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by Magic Knight

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Guide and Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 0.92 | Updated: 09/09/2017


The game map, part 3, is Roman Empire palace map:

You are now inside the palace whichever the method you are using, either the easy way or difficult way.
If you are using the easy way by fighting the gate keeper, you will start your quest in the Gate.
If you are using the difficult way, you are in the Well part of the palace.

To access the Hall, you have to go to the Yard first.

To obtain the "Good Ending", you have to be able to get out from the palace with the Orihalcon's ring. You should know by now that you can access the gate if you fight the gate keeper with the Orihalcon's sword, but you can't go out from the palace by that same way.

To just pass this part of the game, you have to meet Maria inside her room, then go to the well to warp back to your world: Arisa's house. You can get to the well instantly from Maria's room by exiting (Main Menu no.5) via the window/窓, a newly option/object after you meet her.

The Orihalcon's ring is in Maria's room, but you have to take it when she is not inside. After meeting with Maria, try to go to the Hall, then you'll be arrested. While on the prison, you can make any two moves to make Maria appears and releases you. This is the time to take the Orihalcon's ring. Go back to Maria's room, see (Main Menu no.1) the Treasure Chest/宝石箱, the newly available object when you get there, then choose to take (Main Menu no.2) the ring/指輪, the newly available option/object after you see the treasure chest.
You can go back again to the hall, but right now, you will have to "bribe" the soldiers to continue the game, and hence, exit the palace. Only the necklace or bracelet or the Orihalcon's ring works.
Next part is to find the Book of Kabbalah. You can see Youtube for more details. ^_^

You can have an extra scene if you fight Maria inside her room.... ^_^

The other parts of the palace does not have anything.

In case you have entered this palace via the difficult way and then choose to warp back immediately, Maria will bring you to Christie's house and force you to take the Orihalcon's sword first from her before warping.