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FAQ by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 01/24/2011

----------------------------- [ Mario Bros Special ] --------------------------
----------------------------------[General FAQ]--------------------------------
-------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]-----------------------------
-----------------------------------[NEC PC88]----------------------------------

            __  __    __    ____  ____  _____    ____  ____  _____  ___ 
           (  \/  )  /__\  (  _ \(_  _)(  _  )  (  _ \(  _ \(  _  )/ __)
            )    (  /(__)\  )   / _)(_  )(_)(    ) _ < )   / )(_)( \__ \
           (_/\/\_)(__)(__)(_)\_)(____)(_____)  (____/(_)\_)(_____)(___/
                        ___  ____  ____  ___  ____    __    __   
                       / __)(  _ \( ___)/ __)(_  _)  /__\  (  )  
                       \__ \ )___/ )__)( (__  _)(_  /(__)\  )(__ 
                       (___/(__)  (____)\___)(____)(__)(__)(____)

                              ____   ___  ___  ___ 
                             (  _ \ / __)( _ )( _ )
                              )___/( (__ / _ \/ _ \
                             (__)   \___)\___/\___/

                       by Hudson Soft/licensed by Nintendo

Also available for the FM-7.


Believe it or not, Nintendo used to double as a third-party developer during
while still making first-party games back in the day. Although they never did
any of the developing themselves, they did license their games and characters
to other developers. In this case, the original Mario Bros. in the form of
Mario Bros. Special for the NEC PC-8801 (PC88 for short). This is a remix of
to the normal Mario Bros. since there are different mechanisms to the game but
more on that in the walkthrough.


Mario Bros. Special belongs to Hudson Soft and its characters are trademarks of
Nintendo and all of its copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

For more guides by myself visit this link:


You use a number pad to control the player. That is the case with all PC88
games. Same with Z and X used to start most games than pressing Enter.

4 key: go left
6 key: go right
Z key: Start/Jump


You are probably expecting to bop some enemies from below and kick them to the
curb like the original game. Well forget about it, Mario Bros. Special uses the
same engine but game is totally different. In fact, the only enemy in the game
is the Shellcreeper the first time around. There are also four unique levels 
including the bonus one at the end then its back to level 1 (Phase 5 to be
exact) where things get tougher as new enemies appear.

There is a choice of 1 or 2 players. Player 1 represents Mario and Player 2
represents Luigi in this co-op game.

This game has a wraparound mechanism where you can go out on side and come back
out from the other. Enemies can do that too so keep your eyes peeled for them
around edges of the screen.

--Phase 1--

This game borrows a concept from the Donkey Kong series: you are on a time
limit to reach the exit. Your goal is to negotiate through the moving platforms
to reach the top then hit the five switches to make the exit sign open up. You
must hit them on the spot. When all five are lit up then the exit opens but if
you let one sit too long then the switch will turn off and close the exit off
as well. Success get you to Phase 2.

Pase 5 is this stage but you will have to deal with 2 Shellcreepers.

--Phase 2--

This level is so easy a caveman can pass this one.

**GEICO Caveman busts in** 


Anyway, you only have two Shellcreepers to kill in this level. The platforms
are made out of wire. Instead of bopping the ShellCreeper from below, you will
wait for it to get on the same platform and then jump in one spot. The wire
will flip over the Shellcreeper and you can knock it out the ballpark. Do the
same on the other Shellcreeper and a platform appears on top. Stand on it to
complete the level. Bear in mind that when the Shellcreepers finish one go-
around or if you kill them off early, green fireballs will appear on the same
plane as you.

Phase 6 is this level except you got Crabs to deal with too.

--Phase 3--

This level is a little tougher. Your goal is to get all the dollar symbols and
then collect what looks like the Red Ring from Legend of Zelda (aka Zelda no 
Densetsu in Japan) to complete the level. You are really better off avoiding 
the Shellcreepers here. What makes the level tough is you have to run on some
conveyour belts in addition to the moving platforms. The dollar symbols also
appear in random spots and disappear if you don't get them in time. They will
reappear elsewhere.

Phase 7 has the crabs here too.

--Phase 4--

The final level is really a bonus level. You collect all the dollar symbols
within the time limit and get the red ring and you get your bounus counted and
that is it for the level. You go back to level 1 and repeat the process all


God almighty for he created everything you see before us.

Hudson Soft making the game.

Nintendo for licensing the game.

ASCII Generator (http://www.network-science.de/ascii/) - for the cool ASCII
title effects.

You for reading. For the fun of it, I'll make an FAQ for Punch Ball Mario and
Super Mario Bros. Special but on different systems as only Mario Bros Special
was the only one of the three worth playing on the PC88.


[at] = @ and [dot] = .
Don't want any email bots.

You can also find me at Zophar.net updating the emus on console so you can buzz
me there if you have an account. http://www.zophar.net/forums/member.php?u=2683

Here is my Youtube account I share with my sisters. We still haven't added any
videos yet but they'll be mostly game-related: 

Thank you for reading

-Ice Queen Zero

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