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Walkthrough by ClassyGent

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/01/2013

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II NUR+ Guide

Welcome to my first (and hopefully only?) attempt at writing a walkthrough, 
we're going on a nice stroll through Star Wars: Force Unleashed II.  This 
is a guide to beating the game under no upgrade run conditions. Something 
we like to call NUR+, in fact. Which means you beat the game using just the 
equipment and moves that you started it with. There will be no upgrading of 
Force powers or Saber prowess, nor will your health and power bars be 
extended. Why? I hear you ask. Simply to carve a little more challenge out 
of what is a fairly easy game. 

Because of how the game works to start an Unleashed difficulty run you must 
first complete Hard mode so I try to provide tactics that cater for both 
difficulties. Some, nay most, of the things I do are sneaky and 
underhanded. With this in mind, if you are just doing a regular run with 
upgrades then my tactics will provide very easy wins. You won't come out of 
fights feeling valiant but at least you'll come out of them alive.

I won’t be covering too much in the way of navigation, Force Sense covers 
that for you. Neither will I be listing Holocron locations, you don’t need 
them for a NUR.

I play the PS3 version so any button presses I mention will be for that 
format, if you’re playing PC or Xbox then just do the equivalent.
I’m quite keen on acronyms but I always try to use the full version first 
so this should be quite painless to follow. A brief summary of the more 
commonly used ones is:
DB Dashing blast L1 then quickly circle (same button as Force Push)
LG Lightning Grenade grip someone/something electrify it then toss it

It seems customary to list the levels/stages at this point so:

The Escape
Cato Neimoidia Eastern Arch
Cato Neimoidia Western Arch
Aboard the Salvation
Battle for the Salvation
Kamino the Return
The Confrontation

 Let’s do this...

The Escape:
Training Room

So it begins. The foes in this first room are all Sith Training Droids, 
they pose no real threat so we won't dwell on them for too long.  Attacking 
Juno, either directly or with area of effect type attacks, will trigger a 
flashback. Have a little fun hurling folks around and get used to using: 
Dashing Blast, L1 and circle
Saber Smash, square, square, triangle
and Saber Sling  square, square, circle 
because we're going to be using them a lot.  Notice how you can use Force 
Augmented Strikes i.e Sling and Smash without it draining your Force bar, 
neat eh? You can also Dashing Blast infinitely once you get the timing 
right. I'd advise that you get familiar with the timing as this move can 
prove very useful in everything from basic navigation to
encounters with multiple Saber Guards. 

Rip through the fodder until you get to the cutscene with Vader and prepare 

The Escape

Nice descent for you here, safest way down is to use Push through any 
walkways and just spam Lightning when the TIE Fighters appear. Don’t hold 
triangle, just tap it. It seems odd that you can use Saber Toss here before 
you actually acquire it but, y'know, guess they included it for both the 
falling sections.

Boom, what a landing. This really should have been available as an in-game 
move, not just a cutscene special. That or I've played too much InFamous...
Eight Stormtroopers await your loving caress, close the distance quickly 
with Dashing Blast and let loose some Saber strikes. It's rare that I use 
more than two hits before dashing toward a different target. Your initial 
dash probably split the group, DB *thats what I'm calling Dashing Blast 
from now on, you read the notes, right?* to one side, get a couple of 
hits in and move to the other group. DB does most of the work but finish 
things off with Saber strikes.

Now we're out in the open. Lovely weather on Kamino, isn't it? No wonder 
everyone just stays inside practising their cloning and playing with 
themselves, so to speak.
Once the doors open you have four Stormtroopers waiting for you, hiding 
behind three gripable blocks. Unfortunately you can't grab the blocks from 
the safety of inside the door so you have to engage the troopers in combat. 
DB towards them and send them flying to their deaths. All these wide open 
spaces are great for trap kills.

Move towards the small gap and the opportunity to be cheap presents itself. 
Move both of the objects with red on them *such things automatically 
explode when thrown* forward a little way before crossing the gap and you 
can take out all the enemies that arrive with a couple of grenades. After 
that you've got three more Stormtroopers to deal with. Grab a block and 
Lightning Grenade it. If you want to be a complete tool then before you 
trigger this spawn you can build yourself a little wall to hide behind *as 
shown in the vid* and grip a different block and use it to beat the 
troopers to death. This isn't necessary but it is amusing.  Here's a little 
vid to illustrate what I'm talking about


Blast through the door and there are  some more troopers to deal with. The 
cheap way is to grab a block from before the door you just blasted and LG 
*yup I'm abbreviating Lightning Grenade as well now* it at them. Two 
further troopers are on the upper area, it would be  a shame to not use 
Force Push on them the minute you see them, wouldn't it? Follow the route 
ahead and pull the platform from right to left.

Two Riot Troopers approach, wielding shock sticks, as seen quite early on 
in Revenge of the Sith. Grip and toss one to his death, practise parrying 
with the second if you wish.  

After that you get two Riot and three regular troopers. If you are fine 
with using powers before you acquire them then Mind Trick one Riot Trooper 
and DB into the Stormtroopers. If not then LG works well here. Riot 
troopers have no resistance to Force Grip. The Riot Troopers are no threat. 
You're better off using them to take out the pesky, blaster wielding 
Stormtroopers than you are tossing them to their deaths. Soon you'll be 
advised to grip some TIE fighters, instead I'd advise getting to the right 
of the door, quickly. When a trooper appears, throw him towards his friends 
as can be seen here


 Cowardly tactics are the way forward here, hide round corners and throw 
objects from safety, it that means back tracking a little then so be it. As 
you progress forwards a circular object is on your right, you can jump on 
the pipe then onto this upper level or proceed at ground level. I'd stick 
on the ground. More Riot and StormTroopers approach. Progress slowly and 
they will attack in ones and twos. LG time. Of course you could back track 
a little and fetch some objects to hurl at them. Push through another door 
and a curved, raised walkway awaits you, as do two troopers, give them the 
old Push off and more aggro awaits you.  Five troopers appear from the 
first door on your right, but wait, there's an exploding canister right 
next to you, provided you didn’t already jump off the safety of the 
Are you a bad enough dude to take all five out with one explosion? 
Now an angry Riot Trooper approaches, grip him, electrify him and send him 
back from whence he came. Four more troopers will enter from the door on 
screen right. By then you want to have DB'd down to the door at the far end 
and sent everyone flying, pick a target and LG it back at the second group.

Now it's time to stop some fans. Obviously, if you stand straight in front 
of them then you will get shot whilst doing so. You can grip them safely 
from screen right. Stop them both and a small group of troopers awaits, DB 
to de-stabilise them then get a little slashy. Jump down the hole and 
follow the instructions about smashing stuff using Force Grip.  Whilst 
we're throwing stuff around we may as well launch a couple of objects at 
the Stormtroopers that appear. Follow the path ahead and avoid the nasty 
We're just about to "unlock" Mind Trick so from now on I'm fine with using 
it. The level one version isn't the best but it will come in handy later 
on, trust me on that. 
Jump through the recently smashed window, before you get shot to 
smithereens and land on the 

Drilling Ground


This is where things start to get interesting. For the first wave hiding 
behind the two blocks works well, if you can grip enemies and LG them at 
the domed power node then, good.  Doing so sends out a shockwave.  Wave two 
has a couple of Riot Troopers and a handful of regulars, they won't come to 
you to get murdered so make your way towards them. The forcefileds are on 
screen right so DB from left to right results in some cheap kills. Once the 
first field falls a large gun begins targeting you, the same one that 
blasted at you when you acquired mind trick. As usual I like hiding behind 
tings and tossing LG's. Note how mind trick causes troopers to suicide 
here. Having them jump into the power node is always handy. 

Your best bet is to work the angles, there is generally a corner to hide 
behind if you look hard enough and it is always easier picking people off 
one at a time then when you are taking fire.  Eventually a 

Carbonite War Droid 

enters the fray, accompanied by four Stormtroopers. The war droid's 
projectiles can be gripped and redirected. Hitting the war droid with them 
will slow him down, if you target the troopers with a redirected projectile 
they will be frozen in carbonite. They do make tasteful decorations but I'd 
advise you smash them once frozen. Dispatching the troopers is top 
priority, Once you're one on one with the Carbonite War Droid things get a 
little easier. You can get in close, land a couple of hits then scarper but 
the safest way to handle it is with lightning. Be aware that when you "lock 
on" to a target your ability to evade is greatly compromised. Best bet is 
to unload a bar of Force Lightning then DB to the other end of the arena, 
wait for your bar to refill then unload again. Once you change ends face 
the droid and tap R3 to align the camera with the direction you are facing, 
it's much quicker than rotating it manually. Lather rinse and repeat this 
process until you get the circle prompt. Freeze him, smash him and proceed. 
Alternative tactics are covered for later Droids
Follow the path ahead and take down another blue barrier by gripping the 
objects just beyond it. 
Smashy smashy. 
Troopers await, carry on hurling the projectiles and a door opens. Two riot 
troopers further along, quickest way of dealing them is hurling off the 
side but bouncing them off of the power node is amusing enough to waste a 
minute. A third Riot Trooper should rush you and there will be another one 
hiding round the corner of the building on your right. Have you tried 
Dashing Shock yet? It really is quite good. It looks like a combination of 
push and shock, travels quite well and provides ranged stuns. It will also 
hit multiple targets if they are lined up properly 


Dashing shock will set the power node off and there are various objects to 
LG at the Stormtroopers. Have something electrified and ready to launch 
when you see the dropship move in. No sense letting them dig in and get a 
decent footing, is there? 

Raise the platform, such a shame you can't do this whilst standing on 
things, isn't it? Jump up and prepare for more Riot Troopers. It's worth 
noting here that the launching grab (triangle and circle) followed up by 
lightning and then aerial hits does odd things to the physics of the thing 
you are hitting. I like to toss the first to his death then grip the 
second, manoeuvre him towards where the next batch of troopers arrive (near 
the second stack of  
blocks) and then LG him into them. There are stacks of blocks to hide 
behind so there should be plenty of chance to LG everyone to death. DB from 
cover to cover and hurl objects wen the opportunity presents itself, there 
shouldn't be any real need for hand to hand combat at this stage.

There's a gap in the walkway ahead guarded by three Jump Troopers. You can 
grab them but the safest method is to fry them with lightning. Avoid the 
holocron whilst crossing the gap. It's best to let the Jumptroopers 
approach you, before you cross the gap, rather than having them buzz around 
whilst you engage the reguar troopers. Three regular lurk behind a pile of 
blocks, LG a block at them and progress until two more JumpTroopers arrive, 
a couple of zaps of the old Force Lightning sends them on their way to 
death. Time for the

Second Carbonite War Droid

Fortunately you just crossed an AI boundary and if you back track a little 
then the droid will not follow you. Start with the obligatory shield rip 
then hurl a few LGs around to take out the accompanying troopers. There 
should be enough "ammo" around to get the droid to circle prompt but if 
there isn't then just retire to the walkway and unload with Force 
Lightning. LG's are quicker but there are a limited number of objects. 
Saber attacks work well when one on one with the Droid, especially aerial 

Clear these foes then enter the walkway, DB is the way to go as you are 
pursued by laser fire, ignore anyone in your way, don't waste time engaging 
them. Remember, to use DB always press a direction first (then keep it 
held) then dash, immediately followed by blast. Stick to the middle of the 
walkway to avoid any obstructions.

There's a pretty little cutscene showing three AT-ST's and a bit of scenery 
and now it's time to grip and toss some TIE fighters into the tower, aww 
yeah. Three is all it takes and they alternate between approaching from the 
right and left. If you don't have enough power to grip the third then just 
wait for a fourth whilst your Force meter replenishes. Double jump to avoid 
the lasers. Once the tower falls it takes out one of the AT-ST's. Use the 
downed tower as a walkway and you'll receive the gift of Force Fury. 

Call it rage mode, call it whatever you like but what it is, is 
invulnerability to attacks (even though you can still be grabbed) and 
unlimited amped up Force Powers. The game insists that you use Fury to 
progress so you might as well make the most of it. I like to use Mind  
Trick, just to see the walkers turn on each other. Then leap in the air and 
get some serious hang time by frying them with lightning. Numerous troopers 
appear from dropships, more mind trick, just to see massive groups all turn 
on each other. Oddly your Fury bar does not seem to deplete during this 
tutorial. Blast makes the awesomest noise you will hear in this  
game, except for the hum of the Sabers in the hangar. Watch the cutscene 
and prepare for

Cato Neimoidia: The Eastern Arch

 We're on a circular platform surrounded by eight troopers, time to give 
them some DB loving. Work around it in a circular fashion to get them all 
off. Get it right and you won't take a single hit. If you're planning on 
taking the AT-MP out with the TIE fighter then it might be a good idea to 
take the two flagpoles out first. The game prompts you to parry the 
incoming missiles but I favour grabbing them early on and returning them 
that way. Three returns and the AT-MP is history and a bridge appears, 
follow it to make the acquaintance of two Sith Acolytes. These guys are 
resistant to Force powers but like all humanoids they love a good 
grabbing. The throw grab (square and X) is good for throwing them clean 
off the edge but the launching grab can be followed by an aerial push for 
maximum cruelty.  
Acolytes will block DB but they will be pushed back by it, sending them 
over the edge whilst they are blocking is kind of amusing. Just close the 
distance quickly and get stuck in with grabs is all I'm saying. if you see 
them charging up their repulse attack then either  stay the hell away then 
dash in and grab them or interrupt it with a Saber Strike.

Ride the elevator down and an AT-MP awaits you, just play the redirect 
game, whilst slowly closing in on him. Parry the missiles or grip them, it 
makes no real difference. After the AT-MP blows then six troopers come up 
the far ramp. If you've made it to where thewalker was standing 
(wait,what?) then you can have a pre electrified block ready to LG at them, 
this should down most of them and stop them from showering you in blaster 
fire, which is nice. Down the ramp (great disabled acces in this floating 
city) but before you do note how the flag poles can be chopped down then 
gripped. I like to take one down the ramp with me, just to get the drop on 
the next batch of troopers. Sure there are blocks already down there but I 
like to bring my own. Down the next ramp to trigger the cutscene with the 
tram, cue a few more troopers. There's nine of them (six from the left and 
three from the right) so there is no sense getting into a fair fight. 
Hiding to the left of the walkway near the pile of blocks means you can 
grab one of the blocks and mow people down with it. Don't throw it at them 
just manoeuvre it into them and bludgeon them with it, often they will jump 
to their deaths. This only works with the blocks. Keep the block low as you 
send it up the ramp and it will start rolling. Don't try it with the big 
screen TV's that you can grip after dislodging them, or rather do, then 
wonder why it doesn't work. If people break past your block bashing 
shenanigans (they shouldn't) then you can retreat to the very far end of 
the platform, where the tram departed from and pick them off with blast as 
they come into view.
Or you could just spam DB. Spamming DB is nearly always an option.

Go back up the ramp (if you fought from the bottom of it) and raise the two 
platforms, double jump from one to the other and avoid the nasty holocron. 
Four troopers await you Ifavour hugging the left wall, giving the TV's a 
quick slice to dislodge them then tossing them at the incoming enemies. 
After that make your way over to the hovering platforms and “learn” to use 
Saber Toss again. I'm told that this move does a LOT of damage, I just 
don't like it so won't often advise that you use it. If you like it, and 
not being able to block for ages whilst your Sabers are busy then fine, go 
ahead and use it. 

Take out the second platform and make your way to the next building, two 
troopers await your arrival in the first room, dash and slash or just LG 
one into the other. Then two scout troopers and three regulars await you at 
the end of the hallway. There's heaps of objects you can hurl at them, 
including a natty little globe. Don't forget to add a dash of lightning to 
the furniture for an area of effect explosion. There's enough objects to 
not have to face these enemies directly but if you're feeling crazy then 
just DB right at them and get a little slashy. It takes Scout Troopers an age
to lock on and their beam lets you know where they are when they're off 
screen. I'd play it safe. 

Exit the door on the left but before you do take a couple of blocks with 
you, you can either hide behind them or LG them at the two Acolytes that 
spawn on the bridge. They don't spawn until you touch the red carpet so 
have a block ready to electrify and throw the second you do, catch them 
early and they won't block the projectile. This should take one out leaving 
you facing a lone Acolyte, the throw grab will take them over the low walls 
of the walkway. It's also worth noting that Saber hits will interrupt them 
when they are charging up a repulse. 
Take down the energy barrier and six troopers come out of the building in 
front of you, get close to the wall so you can see them before they see you 
and LG them into each other.  
Along the next walkway, blast open the doors and there's a fair size mob 
awaiting you.  
Two Scout Troopers, two Riot Troopers and numerous regular Troopers. Hide 
behind one of the posts on the right and wait for someone to break rank and 
approach you. If it is a Riot Trooper then mind trick him and laugh at the 
results. Regular troopers get LG'd into the pack, when everyone is either 
scattered by the explosion, or bunched up attacking the Mind Tricked Riot 
Trooper then get to work with DB. Keep on the move and you won't get hit, 
people will be thrown into each other and soon enough you'll be the last 
one standing. Take a right then blast the doors at the end.
You exit into a round area with a red bridge in front of you, when you walk 
onto it both ends are sealed and two Jump Troopers arrive, one from either 
side so be ready to face one of them immediately, fry his jetpack, it only 
takes a small blast of lightning then hit block as the other one will 
probably be shooting at you. Turn to face him, the second that he stops  
(they fire in bursts) fry him. Take down the red barrier and progress to 
the end of the walkway, three Troopers and a AT-MP should be there, the 
troopers often appear first and can be thrown to their deaths. Once the AT-
MP comes into view then back off and redirect the missiles. As usual three 
redirects are required. If troopers remain then DB towards them and they 
should take care of themselves.
Another platform needs chopping down with Saber Toss, there are two 
Troopers on it who are just crying out to be pushed off. Follow the walkway 
and you'll notice a pair of Scout troopers tracking your movements, DB 
towards them to make yourself a hard target.  

There's a round room with a path through it, To the right of the building 
are four StormTroopers, dash towards them then get slashy with your Sabers. 
From here you can see another path, down which an AT-MP is waiting. Stay at 
range and you should be able to redirect three missiles before the Riot 
Troopers start hassling you, they've got a Scout Trooper for back up so DB 
towards them and take him out quickly with a slash. The Riot Troopers fall 
to grabs or Saber Sling. It's safest to Mind Trick one then grab the other.  
There's also exploding crates if you feel that way inclined.
Into the next room and there is another one of those lovely globes, throw 
it down the hallway to take out the handful of troops that are down there, 
DB for the stragglers. It's worth noting that if you smash the large 
statues that hold a spear then you can throw the  spear head as a 
projectile. This hallway has an open end and there are troopers and two AT-
MPs waiting, one on either side of the distant building. Best bet is to 
play the angles. If you wade in they are going to slaughter you so don't 
venture too far from your end of the bridge. Pop out a little to goad one 
of them into firing then redirect its missile and lather rinse repeat. It 
might take a minute but it's worth it. When they're gone three Riot 
Troopers rush to meet you, swiftly backed up by three Acolytes. I'd think 
no less of you if you activated Force Fury now and spammed square but I 
prefer a slightly more refined approach. Yes I know I've advised DB for 
every fight so far but sometimes you need a little finesse. DB immediately 
to one far end of the walkway, you should get there just in time for the 
Acolyte that spawns there. Greet him with a Saber Strike then triangle and  
circle to launch then push him over the edge, as you may have noticed once 
the Acolytes  are off their feet they are susceptible to Force powers. 
Ignore the central Acolyte and the three Riot Troopers and make your way to 
the opposite path, another Acolyte is quietly minding his own business, 
dash in with a slash then grab launch and blast him off the edge.
With this start you've seriously taken the sting out of this fight and 
you've only got three Riot Troopers and one Acolyte to deal with. If you 
don't get these two kills in quick then just jump off a ledge and try 
again. Riot Troopers can be LG'd at the Acolyte to distract him and there 
are two explosive crates on each side that can be thrown around for damage, 
also mind trick one of the Riot Troopers to turn the tide. You can play 
safe by dashing away and throwing the first Riot that approaches to his 
death then relocating. If you end up one on one with an Acolyte just dash 
and slash, he won't recover in time to mount a counter attack.

Ride the elevator up and get ready to spam DB as the gunship pursues you. 
Stay in the middle of the walkway and there's only one box in your way, 
just after the nasty holocron.   
Nice little swan dive and into 

The Casino

There are two levels in the room ahead, the upper is accessible via a 
central platform and a little double jumping.
Plenty of cover, so DB toward the red barrier and clear out the ground 
floor with some Slashing and tossing. The Scout Trooper won't be able to 
target you when you're stood under him so this is an ideal place to grab 
the globe from. Lift it up high and move it toward the walkway where the 
Scout and three Riot Troopers await. Move it side to side to squash them 
all, or at least take a couple of them out. Move up top to take out any 
The exit is on the ground floor to the left and three Jump Troopers are 
waiting out there. Block, zap, block, zap, block, zap then slice your way 
through the three troopers.
Jump Troopers crack me up, if they timed their firing correctly then three 
of them could keep you pinned down and unavailable to move but instead they 
all fire at once. Hence the block then zap tactics working so well.

On to the next room, there's a Scout, who you should DB straight towards, 
two Acolytes and two Riot Troopers. The Riot troopers can be hurled 
straight into the red barrier for an instant disintegration. The easiest 
way, by far, of dealing with this room is to get sneaky, you know that 
globe from the first room of the casino? Go back and fetch it before you 
enter this room. Use push to open the doors then grab the ball. Stand to 
one side so the Acolyte doesn't target you.  Electrify the ball and hurl it 
at the first Acolyte this will take him off his feet leaving you free to do 
it again. The Riot Troopers will probably rush you by now but you can grip 
them and LG them into each other or mix things up with your Sabers if you 
like. Know that a Scout Trooper and another Acolyte are still waiting for 
you. The Scout can say hello to the barrier or be LG'd at the Acolyte and 
grabs or square mashing will deal with the Acolyte. Head to the upper level 
from the raised dias, take out the lift according to the prompt *dirty 
Saber Toss* and get ready for another nice fight.

On the ground floor there is an AT-MP that you can take out quickly with 
LG. Grip and lift the gambling machines before electrifying them and 
sending them toward the walker. It only takes three of these to get to 
minigame prompt. On the upper level there are four Riot Troopers and an 
assortment of regular troopers. DB to unsettle them then toss them around 
with LG for quick kills. Mind Tricking a Riot Trooper then scarpering is 
always worth a punt. With those cleared out the next red energy wall 
tumbles and things get interesting.
 There's another AT-MP and two acolytes wanting to dance with you. I'd 
advise getting straight to the upper level and taking out the lone Scout 
Trooper who resides on the left walkway. Try LGing him toward where you 
estimate the AT-MP to be. From there you should be able to redirect 
missiles at the walker or grab machines and LG them at it. Be wary of the 
Acolytes and their "travelling shock" move. It can be parried or just 
outright avoided. Once the walker is down then LG something at one of the 
Acolytes to down him then get on down there *using a dash when you are 
close to landing negates any landing animation* slash or grab him to death. 
The other Acolyte can be dealt with by either dashing in and slashing, or 
hiding with a column between you and him then tossing machines.

Go down the next lift shaft, is this a good time to mention that the last 
three fights have allbeen optional? I just can't abide leaving anyone alive 
though. Survivors tell tales and we don't want word getting out about how 
sneaky we are, do we?
Go down the shaft and things look like a seedy night club. Dry ice or 
carbonite gas is everywhere and you just know that the carpet is sticky and 
there won't be any toilet paper in the loos. 
First up is a Carbonite War Droid,that explains the gases anyway. There are 
lots of potential projectiles so just LG him to death. Four objects are all 
it takes. Again, returning projectiles then getting a few slashes in whilst 
he is slowed down is quite effective.
 Around the corner is another Carbonite Droid, two Acolytes and two regular 
A little back tracking is in order as the humanoids will pursue you but the 
Droid will not.  
Just behind the corner is a cluster of three machines, have one of these 
charged with lightning and ready to hurl at the first Acolyte that comes 
around the corner. Holding an object in Grip between you and the Acolyte 
will prevent his projectile attacks from hitting you. Wait for his attack 
to be stopped by the object then launch the object at him. There's a post 
to hide behind and many objects to grab so the Acolytes shouldn't be a 
problem. The  
Troopers should get taken out by any explosions that you cause, that or LG 
them into the Acolytes.
 Just the War Droid to go and there are so many things to throw at him, do 
I need to spell it out for you? Even if you can't see him you know roughly 
where he is. Grip an object and elevate it with the right analog stick, 
push the left roughly toward the droid and the auto-targeting does the 
rest. Lovely. Blast through the door that the Droid sealed and make your 
way toward 

The Tram

well almost, you've just got to out dash the gunship first but that ain't 
even a thing, DB time. Once you're on the tram waves of TIE fighters attack 
you. Oddly, Lightning will arc between targets here so it would be a shame 
to not use it. Usually this only happens when you upgrade it but hey, 
whatever works. It's only the ones that approach at a low angle that you 
really need to worry about, a quick dab of triangle and they're history.  
After nine waves the gunship attacks you and the tram. Parry the individual 
missiles and when a red targeting area show up stand in it and double tap  
parry to return all of the missiles. Three rounds of this and you leap from 
the tram and land in

The Western Arch

Four Riot Troopers provide the initial welcoming party, quickest and 
easiest death is to send them over the side, after that two Jump Troopers. 
Get on the ramp and give it the old block and zap. Move up to the circular 
platform and another Riot Trooper and some regulars want to play. There's a 
cluster of blocks that cou can hide behind just to the left of the ramp, 
let the troopers dig in then LG the top block at them. Up the next ramp and 
a red energy wall appears, as do four Jump Troopers block, zap, block, zap, 
block, zap, block and zap again. On the way up the next ramp Scouts target 
you, don't hang around and move on to the next Carbonite War Droid.
As usual start with the shield rip, whilst writing this I had a revelation 
about handling these Droids. Early on I advocated staying at range and 
spamming lightning. Whilst this does work it is painfully slow. 
Here are a couple of alternative strategies, in video form


 It seems the simplest route is the fastest and often the safest. Get right 
in close to the Droid and use aerial hits. If you double jump and the Droid 
aims his freezethrower at you then so much the better, it makes him all the 
easier to hit. Just try to get on his head and you should get stuck in the 
air where you can batter him senseless. Get too far from the Droid and he 
will close the distance quickly with a sliding attack. This can be avoided 
by dashing or jumping but it's best if you don't provoke him to use it at 

Once the droid falls things get hectic. Four Jump Troopers, two Riot 
Troopers and four regulars. Retreat down the ramp because the ship they 
arrived on goes on an unprovoked strafing run. The Jump Troopers will 
maintain position at the top platform so you're free to pick the ground 
troops off as you please. LG the first one into the pack or just toss them 
over the side if it pleases you to do so. Get back to the top of the ramp 
and resume the block and zap antics that work so well against Jump 
Troopers. Take down the red wall and another dropship says, "hi". Two Jump 
Troopers are your most pressing concern, get around the corner (back where 
you came from) and poke your nose around the corner to take out the closest 
enemies with LG. Listen closely, can you hear that clanking? Yup there's an 
AT-MP coming. I backtrack to the slope as it puts you in a great position. 
the All Terrain Missile Platform isn't too keen on going down the slope so 
just return missiles.
 There's four more Jump Troopers, just hold block and zap them when it’s 
safe to do so, we're in no rush right now. Follow the left walkway and 
those four pesky Scout Troopers are targeting you again and a red wall 
appears. Block their line of sight and grip the wall to take it down. 
There's a stack of three blocks (no need to rearrange them to get the nasty 
holocron) that can be launched into the Scout Troopers. Better still just 
grip one and bully them into jumping off of the walkway.  Progress toward 
the grounded dropship and three regular troopers approach you. There's two 
Carbonite War Droids as well. It's fun to get the droid to freeze the 
troopers and smash them but it is safer to back track to the blocks and 
pick them off. Approach the Droid slowly and rip its shield. We don't want 
to fight both at once so just wake one of them up at a time. 
What works well on this narrow walkway is keeping a fair distance and 
gripping and returning a carbonite projectile. This slows the droid 
briefly, allowing you to dash in to get a few hits in then repeat the 
process. Once the second droid activates he gets backed up by Riot and 
regular Troopers, again backtrack. There should be a block left to hide 
behind and pick them off, grip them and toss them. User the same tactics 
for the second Droid as you did the first. Return theprojectile then get 
some hits in. There's time for a full Lightning infused combo if you fancy 
Take down the next barrier go up the ramp and you're in a room with shot 
out windows surrounded by seven Jump Troopers, soon to be joined by two 
Riot Troopers. I'd advise getting into the hallway between this room and 
the next one to take out the Riot Troopers without getting shot to sh-
mithereens. Get back in the first room, stand on the sofa's (I won’t tell 
if you don’t) to get close to the windows and block and zap, Standard Jump 
Trooper handling. This section is easily skippable so do whatever you are 
comfortable with to get to

The Bridge

Four Storm Troopers, the same number of Jumpies and a Scout await your 
gentle touch on this section. Get behind the first barricade and grip and 
toss the regulars over the edge. Notice that if you get close to a 
barricade then use Force Push it will travel through it. For the be-
jetpacked troopers just the usual block and zap, in fact forget the block, 
just hide behind something then jump and zap. You can employ mind trick 
here but it won't help a lot.
  Take out the obstruction and things get a little busy. There's a 
Carbonite War Droid, a smattering of regulars and four Jump Troopers 
waiting at the end of this section. The Jumps won't take flight until you 
get close to them so take everything else out first. Order of priority is 
first the regulars then the droid. Engage the Jump Troopers last.
Rip off the Droid's shield and LG troopers at him when you can. Work the 
angles and use the cover. Once the regulars are gone focus your attention 
on the droid. Depending on how you are doing for health you can either 
return the droid’s projectiles and get hits in (safe but slow) or mix it up 
directly with saber blows to the head. Once the Jumpies take flight then 
resort to blockand zap. Take out the next obstruction and get ready for 
more of the similar. Two scout Troopers at the far end, couple more close 
to you and a CWD in the middle. Take out the Scouts first (DB to get there 
quicker) and beware the nasty holocron. Hide behind a block and wait for 
the CWD to start his freezethrower attack, when he does dash out and get 
afew hits in. That or use any of the other tactics we've employed so far 
that you favour. I like aerial hits best of all but choose your own method. 
Take out the next barrier and the troopers hiding behind it and get ready 
for the 

Gunship Battle
This is kind of like a game of Space Invaders, except that it’s only one on 
one. The gunship starts by firing its mini-gun, you want nothing to do with 
this so just get behind a block and wait for the Saber Toss prompt. After 
that it is time for some missiles. The individual ones can be gripped and 
redirected or just parried. As for the clusters of missiles the best bet is 
to be fairly close to the blocks then double jump and dash forwards to 
avoid them.
Don't hide behind the blocks as the missiles will destroy them (see Space 
Invaders), leaving you vulnerable to gunfire. The pattern alternates 
between single and multiple missiles so after each redirect/parry retreat 
and be ready to jump and dash to avoid getting hit. 
It takes three redirects to initiate the two minigames. Take out both the 
thrusters and get ready (I keep saying that, I know. Not sure how you ready 
yourself for a fight, I just wipe any sweat off my hands and think about 
what I’m going to do) to fight 

The Gorog

You got plenty of Force Fury or did you use it on the bridge? It matters 
little, the Gorog is big bad and ugly but not all that tough. Fury will buy 
you a quick bye on one of the rounds but who wants a quick fight? 
Initially the Gorog will attack with either hand, accompanied by a 
targeting circle. Stay out of the circle and attack his head with Lightning 
when you can. The cue for this attack is him hovering a hand over you, lie 
he's wondering which chocolate to pick out of the box. 

He will also use a hand sweep, from either side. This cue is even more 
theatrical, he'll clearly lurch over to one side, once he does double jump 
and either do an attack or three or just air dash to the side that he 
attacked from. Even though the build up is slow the attack comes out quite 
quickly so you are better off in the air ready to avoid it, rather than 
rising up and liable to get hit. Air hits grant a lot of hang time so it is 
best to be an early riser, so to speak.

The third cue to watch for is the breath attack, rearing back is the give 
way for this one. Your response is to block.

It takes about three full bars of lightning to provoke a new attack, the 
double fist pound.  
This is your cue to attack one of the shackles with lightning infused 
attacks. I favour square, square, triangle but that's probably just my God 
of War background showing through. Plumes anyone?
After the first wrist is restrained, block. The Gorog will always open with 
a roar attack. The second wrist is a little easier to restrain because you 
don't need to attack his head to provide an opening any more. Any time the 
Gorog attacks with a closed fist then you can charge the shackle with 
either Lightning or Lightning infused attacks. The open palm, pick a 
chocolate attack, seems to track you a little longer but the swipe is 
unchanged. It should only take a couple of rounds to get his second hand 
pinned. He's yours for the taking right now so time so wait it out then 
just keep frying him and follow the minigame prompts.  
After slamming his head down you're into 

Stage 1 part II

Which you start with a full health bar and the Gorog has had about half of 
his green bar depleted. You basically begin the same process all over 
again. Your next goal is to get the green bar down to about a third, this 
will be your next double fist pound. You might notice that some of the 
"pick a chocolate" attacks become doubles but that is of no concern.  Fire 
lightning (ideally just after an attack) until you get the double pound 
then pin a wrist back by hitting it with Saber Smash 1 (or square, square, 
triangle) what's in a name? 
Do as you did for the first stage and avoid the swipe by jumping early and 
attacking (for hang time) or jumpimg and dashing. Block the breath and 
avoid the chocolate pick. 
Attacks with closed hands are your cue to retaliate and the second one 
should have a change of camera angle, letting you know it's time for some 
Lightning infused lovin'.  Another head slam and a brief QTE and you are 
ready for 

Gorog Part II Stage I

In which the Gorog climbs from his pit and attacks you on a walkway. 
There's five troopers to deal with, push as many as you can from the edge 
and the Gorog will probably take the rest out with his first attack.I like 
to start with a Saber Sling then DB to the left,this takes out most of the 
troopers but you've got to be quick to pull it off. If the Gorog attacks 
with his left hand (screen right) he will sweep it along the platform, 
double jump and attack with lightning for hang time to avoid it. 
Attacks with the right hand will either be a single slam or multiple pounds 
working from screen left to screen right. The cue for the multiple pounds 
is the Gorog bringing his head close to you. Once this happens then DB left 
to evade them all. Once the first punch has landed then you can unload with 
a bar of lightning or a Saber Toss if you are into that sort of thing, I 
won't think any less of you if you do, well maybe a little but who am I to 
When the Gorog lets go of the pole that he is grasping (worst pole dancer 
ever?)this is your cue to DB to the extreme left of the screen. The attack 
won't track you all the way there so you will have time to unload some 
lightning whilst repositioning back to the centre. Don't worry about 
getting a full bar off, concern yourself with being back in the middle in 
time to read the next attack. It won't seem like you're doing much damage 
but this is a war of attrition and we're going to win it by not getting hit 
whilst chipping away. Trust me, it took me a while to nail this down to a 
science so just persevere with it, m’kay?

Left hand attacks can be jumped (opening for lightning) and right hand 
should be DB'd away from. 
About halfway through this section the Gorog takes a swipe at the right 
hand side of the platform and four Troopers approach. Don't let them 
distract you, fire a blast or two their way and they should be sent flying.

Back to the routine of reading the Gorog's attacks, to recap:
If he comes in close to sniff at you he will use the multiple pound, DB to 
far left and respond with Lightning or Saber Toss.
If his right hand leaves the pole it will be a single ground slap, DB left 
and respond with Lightning, priority is to get back to the centre of the 
Centre (or center for you Americans) platform should be your default 
position. I experimented with others but once you learn to read the attacks 
then centre works just fine.
If his left hand comes down then he's going for the ground sweep attack, 
double jump and fire lightning.
A little more of this and the camera pans out and the Gorog smashes an 
obstruction on screen right. Head that way and take out the two regulars at 
the bottom of the "steps",climb them and attack the hand, lightning infused 
attacks, Slash or Samsh work well but beware the three Jump Troopers and 
the Gorog's other hand, if that hits the platform you will take damage so 
when you see it coming jump and attack to get some hang time, better still 
unload Lightning to evade the hand and take out the Jump Troopers at the 
same time.

Gorog Part II stage II

Although there are a differing number of enemies at the start of this stage 
(including a dropship) it's basically a carbon copy of the previous one. 
Three Troopers arrive half way through and all the same tactics apply. If 
you want to be sneaky then whilst you are avoiding the right hand attack 
then you can use mind trick against the off screen enemies. Just keep on 
doing what you did before, sure the walkway sways about a little but it's 
no big deal. Trigger the cutscene and proceed towards the unguarded steps 
to get a chance to attack the hand again. No Jumpies this time so just let 

Do the navigation, watch the cutscene and get ready for some free fall 
action in

Gorog Part III

Dash, dash, dash to start with, avoid any chunks and head for the hole in 
the big piece of debris that comes at you.  
Know that the Gorog has three attacks he can now use:
Starts with his right, follows with left, both low *unlikely*
Starts with his left, sweeps bottom left to top right, stay bottom right of 
the screen
Starts with right then stay top right of the screen
It's worth noting that X performs a nice little twirly evade that can be 
used to quickly reposition and avoid the follow up attacks.

Each time he initiates an attack just pause a moment, look what it is and 
respond appropriately. 

When he pulls an arm back he goes for a single diagonal sweep 
If he holds a hand towards you it will be a low swing, stay high.

Real damage is dealt when you get up in the Gorog's face, these sequences 
are triggered by dealing damage so let loose with lightning whenever you 
can. Once you are close to his head you have unlimited force power (for 
some reason) it seems the quickest way of dealing damage is to spam 
push/blast. Saber Toss does massive damage but is slow and I don't like it. 
Make sure you deal out enough damage in the given time or the Gorog will 
recover leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Rain enough pain and the Gorog 
falls away from you and you need to dash to close the distance. 

It takes three of the face busting sessions to finish off the Gorog, 
because everyone loves repetition, because everyone loves repetition so 
just lather, rinse and repeat. 

Watch or skip the cutscene and go to


Which is just a bunch of navigation with no combat. So I have nothing to 
say about it so let’s get 

Aboard the Salvation

Where there are doors to be opened and fuses to be repowered. You better 
like those fuses because they sure get done to death in this level. There 
are couple of doors to pull out of your way and the first combat encounter 
is with the new Spider Droids, take out the first wave. I like s,s,t (Saber 
Smash) as it is quick with a nice stun. Kill a few and then you are forced 
(see what I did there?) to use Repulse, which when fully charged is a hell 
of a move. When the droids glow orange they are about to go for their grab 
attack. You can tough it out against the swarms of droids, use quick 
attacks (s,s,t) and keep on the move or you can back track through the two 
doors that you pulled open, if you opened them far enough then you can hurl 
projectiles through them, although the large piece has a habit of 
unexisiting if you take  
it too far from its original location. Pull back and the droids will only 
approach from one direction and they make for easy pickings. It's worth 
using Force Fury in conjunction with Repulse here, just to see how awesome 
it looks and the damage it deals out.
Clear out the room and install the fuse (yay) 
Go down the lift shaft and there's a few more Spiders to take out, Repulse 
or hit and move tactics work just fine. Through the flaming doorway and get 
a glimpse of Juno (Juno her? Yeah I used to). Return back through the 
flaming door and you're up for the first Terror Trooper encounter. These 
guys teleport around at will and are meant to be difficult to hit.  
A blast of lightning means they remain tangible long enough to hit. Safest 
way of taking out the first one is to wait for him to try and melee attack 
you, parry it then shock him.  
After that use grabs. Launch then an aerial grab followed by a ground stab 
is plenty. More Spider Droids come pouring in, get yourself in a defensible 
position and slash your way through them (s,s,t). Two Terror Troopers join 
the fun but focus on taking the Spider droids out first. Mind Trick causes 
the Terrors to remain tangible just as well as Lightning and in a crowd 
situation you know it won't target the droids. Also the Spider droids can  
and will grab you straight through any i-frames that you thought grabs gave 
Have fun with that. 
If you want to take the Spiders out really quickly activate Force Fury, let 
loose with a single repulse then de-activate Fury. Without the crowd the 
Terror Troopers really aren't that much to worry about, just wait for them 
to get close, lightning, launch, airgrab and groundstab. 
Switch the fuses and proceed to a room with four more Terrors. Just shock 
them and chuck them, beware their projectile attacks (dashing shock, sets 
you up to be grabbed) and don't let them grab you. If you throw one Terror 
whilst he is still electrified it will make any more that he contacts 
remain tangible. Alternatively parry an atack then LG your attacker, the 
act of parrying alone leaves them vulnerable to attacks. Don't waste time 
Saber strikes, someone will just dash in and grab you out of it, stick with 
Further into the same room are two more Terrors. You know the drill by now, 
shock them and grab them then hit them while they are down. Through the 
next door and there's a smattering of Spiders. Attack with square, square, 
triangle and keep moving through them. Use repluse if you must.
 Another fuse and another look at Juno, seems she got a better offer from 
Three Terrors are just dying to meet you so make that happen. Shock them 
and chuck them. There are fewer Spiders in this room so focus on the 
Terrors, shock them and grab them. Be liberal with the lightning as you're 
quite likely to hit a lurker with it. 
Go through the door and down the next corridor, few more spiders but 
nothing to worry about. 
Make your way along the canyon, pick a fuse up from the left and move it to 
and use it on the other side. The last platform on the left crumbles so 
don't hang around on your way to 

The Gearworks

This right now is just navigation and so many clichés all at once that I 
don't even know where to begin. Anyone seen Galaxy Quest with the 
pointlessly dangerous room? You’re in it right now. 
Intermittently pulsing red energy, esoteric rotating dumbbells and various 
other nonsense. Navigate past this tomfoolery and drop down a hole. Spider 
droids and random engine components need to be dealt with. It is odd that 
you can stop components with seemingly no ill effects to the ship. Drop 
down again and progress towards a fight. 

There's a Terror Giant down on the floor but don't rush in to say hello 
just yet. Three Terrors will teleport up to meet you so you may as well 
fight them in isolation. It's worth noting that their second melee attack 
will break your guard, hence my advice to shock them and grab them, rather 
than waiting to be attacked.
  Once the terror troopers are dealt with you can stand on the ledge and 
hurl a few LG'd blocks around for free damage but eventually you must 
descend and face the Terror Giant.
 You can leave this room by jumping straight across the right hand side as 
you enter it but there is a nasty holocron in your way so, man up. To make 
sure you don't get lunged at by the TG and killed instantly just walk off 
the right hand platform and land on the fenced off magic platform/lift on 
the ground (between the two raised platforms. When you are on this lower 
platform if your back is to the wall then none of the Terror Giant’s 
attacks will reach you. This allows you to destroy him with lightning. 
Also none of the Spider Droids will venture onto the platform either. 
Basically you can destroy the Giant with Toss or Lightning and there isn't 
a damn thing he can do about it.
Yup, I'm THAT cheap. 
Take out the Spiders after minigaming the Giant and raise the lift on the 
opposite side to which you entered. Ride the lift, chat with Kota and get 
ready to party with the

Terror Walker

This is a lot like a giant Spider Droid but on steroids. 
First objective is to raise the four power nodes in the centre of the room, 
which is easily done. The Walker moves fairly slowly so you can just let 
him follow you and keep a node between you and him and raise the adjacent 
If you need to reposition the camera use quick look, it's far faster than 
panning around.  
Once the nodes are up damage the Walker however you see fit, get behind it 
and attack the legs or launch exploding objects. 

Attacks to look out for are:
Dual lasers that sweep the ground, easily avoided
Missile attacks, these have a targeting light that sweeps the ground
Leg stomps, cue is the raising of a leg
and most dangerously a high speed dash attack, only used from extreme 
The quickest way to down the walker is by hurling onjects, three of the red 
crates and he's down.

After the Walker goes down the first time is when you really need to lay 
into it, SpiderDroids will attack but moves like Saber Slash with lightning 
infused enders keep them at bay. Short combos mean you're putting out more 
electricity, more often, so stick with them.  
(This is so much like the Skorpius fight in God of War 3 it isn't even 
funny). Get right up close to the Walker and you should be able to get him 
down to about 50% health the first time he goes down.  If you really push 
the attacks you can cause the fuses to pop out during the first face damage 
sequence but it really isn't essential. 

The walker will get up and attack, don't get trapped underneath when he 

The checkpoints in this fight are really quite forgiving and you've just 
reached the first one, unfortunately if you do restart from here you only 
dealt 25% damage to him, cool eh?

But if you do die (accidentally or otherwise) you will find yourself in 
prime position to launch two crates straight at the Terror Walker.

Once the Walker is mobile again two Terror Troopers arrive, just to make 
things interesting. 

If you can, get a couple more crates in (see above about "accidentally" 
dying) then the Walker will go down again, don't worry about the TT's just 
yet, leaving him open to more Saber Slash. Again the TT's will keep out of 
the way whilst the electricity crackles around the downed Walker. When 
sufficient damage is dealt this time four fuses will pop out from the walls 
(are you still loving the fuses?)

If it any time during this stage you hear aloud bassy humming then that is 
your warning to jump, the central reactor periodically sends out pulses but 
a double jump and aerial attacks are all it takes to avoid them. You can 
keep an eye on it and look for the pulse coming but jumping early and 
getting some hang time is a lot easier.

 Replacing the fuses is where the Terror Troopers become a real hindrance, 
dash to an area where it is safe to use lightning (away from the crates but 
still near the outer walls) zap a Terror Trooper then hit him with the 
launching grab (triangle and circle) then repeat the  
same move in the air. This is enough to kill them. 
Repeat the procedure of dashing to a safe area, this also gives you 
breathing room from the Spiders. Get away from the crates,wait a second for 
the other TT to appear then unleash lightning and repeat the grabbing 
process. There's only two TTs per stage.
This leaves you clear to DB around the perimeter of the room and replace 
the fuses, grip them shock them and manoeuver them into place. Don't DB too 
close to the crates, really don't. No sense in blowing yourself up, is 

Now the shields are down (again) it's time for a couple more crates 
followed by more Saber Slash to the face (another checkpoint right here 
too). There's various ways of going from here, one is to use Force Fury to 
destroy the Walker or you can just pile on the pressure with Saber Smash. 
Deplete his bar to zero, press X and get ready to take control.
Whilst riding the Terror Walker:
X does a leap attack with all round damage
O fires lasers, aimable with the analogs
Triangle fires missiles
Square is a stomp attack with directional shockwave.

Take out the Terror Giants (whilst rotating the analog stick when prompted) 
however you like (lasers for me) wait for Kota to give the prompt and 
destroy the Walker in the reactor core.

Manipulate the remains of the Walker to exit the room and proceed towards

The Battle for the Salvation:
The Hangar

Saber Guards make an appearance in this fight. They have a mish mash of 
abilities, they are mildly resistant to your force powers and to melee 
attacks. What they don't like is Saber Sling and lightning grenades. Either 
troopers or random objects, it really doesn't matter. If you're not feeling 
that then grabs always work well, Sith launch followed by either aerial 
grab puts them close to death, grounded stab should seal the deal. Once one 
meets his demise then it's time for the big guns to appear. One AT-MP and 
an AT-ST. I'd steer clear of mind tricking the Saber Guards on these 
settings as you don't get anauto-death when the period of bewitchment ends.

Cowardice means I don't mess with these clanking monstrosities. Instead I 
retreat to an upper platform and resort to redirecting missiles. Far screen 
right *as you enter the area* works quite well. There's a couple of ways of 
getting up there, ledges bottom left and right as you enter the area or you 
can make your way from the middle platforms. Three redirected projectiles 
will take the AT-ST out, same goes for the AT-MP. If you fail the ST's 
minigame (all squares, srsly?) then a quick blast of lightning will get him 
back at minigame. Press square four times and you've got a good old slug of 
health back.

Don't worry if the AT-ST gets too close, just by holding block you can 
easily repel firepower of this magnitude. Wait for its side pods to shuffle 
and redirect the detonator that it fires.
After this you get a dual AT-MP spawn with a single AT-ST. High altitude 
redirects are safest but you can mix things up with low level lightning 
grenades if it takes your fancy.  
There are plenty of items lying around for you to make use of, some are 
grippable from the upper platform, there's even a large object on the right 
platform but really, just stick to redirecting missiles.

As you'd expect I take the high road *geographically speaking* which is the 
low road *morally speaking* you want to be really close to the right 
platform when the next batch of walkers show up, if not actually on it . 
The three scout troopers that arrive on that platform will make a mess of 
you in a hurry. As usual Dashing Blast will make you a hard target and dish 
out some damage whilst you make your way through them. Once they are 
despatched it's back to the edge and use the redirects. If you take a hit 
from blaster fire then retreat to the far edge of the platform to 
regenerate, If you can take out the AT-ST first then keep both AT-MP's at 
range then it is safe to go down to the floor. Lure them over to your 
platform then jump down and quickly navigate (dashing blast) to the other 
side. Be mindful of exploding objects (those with red on them mostly) 
whilst doing so as dashing blast can set them off.  
Once at range the troopers will close the distance and you can use them as 
lightning grenades for damage to the AT-MP's. That or just redirect the 
missiles. Mop up the stragglers, dashing blast or lightning grenades are 
how I'd do it but play it how you like.  
Knock off the large boarding pods with Saber Toss to proceed.

Gearworks Revisited

Straight into two Saber Guards, either grabs or trap kills with Saber Sling 
into the engine components, DB works well too. The launching grab followed 
by an aerial push *elevated knockback* makes for nice two hit kills. Use 
Dashing blast for the troopers in your area and then grip then toss to take 
out those on the other side of the red energy things. Put the conveniently 
located cog in the spinny thing on screen right. Grip the next spinny thing 
*stand where you won't get shot by the scout troopers whilst doing so. Once 
you've disabled this component stand close to the ring, grab an enemy and 
throw then at the red energy pillars for instant kills.
 Hop through the gap on the right, look at the red energy things in the 
middle of the screen, grip the cog and move it to the spinny thing that 
will now be to your left. Overload the engine parts with lightning and 
avoid the bacta tank. Drop down the hole and guess what?  
There is another cog to put in another spinny thing. How very generic. 
Through the freshly cleared path lies an AT-MP. Stay at range and await the 
missiles, three redirects and he's just spare parts. Grip then stall the 
next rotor and make your way through it. Saber Sling has the advantage of 
blowing those that you don't physically hit into traps and it is a nice 
quick combo to execute. After the troopers are cleared use lightning on the 
engine parts on screen right and follow the logical path. Seems a good a 
time as any to mention how terrible the explosions look in this game. 
Simply dreadful. The exit is screen left, rather than straight in front. 
Ascend using the horizontal engine components, again aren't they 
conveniently located? Drop down the hole and you're in the

Engine Room 

With an AT-MP, Saber Guards, Scout Troopers and regular Troopers for 
company. If you proceed to theend of the walkway and jump,dash to the 
platform ahead of you and to your right you should land in the midst of 
three Troopers. Slice and dice, best to kill them where they stand. This is 
where it really gets cheap. Get yourself on the platform with the large 
object on it *behind you and on the right as you entered the area*. You can 
now use this to take out the two scout troopers on the opposite platform by 
guiding it over towards them *don't toss it* and slowly bludgeoning them 
with it. The object should block their line of sight as you manoeuvre it at 
them, meaning they can't get a lock on you. 
Alternate tactics are to go to the left hand platform as you enter the 
room, doing so prevents the Scouts from appearing on the upper platform but 
the three regulars opposite you will be a pain.
If you used the block on the Scouts then you can use it to take out the 
pocket of troopers beneath that platform. Charge it up and use the area of 
effect that Lightning Grenade provides. From that same platform you can 
redirect the AT-MP's missiles *stand close to the edge* to take him out and 
any remaining regulars at ground level. 
 Get down on the ground floor and six or seven Saber Guards await you. 
Knock them off balance with DB and capitalise on the opportunity by using 
Lightning Grenade when you can.
Handling of the fight can be seen here 

I honestly can't believe how well it works. When you know you are well away 
from the herd you can risk a stab kill or a grab but it's much more fun to 
just dash around like a loon and watch them fall. 
You can play it with finesse or like a fool, I'd go the headless chicken 
route every time.
Use the exit that the cutscene shows you avoid that nasty collectible that 
is ahead of you.
Ride the lift and you're back at 

The Canyon

There are troopers on the platform ahead of you, get close to it to 
eliminate their line of sight and take them out. Grip one and Lightning 
Grenade him straight down into the pack.  
Get on their ledge and there is a gribbable platform to your right with two 
troopers on it. I like to grab it and shake it up and down until they meet 
their demise. Bounce them, get good drop then raise it to meet them. It 
isn't necessary to do this but it is sterile and I like the taste *cookie 
if you got the Dodgeball reference*. Proceed along the platform, no need to 
move the second grippable platform, just double jump DB towards the opening 
on the left wall.
Get in the first hidey hole on the left before any Jump Troopers bother 
you. If you turn around after entering there is room behind you to fry a 
couple of Jumpies, if they drift into the right position. Mosey on along to 
the next opening where a Scout Trooper awaits. There's also chance to block 
and zap to take out more Jump Troopers before crossing to the other side 
where you will land in the midst of six troopers. DB in a confined area?  
Gotta love it. 
There's a Scout just to the right of this area and two troopers where we 
want to get to and another two slightly lower down. Toss the one on the 
Canyon wall to his death and dash over to the others.
Repulse or a couple of slashes then DB? It's all good.
Make your way to your first encounter with an 

Incinerator Wardroid 

Rip off it's shield then return projectles. It takes fourteen returns on 
Unleashed. When it gets too close and the flamethrower attack is likely 
Dashing Blast away and resume the process. You can get in close, couple of 
Saber hits and circle around but the Incinerator Droids are a lot tougher 
than the Carbonite variants.

Round the corner and another Incinerator awaits your loving caress, this 
time with back up in the form of two Saber Guards and four regulars. 
Fortunately you aren't sealed in the room with this unruly mob and can back 
track a little. The Incinerator won't fit through the doorway that you just 
came through so you can rip it's shield off and return projectiles from 
relative safety. Be wary of depleting your force bar, leaving you unable to 
catch a projectile. If your bar drops a little low then just back track 
further and hide around the corner. The door acts as an AI boundary, no one 
will cross it. If either Saber Guard blocks the doorway then hit him with a 
DB to clear the path. It's nice if you can take out the Droid first, after 
that just DB around or return to the doorway for cheap kills with LG. 

Charge the fuse and through the door zag zig with DB towards the Scout 
Troopers at the end and there's another two clusters of regulars, four then 
five, as you make progress.  
DB,LG. Fodder like these shouldn't be an issue by now.

There's a busy room ahead with an Incinerator, two Scouts, three Saber 
Guards and four regulars. This time everyone but the Incinerator will 
pursue you if you back track but this can be used to our advantage. You can 
make an initial foray into the room and DB around to upset the Scouts. 
Quickly leave the same way you entered and backtrack. Pick off anyone that 
comes towards you. Destabilise Saber Guards with DB then grip and LG to 
take out anyone else. You could always Mind Trick the Saber Guards and pick 
off any stragglers. Pretty soon you're going to be left one on one with the 
Incinerator, maybe the two Scouts will remain but they can be taken out 
with DB *best to do this right at the start*. Shield rip, projectiles. You 
know the drill.

Bit more navigation then there's a room with a laser. A boarding bod 
arrives containing a Saber Guard and four regulars. Head straight for the 
Saber Guard  with DB or play it safe and use the blocks before the entrance 
(two large ones are re-usable). Once the regulars are aware of your 
presence they will pursue you so you can just hide around the corner and LG 
the early bird at the others.  Take the fuse out of the laser and put it in 
the door.
This is where sh-tuff gets real.
The first set of spawns is a Saber Guard and four regulars. These get back 
up from an Incinerator, three more Sabers and regulars. I like to divide 
and conquer so dash into the room and trigger the scene that causes the 
laser to be displaced then retreat and remove the fuse that you placed in 
the door. You now have another Saber and four regulars todespatch in 
relative safety. Look closely and you will see a Tie Fighter drop them off 
at the boarding pod. You can always mind trick the Saber Guard *he will be 
the first to leave the pod* then back track to safety to work the angles 
and ambush whoever comes around the corner. After that replace the fuse in 
the door and re-energise it. 
There's now three Saber Guards and some regulars awaiting your loving 
Play this smart and you never need fight a massive group all at once 
because you can replace the fuse, allow a few enemies through and then 
remove the fuse again.
It’s easiest to illustrate this with a video so here it is


Take the fuse from any functioning gun then place it in the gun that is 
lying on the floor, fire it and make progress.

You’re high up on a destructible ledge, below you are AT-MPs along with a 
smattering of Scout Troopers. You can draw the fire of the AT-MPs and 
redirect missiles to kill them both.  There’s sufficient room to be able to 
position so the Scouts can’t target you but the AT-MPs can. Of course the 
missiles can be redirected to take out the Scouts as well as the walkers.
Once the coast is clear enough make your way down, it’s a big drop so do a 
dash just before you land, it’ll prevent you from being stunned. Take out 
any stragglers but beware of the four Jump Troopers in the distance and the 
two Scouts on the balcony. Take out the Jumpies with the all too familiar 
block and zap techniques, just get out of where the Scouts can target you 
whilst doing so. Directly below where you first entered the area is a good 
a place as any. Throw a LG at the balcony and take out the Scouts if they 
survive the fall. 
Go round the corner, fetch a large block and climb on to the giant cannon 
and fire it.
Navigate to the moving platform and ride it. Take out the myriad Spider 
Droids. I like a bit of square, square, triangle. Others may favour 
Now get ready to crash land a space ship into


Which starts off with what is essentially an extended cinematic/minigame, 
just follow the prompts. Dodge the stuff, press the buttons, jobs a good 
Once back on solid ground you’ve got two AT-STs to deal with and troopers, 
which aren’t present when you restart.  

From the restart you can quickly take out one AT-ST.  Dash right then 
return a thermal detonator and hurl a chunk of debris. This puts you two 
thirds of the way there. After that reposition yourself to the far end of 
the arena. DB past the walker, get a couple of Saber hits in if you like, 
their stomp is weaker than that of the AT-MP, for some reason.
Being at the far end will prevent the two turrets from targeting you. Did I 
not mention them? Once you’re under them you’re safe. If you’re feeling 
brave you can get the guns to take the AT-STs out but I wouldn’t advise it.
Find a chunk of something lying around and hurl it at the AT-ST for an easy 
kill.  Take out the second one with similar tactics. Return the detonators, 
throw scenery, it’s all good. The gunfire looks heavy from the AT-MPs but 
you can block it. 

Two down and a third spawns, you know the drill by now. You can get 
adventurous and try Saber tactics but this is a long fight so I’d play 

With three AT-STs under your belt it’s time to pick a side and do some 
climbing, I favour the right first, just because the later AT-MP spawns 
come from the door on the right and they are easier to handle from range. 
Up top there should be four Troopers and a chance to ruin one of the guns 
that overlook the main area. After destroying the gun and heading towards 
the main area an AT-MP spawns, as do two Jump Troopers and some regulars. 
It’s best to take the Jumpies out before descending. Block and zap, always 
block and zap. If they won’t come to you try throwing some stuff towards 
them *look around with the camera for them* this should be enough to bring 
them towards you. Hide behind the end post nearest the laser that you 
destroyed to prevent the opposite laser from targeting you.
 Get back down to ground level and prepare to face the AT-MP and it’s 
backup. Take Troopers out with DB where you can and play the ranged 
redirect games that we all know, and by now, love. Know that if you spam DB 
it will even repel missiles. Just take down the troops and make enough 
space to redirect a couple of missiles.
Once one AT-MP falls another enters from the same front left entrance.
Now is a good a time as any to make the climb and take the other gun out, 
mostly because there’s more Jump Troopers on the way and no one likes 
those. Take out any Jumpies with lightning before going back down. When you 
do descend make a dash just before landing, it keeps you mobile. I’ve tried 
every sneaky tactic I can think of here but it boils down to playing it 
well. I know,right? Some skill is required. Get down, DB for speed, get 
away from the AT-MP  *spawns at the front left* and redirect missiles.  
Don’t get bogged down fighting troops when missiles could be incoming. Make 
room, redirect and take out the Troopers when it is safe to do so.

Ride the lift and take on the pair of Saber Guards and Scouts that 
accompany them. There’s a large open window so DB will send people to their 
deaths. Saber Guards are number one priority, make a lap of the room using 
DB to take them both out. Door opens and six regulars arrive, DB and LG 
sound good to you? The next corridor is populated with two Scouts, two 
Saber Guards and a pair of Jump troopers hovering outside.  Break the 
windows and fry the Jump Troopers. DB works well on the Saber Guards, 
especially if you can get them to fly to their deaths with it You’re high 
up on a narrow bridge and by now you’ve probably smashed all the windows, 
tactics should be obvious. It’s also fun to hide behind one of the blocks 
and Mind Trick the first Saber Guard.
  After the cut scene there’s an Incinerator Droid to deal with. Don’t try 
and fight in the corridor, go into the next room and push all the Scouts 
off the edge then jump onto one of the raised sections and double jump dash 
to get onto the platform with the two remaining Scouts. LG them at the 
Incinerator, if you know where he is. Distractions removed you can focus on 
the ranged redirects to wear down the Incinerator. DB away when he gets too 
close, turn and use the auto centre to keep an eye on him. You’ll know when 
he’s going to switch from ranged to close range attacks as he makes an 
alteration to his flamethrower.
Once that Incinerator falls another door opens, there’s another War Droid 
behind it but I’ve seen the Scouts that are meant to be backing it up take 
it out with friendly fire so many times that it isn’t even funny anymore. 
Same for the two Saber Guards, they seem to get taken out in the fireball. 
So just open the door, draw the Scouts fire and climb to the upper level 
behind you. More often than not the Incinerator and Sabers will die with no 
effort on your behalf. The Scout Troopers do MASSIVE DAMAGE with their 
shots so let them do the heavy lifting. 
Behind the door there are two Scouts, five regulars and three Jumpies.

Another similar room awaits, three Jumpies are your immediate concern, I 
like to DB round the right hand side of the room and climb the column that 
allows you access to the upper level. From here the Jump Troopers can be 
fried. You could always electrocute two and Mind Trick the third. Odd 
Stormtroopers can be picked off from high up but soon you’re going to have 
to get down and engage them in combat. Spam DB and aim for the edges to 
send them to their deaths or hide behind the column and use Saber Sling, 
just pop out with the end hit to send them flying.

After that grip a couple of Tie fighters and throw them at the dropships to 
aid Kota. Through the door and another ambush awaits you. Jump Troopers 
outside the windows, two Saber Guards inside and Scout at the end. Back 
track through the door and the Sabers will follow you, Mind Trick or DB to 
throw them off balance and LG. It only takes a single parried Saber throw 
to kill them. Two Jumpies on each side of the corridor, break the window 
and await the attack. Block and Zap. Enter the next room and get ready for 

Double Incinerator Wardroid Fight.

This is unbelievably tedious and can be handled a couple of ways. Firstly 
get an early shield rip in then use one droid to obscure the other’s line 
of site and rip the remaining shield.  You don’t want to get hit with a 
fireball during the rip animation. Don’t worry about being close, 
activating the shield rip will interrupt whatever the droid is doing. From 
here you can DB for distance and return projectiles, which can be risky, or 
keep unloading with Lightning.
When using lightning don’t lock on, it slows you down too much. Instead, 
just aim the camera with quick look and unload with lightning. Strafe to 
avoid fireballs and if one Droid gets close enough for the flamethrower 
attack then DB away. Allow your Force bar to refill then resume the 
process. OR, you could just activate Force Fury, fire off six repulses then 
turn off Fury and move on.
Do the cutesy bridge stuff with Kota, ride the lift then go outside. There 
are a few ground troops that can be taken out from above with the four 
handy crates, LG time. On ground level there are Scouts at the far end and 
a Terror Giant.  Time to get sneaky and DB to the far end, don’t get right 
under the platform as there is an overhang. Jump up and take out the 
Scouts. Ahead of you two AT-MPs enter, redirect their missiles for two easy 
kills. If two missiles are incoming then double tap parry, otherwise just 
grip and redirect. With those destroyed turn your attention to the foes you 
left behind. Sure you could just carry on and leave them behind but that 
just wouldn’t feel right to me. There’s a large block that can be 
manoeuvred down and LGd repeatedly at the Terror Giant. This is cheap but 
very effective. A little further on and there’s a small squadron of 
regulars but the more pressing concern is the Terror Giant and the AT-MP in 
the distance. Hug the right wall for the regulars, LG the first you see 
into the rest and be ready to do the same again. Two LGs should clear them 
out. There’s a small pipe that you can jump on to get to the relative 
safety of the raised section. From here you can grip missiles and redirect 
them at the Terror Giant.  Careful when first ascending, you’re probably 
going to have a missile fired at you so either multi tap parry as soon as 
you make it up there or fire a Repulse. Take out the AT-MP in a similar 
fashion, make a little progress and there’s another odd couple of Terror 
Giant and AT-MP to contend with, you can make it back in time to climb up 
and use the same tactics again or there’s another sneaky tactic that can be 
employed. The Terror Giant can’t pursue you along the small walkways that 
jut out from the circular platform. If you get on one of these, far enough 
out to be out of range of his melee attacks then he will fire projectiles 
at you. These can be parried but be warned, they come at you fast with 
little warning and can be fired in multiples. All you need to do is hold 
your ground and mash block to parry them back at him. You can try to time 
things properly but it won’t benefit you in the long run. 
If one of the projectiles hits you then it will knock you back, so you 
don’t want to be at the end of the platform. If the Giant goes for the 
ground stab attack then punish it with Saber hits, the other melee attack 
(two swipes) can be met with a full bar of Lightning. The Giant has a pose 
that looks similar to the projectile attack (elbows out, hands on chest) 
but the arms manoeuvre about before this. The projectile comes with little 
Slow, laborious but it beats playing fair, right?
 Four regulars behind the door at the end, LG. Follow the corridor and ride 
the lift down to meet an Incinerator War Droid with Spider Droid backup. 
Start with a shield rip then make laps of the room.  Saber Smash 1 works 
excellently on the Spiders. Just keep hitting and moving until they are all 
dead then focus on redirecting the fireballs at the incinerator. 
 Alternatively just rip the shield and go Force Fury and fire three 
Repulses if your bar is full.
Time to ascend 

The Cloning Spire

Dash along, out the door and four Jumpies await, with two more further 
along. As always they synchronise firing so just wait for it to stop and 
zap them. Block, then zap.
Two pods pop up, an Acolyte and a Saber guard. Grabs. Launching then 
pushing is the quickest route to a kill.
 This is close to becoming a real fight with worthy foes so I probably 
ought to include a vid of it
Go for quick kills. Saber Guards, of which there are four, can be quickly 
sent over the edge with DB. Acolytes fall most easily to grabs, there’s a 
pair of them, use the throw grab if near an edge, if not use the throw grab 
anyway ten grip and toss them over the edge.   Get used to the spawn 
locations. The Acolytes spawn near the pods, the Saber Guards from within 
Things to remember:
Getting hit with a Saber Toss is game over,
Once you get an Acolyte off his feet they can be bullied around with DB or 
gripped and tossed,
The Acolytes have two projectile attacks, the large purple one (!) can’t be 
blocked or parried,
Terror Troopers need shocking with lightning for an opening, after that 
they can be grabbed gripped or bullied with DB. 

You’re fighting some of the toughest humanoids this game throws at you but 
give them no respect, keep mobile. There are open sides all around so you 
don’t need to damage kill anyone.
Plough through the Saber Guards with DB. 
Grabs to open up the Saber Guards, it doesn’t matter which grab you use so 
long as you get them off of their feet. Once they are off balance they are 
no more threat than Stormtrooper.
Lightning or mind trick (lightning is cheaper) to open up the Terror 
Troopers, same applies for them. Once they are off their feet it’s game 
In video form http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxwzZkEMGkY
Spawn counts are as follows:
6 Jump Troopers (4 initial 2 secondary)
3 Acolytes (1 initial 2 secondary)
5 Saber Guards (1 then 4)
4 Terror Troopers(all at once)

From here you’ve got a load of navigation,  moving tunnels and all that 
jazz. Just follow Force Sense and you’ll be fine. There’s two pairs of 
Jumpies to fry but they aren’t a concern by now. At the end of the second 
bridge there is an Acolyte and two Saber Guards.  Grab the Acolyte, go for 
a throw over the edge or follow up the launch with a push. Sabers fall to 
DB, as always. After this move the bridge you just traversed to the other 
end of the platform. More platform stuff (I mentioned this is a combat only 
guide, right?) then you get to the rotating platforms with tanks on.  Oddly 
,if you remain still the platforms slide underneath your feet. Weird ,eh?
 Manipulate the next bridge then face two Acolytes. Parry any ranged 
attacks then grabs for quick kills. Open the door and you’re into one of my 
favourite fights of the game. Initially there’s an Acolyte and three Saber 
Guards. This is where Mind Trick really comes into play. Remember when I 
said that way back at the start? I didn’t lie. Having an ally switches the 
odds from four on one to three versus two. You’ve gotta love that. 
Unfortunately we’re in a sealed room so there’s no trap kills. Quickest 
route to a kill, aside from a parried Saber Toss, is a launching grab, air 
grab then grounded stab. This can leave you prone to attacks after the 
ground stab so lately I’ve been favouring the launching grab followed by 
three aerial hits from your Sabers. It takes two sets of these for each 
Acolyte. It’s nice if you can get this done in the spawning pods as the 
camera doesn’t know what to do and no one can target you.
Head count:

2 Acolytes outside
4 Acoytes inside
3 Saber Guards


Just DB to down the Saber Guards then grab an Acolyte, launching grab 
followed by three hits. Dash round again to floor the Sabers again and 
repeat. Beware the projectile attacks, especially the purple one used by 
the Acolytes.

Clear out the room and continue your ascent of the spire. You’ll get 
accosted by four Terror Troopers on the way up but they attack individually 
so either just parry their attack or shock them. Follow up with the 
launching grab and the either air grab. Grounded stab may be needed to 
finish them off. Be wary of throwing or pushing them off the edge as they 
can land on a lower level and teleport back up to you. If you can be sure 
of them falling the “long way down” then go for it.

Carry on climbing and endure the walking section with all the flashbacks. 
Vader pops up occasionally but it’s no more than a direction and a button 
mash to continue. 

Proceed outside to the 

Final encounter

Which, frankly, is a little disappointing. One on one with the Dark Lord of 
the Sith, at least for a little while. Don’t waste lightning or push on 
Darth. Your best bet is just to parry his ponderously slow Saber attacks. 
Get a couple of his in where you can and await the spawning of the clones. 
The first batch of eight are just basically reskinned Saber Guards. DB to 
knock them all off of the edge, stay away from Vader and beware of him 
launching a clone at you. It’s now one on one again with the decidedly 
passive Sith lord. Parry his attacks and hit back with square. Eventually 
you’ll lock Sabers and Vader will talk smack with you. He flees to a higher 
platform that you must pull down with the Force. Tanks get thrown, either 
parry or grip and return them. 
Once you reach Vader another batch of clones is summoned. These seem to 
have the projectile powers that the Acolytes possess but without their 
resistance to DB.  Bit more one on one with Darth then he scarpers again. 
There’s a mixed batch of clones this time, fly around with DB and send them 
all to their deaths. Another Saber lock or two with Darth and the same 
thing happens again. Jump to the platform where the clones spawn and dash 
around. Never stop moving and you’re unlikely to get hit. If you should 
happen to die at this point the restart is a little odd. You’ll find 
yourself on the platform with Vader with the mixed batch of clones two 
platforms away, you are unable to leave the platform at this point 
(invisible walls). Back over to Vader and a couple more Saber locks. It is 
tedious but the safest way to deal damage is to parry his attack and 
counter with square. Occasionally you can dash in and get off a combo but 
don’t count on it happening often.
 You basically grind through four sets of clones, yet more DB to send them 
to their deaths, look out for the purple projectiles and Vader throwing 
vats from his platform.  
If you see a clone winding up for purple projectile on a distant platform 
then you can use Vader as a shield, it will not pass through him.
After the four sets of clones Vader decides to pull down one of the 
platforms, obviously not the one he is on so get close to him when you hear 
it groaning. Chip away at his health a little more and the process of 
summoning clones, then destroying the platform is repeated. Get close to 
Vader and another flashback triggers. There’s a scene with Juno then it’s 
(it’s worth mentioning here that my copy of the game was plagued with 
loading errors here on my NUR+ run. Vader was often stood halfway into any 
given platform and it kept freezing my system. Another disc that I had did 
the same thing on the level with Kota)

Final Fight 

 Where you are looking to lock Sabers about three times. You can push stuns 
and deal out damage that way but by far the easiest way is to lock Sabers 
and barge Darth into a pillar and unload some lightning into him. You’re 
fully amped up with Force Fury in this fight, not that it makes any real 
difference, push sounds cooler but you retain the normal Saber move set so 
the Fury is for aesthetics only.  Avoid the electricity arcing from the 
conduits and just get in Vaders face and block, the Saber locks will come 
easily enough. If you can hit Vader from behind you can unload full combos 
onto him but ultimatlely, you’re just wasting time. He will telegraph his 
lightning move by raising both hands, just block it then resume the attack. 

Vader fight in full http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBkVtnHnKYQ

Pick your ending, I’d go Dark Side but I’ll leave it with you.
As usual I’ve been rubbish but you were great. See you soon on Endor?

This is all my own work and I only want it used on GameFAQs.

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