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Cobra - This sunny island resort off the Florida Keys awaits you. Take a break... and experience Cobra Mission. We've painstakingly drawn a bevy of sexy ladies, wrote up one hot, sexy script and thrown in animation to boot. You'll see and hear what no others dare to offer!
But wait. This won't be a stroll on the beach. Be ready to step in where others have failed.
General Kaiser, a vicious egomaniac, reigns over this once peaceful paradise. He and his band of muscle-bound thugs hold these helpless beauties against their will. Can you muster the courage to take on these criminals while keeping an eye out for street punks who'll mug you just for kicks.
We'll have you burning the midnight oil as you unveil more than just clues in this detective and domes adventure! Titillating graphics and the cool sounds of stereo hi-fi will accompany you as you find your way through Cobra bringing peace and justice back to the island and saving these breathtaking beauties. And your reward - raw gratitude as these ladies thank you in way that will leave you beaming with ecstasy!

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