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by Magic Knight

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Guide and Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 0.92 | Updated: 09/09/2017


The game map, part 2, is the Roman Empire map:

To get the "Good Ending", you have to get Book of Kabbalah/カバラの書 from the Prophet on Path.

To pass this part of the game, you have to meet with Maria with Orihalcon's sword/剣 in hand.

You can only stay in the bar if you change your clothes with the vintage one. You can either get it in Vintage Clothing Store by buying with Necklace/Bracelet if you bought it earlier or, the better way, is trying to take the clothes/服 two times from the merchant.
The way to buy here is: to give (Main Menu no.7) the merchant the Necklace/Bracelet, then the item in exchange will be given to you automatically.

You can only pass the gate keeper to enter the palace by fighting him only if you have Orihalcon's sword in hand, then immediately enter (Main Menu no.4) the newly available object: the palace/宮殿. If you didn't change your clothes at Vintage Clothing Store earlier, you will be expelled immediately by this loser.

You can only enter the Well if you have Rope/ロープ and Lamp/ランプ from the Stall. You must buy at least one of them with Necklace/Bracelet, and you can take the rest, or you can buy both of them. You can only have one for each of them.

Orihalcon's sword/剣 can only be obtained by fighting Christie or showing Christie the Orihalcon's ring/指輪 that can be obtained later in the palace.

In order to access the Well, you'll have to go to the newly available option: Table/テーブル, after you have dressed with vintage clothes. Talk to An-Chan (the object written: Man/男), then go back to the bar, take the drunk's glass/グラス, and give it to An-Chan, i.e. select Main Menu no. 7, then select glass as the object. Then, a scene will happen, and now you can exit via the back door: select Main Menu no. 5, then select back door/うらぐち as the object. You can also choose to take the glass, but it's useless. Remember that you can only enter the well if you have Rope and Lamp with you, and you must know that you shouldn't turn back because you have come this far.

The second way or the more difficult way to enter the palace is by going inside the well above: Main Menu no. 4, then select the object: Well/井戸. The first way or the easier way to enter the palace is by fighting the gate guarder which has been explained above.