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Reviewed: 03/10/14

Wrong! Do it again! How can you have any pudding if you won't eat your meat?

Remember that scene in Billy Madison, where Billy is with his girlfriend and she’s quizzing him? Every time he answered questions right, she’d take off an article of clothing, implying that she’d have sex with him if he studied hard enough. The whole Sadistic Gamers series is a variation on this concept of sex as a reward for being smart and put it in the context of a video game. Does it work? The answer is “kind of”. Maybe. Sadistic Gamers gets a lot of things right, but it gets quite a few things wrong too.

Just of note, This game is a hentai game. It has cartoon sex and nudity as a reward for playing good. If you think this concept is offensive or if you are too young for this kind of thing, then you might have to skip this one. Also of note, Sadistic Gamers is entirely in Japanese. This being a quiz game, you may have to have some understanding of the Japanese language to get the most out of this. You could still theoretically brute force your way through the game, but then you aren’t playing the way it was meant to be played and it loses something… Not that this game would be considered a masterpiece in the first place.

Story- You play as a boy who is getting real bad grades. You get a tutor in the form of a strict looking woman who is secretly into some vaguely kinky stuff. She thinks that smart people are sexy, so if you show her how smart you really are, then maybe the game will start to get sexual. The quiz will cover all sorts of topics, though none of the questions are presented in a way that makes it particularly funny. Quiz games thrive on having a sense of humor, and while Sadistic Gamers can be sort of funny with its story, it never really tries to get you laughing the way some quiz games do.

Presentation- Sadistic Gamers is a quiz game. Almost all of it consists of reading text. There are pictures to go with them, but they just look like generic cartoon characters that sometimes take their clothes off. There is no sound in this game. Yeah, it’s silent. The PC88 was never known for its great musical capabilities anyway, but even some music would have been nice.

Gameplay- Sadistic Gamers is a pretty normal quiz game. Quizzes consist of three questions. You have to get all three correct to advance the story. If you even get one wrong, then you have to answer all three again. It’s a solid format for a quiz game, but is ultimately shallow. Questions don’t change when you try again, so you can pretty much just memorize the game to get through it. It’s not the best game design, but it works good enough.

Sadistic Gamers got a second episode and it changed almost nothing. Sure, you have more choices in multiple choice questions, different characters, and different sex scenes, but the core remains the same. The whole Sadistic Gamers series isn’t that interesting, so if you don’t plan on playing this, then you really aren’t missing out on much.

Cool Fact- Sadistic Gamers got a SD or Super Deform version. It destroys the gameplay and any chance the game had at being “sexy” in the process. Ever wanted to answer a history question with the reward being lesbian bondage sex involving big headed chibi characters? Probably not, but it does exist.

Also Try- You Don’t Know Jack and its variants are probably the best Quiz games you can find.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Sadistic Gamers Part 1 - Kateikyoushi Play (JP, 12/31/88)

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