4-bank
        drop-targets and making the multiplier roll-under a few times, before
        ramming the ball into the lower captive hole. You're now set for multiball,
        and rattling up a huge 5x bonus score, so don't waste anytime getting the
        third ball down below to enjoy 2-ball play in the Black Hole. Completing
        either drop-target bank will open the Re-Entry Gate (back to the upper
        playfield), but keep playing down below until you have 5 x 900'000+ bonus*,
        then let them drain and prepare to enjoy 3-ball play up top and downstairs
        too if you like. When your arms ache, the balls will drain and the bonus
        count down. Repeat for an infinite number of earned extra balls. Easy to
        describe, somewhat harder to achieve! Black Hole Rules!
      * Don't be greedy! If you go beyond 999'990 you're back to zero!
          UPPER ROLLOVERS (3)
            Location: Top of playfield - immediately after ball enters playfield
            from plunger lane.
            Scoring: 3'000 when red spot is lit at start of ball, 500 when unlit.
            Extra: Completing each rollover extinguishes the red spot, completing
          all 3 rollovers resets the sequence and advances the bonus multiplier to
          be applied to all lower playfield scoring.
          Note: The BH manual incorrectly states that rollovers completed are
          remembered for each player from ball-to-ball.
        POP-BUMPERS (4)
            Location: 3 at top of playfield, beneath the upper rollovers, and
          between the B-L-A-C-K H-O-L-E drop-target banks. 1 at bottom left of
          playfield above entrance to left in-/out-lanes.
            Scoring: 100 per hit (1'000 in 3-ball play)
            Extra: Closes re-entry gate except during multi-ball play.
            Location: Upper left and right of playfield respectively.
            Scoring: 500 when unlit, or 3'000 when orange arrow is lit or flashing
          (5'000 in 3-ball play), 10 points per hit on the rubber behind.
            Extra: Completing B-L-A-C-K sequence resets bank and lights green
          spinning target spot. Completing H-O-L-E sequence resets bank and lights
          upper right rollover lane green 10'000 spot. Completing either sequence
          lights a "g force" accelerator spot, giving 2x scoring on the lower
          playfield. Completing both sequences lights the the red special spot of
          the 3 drop-target bank on the lower playfield, and lights the second "g
          force" accelerator spot, giving 3x scoring on the lower playfield. The
          sequence completed on both banks is remembered from ball-to-ball for each
          player, unless both sequences are completed, in which case both sequences
          are reset for the next ball.
            Location: in-line, lower right of playfield.
            Scoring: 3,000 when lit at start of ball, 500 when unlit.
            Extra: Hitting each target when lit extinguishes that target's yellow
          spot and lights the yellow spot in front of the corresponding drop-target
          (4-bank) on the lower playfield. Completing all 4 targets lights the blue
          flashing "Captive Hole" spot on the main playfield, and lights the green
          "Opens Gate" arrow on the right return rollover.
          CAPTIVE HOLE
            Location: Left centre of playfield, above upper left flipper
            Scoring: 5'000
            Extra: Awards extra ball when white spot is lit. Captures ball when
          blue spot is flashing.
          Note: A captive ball will be ejected when the ball in play is lost.
            Location: Left lane, leading through gate to roll-overs at top of
          playfield, behind B-L-A-C-K drop-target bank.
            Scoring: 5'000 when unlit, 10'000 when white spot is lit
            Extra: Awards extra ball when pink spot is lit, awards special when red
          lamp is lit.
            Location: Entrance to Gravity Tunnel (route to lower playfield).
            Scoring: 100 points per revolution when unlit, 1'000 points when green
          spot is lit.
            Location: Upper right playfield, behind H-O-L-E drop-target bank.
            Scoring: 500 when unlit, 10'000 when green spot is lit.
            Location: Lower right of playfield, leading to right flippers.
            Scoring: 500 when unlit, 5'000 when green arrow is flashing.
            Extra: Completing the rollover when the green arrow is flashing opens
          the re-entry gate.
          OTHER (10 point switches)
            Kicking rubber - left playfield, to right of captive hole.
            Island above left return lane.
            Island to left of right return lane.
    (Top = closest to the player, but left/right= player's left/right)
          4 DROP-TARGET BANK
            Location: Left, top of lower playfield.
            Scoring: 100 when unlit, 1'000 when yellow spot is lit (300 and 3'000
          in 3-ball play).
            Extra: Completing all targets resets the bank and opens the re-entry
          return gate. Completing all targets when yellow spots are lit, lights the
          upper playfield Captive Hole white extra ball spot.
          3 DROP-TARGET BANK
            Location: Right top of lower playfield.
            Scoring: 500 per target. 10 points per hit on the rubber behind.
            Extra: Completing all targets resets the bank, opens the re-entry
          return gate and advances the upper playfield rollunder gate's value.
          Awards special when red spot is lit.
          CAPTIVE HOLE
            Location: Left top of lower playfield, entrance below and to left of 4
            drop-target bank.
            Scoring: 3'000
            Extra: Captures ball when 3 blue arrows are flashing (they are always
          flashing unless there is a captive ball, when they are locked on.)
            Location: Exit of "boomerang" lane behind 3 drop-target bank.
            Scoring: 100
            Extra: Advances the bonus multiplier to be applied to all lower
          playfield scoring.
            Location: left of playfield, leading to left flipper.
            Scoring: 100
          POP-BUMPERS (2)
            Location: centre right of playfield, and very top centre of playfield.
            Scoring: 100
            Location: Lower left of playfield, facing the 3 drop-target bank.
            Scoring 10 points.
            Location - adjacent to right flipper.
            Scoring: 10
            Once both the main and lower playfield captive holes are holding a
          ball, shooting the ball via the Gravity Tunnel to the lower playfield
          will initiate the multi-ball mode. The ball held captive in the lower
          playfield hole is released first, giving 2-ball play. When both of these
          balls have been lost on the lower playfield, the third ball held captive
          on the upper playfield will be released back into play, and the 2 drained
          balls will be shot back up to the main playfield via the re-entry tube.
          If the re-entry gate is open, these 2 balls will return to the main
          playfield, giving 3-ball play. If the re-entry gate is closed however,
          the balls will drain down the out-lane and single ball play will
          BONUS POINTS
            Bonus points are only earned on the lower playfield, and are
          accumulated on the LED display in the lower playfield window. At the the
          end of each ball, the product of the bonus points and the multiplier
          value are added to the player's score. "G force" double scoring is
          remembered from ball-to-ball.
                           Score Card (converted to text)
               |                    BLACK HOLE                               |
               |                                                             |
               |                                                             |
               |                                                             |
               |                                                             |
               |                                                             |
               |             REPLAY            ||      ADD-A-BALL            |
               |                               ||                            |
               | *A-21347   200,000-600,000    ||  *+A-20904 300,000-600,000 |
               |                               ||                            |
               |  A-20899   300,000-600,000    ||    A-20905 350,000-650,000 |
               |                               ||                            |
               | +A-20900   350,000-650,000    ||                            |
               |                               ||                            |
               |  A-20901   400,000-700,000    ||                            |
               |                               ||                            |
               |  A-20664   470,000-760,000    ||                            |
               |                                                             |
               |       FEATURE TURN SCORE CARD OVER.                         |
               |                                                             |
               |                                                    A-21348  |
                  \                                                     \
                  \       1 REPLAY FOR EACH SCORE OF 350,000 POINTS.    \
                  \                                                     \
                  \       1 REPLAY FOR EACH SCORE OF 650,000 POINTS.    \
                  \                                                     \
                  \       3 REPLAYS FOR BEATING HIGH SCORE TO DATE.     \
                  \                                                     \
                  \                                            A-20900  \
                                                       (same card as 5 ball)
     +         How to Play BLACK HOLE                                3 BALLS+
     +                                                              PER GAME+
     +                                                                      +
     +CAPTIVE BALL....Completing yellow spot targets activates upper captive+
     +                hole.                                                 +
     +                Lower captive hole is always active and holds ball    +
     +                from player to player.                                +
     +                                                                      +
     +MULTIPLE BALL...After capturing two balls, shooting ball into Black   +
     +                Hole starts 2-ball play. If upper gate is open, 3-ball+
     +                play starts upon re-entry.                            +
     +                                                                      +
     +SPECIAL.........Completing B-L-A-C-K H-O-L-E flashing sequence lights +
     +                lower playfield Special. Completing white drop targets+
     +                3 times lights upper Special.                         +
     +                                                                      +
     +EXTRA BALL......Completing white drop targets 2 times lights upper    +
     +                Extra Ball.                                           +
     +                Completing yellow drop targets, when lit, lights upper+
     +                hole for Extra Ball.                                  +
     +                                                                      +
     +RE-ENTRY........Completing either lower target bank opens gate. Right +
     +                return lane opens gate when flashing.                 +
     +                                                                      +
     +BONUS...........All lower playfield scoring is bonus. Bonus is        +
     +                displayed in playfield window and collected after each+
     +                ball.                                                 +
     +                                                                      +
     +MULTIPLIERS.....Completing top rollovers advances multiplier. Lower   +
     +                playfield lane advances multiplier.                   +
     +                                                                      +
     +                                                            A-21344   +
                               Text © Peter Hall 1998

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