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The Magic Candle is Burning Low!
When it goes out, Dreax will be set free--
The Pictures Tell the Story.
Full perspective views in the towns, castles and dungeons.
Characters who stand up, sit down, swing swords, and throw fireballs. Flickering torches, rippling water, and bubbling lava.
Strategy Tells the Story.
Complete flexibility in your tactics with the axe, bow and sword--and with your magical mushrooms and wizards' spells.
Monsters with their own tactical skills. Some go for the easiest target; others for the most dangerous.
Wisdom Tells the Story.
Ancient books to be read. Sages to be consulted. A world to be explored.
Use your full-color map to explore twelve towns and villages, two castle fortresses, dozens of dungeon levels, and the dangerous countryside of Deruvia.
You Tell the Story.
Time is short. You must learn how to keep the demon Dreax trapped in the Magic Candle's flame.
Manage your companions well. Some can hunt for food while others learn magic spells, buy supplies, or talk to the wary Deruvians.
The fate of Deruvia is in your hands.

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