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Reviewed: 10/17/13

"Your resistance makes me even more excited!" -Stallion

Warning! Words Worth is a hentai game! It contains cartoon characters having sex and sometimes raping each other. You probably shouldn’t play this thing if you are too young for porn or if you aren’t comfortable playing a game with rape in it. Just… You’ve been warned.

Words Worth is an RPG by Elf, one of the more famous and well-known hentai game companies outside of Japan. Words Worth was localized to English speaking audiences, but that was the Windows version. The original PC98 version is a little different, but not by much. Most of it is in the less detailed graphics, synthy sound, and the fact that the game is in Japanese. Otherwise, this is the same Words Worth.

Story- There were two tribes, The Tribe of Light and The Tribe of Shadow. They lived in harmony for centuries, brought together by Words Worth, a huge monolithic stone tablet that had writing on it. Neither tribe could read Words Worth, but no one cared because it brought peace to the world. Then, one day, Words Worth is destroyed. The light tribe blames the shadow tribe on this disaster while the shadow tribe blames the light tribe. This leads to a continuous war between the two tribes.

The light tribe consists of human-like creatures while the shadow tribe are more like half-human half monsters. You play as Astral, the prince of the shadow tribe. He’s an expert swordsman and is a strong fighter. He also has quite the sexual appetite. He will have sex with many of the female characters in this game. In fact, he honestly believes that it’s okay to rape people from the light tribe because they’re trying to cause the extinction of the shadow tribe. So… rape is okay if you’re raping a genocidal warlord? That’s not to say Astral commits his share of war crimes, so it’s not like he’s the rapist of justice or anything.

Words Worth’s story takes some interesting turns near the end. For a game that focusses a lot on sex, it focusses on war and conflict too. There’s even a little bit of philosophy in there too. Words Worth actually has a pretty good story as far as RPGs go. It’s not intelligent by any means, but it does keep things interesting to the very end and has a large cast of surprisingly developed characters. There are also five different endings you can get, some being far more interesting than others. Don’t be ashamed of playing this porn game for the plot because it’s actually good.

Presentation- The PC9801 had a limited color palette and it’s a bit noticeable here. The art is okay, but everything looks less vibrant than it should. Dungeons look dull and drab with repeated textures, just waiting for you to get lost in them. The CG looks inconsistent. The plot related CG is great and really adds some extra personality to the characters. The sex CG isn’t as good and is often anatomically impossible and annoying to look at. Seriously, Words Worth is much better for its plot and its gameplay than its porn. The music is quiet. You might not even notice it. At least it sounds good if you turn your speakers way up to hear it.

Gameplay- Words Worth is a role playing game. You get a pretty big party, usually at least five or six guys, and traverse huge dungeons. It’s all in first person perspective and each floor in the dungeon is huge. It helps to make a map of the dungeon yourself with a pen and graph paper. Graph paper: Not just good for math class anymore! You can also use it to make old Japanese porn games easier!

Your huge cast of characters all have their uses, strengths, and weaknesses in battle. Some guys are better at fighting and others are better at magic. The combat itself is pretty simple. No weird or crazy tricks, just fight monsters and maybe use magic on them if they’re tough. Bosses generally have tons of health points and take a while to kill, but otherwise, this is a pretty easy game if you take the time to make your own maps.

Words Worth is a very long game too. It should last you at least twenty hours, more if you have a lot of trouble navigating the dungeons or just simply don’t have any graph paper lying around. It’s actually a pretty good RPG that’s well worth your time if you don’t mind all the cartoon nudity.

Cool Fact- The windows version of Words Worth was banned in Canada. Seriously, the government found the game to be obscene and made it illegal to bring into the country. Maybe it’s time you celebrate your freedom and play a banned game!

Strange Thought- Words Worth has some interesting morals. Do you think it’s okay to for people to get raped if they’re genocidal war criminals? What if Genghis Kahn were raped? He was a genocidal warlord. Do you think he would deserve it? Think about it and come up with your own answer that corresponds to your values.

Also Try- YU-NO is classic Elf and a pretty good game too. How about something older and stupider? Try Run Run Concerto, a game that mixes footraces and porn. It helps that the game is hilarious.

Rating: 7

Product Release: Words Worth (JP, 12/31/93)

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