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The Legacy Continues...
Despite the greatest magic of the ancient High Sages, great floods, earthquakes, and famine again pervade the great land of Llylgamyn. The great orb of L'Kbreth, an artifact of remarkable power that has protected the city for generations, is powerless to halt the scourge.
But now, the Sages have discovered that the hidden reason is deeper and more frightening than the worst of these disasters. To save the very world as we know it, you, and your intrepid party must march headlong into the...Heart of the Maelstrom!
Heart of the Maelstrom is a complete revision of the Wizardry Gaming System, with more story and game depth than ever before. You may create your own party of adventurers, or use characters from the other Wizardry scenarios.

In this new world of Wizardry you will find:

New Mazes
More than twice the size of previous scenarios, with larger monster pictures, magic pools, buried treasure, locked doors and much, much more.

New Abilities
Thief and Ninja characters that can hide, then ambush unsuspecting monsters. Spellcasters can conjure monsters that can fight for your party.

New Spells
Over 40 brand new spells, 60 in all. A unique and totally new magic system.

New Combat System
Diabolical monsters with more deadly abilities than ever before, and an arsenal of ranged weapons and new combat situations will test your strategic powers as well as your strength.

New Monster Encounters
Converse, buy, sell, trade, steal or stand and fight in a dungeon filled with real characters.

For the most exciting experience available in fantasy role-playing, enter Heart of the Maelstrom!

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