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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Magic Knight

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Guide and Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 0.92 | Updated: 09/09/2017


Back to your original world, is the game part 4:

In order to get the "Good Ending", you will need the Book of Kabbalah from the previous part to be able to fight your new "friend", Hooker. Please see Youtube for the details and you should know that you shouldn't miss anything from the instruction. ^_^

The other necessary things to do here is only to see Hooker and then see Mr. Yamagami at the Park to be able to warp to Stonehenge/ストンヘンジ using the newly available Main Menu number nine.

Other things to do here won't change your ending if you don't have Book of Kabbalah.
You can go to your house and see the television/テレビ, then warp to China/中国, then warp back/もどる, see the television again then talk/listen about the news/ニュース with your friends.
You can get the software/ソフト from Hooker by trying to take the software twice from him, he'll copy the software for you. But this software is useless though.
You can also doing some other thing that is considered to be wrong, it's to fight Arisa instead of Hooker to render yourself some "Bad Ending" after you come that far. Hehehe.