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El Oscuro, in the moment of his death, called upon the dark powers from whence he came. They began a dark rite called Desatanda, a ritual that literally reverses time. The spell took hold and has given the Dark Legions another chance. The HUNT, celebrating their victory, suddenly find themselves back on San Nicolas island at the entrance to the old monastery. Now the Oscuridos are ready: there's more of them, they're more devious, and they're more dangerous than ever!
Check out the bonuses you get with the Rise of the Triad EXTREME levels:
- Deviously different tricks, traps, and treachery never before seen in Triad
- Phenomenal firefights against the toughest Triads and meanest monks
- Some of the most sadistic, brain-bending puzzles yet
- Escalators and moving walkways-why tire your legs out as you blow off someone else's?
- Ballistitowers: ever had fifty missiles flying at you? YOU WILL.
- Oscurovators teleport you RIGHT into the heat of battle
- Plus Climbing 'GADs, Impossiboulders, FireRisers, and more!
- Fight your friends in the first twelve levels that are head to head ready!
Plus the best bonuses yet, included in this package:
- Create your own levels with TED5-the actual editor used by the ROTT designers!
- We've even thrown in color PCX maps of all the EXTREME levels and Comm-bat maps!

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