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Elf's Erotic Footrace

Quick warning. RunRun Concerto has cartoon nudity in it. It’s in low resolution graphics that look like someone beat up an NES game with an ugly stick, but it’s still nudity. If you’re offended by cartoon nudity or are too young to play games with naked people in them, then you’ll just have to skip this one.

RunRun Concerto was a very early game by Elf. Elf made a name for itself in RPGs with their long running (and very pornographic) Dragon Knight game series that actually has some decent story and gameplay behind those cartoon boobs. Thing is, RunRun Concerto is very different from what they’re usually known for, so much in fact, that you’d think it wasn’t even an Elf game.

Story- RunRun Concerto is about a brave team of girls getting into footraces against other teams of girls to bring victory to their school and glory to their names. The concept alone is absolutely ludicrous and the comedic art style that runs through the game only helps it. RunRun Concerto really is a funny game and it only gets funnier as it goes.

You take control of your footrace girls during gameplay, but really you’re playing as their coach. Between races, you get to meet the girls you coach, profess your love to them, and touch their naked parts. Theoretically, the game could function fine without the pornographic scenes, as they seem a little tacked on. Either way, this is a pornographic game, and pornographic games rewarding players with naked cartoon girls is pretty much the standard, whether or not they have any relevance in any way shape or form on anything else in the game.

Presentation- There’s a general comedic art style to everything. It’s most prevalent in the intro where characters have oversized heads and exaggerated reactions. Actual gameplay has characters in a kind of “cute” or chibi style. Characters falling down and tripping is a gameplay mechanic, and everyone knows that some people think it’s super cute when cartoon girls are clumsy or “moe” as they prefer to call it. Actual porn scenes are drawn in a more realistic style, closer to “normal”.

It must also be said that RunRun Concerto is ugly. Not ugly in an intentional sense, though one character is ugly for comedic effect, but ugly as in everything is very low resolution. Lines have practically no thickness to them. All of the colors are set through some sort of eye searing pastel filter that makes everything look “cute”. It’s like a pack of sexually aroused Care Bears got drunk and puked all over Konami’s “Track and Field”.

The sound is at least good. The music is fast, catchy, and will probably get stuck in your head a few times. It’s very fun and upbeat, fitting the comedic and lighthearted tone of the game perfectly.

Gameplay-You start by choosing your team of girls. They all have different statistics, all in English. It mostly consists of stuff like how fast the girls move, how good they jump, how likely they are to trip over themselves, that kind of thing. Some of the girls look nimble, like they’re cut out for this, but others look like poor choices, like the two girls that smoke. Quick hint, people who smoke a lot of cigarettes usually don’t win Olympic medals. Usually. There’s also a girl who looks intentionally ugly, but is probably the best choice. Could this be a kind of punishment for wanting to do whatever it takes to win? Regardless, it’s the funniest part of the game and the guys at Elf is awesome for putting her in.

After you pick your team of running girls, you get to face off against a team of evil running girls. All of them have their own sprites, none of that lazy recolor business. From there, you just run and jump, trying to get to the goal (or gorl in this case, the English is hilariously bad in this game) before the computer. Use the arrows on the num pad to move and the space bar to jump. There’s a chance your runner girl will fall down. If she does, she’ll cry and wave her arms back and forth like “cute” characters in Japanese cartoons always do. Mash 8 (up on the num pad) and space bar to make her get up. Some girls have more problems getting on their feet than others.

If you lose a race, you don’t lose the whole thing, just a “life”. After the race, you move on to the next race. If you beat a team, you get a brief scene of topless cartoon girls and then move onto the next set of opponents. You only get three “lives” before game over, so don’t lose any early races if you plan on reaching the end easily.

Cool Fact- Some of the smoking girls are actually good characters. You’d think the tobacco would inhibit their lungs and make them slower, but they don’t.

Also Try- Pandemonium. It’s basically the same game, but in 3D and lacks the porn. The porn was tacked on anyway and felt out of place. You don’t need it unless you’re in love with low resolution cartoon girls made out of pixels and scanlines.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Run Run Concerto (JP, 12/31/91)

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