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Reviewed: 02/17/15

A very psychological game about showing your parents a thing or two.

Did your parents ever hate your friends? What about your dad? Did he ever disapprove of your life choices and tell you how disappointed he is in you? Princess wa Street Girl is a game that lets you live out your fantasies of making your disapproving parents say they’re sorry! It may not seem like it at first, but Princess wa Street Girl is a game of both revenge and love. There’s a lot going on in this game and on the surface, it’s just another silly raising sim in the vein of Princess Maker, but really, this game is all about getting revenge on your parents.

Story- You play as a prince. Your dad says that you have to get married soon, but you’re not into any women at the moment. Then, you see a prostitute, and it was love at first sight, kind of like that Pretty Woman movie. You tell your father that you want to marry this woman. He objects! He does not approve of a lowly street girl becoming royalty! Being a man who hates his father well into adulthood, you set out to prove him wrong.

Your girlfriend, the prostitute, will be trained by you to act more lady-like. You are to teach her how to walk with elegance. You will teach her how to dance like a lady. You will teach her to read good books and be sophisticated. You will teach her good manners. Once you’ve done that and the big day comes up, it’s time to show your dad who’s boss! You want to make him say he’s sorry, right?

Revenge is a funny thing. In this case, it’s about forcing someone to say they’re sorry and to finally admit that you were right. Love is beyond social classes and your dumbass dad doesn’t see that. Forcing him to say he’s sorry is your revenge, your way at getting back at him for disapproving of your prostitute princess. The thing is, a lot of people out there have bad relationships with their disapproving fathers. They would just love to see them say they’re sorry and finally approve of your actions and choices. There’s a lot of appeal in Princess was Street Girl, an appeal that goes on a deep, psychological, cathartic level.

Presentation- Princess wa Street Girl is a port of an FM-7 game, so don’t expect too much from it. Backgrounds are nearly non-existent. There isn’t much music or sound. Sometimes the game beeps and squeaks just to show you that this isn’t a game meant for deaf people. Characters and locations are drawn in a style that might remind you of MS Paint. You’ve got very simple designs, clear shapes and visible lines, and text presented as white on a solid blue background that’s real easy on monitors. In the context of an FM-7 game, it looks fantastic, but as a PC98 game, it looks merely okay.

Gameplay- The goal of Princess wa Street Girl is to train your future bride to be as lady-like as possible so that your dad will finally accept your choices in life and not be disappointed in you anymore. Each day, you must train your prostitute in one of four categories, Walking, Dancing, Reading, and Manners. Success is determined by the choices you make during adventure game portion where you read some text and make a decision. You have a limited number of days to make your prostitute into the most proper lady you can.

Or you know, you could be an ass and really get back at your parents. There’s a such thing as self-sabotage. You could simple not teach your prostitute princess jack and simply love her the way she is. Needless to say, your dad will not be happy with you in the slightest and you may not necessarily get the best ending, but the result is pretty funny. There’s more than one way to get revenge on your parents and more than one ending in this game. How you go about having a prostitute as your girlfriend is up to you.

This game might look like some kind of Pygmalion style story, but really, this is a game about revenge. Revenge doesn’t always have to be violent, it can be more subtle and it almost always involves dragging other people in with you, such as your prostitute girlfriend. Princess wa Street Girl is a fun and sometimes fascinating game. It can be kind of difficult at times too though. Some of the adventure game choices can get weird and a couple of them don’t make any sense. If you can stand this, then you’re in for a pretty fun game. Just be sure to know some Japanese because you’ll need some knowledge of the language play this.

Odd Fact- While playing this game, I couldn’t help but think of the movies “Pretty Woman” and “Princess Diaries”. Maybe it’s because this game is kind of like the two, except it’s also an eroge. Odd.

Also Try- The obvious choice is Princess Maker, or its sequel if you’re interested in playing in English.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Princess wa Street Girl? (JP, 12/31/89)

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