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Guide and Walkthrough by blarg123455

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/15/2008

Game Overview
The game surrounds three young girls, who are members of the GCPOSS (space
police). Saki is the team leader, Lilis is the tallest one (she does most of
the communicating to you), and Ariel (expert in computers). You start the first
mission playing as Saki, but that changes later on in the game. The object is
to figure out what is going on in the three missions you are placed into. You
explore the three ships (look everywhere for items), gather items and clues
about what you are doing here and where you 3 girls came from before you joined
the police. You also find out the story behind the madman you are trying to
capture, Crunos. There are many items you will find (almost in every room).

Walkthru: Mission 1
1. Do NOT go to the airlock panel and select "open ", it results in your
premature burial. Also, you do not have to go back to your ship until the
mission is over.
2. Go to the grey door on the wall (has a red arrow on it). Find a hammer on
the tool rack, an a cannister on the blue shelves.
3. Go up the stairs, try to get into the control room, but access is denied. Go
to the green window and see the red monster (HEEP) scurry across the floor.
4. Go to the elevator, go down one floor (B1). Go in first room on the left. Go
thru the green door. Get a fire extinguisher on the wall next to the door.
5. Go to the next room. See red monster (HEEP) on top of the crates. Leave the
room for now.
6. Continue on the path to the elevator. Go down one floor (B2) to a room where
the chairs are knocked down. Find a purple item in the red sweater. Find a
blue/green gun by one of the chairs. When you go back to the elevator, a HEEP
monster appears in front of you. Attack it with by kicking it or punching it.
The best method would be to walk a safe distance away, then let the monster
come towards you, and strike when it's an arm's distance away. Use this
technique for most of the monsters you find in the game.
7. Go up the elevator to 2F. Go to the control room (has lots of Star Trek
"captain's chairs" in it). Look on the first control deck you see, it has a MO
Disc player and disc 1. You need a blue key to read the disc though, so come
back to it later.
8. Find door to another room. Find red crystal key on one of the desks. When
you grab it another HEEP monster attacks you. Go out of the room and go to
another door by the big red light on the ceiling. This was the door you
couldn't go thru in the start point.
9. Go back to the elevator, go to 3F. Go to the green ITS door, and hear a
short cinema. Walk right, to the blue circle on the floor, and it raises you up
to the top floor. In that room get a crystal key card and another item. Go thru
the ITS door.
10. Go to a red door, that will lead you to a lounge. Check the tables for a
lighter and some cigarettes (so much for political correctness :)
11. Go thru a doorway on the right into the kitchen. Find a knife and a health
bottle on the counter top.
12. Go thru the blue door in the lounge. Go to the fIrst left door
(laundromat), but there is nothing there. Go to the first right door (shower
room). Find a health bottle in the long yellow box. Find a red bottle in the
tall yellow locker on the right.
13. Go to the green elevator to 3F. Go to the first room on the left, and get a
health bottle in a brown cabinet. A HEEP monster comes out. When you beat it,
go out of the room to the next door. Find a letter on the table and get an ID
card on the shelf. Go thru the red door and find a blue key card on the desk.
14. Go to the last door now, find batteries and a yellow tank in this stockroom.
15. Go back to the purple elevator and down one floor (2F). Go to the control
room to see the disc in the MO Disc player 1. Hit play to see the info, then
hit EJE to keep the disc.
16. Go down to the next floor. Go up the stairs to the main computer room. Find
an ITS card on the center computer panel. Hit button "I" again to access the
computer with the crystal key. You have access to several functions on the main
computer now. Try out each one, and hit "OK" after you run each scan (it says
to find "A02, and B04").
17. Go to the left computer, find MO Disc player 2 and disc. Hit play, then EJE
to keep disc.
18. Go to the right computer (environmental controls). Run a life signal and
air level check.
19. Go out and down the stairs.  Go thru the blue door and down the hall. Go in
the door and see tons of HEEP monsters. Do not walk in the room too far, or
they will all attack you, ending the game. Leave the room and they follow you.
The only way to get past this point is to run away, there are an unlimited
number of HEEPs that come out to attack you.
20. Go thru the red door, thru the lounge, to the green elevator. Go to 3F,
then to the ITS door. See a robot, go inside and go out to "A02", which is
marked by a red light. Go to your status screen, and find a yellow box in your
inventory that has an "A" in the description. Now the A02 is fixed.
21. Go out and to the other ITS door. Stand in front of the place marked "B04"
and find the yellow box in your inventory marked with a "B" in the description.
Now the panel is fixed.
22. Go out to the purple elevator, go to IF. Go to the first door, the room is
pressurized. Go on the wall and get a green/purple box. On the wall near the
yellow box find a blue wrench. Go out of the room to the red (?) and find a
purple/green gun.
23. Go to the same floor where the ITS doors are. Go thru the blue door, then
the first door on the left. Go to the grey desk, find the MO Disc player 3 and
24. Go down the hallway, go to the green elevator and up to 4F. Keep going up
to the main computer room. Go to the computer on the right, and run an "Air
Level" check. Try to change the setting, and Lilis and Ariel talk to you. They
tell you to kill the remaining HEEPs first. Exit the room and go to the room
with the bunch of HEEPs.
25. Go to the long grey and blue box nest to the ITS door. You need to blow
this thing up. In order to do this, you have to get the detonator ready by
placing the red/gray cannister in the yellow denator on your inventory screen.
Now the detonator is armed and you just put it in front of the blue box by the
door. The detonator asks you how long to set it for, I set it for 30 seconds,
because I can use the controls pretty well, and get a safe distance away. The
best place to get away from the explosion is the main computer room, fast. The
detonator explodes and burns that room.
26. Go to the environmental computer (on the right). Use the Air Level command
to put out the fire. This just happens to kill all the HEEPs by letting all the
oxygen out of the floor (how convenient). Make sure to set the air level back
to 1.00 ATM before you leave the room.
27. Go out to the room with all the HEEPs.Look at the dead body and Lilis and
Ariel talk to you. The fIrst mission is now complete, you can go to the purple
elevator to 2F and leave on your ship. My highest score was 44525 on this
level, what's your record?

Walkthru: Mission 2
1. You begin the mission with Saki. You start in a big hangar by the exit of
your ship. Walk to the door that says "Go to 01". Find the purple/olive gun on
the floor in the next room. Press on the blue panel and it opens the door to
the rail car. Go in the rail car and it will transport you to another part of
the ship.
2. Go out of the room you arrive in. Go to the first door on the left, in it is
a control room. Go to the brown lockers and get a health bottle.
3. Go in the next door on the left. Go to the computer panel on the right. Find
MO disc player 04 and disc 04. Hit play then EJE to keep the disc once you have
found the triangle key from the station panel on the left.
4. Go back to the EY 1 door. Go to 3F. When you exit the elevator there is a
small green flying robot. Kick it to kill the robot.
5. Go thru the door to hallway 01. See a big purple door that says "bridge".
You need the CP card to get in. Go down the hall thru the door and a robot with
a machine gun fires on you. Punch or shoot it. Go down the hall to Container 1.
Change your "action" button to jump. As you go down the hall, jump over the
blue bars on the floor. In order to make it you have to have a running start.
The next door is the security system room. There are 3 computer panels, and one
large computer that lets you shut off all the security measures on the ship.
You need the SS card to use any of them.
6. Go thru the door and see a green robot, punch it to kill it. Go to the end
of the hall and go to the elevator and to 2F. Go thru the blue door. Take the
first brown door and find a white/yellow sword on the right side of the shelf.
Look on the left side and find a bar. Next, look in the crate and find a thing
called jam.
7. Go to the next door on the right. Find the red card on the table.
8. You should save here if you are looking to get a good high score. You will
have to fight a monster. If you get hit and have to use a health bottle, your
score is lowered. Go to the next door on the right. Find the orange key on the
desk. A zombie comes into the room. Punch it 4 times to kill it and leave the
room. There are several zombies to kill in this level, once you get the hang of
it, they are easy to knock off.
9. Go on to the next room which is a hospital. Find the green/blue jar in the
10. Go to the next room on the left. Go to the desk and get the SS card. Go to
the next room on the left. It takes you down a green hallway and 2 more doors.
11. You end up at the combat computer. If you use two of the "gunners" you will
see a short CGI cinema of the station shooting your ship. Follows is a harsh
butt-chewing by your teammates. If you want to see it, save first, since it
obviously reduces your score.
12. Go to the elevator to 3F, then to the "container 1" room. Go to the other
door (not the container 1 door). Next, go thru to the next room and thru the
blue door and the hallway again. Run away from the robot and into the next room.
Here are the three pass codes for the three "container" doors.
Door one: 620402
Door two: 390805
Door three: 521129
Now, go to the security system and cut all the power to the security (select
yes). Go back down hall to container 3. Push in 521129 code and "ret" to go
into blue door. Go out to the control panel and select "yes". Go out of room
and to the right door.  Go down the hall and into the container 2 door. Press
the 390805 code and go in. Find a health bottle on the first and second shelves
on the left of the screen. Find the VTR 6 disc on the left of the cabinet
marked "VO". Another zombie enters the room (punch 4 times). Go thru the hall
to the container 1 door and press 521129 code to get in. See sleeping pods.
Approach second pod and a zombie comes out after you. Then there is another
zombie in one of the other pods on the other side of the room.
13. Go out to the elevator and to 4F. Go to the MO disc player and play the VTR
6 disc.
14. Exit to car 05. Go to the desk and find a green/purple gun. Find another
fire extinguisher on the left and right side of the grey lockers. Go thru the
door to car 03.
15. Take EV3 to level IF. Go in room to the desk. Press play on MO disc player
and then EJE to keep MO disc 7. Go to the table by the bed and get the CP card.
Go to the next room, a mess hall, then go to the kitchen and find a knife by
the sink.
16. Go to the bridge on level 3. Fight a zombie. Go to main computer terminal
on the right. Hear your teammates talk to you. Go to the big grey panel near
the door. Find the square parts. The ship's timer counts down from 5 minutes.
17. Go to the missile control room by the EV2 on the 2F. Go to the computer and
select "missile fire" (stop countdown). Then select "nuclear freeze". Now the
timer is at 15 minutes to get to the bridge on 3F.
18. Go up the EV2 to 3F. Go thru hallways (don't forget to take a running jump
over the holes) to the bridge. Put out the 3 fires along the way with the red
fire extinguishers. Save before you put out the fires, because you can't re-use
the extinguishers if you aim wrong, which is easy to do.
19. Go to the bridge and to the main computer. Then you see a cinema. The timer
is set at 45 minutes. The door to the bridge is locked and Saki is trapped.
Lillis gets in her ship and comes to rescue her.
20. Lillis starts off in a new area. Go to the round area on the floor, it's an
elevator down. Pick up an item that looks like two circles on the floor .Go
down hall and punch the A/C vent at the end of the hall. Now you are in
familiar territory. Go to EV2 and to 4F. Reach the computer panel in front of
the door. This is the Engine Computer, and press the choice to activate it.

Walkthru: Mission 3
You have a 4 hour time limit to finish this level, it should be very easy with
this walkthrough. I did it in half that time, with lots of exploring that
wasn't needed.
You start the mission with your sword, gun, green gun, and AMS cards 1-4.
1. You land your ship in a big hangar. As soon as you step into the hangar,
Crunos will talk to you via the base's TV system. Go out the blue door (the
other door is locked for now). Go left to the first door you see. Go to the
long terminal with lots of blue screens. Stop at the biggest screen, the game
asks if you want to use your AMS card, say yes and it will show you a map of
the Central area. There is a small grey door on the wall, search it and find
the red key card.
2. Go out of the room and follow the red arrow on the floor to the other door,
and you are in a hallway with white ceiling lights (white hall). Follow the
path left and you will come into a room with several flying robots (robot
room). This central room will take you to two more hallways (one with blue
lights, one with green), and an elevator. Follow the blue hall into a room with
a yellow floor and a statue in the center (room 1 on map). Go towards the
statue and you see a cinema. After that you get the yellow ball.
3. Go thru the door with a green triangle on it, you are in a room with a green
floor and another statue (room 3). See another cinema and then get the green
4. Go thru the door with the purple triangle on it, you are in a room with a
purple floor and another statue (room 2) and see another cinema and get the
purple ball. This cinema is important to the story line, you find out (finally)
who Crunos really is, and where you came from.
5. Go to the door with the yellow markings on it and a hole in the middle. Use
the yellow ball to open it. You are now in a storage room. Get a RF health
bottle in the tall square box on the back wall.
6. Go to the room with the green markings on it and a hole in the middle. Use
the green crystal and the door opens into a computer storage room. Go to the
big computer desk and use your AMS card to see a map of the Innocent area IF.
7. Go to the door with the blue markings on it and a hole in the middle. Use
the purple ball to open the door and lead you into a room that has a young Saki
and a floating chicken (called a Dream Fly). Talk to the young Saki, then punch
the Dream Fly 3 or 4 times. The other Saki screams for you to stop, then talk
to her again.
8. Go back to the robot room. Go to the elevator and up to the 2F, which is
only one room. Go to the center control panel to see a map of that area.
9. Go back down to the IF to the white hall and turn left when the hallway
splits (to a new area, if you go the wrong way you just end up at your ship).
You are in a brown room with several ways to go. Go through the door with the
brown circle on it and into a mess hall. Go up to the bar. Find a screwdriver
on the bar, and a RF health bottle behind the bar. There is another room here
(a kitchen), you will find a fork on the countertop.
10. Go out the door into the central room and go down the long hallway to the
first door (left). In this bedroom you find your family picture on the small
table by the chair.
11. Continue down the hall and the next bedroom is on the right. There is a
computer in the room that says Biocreature Library on it. It will not let you
access it without the ID card, so come back to it later.
12. Change your "action" to shoot, and equip the green gun you have (the one
with unlimited ammo), if you haven't already. You should also save here. Go
down to the end of the hall, to the last bedroom. As soon as you step inside,
Crunos will send a flying robot to attack you. Just aim and shoot like crazy
until it dies (takes about 5 hits). If you screw up, just go back and re-load
your game. Once you are done with that, go to the computer terminal in the room
and find a blue key card on the right end. Use this to gain access to the lab
area (green hall). Access the computer for a map of the Residential area.
13. Leave here and go to the robot room again and follow the green hall this
time. Use the blue key card to open the door. You are now in a room with three
more doors, plus the exit you came from. Save here, since you will be getting
into lots of gunfights. Go to the door marked "LAB" in blue writing. As soon as
you enter the room, you are attacked by a big, brown bio-creature (Fang). Just
run to a safe distance and shoot it. Your sisters will talk to you briefly,
then search the workstations to find the ID card. Go into the adjacent room.
Even though it looks like there are lots of places to look for goodies, the
only place left with an item is the purple cabinet by a new door. Find a stun
gun here.
14. Go thru the door by the gun and find a 2 shot gun between the red and green
squares. Go to the wall marked "human". Saki is outraged that Crunos has
continued his bio-creature experiments with humans. She destroys all the jars
on the human shelf, via a short cinema.
15. Go out of this room and into the main lab room again. Find the door marked
"sample room" and go in. See lots of gross creatures in glass jars, along with
a green jar and a brown jar on the shelves. Go back out of this door, and thru
the purple door.
16. Next, go through the door with the green writing on it. You are in a
"farming" room. Walk straight ahead and you fight a large plant boss
(Flowermouth) which is sitting on a large apparatus of some sort. This is an
easy monster to beat, just shoot it with the green gun from a safe distance.
Find a purple plant in the only area that has purple plants. This heals you (16
HP), if you use it, go back and you can get it again to build up to your 32 HP
17. Go back to the robot room. Go down the white hall and go left when the hall
splits. Go to the second room, and go to the Biocreature Library computer and
look at all the creature types.
18. Go back to the white hall, but go "back" towards your ship. Go thru the
blue door, to the hangar, and go left in the hangar to a big grey door. Search
the lockers for goodies. This is easy, there are only three lockers with doors
shown to be open, and they have all the items here. Find a 5 shot crossbow at
weapons 3 area, find a 5 shot olive/purple gun at weapons 2, find an 8 shot
purple gun at weapons 1.
19. Go to the room with the Dream Fly and the young Saki (blue hall). Use the
stun gun to make the Dream fly fall to the ground, then punch it. The Dream Fly
and Saki disappear, but leave you a crystal x.
20. Go out of the room and to the door with a green triangle on the top. You
are in the room with the green floor. There is a weird blue "X" on one of the
walls, that had no purpose until now. When you get close to the wall, it asks
you if you want to use the crystal x, say yes and the wall opens up into an
21. Go up the elevator to 2F, and meet up with Crunos. He talks to you, then
disappears and there is another Dream Fly to stun, then punch. When that is
done, go to the central computer terminal in the room and choose "yes".  You
see a short cinema, and now you have access to the map for all the areas of the
base (use your menu, then the status screen, then choose map). Use this map to
find where there is a secret passage. Go thru the grey door, then the all-gold
door, and into the robot room. Go down the green hall to the lab control area.
Go to the door with the green writing on it (where you fought the Flowermouth).
If you need to replenish your HP, use the purple plant, then go get another one
(since it's already in this room). Go up to the large box with the blue light,
Ariel tells you to input some numbers on a keypad (+128, -64, 0, +24). Now a
door emerges from the ground to take you down some stairs.
22. Save here, since you cannot for a little while. Go down the stairs and you
are treated to some nice FMV (its only of you walking down the stairs, but it's
still pretty). You have three stops, just keep going down the stairs, there is
nothing to see at these stops. When you finally reach the bottom, you are in a
large opening with a big robot guarding a door. When you walk up to the robot,
it will shoot you if you get too close. This does not damage you in any way, so
get shot once, and shoot it with your green gun, then leave the area and go
back up the stairs (there is nothing you have that can kill it). When you reach
the stairs, Lilis will talk to you about the robot.
23. Go up the stairs to the "plant room". Save again. Go back to the hangar
where your ship is (white hall). Right before the door to the hangar, you run
into a robot friend of yours that Ariel sent to help you. It gives you an
orange gun. Ariel has you set the frequency to 1854 Hz. Suddenly a flying robot
blows up your robot friend! Just shoot it with your green gun from a safe
distance and you will be fine.
24. Go back to the robot room, down the green hall to the plant room and save
(max out your HP if needed). Go down the stairs and shoot the big robot with
the orange gun you just acquired (only takes one hit). The area now open to you
is an elevator to 2F. Take it up to 2F, then walk straight to the lift that
will take you to Crunos for the last time.
25. This is the final battle between good and evil (melodrama intended).You
cannot save here, or even access your options screen to change weapons or heal
yourself, so be cautious. You ask Crunos to come quietly, but he has other
plans! Crunos will talk to you, and then try to shoot you when he realizes that
you want to shoot him too. He pretty much stays in one place, but he is often
out of your sight when he shoots, so find a spot where you can aim at him. It
takes three hits to kill him (each hit is marked by a short speech by Crunos).
Then he falls lifelessly to the floor. Unfortunately you do not have time to
mourn the death of your father, since he set the base to self-destruct in 5
minutes, with you on it!
You have to find your way back to your ship and flyaway in that time. This is
actually too much time, I was able to do it in less than 1 min 30 sec by
running. You see a short cinema of you flying off of the base as it explodes,
then you see the ending. Of course this pissed me off because it hints at the
sequel that never happened ("their story has just begun"). My score was
99759/10000. Then you are treated to a nice slow song, complete with vocals.
There are tons of high-res still pics shown as the credits roll by. Some of
these are new pics, but most are from the many cinemas throughout the game.

After you let the credits completely finish, and let the TI logo appear
on-screen, press a button. You are allowed to save your completed game. Then
you are treated to an awesome screen that shows you exactly what you finished
on each mission (and what you missed).

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