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Guide and Walkthrough by Magic Knight

Version: 0.32 | Updated: 03/03/2016

                         D E N N O U        S U I K O D E N
                                     F O R
                               N E C     P C   8 8
A non-official FAQ/Walkthrough for Dennou Suikoden that was released for NEC
PC88 only. It's probably not...very applicable to the other versions of Dennou
This document is best viewed with the original display on the net, or with a
word processor using fixed-width font style, such as courrier series or lucida
console. Using some other font styles (example: Arial) will make the tables/maps
displayed incorrectly.

For the first Suikoden videogame release, Dennou Suikoden seems to be not having
the great reputation that it should be. The game itself should be quite
interesting, but the difficulty and the translation make it felt somewhat worse.

This FAQ/Walkthrough contains the basic story and all technical informations
inside this game. If this means spoiler to you, then don't read this document.

Lastly, some legal notice:
This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web-
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Ver. 0.30 -- 3/3/2016
Ver. 0.31 -- 4/4/2016
Perhaps I'll need the FM7 version >___>


A. Controls
B. Rules
C. General Tips
D. Walkthrough
E. Item List
G. Special Thanks

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content to your find-box.
Find what: e. item list


As far as I know, this game simply use keyboard as the only controlling means:
Up, Bottom, Left, Right arrow, the Return/Enter key, Esc, and Spacebar.

Up, Bottom, Left, Right arrow: to move the cursor (looks like a girl's face).
Return/Enter key: to select/confirm.
Spacebar key: to go to the next message, and to change menu.
Esc: to cancel a command (note that not all the commands are cancellable).


This game is using a simple stand-still graphic with text choices. You have to
decide correctly to advance further in the game. But... boy... without any hint
at all, I should be able to do this and defeat Gao Qiu as well....?
As far as I know, this game doesn't have any Game-Over. The game seems to have
one save point per scenario, though...


1. WARNING: For the first Suikoden game, you can expect that the difficulty is
very steep. Otherwise, it may be buggy......
Please mail me or contact me on the message board if you can help, ok? Thanks.
2. Try to explore and do all the options available (could be VERY tedious), and
try to do various things in this game...


1. Seeing this game's difficulty, you have to do things exactly like this
   walkthrough say, otherwise, you can't advance thru the game. Small things
   like talking, viewing, investigating, etc. are all counted!
2. The screenshots are available at GameFAQs image section.

The game consists of 3 floppy disks: Dennou Suikoden disk 1,2,3

Insert disk 1 into drive 1 and the intro will play. You can press the
Return/Enter key to skip it.

And main menu will appear.
The game consists of four scenarios. The last, or the fourth scenario against
Gao Qiu only can be accessed if you have cleared the first three scenarios.

The problem is, I find that the second scenario has bug and the third scenario
is probably too difficult for me, or perhaps has bugs too... So, I can't access
the fourth scenario. Thus, in this version 0.30, this walkthrough only covers
the first and a little part of the third scenario that I barely finish them...

For the first and second scenario, you'll need to insert disk 2 into drive 2,
and for the third and last scenario, you'll need to insert disk 3 into drive 2.

We'll begin with the first scenario, to find the aqua regia.


After inserting disk 2 into drive 2, there comes 3 options:
-Start a new game
-Continue from a saved game (only one per scenario). You save games into disk 1.
-Return to main menu

You can continue from a saved game anytime without even having one, except if
you have cleared the scenario. The game will start from the start, but skipping
the first part of the narrator message.

After the first dialogue among Ruan Xiao brothers, you can see the main in-game
menu. There are 16 options total, but it shows only 8 options at once, you can
swap them by using [Spacebar] key.

It's important to learn them first:
a. View
-> you can view any thing that is provided by the game, or specify what to view
   inside the picture.
b. Talk (to outside party)
c. Detect, or investigate...
-> this should be somewhat related to the main purpose of this game.
d. Let, or dispatch...
-> dispatch one of eight party members to the game location.
e. Go forward
f. Go backward
g. Go to the left
h. Go to the right
i. Knock
j. Take
k. Discuss (to the party)
-> Often to show only once, and.... boy.... I think we should get many hints by
   talking to our teammates, but the fact is that they tend to shut up... what
   kind of party is it???
l. Fight
m. Enter
n. Exit
o. Exchange (things)
p. Return to main menu

For the unexplained options, I think they're clear about what they do.

       |                               | a/i  e/m |
       |                               | b/j  f/n |
       |                               | c/k  g/o |
       |                               | d/l  h/p |
       |          A R E A              ------------
       |                               |          |
       |                               |  PARTY   |
       |                               | LEADER   |
       |                               |          |
       |                                          |
       |        N  A  R  R  A  T  I  O  N         |
       |                                          |

Above is a simple diagram about the game menu. Otherwise, you can visit here:

Due to the difficulty of the game, I try to make a simple map of scenario 1.
                     9     6                                                    
                     ^     ^                                                    
                     |     |                                                    
              |      ^           ^                                              
              |      |           |                                              
              --------           2                                              

Things to view (by default):
-Ruan Xiao Er
-Ruan Xiao Wu
-Ruan Xiao Qi

Things to knock (by default):

This is where the game begins, as it's supposed to be the "warming-up" section
of the game. You are free to view or knock many things, as it doesn't have
anything to do with the game progress. Once you progress to Area 2 (by selecting
[Go forward]), you can't go back to this area anymore.


Things to view (by default):
--Old man

Things to knock (by default):

Actually, whatever you do here is also optional. You can skip this unfriendly
old man's house or you can do something about it....
If you wish to skip this area, go forward to Area 3.

If you want to do something about it, knock the door first, then the old man
will answer you, then investigate something about the Aqua Regia and/or
Two-Headed Human-Demon. Then, the old man will expel your party rudely. Then,
dispatch Li Kui, as he, as any Water Margin fans know, has the most courage of
all the characters. Li Kui will destroy the somewhat-broken door, and the old
man will run away.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

You can do nothing here, as all this frightening village's doors are shut. Go
left to Area 4.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

You are on a footpath in the village. View the man first, if you talk to him,
he'll say "Ni hao" which means Hi/Hello.
If you investigate about aqua regia or two-headed human-demon directly, he'll
not tell you. So, you have to "bribe" him to make him say something (damn
You bribe him by dispatching someone who has the gold (something yellow-bluish).
Then, the man will disapper afterwards.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

If you don't bribe the man in area 4, you can't go to Area 6.
But first, you should go inside the temple since if you knock the door first,
the game says that the temple will collapse XD


Things to view (by default):
-Buddha Statue

Things to knock (by default):
-Buddha Statue

If you try to knock the drum, the game says that the drum makes an unexpectedly
huge sound which could make any beasts inside the forest run away XD

The most important thing to do here is to take the scroll. You can dispatch your
party member who has the scroll to read what's inside. You can only read the
scroll in some areas, not all the areas weirdly. So, if you want to read the
scroll, you can do it inside the temple.

Exit back to area 5 again.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

This is when the game starts to get difficult.
If you go to area 6 immediately, then nothing will happen. You'll only see a
hole and some fire in the forest.
So, you should walk around instead. Go to area 2,3,4,5,7 and then back here


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

This area actually is (can I say: the bandit's lair?^^). This is where you can
enter the house to save your game.

When you're ready, go back to area 6 and view the hole. Then, choose to talk.
The creature inside the hole will introduce himself.
Then, choose to investigate the Aqua Regia or Twin-Headed Human-Demon. The
creature will say that he doesn't know anything about it (liar again.. >_>)
So, you should show him the scroll you took earlier inside the temple by
dispatching your party member who took it (you may need to dispatch him twice).

Then, choose to talk to the creature. The creature inside the hole will show
himself, that he is the Twin-Headed Human-Demon whom you're looking for!

Investigate about the Aqua Regia, and you'll be given the nostrum to make the
Aqua Regia. Take the nostrum.
Investigate about the Aqua Regia once more, and the creature will tell you about
the village where the horse-headed people live.
Investigate about the horse-headed, and the Twin-Headed Human-Demon will give
you some medal which has been carved his (family) name. You should take the
medal afterwards, then leave this area, your party will say some gratitude to
the creature.

You may investigate about the Twin-Headed Human-Demon to know about his
Go left to area 8 from area 7 which once was not permitted by one of your party
members if you hadn't met the Twin-Headed Human-Demon.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

This area is a forest which is already outside the village. This way is going to
the village where horse-headed people live (Area 11). But, you can't go there
This forest actually is kinda mazy. Area 9 and 10 is going nowhere. Before you
can go to Area 11, you have to meet a girl who sells a unique herb which is said
to only grow on her village only.
We can say that she actually is in this area, but you have to go
forward-backward, or left-right to be able to meet this girl. Buying her herb is
completely optional, I think. Investigate about the horse-headed first, she'll
offer you her herb to be exchanged with your last gold. If she has offered her
herb and you leave her, you can't meet her anymore in the forest, otherwise, she
will be here in this area.

AREA 9,10

Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

You may investigate about the Aqua Regia or Two-Headed Human-Demon for some
information that you can only obtain once.
You have to talk to the horse-headed soldiers, then show them the silver medal
you've got from the Twin-Headed Human-Demon earlier.
Talk to the soldiers once more and you'll be escorted to the horse-headed
village which everyone there have a head which like a horse!


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

You can't do anything here, except investigating the elder of the horse-headed
to meet him.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

You have to talk to the elder twice to actually make progress. Then, choose to
discuss this matter to your party members, and Zheng Tian Shou will agree to be
left here in the confinement as the other party members are going back to Liang
Shan Bo.
Make sure that Zheng Tian Shou does not have anything with him by selecting
[Exchange] option.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

It's already night time in the confinement. View the door, and you'll see a
horse-headed girl.
Choose to investigate about Aqua Regia, and she'll give you another nostrum to
make it. Take the nostrum.
Then, talk to her again to actually escape from the strange village....


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

The only thing you can do right now is to go forward, you'll be intercepted by a
soldier who used to be horse-headed!
Choose to talk to him because it's the only thing that you're permitted to do
right now (grrrr...). 
After seeing that bastard hurt the lady, you'll have two options: I recommend
fighting him to make the soldier and the lady die together (how sad it is....),
or talk to the soldier to dig Zheng Tian Shou and the lady's grave.

That's all the scenario 1 is talking about.


As far as I know, you can only see the introduction of this scenario.


First of all, insert disk 3 into drive 2 and the intro will start.


Things to view (by default):

Things to knock (by default):

You can't go anywhere by now, so, discuss this matter to your teammates. If you
try to go left before the discussion, Li Jun will try to stop you, which I think
is the start of the bug... x____X
When everything is done, go left to area 2.


Things to view (by default):
-Fisherman's House

Things to knock (by default):



Is there something wrong about this game?


1. GameFAQs. For posting this document.
2. Neoseeker. For hosting most of my old FAQs.
3. Various particular sites. For the source of this document.
4. Hot-B. For making the game.

If you'd like to tell me about some errors that I've made in this
FAQ/Walkthrough or ask any questions, you may mail me at my contributor e-mail.

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