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Morph at Will
Each of your six metaforms (feline, floating eye, gremlin, frogman, flame lizard and terramental) unleashes new powers and reveals new weaknesses. Fascinating shapeshifting technology morphs you from human to metaform and back before your eyes.
Replay the adventure in a number of different ways, based on the morphform you select at any given time.
The Pace Never Falters
Fly, swim and run indoors and out, through dungeons, caverns, castles, mines, volcanoes and underwater caves.
Immerse yourself in combat and puzzles--no mapping, spell memorization or anything that might slow the breakneck speed of this surging adventure.
CD-Enhanced Sights and Sounds
Submerge yourself in the most outstanding 3-D animations and texture maps in any point-of-view game--only possible with CD-ROM.
Battle the latest formidable creatures in two challenging new levels of electrical excitement--where even the walls are watching you!
Enjoy the heightened experience of fully digitized speech and an even richer tapestry of sound than before!

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