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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Magic Knight

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Guide and Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 0.92 | Updated: 09/09/2017


The same with the other Visual Novels I know, The game Main Menu is the same for the whole game, from beginning to the end, there are nine options which can be chosen. The last or the ninth option sometimes is left blank, it's at the beginning of the game. Later in the game, it'll be filled with something: Warp.

You can only use keyboard for this game: The numerical key on the right and the [Return] key, [S] to save the game, [L] to load a game save.
After pressing [S] key, press [0] key then [Return] to save the game. You have to change Disk A to your User Disk, then press [Return] key after you do it. Your User Disk can handle up to 10 game saves. You should remember by yourself which save game you have made because the game does not tell you your detailed save information, or tell you if you have overwritten your save. After you successfully remember your save game number(s), which are 0, or 1, or 2,......, or 9,. You can load the game save by telling the game your save game number which has similar process. After the save has been done successfully, you will have to change the disk in Drive 1 back to Disk A to have a smooth continue game.
Phew... that's all about saving.

Below is the Main Menu. Choosing something from the Main Menu using [0],[1],...,[9] key is the corresponding action below.

0: Move
1: View
2: Take
3: Talk, Listen
4: Enter
5: Exit
6: Battle
7: Give
8: Buy, later will become Use
9: Warp

After you select the menu, you will have a new menu. Would you mind if I call this appeared new menu: [Object]?
The comprehension should be very natural. For example, if I select [Move] from the Main Menu, then I should specify where to move or move to where. If I select [Give], then I should specify what to give, or what Object to give.