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The timeless legends speak of the fabulous Golden Idol hidden within the mysterious lost pyramid. And you have discovered the temple. But beware! A powerful curse hangs heavy in the musty air. And, the ancients have left behind a fiendish collection of traps and guardians.

As you try to unravel the secret pathways to the priceless idol you will meet poisonous cobras, giant lizards, hostile Aztec guards... and have to solve ways past trap doors, and death rooms while uncovering hidden weapons and special aids that can help you on your quest.

You've never gone adventuring in such an exciting way. In fact, adventures will never be the same now that there's AZTEC - for this is the first of the new breed, with Hi-Res graphics in action every moment... created through the graphics genius of Paul Stephenson, author of "Swashbuckler".

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