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Commodore PET -- a new computer, scientist, engineer, accountant, tutor...

A complete computer for the price of a good typewriter! With a library of over 200 programs in business, science, education and entertainment.
The PET is made with Commodore's own advanced technology to bring you the benefits of recent dramatic advancements in micro processor technology.
PET can store and retrieve data which conventionally occupies huge storage capacity, and solve numerical problems traditionally tedious and time consuming.

Commercial Applications
The Commodore PET brings to the commercial user for the very first time, a really cost effective business computer for use in payroll, stock control, amortization calculations, numerical analysis, etc.

For the Scientist and Engineer
The PET has a comprehensive set of scientific functions designed for scientists and engineers. PET also has a built-in real time clock and is directly compatible with hundreds of instruments such as D.V.M.s, dataloggers etc, enabling control of industrial plant and processes.

As a Teaching Tool
As a teaching tool in computer programming and other fields, the PET has no equal in performance or cost. There is even a tutorial programme (Basic BASIC) available -- use the PET to teach you how to program PET.

In the Home
As well as being used for all the previous applications the PET computer is an extremely creative and instructive learning medium of the future for young and old alike. There are also large numbers of entertainment programs available including chess and space games.

Ease of Operation
The Commodore PET comes complete with a built-in T.V. screen, keyboard and cassette deck as well as its full computer circuitry. It is plugged into any 13 amp mains and no special computer knowledge is needed for running standard programs. Personal programs can readily be written in the BASIC computer language of PET which is easily learnt.

An Expandable System
Further expansion is a prime design concept enabling the PET to be made the heart of a much larger system incorporating printers, floppy discs etc, as and when required.

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