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Reviewed: 06/03/13

Not the crazy genre experiment it should have been. Psycho must have taken its pills.

Warning! Cosmic Psycho is a hentai adventure game. That means that it has images of naked cartoon women having sex and offers sexual options during sex minigame segments. If you are too young to play hentai games, are repulsed by the sight of cartoon nudity, or just think anime characters are gross and never want to see them naked, then you should probably skip on this game.

Cosmic Psycho is both an adventure game and a scrolling shoot ‘em up. It does not do either of these particularly well and mostly just alternates between one and the other. The different gameplay segments make for jarring scenes of scrolling through lots of Japanese text and looking at pictures of characters talking to each other and fast paced (and very basic) shooting segments. It’s worth playing if you’re really into old school hentai adventures or if you want to play every single action game on the PC98, but otherwise, this one isn’t all that special.

Story- The main character is a high school student who keeps having dreams about a girl. She’s really sending psychic messages through time, trying to call for help. The high school student ends up getting stuck inside a psychic portal and he is transported to the future. In the future, mankind is at war with alien monsters called EX. If the EX win, humanity is doomed and everyone will die. It’s up to you, controlling the high school student, with the help of his team of scantily clad sci-fi warrior women.

Cosmic Psycho handles sex scenes as a reward for completing certain portions of the game. After your main character is finished fighting off a bunch of EX, he goes to see his teammates and either have sex with them or watch them have lesbian sex. Some of them are into some pretty strange and screwed up stuff, so bring the barf bag along when blood and torture get involved.

Things get a little bit sad and emotional near the end, but that is to be expected. Some people will live. Some people will die. The core axioms that drive the story and keep the conflict in stasis will be changed by the time the credits roll. Cosmic Psycho is not exactly Shakespeare, but at least it tries. It’s certainly not the best erotic sci-fi adventure plot, but it’s not the worst by any means.

Presentation- Cosmic Psycho’s adventure game segments actually look good. There is limited animation on some scenes, plenty of CG to unlock, and even a some voice acting. The music is decent, but it’s not going to convert anyone to saying “Oh yeah! PC98 music is the best!” Some backgrounds do get reused a little, but the game makes up for it by simply having a lot of locations for you to visit.

The shooting segments don’t look nearly as good. Sprites are barely animated and just sort of float around without moving. Backgrounds are sparse and do not look visually interesting. Explosion sound effects lack that certain punch that makes it satisfying to blow up the bad guys.

Gameplay- The adventure segments involve looking, thinking, using items, and all that other good stuff that are synonymous with hentai adventures. The sidescrolling levels have you shooting bad guys and trying not to get shot. There are bosses, but they go down very quick and are generally easy. The shooting levels usually go by quick and end before they really get started.

One of the problems with Cosmic Psycho is that both the adventure and the shooting segments, while not actually bad, seem a little underdeveloped. The story moves along at a fast pace, but it’s very predictable if you’re familiar with sci-fi cliches. It does not really try anything new or interesting, but it never devolves into a hackneyed mess. You’ll probably see the ending coming a mile away too. The shooting segments are serviceable, and help break up the adventure segments, but they are too short and they simply do not have enough substance to them to please anyone looking for some good action.

Cosmic Psycho tries to offer the best of both worlds, but it ends up falling short and being average. It’s worth playing if you really want to check it out, but if you want a better arcade shooter experience or a better hentai adventure game, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Cool Fact- Every time you boot up the game, you get to see a strange message that is written in grammatically incorrect English.

Also Try- If you really want a game that mixes hentai adventure and arcade-style shooting action, try Ai No Omochashi: Space Gigolo- Red Cobra. Both the adventure and the action portions of the game are done very well and it has a sense of humor as well. For an erotic Space Opera adventure that is actually better than Cosmic Psycho will ever be, try Dareka… Special.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Cosmic Psycho (JP, 09/30/91)

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