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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by PEDEG

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    Alien Swarm Strategy Guide
    19th July 2015
    1. Introduction
    2. Strategies
    	2a. Weapons loadout
    	2b. How to use your weapons and fists
    	2c. Location, location, location
    	2d. Use your tech
    	2e. Where does it hurt?
    	2f. There is no I in Team but there is ME...
    	2g. I find it so hard to spell miscellany 
    3. Contact, Disclaimer and Yada-yada
    1. Introduction
    I love this game. I have played hundreds of hours on it. 
    Some of you may have come across me with my nic Blood Rage. 
    I have my highest number of friend request of all my games 
    on Steam. It is a fun game. 
    I have no problems playing with beginners to 100+ hours 
    veterans. Some may have a problem playing with me. This is 
    because I sometimes appear to be not taking the mission 
    seriously as I set myself handicaps depending on mission 
    difficulty; so don't be surprised to find me throwing off 
    all weapons at the start and go full kung fu fighting 
    mode in normal difficulty. Often I play medic without 
    healing kit or medgun because I like killing bugs and I 
    heal only with discarded healing tools from the other dead 
    I don't like using jump because I like to get down and 
    dirty covered in alien slime. The reason I still play this 
    game is not so much the warmth I feel surrounded by circle 
    of friends. No, it is something more basic - I like 
    killing the swarm, lots of it, and quickly too. My aim is 
    to push my kill rate to over 1200 per hour. So you will 
    find me rushing headlong into the fight. 
    My favourite weapon is the chainsaw which has the second 
    highest kill count after the vindicator in my weapon 
    I think using flamer when not a medic or in maps without 
    parasites are for @$&*%es. 
    I am late as usual in coming out with guides but I felt 
    what the hell, I still come across players who have little 
    understanding of tactics and strategies, even those with 
    the 6th promotion medal. This is the main reason for this 
    guide. I will also stick to Jacob's Rest campaign and make 
    some general recommendations. 
    This guide will continue the tradition of PEDEG's bare 
    bones no frills guides. 
    2. Strategies
    2a. Weapons loadout
    The rules of weapon loadout are simple:
    2a1. Choose weapons suitable for the mission
    Jacob's Rest 
    Any weapon will do. Heck, you can even run around without 
    any weapon because the drones come in small groups. Try it. 
    Cargo elevator 
    Preferably use a weapon that can kill (not simply delay) a 
    large bunch of drones. This is because a swarm of drones 
    will block your way and leave you open to getting bitten 
    in the butt. There are some players who opt for the run as 
    fast as you can down the long corridor but this will cause 
    problems to your team mates who can't catch up as they 
    would trigger all the aliens to appear up front. 
    Deima Surface Bridge 
    Most weapons can be used safely here because the aliens 
    tend to come from predictable directions. Would not 
    recommend going full kung fu fighting due to large masses 
    of drone. 
    Rydberg Reactor
    Ammo conservation or ammo packs are recommended. This is 
    because there are more higher hit points aliens like the 
    boomers and rangers. My favourite loadout for this map is 
    the chainsaw because it has unlimited ammo and can take 
    down the door to get a 100 initial ammo flamer, sentry 
    turret and another chainsaw. 
    Syntek Residential 
    All weapons can be used effectively but I would recommend 
    the chainsaw to cut down the locked door and you can have 
    an easy ending if you know where to stick it up in the 
    elevator room. Another weapon I would recommend is the 
    sniper rifle which can shoot through doors so you don't 
    have to open the locked door and this map is good aiming 
    practice for running around with a sniper rifle. The 
    grenade launcher can destroy the eggs in the locked room 
    without opening the door if you know where to aim. 
    Sewer Junction B5
    Preferably a weapon that have high damage or flamer. This 
    is because you can get easily surrounded and would need to 
    clear a way out while a flamer would easily delay the 
    aliens for you to run past them. You can watch speedrun 
    techniques for this map using any explosives such as 
    grenade launcher, assault rifle grenades or grenades which 
    would clear all the parasites. Freeze grenades is also 
    very useful for speedrun. 
    Timor Station
    Preferably high damage weapons, weapons that can kill 
    large numbers fast and the chainsaw. This level has a 
    good mix of all alien types from low to very high hit 
    point aliens. Killing high hit points aliens fast will 
    make this level easier. Chainsaw is useful to break down 
    rocks and doors. Grenade launcher in particular is very 
    good from the word go but watch out not to use up your 
    ammo too quickly. 
    2a2. Choose weapons suitable for the mission difficulty
    Easy and normal 
    You can try any weapon or carry no weapons. All marines in 
    these 2 difficulties will be able to kill a drone with a 
    single punch. 
    Aliens have more hit points. Only Vegas and Jaeger can kill 
    drones with a single punch. Yet all weapons can still be 
    used effectively as individuals but you will need to start 
    recognising the need to select weapons based on the loadout 
    of your team mates. 
    Insane and Brutal 
    There are more higher hit points aliens and parasites in 
    insane and brutal. I would recommend high damage weapons if 
    you plan to stay in a group or else the aliens will block 
    your path. In easier levels a flamer is sufficient to kill 
    drones with a few shots but in insane and brutal they take 
    longer to die with flamer and will amass often becoming a 
    wall of fire that you can't pass. You can combine flamer 
    with another marine who can blast the drones apart. It is 
    important to consider your loadout based on your team 
    mates' loadouts. 
    2a3. Consider your team mates' loadouts
    Try to come out with combinations of loadouts. Examples 
    My favourite combo is flamer or tesla cannon with chainsaw. 
    Both the former weapons slow the enemies and chainsaw will 
    kill them all. This works in brutal. 
    You will need to consider a combo to cover both front and 
    rear of your squad in long coridor missions. 
    2a4. Choose loadouts suitable for onslaught mode
    Onslaught mode brings surprises such as shield bugs and 
    parasites. Always equip counters for them. A general 
    recommendation would be to carry electric armour in 
    onslaught mode and a weapon that can kill multiple enemies 
    quickly to counter the occasional drone swarms. 
    2b. How to use your weapons and fists
    I recommend you try using all the weapons to get a feel of 
    how much damage they cause, what is the firing rate, what 
    is the reload speed, how easy to swivel and aim, spread of 
    fire, the weapon range and friendly fire damage. 
    2b1. Know your damage
    High damage weapons (vindicator, shotgun, grenade 
    launcher, chainsaw) are good to open up the way. They are 
    most effectively used by those who lead up front. They 
    also the best weapons to use against high hit points 
    Medium damage weapons are alright generally because they 
    often have high fire rate (autogun, minigun, PDW, assualt 
    and prototype rifles, fast reload (PDW and twin pistols) 
    and useful secondary fire (assault & prototype rifles). 
    Low damage weapons like flamer and tesla cannon are good 
    for running around or supporting other team mates. Marines 
    with speed bonus use them best. 
    2b2. Spread the fire
    Hitting an alien with any weapon will temporarily stun them. 
    So if you are face with a large mass of drones from one 
    direction you should spray your bullets in a wider arc to 
    hit as many of them as possible buying yourself time to kill 
    them with later shots. This is the primary way to use the 
    autogun and minigun. This principle also apply when using 
    chainsaw or any high rate of fire weapons. 
    2b3. Aim, aim, aim
    Aiming is very important as it saves ammo, minimise 
    friendly fire and make you appears less of a newbie. The 
    way to aim effectively is to place your aim cursor on the 
    target. This will even allow you to hit targets on 
    different height levels. 
    Weapons with low rate of fire like vindicator, shotgun, 
    sniper rifle and rail rifle requires careful aim. These 4 
    weapons can kill multiple aliens in a shot and I would 
    recommend you practice lining up your targets to get multi 
    kills are often as possible. 
    Flamer does not need careful aim due to it's large flame 
    spread and is a favourite of players who are bad shots. 
    2b4. Short range weapons
    Short range weapons require you to hold back and fire at 
    close range. I would suggest you learn to do the side step 
    to avoid getting hit by the drone. Side stepping will make 
    the drone miss or force them to slow down to turn. 
    2b5. Everybody does kung fu fighting
    Melee is a very useful skill. It saves ammo. It allows you 
    to kill the isolated one or two drones while you reload. It 
    gives you bragging rights after you punch out a shieldbug. 
    There are 3 types of melee. The first right click would 
    give you a punch which has the shortest range. The second 
    click gives you a kick which has a slightly longer reach 
    and can be aimed at a different direction from the punch 
    allowing you to kill aliens from 2 directions one after 
    the other. The third click Is the two handed slam which 
    has the largest area of damage but has a big drawback of 
    moving your forwards and longest recovery time. 
    In real terms, I mainly use the punch and kick and avoid 
    using the two handed slam. You will need to practice the 
    timing of the recovery time especially for the punch 
    because if you click too soon you will get a kick and 
    remain stationary. This is bad when you need to get closer 
    to the target first. What I tend to do if I have one punch 
    one drone kill powers is to punch one drone at a time 
    while moving about unless there's two of them coming from 
    different directions where I would do the punch and kick 
    You can even punch a harvester dead safely if you punch at 
    it's axis of rotation as this is where the small bugs 
    spawn. Using a chainsaw at this spot will safely kill the 
    harvester without causing harm to you. 
    I include chainsaw here because it is somewhat a melee 
    weapon. It receives damage bonus from melee damage bonus. 
    Chainsaw has a little start up lag time so you need to get 
    used to it to time your fire. 
    Continuously holding down your fire with a chainsaw will 
    slow your walking speed. But if you time your fire well, 
    you won't notice much of this slow down and in fact other 
    will struggle to catch up when you are leading. 
    It is counter intuitive yet preferable to go towards the 
    drone when using a chain saw. This is because the drone 
    have a longer range of attack when they leap. So running 
    backwards with a saw is useless. 
    Always remember to combine movement skills such as dodge, 
    side step, quick swivel with any melee action. This is 
    because the drones which are the biggest threat in melee 
    combat can miss their attack and slow down before they 
    The priority target in melee combat are drones. They have 
    mobility and cause moderate damage. Kill them first before 
    going for others. 
    It feels great to punch a parasite in mid air but it is 
    often by luck rather than great aim. Still feels great 
    2c. Location, location, location
    This is where inexperienced players tend to fail big time. 
    They fail to recognise the strength and weaknesses of 
    their location and tend to try and fight their way out 
    from the word go. 
    First thing you need to do is to recognise the weapons you 
    have and what sort of cover it can provide. Then find the 
    location where it can best be used. One marine with all 
    the weapons available cannot effectively defend a 
    relentless attack from multiple sides. But one marine with 
    the right weapon can kill scores of drones if he can get 
    the aliens to come from one direction. 
    So always cover your backs. Use the walls to minimise 
    direction of attacks if you need to. It is possible to 
    just stand in a corner and hold down the chainsaw fire 
    and swiveling the saw in front of you to kill all the 
    drones coming at you. 
    Identify defensive positions, get the whole squad to rush 
    to get there and defend there. 
    Do not choose a defensive position where the enemy comes 
    at you from multiple directions such as the hack room in 
    Deima surface bridge. 
    Identify locations where strategic mines or turrets can be 
    Turrets chould be placed where it can cover the entrances
    but be warned that the turrets are not much use against 
    high hit points targets as it can lock on the high hit 
    points target and miss all the rest. 
    Fire mines are great to cover your back as they 
    last long and can cover the whole path of the aliens. 
    Tripmines are great as traps. 
    Tesla sentry coils should only to stun aliens and you still 
    need to kill them fast because the sentry coils have low 
    It is preferable to plan your route so that your team mates 
    won't get confused and dispersed. However all the Jacob's 
    Rest campaign map is unidirectional and unlikely to get 
    lost in. However marines could still end up isolated if 
    they move at different speeds. I would recommend selecting 
    checkpoints along the way so that most of you would meet up 
    at a spot before progressing to avoid isolating marines. 
    2d. Use your tech
    The tech is the yellow suited guy. He is very useful. Keep 
    him alive or else you will fail some missions if the tech 
    dies before completing whatever the tech was suppossed to 
    It is advisable to have a tech that can fast hack as 
    sometimes starting a hack would trigger a mass alien 
    assualt with unending drones. 
    Techs also weld and unweld doors faster though in practice 
    there is little need for welding or unwelding. Also you do 
    not need to completely weld the door to shut it. Just the 
    briefest of weld will do to block the door. 
    The most useful thing about the tech is their motion 
    detector. If you have a tech in the team, it would pick out 
    aliens as red blips on the minimap on the bottom right of 
    the screen. Glance at it once a while to have an idea if 
    there are aliens around you. This is very useful in 
    onslaught mode or in maps with parasites as you can often 
    see the parasites on the minimap and prepare for it. It 
    also shows the spawn site of the onslaught mode swarm. 
    2e. Where does it hurt?
    Medics are good to have but not essential in all missions. 
    If you know how to avoid getting hit, then who needs a 
    medic? Electric armour will take care of all your parasite 
    fears if you use it before the parasite jump on you. 
    But if you need a medic... well, mobility is very important 
    as a medic. You need to be able to rush about healing your 
    team mates. This is where a flamer would be useful. 
    It is recommended not to heal yourself with the medgun 
    while there are drones rushing up to you. Healing with a 
    medgun will slow you down and in difficulties hard and 
    higher the drone will cause damage faster than you can 
    heal yourself. So either kill the drones first or carry 
    equipment that can kill, slow or main the drones while you 
    2f. There is no I in Team but there is ME
    Try to develop an awareness of what your team mates are 
    doing especially when there is a mix bag of experience in 
    the team. Playing solo may be fun but let's be honest, 
    there are other better single player games than this. 
    Often I end up the last remaining marine and it gets 
    lonely. Nevertheless, I would advice less experienced 
    players to watch how more experienced players play. This 
    is how I learnt in this game. 
    2g. I find it so hard to spell miscellany 
    2g1. When unsure what to use
    When I am unsure what loadout to carry especially on a map 
    I have never come across, I often equip a weapon which has 
    high damage and a second weapon which has a supportive role 
    such as a flamer, prototype rifle or tesla cannon. I would 
    equip electric armour just in case there are parasites. 
    2g2. Friendly fire sucks
    Friendly fire sucks. 
    2g3. Health bonus equals longer play time
    Speed is not essential. Play using marines with health 
    bonus and you will have longer playing time by a few 
    seconds in the worst case. 
    3. Contact, Disclaimer and Yada-yada
    My steam nic is Blood Rage. I am contactable at 
    This guide is copyrighted 2015 to me. I expressly permit 
    GameFAQS to publish this guide. You can reproduce in it's 
    original formthis on your websites as long as I receive full 
    credits. You are not allowed to make monetary gain from this 

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