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Guide and Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/16/2017

        --- ---      -----      --- --\ -      -       / /   ---
        |   | |      | | |      | | | |  \    /       -----    |
        --- | |      -----      --- | |   \  /        / /    ---
          | | |      |   |      | | | |    \/        -----   |
        --- ---      |   |      | | --/    --        / /     ---

        ''--- --- -   --- --- - -''     --- --- ---   ---
          |   | | |   | | |   | |       | | |    |      |
          --- --- |   --- --- ---       --- |    |    ---
            | |   |   | |   | | |       | | |    |    |
          --- |   --- | | --- - -       | | ---  |    ---

A non-official FAQ/Walkthrough.
This document is best viewed with the original display on the internet, or with
a word processor using fixed-width font style. Using some other font styles will
make the tables/maps displayed incorrectly.

I wish it's fine to say a little bit about this video game in.... perhaps, my
subjective side. I could say that this game is quite interesting although I
played it around my busy real life. Pardon me to say that I only understand this
game only partially although I have done my everything to translate it in
between my busy real life. I dunno if you may need more reference about the
storyline, and even, for your real life...mm... it's that.. I can't really help
you for that matter...
So, as always, this FAQ/Walkthrough only contains basic storyline and technical
informations inside this game for the reason that I hope you already understand

Lastly, some legal notice:
This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web-
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Ver. 1.00 -- 9/17/2017


A. Controls
B. Rules
C. General Tips
D. Game Facts
E. Music Mode
G. Special Thanks

In order to find your desired content, you can copy-paste the exact name of the
content to your find-box.
Find what: e. music mode (no match case)


This game actually gives you some information about the [Control] part at
[Online Manual] section in the game's Main Menu that I will say about it later
at section: D. Walkthrough.

This game accepts PC88 keyboard and joystick.
Mainly, this game uses joystick button A or keyboard [Spacebar] or [Return] to
advance further in the game, and joystick button B or keyboard [Shift] to make
messages display faster.

You must use the numpad arrows to make your selection.

The other key to use is [CapsLock] to make the beep sound disappears.


You have to make the storyline advances to see the game's ending. The good news
is you don't have "Game Over" for this game. The worst case is only to see your
game stuck.
You make the storyline advances by choosing the actions or a sequence of actions
expected by the game.


I think, if you try well enough and if you are experienced in playing video
games like this, you have better chance to see the game's ending.


The video game has only 1 disk, and you should insert the floppy disk to the
first drive.

Firstly, the game intro will be played. Press [Spacebar] key to enter the game's
Main Menu.

The first menu to the last menu, from the top to bottom:
 - Start the game
   This is what this section will talk about.
 - Read the note from the game developer after making the game
   You could read it after selecting this option.
 - Music Mode
   I will cover it at section E. Music Mode.
 - Child Making Mode? XD
   Actually, this will create a duplicate of the floppy disk if you insert a
   blank disk into the second drive. You have to insert [Y] first into the
   program. f?
 - Online Manual
   You will have the manual of the game from the game developer right here.
   Sorry for not translating...

The game is quite easy to understand in my opinion. The options are just placed
neatly at the top-right side of the screen all the time, and you can focus your
attention there.
The point to explain is only that options that reflect your actions for the
character you play, it is: Mariko. Your friend's name is Michiyo, and the
boy's name is Hiroshi (thanks to some famous search engine for the info that
Hiroshi is a name for male). There are not many characters in this game, such a
simple and lovely game, isn't it? ^_^


-View the surrounding
 Contains 2 messages. The "message" could be pretty long, but after you see all
 of the message, you will see the next "message" after choosing the same action/
 option again. Choosing the same action/option once more will play the first
 message again. The same way applies to the other options until there is further
-Talk to Micchan
 You will have to select this option to advance the game further until the ball
 comes to you -_^
-Eat the lunch
 Contains 3 messages.
 Contains 2 messages.

After the ball scene, the option number 1,3, and 4 will only contain one
I'm not sure but from my guess, the attention will be switched onto the boy
who "brings" you the ball...
You should talk to Micchan (select the second option) twice more to go to the
next scene.


-View the surrounding
 Contains 3 messages.
-Resist the sleepiness
 Contains several messages with some sub-options...
 You should select the second sub-option to progress to Scene 3.
-Talk to the author
 Contains 5 messages.

The talk to the author ignites some question about the game's prequel: Splash
Act 1. I know nothing about the prequel of this game, and I have searched
everywhere as well without any result.


 The 4 sub-options are as long as I know, are Chinese proverb that's often used
 to describe human's emotions. Each of the sub-options have three messages. The
 third one of each sub-option, I think, does not count as the memory of Mariko.
-View the surrounding
 Contains 3 messages.
 You must think at least three of the memories of Mariko to make the third
 message changes into the game progress.
-Samba dance
 Contains 3 messages.

-Continue to talk to Bunny.
 You must select this option to continue to the next scene.
-Try to hit the Bunny.
-Try to run away from Bunny.


-Talk to Michiyo
-Run out from classroom.

You must talk to Michiyo three times, at least, then run out from classroom to
advance to the next scene.


-View the surrounding
 Contains 3 messages.
 Contains 4 messages.
-Looking backward/remembering
 Contains 2 messages.

You should see all of those nine messages to progress to the last scene.


There is nothing to choose here. You will automatically advance to the game's
ending. Congratulations.



The music is very nice, don't you think so? ^_^

1. Overture
   The opening theme music.

2. Pole Ball Crash
   Scene 1 music.

3. Collapsing Morning
   Scene 2 music.

4. It is not only the Magestic Tone River part 2
   After talking to the Bunny....

5. Make Up One's Mind
   Scene 4&5 music.

6. Lost Memories
   Scene 3 music before some of the Bunny's talk.

7. For Love ~Meeting Tour~?
   Scene 6 music.

8. Get Over
   Ending Music.

9. M.E.N.U.
   Main menu music.

10. Long Live The Emperor!
    Child Making Mode? Music.

11. KimigayoRocK


The game data is just added for such an old game, so what would you expect to be


1. GameFAQs. For posting this document.
2. Zeal Software. For making this game.
3. Some online translators. To help me translate this game. Please tolerate my
4. Some search engine. To provide me some informations.

If you'd like to tell me about some errors that I've made in this
FAQ/Walkthrough or ask any questions, you may mail me at frengky_wu@hotmail.com

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