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Reviewed: 06/03/13

Sweet like cream at some parts, sour like a lemon in others

Warning. Star Trap is a pornographic adventure game and has many graphic scenes of sexual assault. The bad guys do it, the player characters do it, and it’s just a game where everybody rapes everybody. If you are too young to play games with adult content or are offended by rape being handled as just another way to hurt your enemies, then you should probably skip this game.

Star Trap is based off of Cream Lemon, a hentai anime that was very successful in Japan back when it was new and received some computer game adaptations. This is one of them. It’s an adventure game that mostly just consists of making a few choices here and there. It has a very long intro that is about ten whole minutes long that most players are not going to have the patience to watch. You can skip it, thankfully, but it oes have some background information that you might need during the game.

Story- A space ship crashes and sends out a distress call. It crashed because a huge tentacle monster violated the space ship with its gigantic evil tentacles. A team of three skimpily dressed young women led by a man (the main character) are assigned to search the crash for survivors and hopefully kill that tentacle monster while they’re at it.

If you know anything about tentacle hentai, you know exactly where this is going. Tentacle monsters? Women wearing skimpy outfits? A game based on a popular hentai? Yeah, this game is about tentacle rape. You have to guide the team through various ordeals and situations. You need to help them avoid getting raped, and maybe even rape the tentacle monster because that’s the kind of messed up justice this game has. It’s a story with a few comedic moments and a few dramatic moments, but the plot is not going to really impress anyone unless they’ve never heard of tentacle rape before. If you haven’t, then by all means, have fun looking up what it means and vomiting.

Presentation- Star Trap was originally a game for MSX. The visuals for the PC98 version does look noticeably better with brighter and more vibrant colors, but nothing ever moves. There is no animation to anything, absolutely none. Pictures will fade in and out as characters move around, but this does not really do much to cover up the fact that nothing ever moves. Its MSX origins are very apparent because of this.

The sound is tinny, screechy, and annoying. It does not come up too often, but it’s there in the intro and it’s there during more dramatic scenes in the story. Please put in your own music if you are going to play this. Your ears will thank you.

Gameplay- Star Trap is all about making choices. You have to guide your team of scantily clad women to save the survivors of the spaceship that was raped by tentacles. The game will present you with choices and it’s up to you to guide them to success. If you pick a wrong choice, you usually get a character raped. The story is not influenced too much by this, and you can’t actually “die”, but it is a little frustrating if you want to get the best ending. The game has a save feature, which makes things a little bit easier, but still, simply memorizing the correct option to get to the end gets a little stale and it’s not like the narrative that you are rewarded with for winning is going to win any awards.

Cool Fact- Cream Lemon got a spin-off called Lemon Angel. It too had a computer game adaptation for the PC98.

Also Try- For more fun killing tentacle monsters, try D.O.’s Youuju Senki, or Record of the Strange Beast War. The series is consists of Turn Based Strategy games all about killing tentacle monsters with an army of young women. Like this one, it’s a total rape fest, so don’t play those ones if you’re faint of heart.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Cream Lemon: Star Trap (JP, 12/31/87)

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