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Guide and Walkthrough by Axel7174

Version: 1.40 | Updated: 11/11/2010
FAQ of the Month Winner: October 2010

                 _______..___________.    ___      .______      
                /       ||           |   /   \     |   _  \     
               |   (----``---|  |----`  /  ^  \    |  |_)  |      
                \   \        |  |      /  /_\  \   |      /     
            .----)   |       |  |     /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.
            |_______/        |__|    /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|
            ____    __    ____  ___      .______           _______.
            \   \  /  \  /   / /   \     |   _  \         /       |
             \   \/    \/   / /  ^  \    |  |_)  |       |   (----`
              \            / /  /_\  \   |      /         \   \    
               \    /\    / /  _____  \  |  |\  \----..----)   |   
                \__/  \__/ /__/     \__\ | _| `._____||_______/    

                                   THE FORCE

     _     _ __   _        _______ _______ _______ _     _ _______ ______ 
     |     | | \  | |      |______ |_____| |______ |_____| |______ |     \
     |_____| |  \_| |_____ |______ |     | ______| |     | |______ |_____/
                                  _____ _____ 
                                 |_   _|_   _|
                                   | |   | |  
                                   | |   | | 
                                   | |   | |
                                   | |   | |
                                  _| |_ _| |_ 

| Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Guide  |
| Created by: Axel7174                     |
| FAQ and Walkthrough                      |
| Copyright 2010 Ryne Gardner              |

Version History
Version 1.10 - 10/21/10 - 10/29/10
--The first completed version is up. The walkthrough is done, but I just need to
make a few more finishing touches which I will try to as soon as I can. A few of
the Extras sections are up too, including the Challenges. I will be adding even
more soon. I am missing a few Holocrons in the walkthrough, and I hope to add
them soon, but I welcome reader submissions. Please read the Contact Info
section first though.

Version 1.15 - 11/1/10
--As seems typical (somewhat to my chagrin) with my guides lately, I can only
follow up with a rather minor update. It's midterm time now so that means more
school, less guide work. For now, I finished minor stuff on the walkthrough,
such as the Briefings. I also added a few Holocrons found by readers and also
myself. I'm still hoping to add the rest soon. More to come. 

Version 1.30 - 11/5/10
--This time around I added the Holocrons section. I added another I found but
it was still incomplete until I got another e-mail for the last one. So now
that section is up, and I also added something that was missing from the start
of Kamino - The Return. Other small fixes to the walkthrough as well. Besides
the Holocrons section, I added the Combat and Trophies/Achievements sections.

Version 1.40 - 11/11/10
--The guide gets closer to completion with this update. Besides some new 
things, I either updated some sections or tweaked them. I made a few slight
changes to the Walkthrough, and I also got a few tips that I added. Here's
what's new:

o Walkthrough revised
o Tips added for Vader fight and some Trials
o Costumes section added
o Trophies/Achievements section complete
o More FAQ questions added


|1 | Introduction........................................... [itro]
|  |- About This Guide
|  |- Using This Guide
|2 | Basics................................................. [bc00]
|  |- Controls.............................................. [bc01]
|  |- Combat................................................ [bc02]
|  |- Force Powers.......................................... [bc03]
|3 |Walkthrough............................................. [sw00]
|  |- Kamino - The Escape................................... [sw01]
|  |- Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch..................... [sw02]
|  |- Cato Neimoidia - The Western Arch..................... [sw03]
|  |- Cato Neimoidia - The Tarko-se Arena................... [sw04]
|  |- Dagobah............................................... [sw05]
|  |- The Salvation - Aboard The Salvation.................. [sw06]
|  |- The Salvation - The Battle for The Salvation.......... [sw07]
|  |- Kamino - The Return................................... [sw08]
|  |- Kamino - The Confrontation............................ [sw09]
|4 |Extras.................................................. [ex00]
|  |-Challenges............................................. [ex01]
|  |-Lightsaber Crystals.................................... [ex02]
|  |-Costumes............................................... [ex03]
|  |-Holocron Locations..................................... [ex04]
|  |-Trophies/Achievements.................................. [ex05]
|5 |Miscellaneous........................................... [misl]
|  |-Frequently Asked Questions............................. [fak4u]
|  |-Credits/Special Thanks
|  |-Contact Info
|  |-Legal Jabber

 _____ _____ 
|_   _|_   _|
  | |   | |
==| |===| |===================================================================
  | |   | |   Introduction  | STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED II |        [itro]
==| |===| |===================================================================
 _| |_ _| |_ 

Welcome one and all, to this guide for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II! If
you're looking for help on the game, then you've come to the right place. If
it's a few small tips you want or if you would like to read bigger detailed
strategies, I'm hoping to do my best to help out. So let's get into it, shall

About This Guide
I played and enjoyed the original Force Unleashed. I enjoyed it a lot actually.
Maybe you, like me, loved the game, but recognized that it had its share of
problems, occasional bugs and hiccups. Nevertheless, I really liked the first
game and it was the fourth game I ever wrote a guide for back in 2008! Wow,
that feels like ancient history now. So it's only natural that I would buy the
sequel and also slightly less expected that I would do a guide. 

Using This Guide
Navigating this guide is pretty easy. If you read the Table of Contents above,
you can see the small four character codes at the end of most items. Those are
quickjump codes you can put into the ctrl+f function of your web browser to
jump around to that section! Or if you're looking for specific keywords you
might expect to find in here, you can search for those too. 

If you have thoughts, questions, or things you would like to e-mail to me to
improve the guide, I welcome all of these. I do have a few rules though when
it comes to questions and especially with submitted information. It's nothing
extremely strict, I assure you, but it helps me and consequently, you, so I
beg you to please read the Contact Info section. If you are asking a question,
search the Frequently Asked Questions section first to make sure it hasn't
already been answered. 

 _____ _____ 
|_   _|_   _|
  | |   | |
==| |===| |===================================================================
  | |   | |   Basics  | STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED II |              [bc00]
==| |===| |===================================================================
 _| |_ _| |_ 

This section will cover most of the basic general information about playing
the game. From the controls layouts to basic moves, strategies, and how your
powers and upgrades will work, you can find it here. 

CONTROLS                                       [bc01]
A quick look at the controls and button layout for the PS3 and 360 versions of
the game.

|Action           |PS3 Button         |360 Button         |
|Movement         |Left Analog Stick  |Left Stick         |
|Camera           |Right Analog Stick |Right Stick        |
|Center Camera    |R3                 |Click Right Stick  |
|Jump             |X                  |A                  |
|Saber attack     |Square             |X                  |
|Force Push       |Circle             |B                  |
|Force Lightning  |Triangle           |Y                  |
|Force Dash       |L1                 |Left Button        |
|Block            |L2                 |Left Trigger       |
|Lock On          |R1                 |Right Button       |
|Force Grip       |R2                 |Right Trigger      |

COMBAT                                         [bc02]   
You have a complete arsenal of moves at your disposal. As you upgrade your
Force Powers (see below), you will slowly gain access to even more moves. Try
to learn and master some of these moves, as they will prove invaluable as you
try to beat the game. 

I'm not going to list all the available saber combos because there are just so
many of them and it would be awfully tedious. To view what combos you have, hit
Select to access your Force Powers. Select Saber (or any other power if you
want to view the moves available) and hit Triangle twice to get a list of the
attacks you can do. 

[Force Push]

-Dashing Blast (L1, Circle): Gets an extra boost after dashing. Not nearly as
 -------------                  helpful as it was in the first game.

-Saber Blast (Square, Circle): A saber strike followed by a forward Force Push
 -----------                    that can knock an enemy away. 

-Saber Sling (Square x2, Circle): Saber strikes followed by a baseball bat-type
 -----------                       swing that launches nearby enemies.

-Saber Slam (Square x3, Circle): Saber combo that ends with a blast of force
 ----------                       energy that knocks enemies into the air.

-Aerial Ambush (Square x3 Circle [HOLD]): Saber Slam (above) combo which 
 -------------                              Starkiller follows up by jumping
                                             into the air after his enemy. 
                                              Attack with square to combo.

-Saber Launch (Square x4, Circle): Longer saber combo with a similar energy
 ------------                       blast to Saber Slam.

-Aerial Spike (Square x4, Circle [HOLD]): Similar to Aerial Ambush. Can add
 ------------                               attacks after follow-up.

[Force Lightning]

-Dashing Shock (L1, Triangle): Cast Lightning while dashing. Rather pedestrian
 -------------                   attack with little value in fights.

-Sith Strike (Square, Triangle): Single saber attack followed by one swipe of
 -----------                       a lightning-infused saber. Stuns enemies.

-Sith Slash (Square x2, Triangle): Two normal attacks followed by dual
 ----------                         horizontal saber slashes with lightning.
                                     Stuns enemies.

-Sith Saber Smash (Square x3, Triangle): Saber combo followed with a dual
 ----------------                         overhead strike with lightning. Stuns

-Sith Slam (Square x4, Triangle): Long saber combo that ends with a lunging
 ---------                         double overhead strike with lightning. Stuns

[Force Grip]

-Cannonball (R2 + Circle): Starkiller lifts an enemy with Force Grip, then
 ----------                 shoots them with a powerful Force Push blast. 

-Lightning Grenade (R2 + Triangle): Lift up an enemy and infuse them with
 -----------------                   Lightning, turning them into a throwable
                                      bomb. Extremely effective combat move.

-Impale (R2 + Square): Grip an enemy into the air and throw sabers at them to
 ------                  deal heavy damage. Slight delay before retrieving

[Advanced Tips]

FORCE POWERS                                   [bc03]   
The main attraction in the Force Unleashed is of course the amped up Force
Powers! Here is a brief insight to each power and the point requirements for
each upgrade. 

LIGHTSABER - Square combos

|Rank 1 - Default          |Rank 2 - Cost: 20,000    |Rank 3 - Cost: 45,000   |
|Default saber combos      |Damage increase, added   |Damage increase.        |
|                          |combo attack             |Flourish attacks added  |


|Rank 1 - Default          |Rank 2 - Cost: 16,500    |Rank 3 - Cost: 45,000   |
|Force energy pushes       |Damage, strength, and    |Damage, strength, and   |
|enemies away. Hold to     |area of effect increase. |area of effect increase |
|charge                    |Rapid fire Push          |                        |


|Rank 1 - Default          |Rank 2 - Cost: 20,000    |Rank 3 - Cost: 52,000   |
|Hold Triangle to zap a    |Stun time increase. Zap  |Stun time increase. Hit |
|single enemy              |up to three enemies      |up to five enemies.     |

FORCE GRIP - R2 + Left Stick

|Rank 1 - Default          |Rank 2 - Cost: 22,500    |Rank 3 - Cost: 52,000   |
|Grip enemies and objects  |Lift and throw two       |Lift and throw three    |
|to throw them around      |enemies or objects       |enemies or objects      |

MIND TRICK - Hold L2, Triangle

|Rank 1 - Kamino           |Rank 2 - Cost: 20,500    |Rank 3 - Cost:          |
|Cause an enemy to attack  |Mind Trick two enemies at|Mind Trick three enemies|
|allies or commit suicide  |once                     |at once. Some enemies   |
|                          |                         |explode after time      |

SABER THROW - Hold L2, Square

|Rank 1 - Cato Neimoidia   |Rank 2 - Cost: 25,000    |Rank 3 - Cost: 50,000   |
|Throw both sabers at foes.|Damage increase. Sabers  |Damage increase. Seeking|
|Can be charged            |seek out more enemies    |ability improved        |

FORCE REPULSE - Hold L2, Circle

|Rank 1 - The Salvation    |Rank 2 - Cost: 25,000    |Rank 3 - Cost: 50,000   |
|Blast away and damage     |Damage increase          |Damage increase. Weaker |
|surrounding enemies. Can  |                         |foes are disintegrated  |
|be charged                |                         |                        |


 _____ _____ 
|_   _|_   _|
  | |   | |
==| |===| |===================================================================
  | |   | |   Walkthrough  | STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED II |         [sw00]
==| |===| |===================================================================
 _| |_ _| |_ 

Here we are. The main part of the guide, the headliner, the main attraction,
the piece de resistance! Here I will be covering the game and walking any
potential readers through it. As I go, I will try to convey things as clearly
as I can. Again, I'm not perfect, but I will do my best. I will also be pointing
out important things along the way, and trying to give the best strategies. 

Don't worry about spoilers in this guide, it is mostly spoiler free. I will
not, I repeat, I will absolutely not spoil what happens in cutscenes. I will
not spoil the ending or anything like that. Names will be mentioned here and
there though, but I try my best not to mention them until you have already met
them in the game. 

There will be two things to look for as you read this walkthrough. Well, only
one is important:

|This box is used to bring your attention to a nearby      |
|Holocron in the stage. I try to put this at the exact     |
|place you would be if you were playing as reading but it  |
|will usually be at the very least, right around there.    |

And the other thing, I put in this guide just for decoration. Since this game
is a sequel, and it has a lot to do with the original game, I will be spicing
up the start to each level with a "flashback" to a moment from the original.
Can you guess what moments they are from? That's not an invitation to e-mail
me, by the way.... Those sections will look like this



So without any further delay, let's get started! 

                                   THE ESCAPE

     _________                                                           [sw01]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Make your way along the outer edge of|-Lightsaber Crystal: Chaos
the city                              |-Lightsaber Crystal: Meditation
-Eliminate all enemies to escape the  |-Green Bacta Tank
containment force fields              |-EXP
-Fight your way to the landing        |-EXP
platform and find a means of escape   |-Blue Bacta Tank
-Escape the cloning facility          |

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------


           I lied, as I have from the very beginning...

After the opening cutscene, you'll start off this mission with a tutorial. The
game will walk you through the basics of the basics, good for those who have
not played the original. You are free to attack these training enemies with
saber attacks (Square), Force Push (Circle), Force Lightning (Triangle), and
so on. They won't be very powerful but you at least have them early unlike in
the first game.

After you get another scene, then the fun really begins. As you descend rapidly
toward the ground, you'll need to dodge obstacles. You can control your movement
with the Left Stick and large cannons and other objects will be highlighted
as you near them. Blow them away with Force Push or just dodge them. 

You also need to watch out for the lightning bolts, so maneuver around them.
When you see yourself plummeting toward a large platform with stormtroopers,
hit Circle again for Force Push to make yourself an opening. Continue to do
this as you make your way down until finally...

How is that for an entrance? A squad of stormtroopers will enter the room and
attack you. The game will give you brief tutorials on adding Push and Lightning
to simple lightsaber combos like Square, Circle and Square, Triangle. These
troopers will play keep away so you might want to just zap them or Force Grip
them (R2).

Go through the door they entered from and you'll be outside. More troopers dot
this path at a few intervals. Try not to mess around too much, because health
can be a factor in this early going. Be direct and go right after the troopers,
using whatever means you wish. Force Grip and throwing objects can be effective
if you're familiar with that. Be sure to jump over each small gap as you fight
your way to the end of this platform. Also use Force Push to open a door.

Jump onto this round ledge here and take it around, clockwise. Two troopers can
be easily Force Pushed off into the abyss. Make your way around and use Force
Grip, holding R2 and using the Left Stick to pull a platform out that you can
jump to and from. 

|After using Grip to pull that platform out, on the next   |
|ledge, you'll easily see this red crystal which contains  |
|the Lightsaber Crystal - Chaos.                           |

Now proceed forward, down this walkway. Double jump and then Dash (L1) in the
air to traverse this large gap.

Another door opens to reveal more troopers, but two of them have these sort of
shock staffs or something that look like the same staffs the minions of
Grievious used in Episode III. These guys will block most but not all of your
saber attacks. Instead of just wailing away, you can zap them with Force
Lightning, or use a Grab Attack (Square + X  OR  Triangle + Circle). Another
easy way is to use Force Grip and fling them off the edge. 

Another small group containing these Riot Troopers will appear, so focus on them
first, using Force Powers or grabs. Enter the door when it opens. On the other
side, you are told that you can Force Grip TIE Fighters, which won't really
provide much benefit now but can be helpful later. Destroy the stormtroopers
ahead of you. You can throw them into the nearby spinning fan on the left.

Turn right and kill two more troopers, then make a left. Time these large
furnaces correctly so as not to take unnecessary damage. Dash your way through
when they are off. 

|Just past the furnaces, at the end of that same hallway   |
|and before turning left, staring you right in the face is |
|another red Holocron for the Meditation Crystal.          |

Turn left and you'll see some troopers in easy position to be Force Pushed into
a fan. Charge up Push by holding Circle, then let them have it. If you manage
to do this to five enemies, you'll get the "Kamfetti" Trophy. 

Outside, you'll have a few more riot and normal troopers to deal with. Make your
way around this platform and look to your left. 

|Stretching out to the left of this round platform, you    |
|should see a long, narrow platform with a green holocron. |
|Pick it up for a Green Bacta Tank and a bigger health bar.|

Fend off the troopers here, throwing them off the edge if necessary. Make good
use of your Force Powers to weaken the Riot Troopers. Use Force Push to break
open the next door. You'll fight a few more enemies, then have to break open
another door to enter the facility.

Get close to the large spinning fan and you can use Force Grip on it. Hold R2
until it eventually stops. Do this again to get to the troopers and slice them
up real quick. Proceed down the tunnel. 

When you have control again you'll be in a room with a forcefield. You need to
Force Grip the objects on the other side and throw them at the devices that
power the field. The game will walk you through this. 

On the other side, your first batch of unfortunate stormtroopers will attack
you. You can grip the same objects and throw them at these guys, or you can
Grip them instead and toss them around, which is always fun. Slice them up,
zap them, it's your choice. Continue into a really small room. 

|This gold Holocron is looking you right in the face of the|
|small room here. Grab it for more EXP points.             |

Proceed forward and into the next hallway for a really quick scene and a
preview of a new Force Power: Mind Trick. Try it on this trooper and he will
leap to his death. 

The nearby cannons spot you, so make an exit for yourself, dropping down to the
same area the trooper jumped to. Turn left and another group of troopers will
begin to fire away. You can blow them all away with a charged Force Push (hold
Circle) or get up close and personal with those sabers.

Ahead, a few more appear, but there are more Riot Troopers with them. Either 
zap them with Force Lightning, or use a grab attack. The red energy barriers
also make for really easy kills if you use Grip and throw the enemies into them.

Turning the corner, you will now have to account for the cannons and you can
see where they're aiming by the reticle on the ground. When it finds you, it
will turn red, meaning it's about to fire, so move out of the way. 

Use Mind Trick on one or two of the next batch of troopers to help you clear
them out. A Charged Force Push or saber attacks will work fine. Moving on,
wait for the next barrier to lower, then engage the next few enemies.

The cannon can be used to your advantage. Standing close to enemies as you
fight them, the cannon will lock onto you. Move out of the way, and the poor
troopers take the blast instead. Toss whoever is left into the energy field,
and it will lower, letting you into the center of this area. Decimate these
troopers with Push, Lightning, and saber attacks to get to your first mini-boss

First quickly Force Push or Grip the two stormtroopers to get them out of the
way. For the Carbonite Wardroid, remove its shield first by holding R2. Then
mash X as prompted on screen. Now you might want to lock onto it by holding
R1. This lets you circle the droid left or right while staying focused on it.

The droid will try to spray you with its carbonite gun. Take too much of it
and you will be frozen. If that happens, tap Circle repeatedly to break free.

You will want to keep your distance, but all you have to hit it with is Force
Lightning. Moving in for close range saber strikes can help, but the droid
usually knocks you away. You can try attacking in the air, or just stay with

When you hurt it enough, a finisher button prompt appears above it. Hit X
to start it, then Square to finish it. Proceed through the next door now. 

Do what you did at the start and use Grip to throw objects at the devices and
lower the field. Then Mind Trick, slash, zap and just plain destroy these
next troopers.

Outside, you will encounter several other groups of foes as you proceed along
this rain-soaked walkway. Using Mind Trick on some of these guys is recommended,
followed by bouts of Lightning or up close saber attacks. Grip can also be
used to throw guys off the edge easily. 

At the end, use Force Grip on the platform. Hold R2 and use the Right Stick
to raise this platform about half way, as far as it will go. Double jump onto
it, then off it to the right.

Kill a few more troopers as you go along. Remember for the staff-wielders, you
can use grab attacks, or force them to drop their guard with a quick zap of

At the gap, you'll encounter a Jumptrooper. Zap them with a lot of Force
Lightning to overload their packs. Double jump and then dash (L1) to cross the
gap here. 

|Again, this Holocron is extremely obvious, and if you miss|
|it, you need an eye exam. It's hovering over the gap where|
|the first Jumptrooper appears. Double jump to get enough  |
|height and then Dash to grab it for EXP points.           |

After two more jumptroopers get in your way, the second Carbonite Wardroid
attacks. Dispose of his shield first by gripping it like before. Then use
Force Lightning on it. You can also use the Stormtroopers as long-range weapons
and Force Grip them, infuse them with Lightning, then throw them at the droid.
When it explodes, proceed through the doorway it came out of.

|Before doing anything else, as soon as you enter this door|
|that the droid came out of, turn left. You should see the |
|blue/purple holocron. Grab it for more Force useage.      |

Turn right and start running. Eventually the perspective will change and you
will have to run toward the camera. Speed things up by using your Dash over
and over. Keep moving and ignore all the enemies, going around them instead.

Go through the door at the end and approach the large tower. Some TIE Fighters
will fly by and will be open for Force Grip. Grab one and hold R2 as you watch
the fighter get crushed like a sheet of paper into a ball. Try to point the
Right Stick at the tower and fling it at it. Do this two more times and the
tower should fall. Double jump and dash your way over. On the far side of this
platform, jump onto the collapsed tower and use it as a bridge.

The game instructs you on how to activate Force Fury. Unleash the rage by
pushing both sticks in. All your Force Powers are turned up to 11! Use Grip
on both of the AT-ST's here and then mash X to destroy them that easily! 

Your last obstacles are two squadrons of stormtroopers. While still using Force
Fury, try to take out some of them with your saber. Notice how your attacks
change? Save some for one awesome attack that I love a lot. Let them surround
you a little if you can, hold L2 and then hold Circle to charge up a Force
Repulse. Release it and all the stormtroopers will disintegrate. Awesome! 

That ends the stage with a cutscene. Congrats, that's one step. 

                                  Cato Neimoidia
                                 THE EASTERN ARCH

     _________                                                           [sw02]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Pursue the Baron!                    |-Protection Saber Crystal
-Take the tram to the Western Arch    |-EXP
-Fight through the Casino to reach the|-Fury Saber Crystal
second tram                           |-Healing Saber Crystal
                                      |-Blue Bacta Tank
                                      |-Green Bacta Tank
                                      |-Guybrush Threepkiller Costume

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

     A boy? Months of attacking Imperial targets, and Vader
 sends a boy to fight me?


The mission starts out with you isolated on the docking platform, stuck with
several Stormtroopers. Force Push them off the edge or fry them with Lightning
if you so desire. 

Eventually, you'll see a small mechanized droid on the other side that will
shoot homing missiles at you. You can deflect these by timing your blocks just
right. Thankfully, the timing doesn't have to be precise to the very
millisecond, but close enough. Turn the camera almost sideways so you can see
how close the missiles are. Time your blocks and the droid will be destroyed
after a few missiles are sent back. The bridge also extends. 

Meet the Sith Acolytes. These guys will repel your Force Powers, so you must
defeat them with your sabers instead. They can be quite dangerous so it's
advised that you be aggressive and go right after them. They will throw Force
Push blasts at you, among other things. Try to get close, dashing to the side
to avoid such attacks, then close in for close-range attacks. They might try
to Force Repel you away at first, but just press forward and close in on them.

|The door near where the Acolytes materialized will open.  |
|Don't go in though. A bit to the left is another dock     |
|platform in the distance. At first, it seems like there's |
|nothing but crates on it, but search behind these crates  |
|and you'll find the Holocron for the Protection Crystal.  |

Take the elevator down. In the next area, another large droid will shoot
missiles at you again. You can deflect these like before, or use Grip on them
in mid-air to toss them back. This will come in handy when a group of troopers
appear as well. You can toss one of the missiles at them to dispose of some or
most of them easily. Finish off the droid and continue on.

While we have a moment, we can choose to upgrade, if you have not done so
already. Hit Select to enter the Force Powers menu and you can choose what
available powers you have and where to allocate your points to. 

UPGRADE: Force Push Rank 2, Force Lightning Rank 2

You can pick whatever you please. These are the ones I went with for now. I
will continue to note when I upgrade, but I tend to wait longer than most
players might, so you don't have to wait for me and you most certainly do not
have to pick what I do. 

Moving right along, proceed along the right side of this next platform to fight
a few lowly stormtroopers. Look for the ramp on your right leading downward.
You'll see the tram bolt outta there. Return back to the main platform and
dispose of all the stormtroopers. They might gather on the ramp, so a charged
Force Push will work wonders. 

Use Grip to manage these three platforms that have descended. You want to make
it so that the one on the right is the highest, then the other two to the left
are just slightly lower, allowing you to climb each one. 

|This Holocron is right in your way as you climb the       |
|previously mentioned platforms. It will grant you some EXP|

On the far side of this tower, after cutting down some troopers, stand out on
the platform for a quick scene. You'll gain the Saber Throw power. Use it on
the platform ahead of you to knock it down. 

Double jump and dash to this platform, stand close to the edge so you can target
the next one with a Saber Throw. Cross over to it, then jump to the doorway
nearby and enter the building here. 

Use Grip combined with Force Lightning to throw the large sphere in the center
of the room at nearby enemies. Fight your way down the corridor, then outside
to a walkway leading to two more Sith Acolytes. Charge them and let loose with
saber attacks. If you can force one into the energy field, that would make for
an easy kill. To disable that field, use Grip and mash the X button.

Kill the Stormtroopers here with Force Lightning and saber attacks, then turn
right and blast open the doors here. Go down the hallway and you'll have more
normal troopers as well as a Scout Trooper that can shoot from long distances.
Watch for his laser sight. Throw objects or even Stormtroopers down there as
Lightning Grenades, then finish off any remnants. 

Bust the doors open to be outside again. 

|On your immediate left after leaving the short indoor area|
|with the Stormtroopers. This red Holocron gives you the   |
|Saber Crystal Fury                                        |

Cross the bridge and you'll be ambushed by Jumptroopers. Fry them with some
Lightning, then disable the energy field with Grip. On the other side are more
Stormtroopers and one of those large droids. Uh-oh... Activate Force Fury and
you can decimate it with Lightning or Grip. Deactivate it after that to save
the remaining energy. 

Use Saber Throw again to lower the platform. Climb onto it, then onto the small
ledge jutting out of the side of the building. From here you can jump onto the
walkway above. Take this to some Scout Troopers and normal troopers. Force Push
or Grip them to knock them off, or use saber attacks. 

Turn right and you'll be faced with two Riot Troopers, and even further off,
another large droid. You can Force Grip the troopers and throw them away so
you can focus on the droid. At this distance, it's easier to deflect or Grip
the missiles and send them back. 

Cross this bridge and enter the next building ahead.

|Once you enter the building, you'll see another sphere    |
|object in front of you. Lift it up to reveal this Holocron|
|which bestows the Healing Saber Crystal upon you.         |

Use that same sphere and charge it with Lightning, then toss it at the enemies
down the corridor. Dash toward them to mop up the remnants. Just outside again,
you are faced with a more dangerous situation. A bunch of troopers on the
bridge, as well as two droids shooting missiles to the distant sides. 

You can try to Mind Trick one of the troopers to start or if you are able to,
use a Force Push or even throw the sphere again to thin them out. When the
missiles start coming in, try to Grip one and throw them to finish the troopers
off. Then just deflect and Grip the missiles to finish off the droids. 

On the platform itself, there will be more troopers and some Sith Acolytes.
Just charge the acolytes directly, flinging the sabers wildly at them. Saber
Throw doesn't work because it's still a Force Power, so just stick with melee.
Once all the enemies are dead, you can take the elevator in the center room. 

As you attempt to cross the bridge, a nearby gunship will open fire. Like in
the previous level, you'll have to Dash continuously toward the camera. Keep
doing this, avoiding troopers and objects. 

|About halfway down the bridge, this will be floating in   |
|mid-air. As you finish one dash, jump into the air and    |
|grab it, then continue to dash. This one is good for a    |
|Blue Bacta Tank and a Force upgrade.                      |

Inside the casino, throw the few troopers around. Dodge the sights of the Scout
Trooper on the bridge ahead of you. To get up there, try jumping on that small
column-like object in front of the bridge, then jump and dash to the side. 
Watch out for the Riot Troopers. Grab them or shoot them with Lightning. Toss
any other enemies into the red energy field.

|This green Holocron is easily seen on the bridge where the|
|Scout Trooper is located in the casino room.              |

Exit using the doors on the first floor on the left side of the room. Outside,
use Lightning on the Jumptroopers, then a charged Force Push on the normal
foes. Enter the door on the right to get on the other side of that energy

A few Sith Acolytes and Riot Troopers make up most of the opposition. Activate
Force Fury if you'd like to make the job a bit easier. Otherwise, go for the
Acolytes first if possible. The Riot Troopers might make that hard so stun
them with Lightning first. 

When the room is clear, get onto the second floor and on the left side, there
is a device holding up the elevator. Hit it with Saber Throw (get close enough
to see the prompt) and it will drop. Jump down the elevator shaft and enter
the next room.

On your right will be another droid, rampaging through the casino. Try to
deflect or throw his missiles back. Use one of the objects in the room to get
up high enough to jump to the second floor. Try to use Mind Trick to thin out
some of the enemies attacking you, including Riot Troopers. Lightning-infused
combos and Lightning itself will work well, as will Saber Throw. 

|This is on the bridge on the right side of the room, just |
|above where the droid was. It's also where most of the    |
|troopers here are congregated. Grants you EXP points.     |

Once all the enemies are cleared, the energy field that was on your left as
you entered will be lowered. Try to stay on the second floor and make your way
over there. You'll see a Scout Trooper up there, easily defeated. If you go all
the way to the back, where another elevator shaft is, you can lower it with
Saber Throw again. 

Now, for the enemies. Below you in this area are a AT-MP and two Sith Acolytes,
an ugly pairing for sure. They're dangerous to take on without Force Fury. The
best thing to do is stay up here, standing near the railing, and letting the
AT-MP shoot its missiles at you. Grip them and throw them back. Once it is
destroyed, go down there and defeat the acolytes. 

Jump down the shaft when you're done and you'll enter a somewhat ominous
room. The cause of these deeds soon makes itself apparent. Another Carbonite
Wardroid. Like the first two times, remove its shield first with Grip. You now
have Saber Throw which does decent damage againt it. Charge it up first and
look for the flash before throwing for extra damage. Combine this with Force
Lightning and a lot of dashing to stay clear of its gun. Perform the finisher
QTE to destroy it.

Your visibility is limited, but you need to go slightly to the right. Use Force
Sense (D-Pad up) to guide you if you get lost. Eventually you will encounter
another Carbonite Wardroid, along with some acolytes and stormtroopers. This
is another battle perhaps best fought on higher ground. If you have Force Fury,
feel free to use it. Otherwise, you might be better of staying up above, and
zapping the droid with bouts of Lightning to at the very least, soften it up.

Once you're ready, go down there and finish the droid off, then deal with the
acolytes with melee. With the danger averted, break through the frozen door by
using Force Push. Press onward.

This corridor will take you to a room where you'll see a hologram of Jabba The
Hutt, and you'll hear a strange melody playing. Also, there are peculiar
statues of a figure in the room. Huh, what could this mean?

|To get the Guybrush Threepwood costume, you must destroy  |
|the three slot machines in front of the Jabba hologram.   |
|You can do this by tossing them around or simply by using |
|Force Lightning. When they are destroyed, the holocron    |
|will appear.                                              |

Exit using the door on the left. As you cross the bridge, you enter another
"run-away" sequence. Keep dashing and it will only be a few dashes before
Starkiller leaps onto the tram. 

As you ride along, some TIE Fighters will attack the tram. You can dispose
of them with blasts of Lightning, or by Gripping them and throwing them about.
Sometimes you can throw them into each other. If you have upgraded Force
Lightning, shooting down multiple TIEs becomes easier. 

After a few groups of them have swooped in on you, the gunship attacks yet
again. This creates a mini-boss fight for you and it can be somewhat difficult.
The Tram's state is observed by the Tram "lifebar" and if it is destroyed, you
have to start this sequence over again.

There's not a whole lot you can do however other than be near perfect with
deflecting the gunship's missiles. Pay attention to how the missiles arc up
into the air, then descend on you and use this to time them. Stand near the
back end of the tram, close to the gunship. There is a reason for this. 

As the gunship takes damage from its own missiles, it will begin to shoot
larger volleys. When it fires off multiple missiles at once, a deflect should
send most of them back. If you're not standing near the back end of the tram
however, they will all hit and that will really hurt your chances of beating
this part. 

Keep deflecting and you'll rid yourself of this nuisance. A scene starts up.

                                  Cato Neimoidia
                                 THE WESTERN ARCH

     _________                                                           [sw03]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Fight your way to the arena          |-EXP
-Find your way to the arena to rescue |-Chaos Saber Crystal #2
General Kota                          |-Blue Bacta Tank
                                      |-Green Bacta Tank
                                      |-Corrosion Saber Crystal

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

     I'm no Jedi now. Not since... this.


When you have control again, proceed up the ramp and engage the four Riot
Troopers. Mind Trick might help, as will Force Grip. 

|This is right at the very start of this area, before you  |
|even go up the ramp. On your right is the end part of the |
|tram dock. You see these two curved "walls" there and just|
|under the right one, there is an EXP Holocron.            |

|Credit|Thanks to Krash for finding this Holocron                  |

Use Lightning as the Jumptroopers ambush you. Force Grip and then mashing X
will remove the barrier. On the next platform, another Carbonite Wardroid will
attack you. Luckily, you have the explosive barrels on the left. Repeatedly
toss them at the droid and it will be softened up for a QTE finisher.

When the droid falls, so enters a lot of troopers, including Riot and Jump
variations. Try using Mind Trick to help you out with some of them, then use
Lightning (if you upgraded it, then great) to zap the Jumptroopers and other

The next platform is inhabited by more of these same enemies, so use Force Push
to break them up like bowling pins, then Lightning to finish most of them off.
Beware the AT-MP stalking toward you. Start Gripping or deflecting its missiles
to weaken it. 

Remove the barriers and make your way forward. This walkway wraps around, 
making two right turns. On the adjacent walkway is where you find a bunch of
Scout Troopers who will try sniping you, but get close and then can easily be
sliced up.

|This one is actually floating in the air (you might be    |
|able to see it as you approach) right above the walkway   |
|where you have to turn right twice. It's floating just    |
|above the second right turn, near where the Scout Troopers|
|are. To reach it, you should be able to Force Grip some   |
|nearby objects on the previous part of the walkway. Bring |
|one or two over and use them to step on and reach this.   |
|This Red Holocron gives you the second Chaos crystal.     |

Proceed down this path to an area with not just one, but two Wardroids! If
you've saved up Force Fury, now is the time to use it. With it, you can Force
Grip the droids and defeat them easily. If not, you'll have to dismantle them
one at a time. Stay at a distance and make good use of Lightning and Saber
Throw. Back away if necessary and let your Force Powers recharge, then go back
to hit them some more. 

A few more Riot Troopers ambush you from behind. Either throw them off the
ledge or hit them with Lightning. Go up the ramp and enter the next building.

|To the side of the sphere object in this room is a pretty |
|visible blue Holocron. Grab it for more Force energy.     |

Go outside to a pattering of blaster fire. These stormtroopers have themselves
fortified. Tear through them with saber attacks, then blast the Jumptroopers
with Force Lightning. Once they're all dead, the barrier in front of the
barricade lowers. Charge up Force Push and you can break through it. 

The next barricade is protected by troopers and a Carbonite Wardroid. Use the
Stormtroopers as mobile bombs. Grip them and hit them with Lightning, then toss
them at the droid. A few should weaken it enough for a kill. 

The third barricade has another droid, so repeat the same tactics of throwing
Lightning Grenade Stormtroopers at it. 

|A green Holocron, good for a health boost, is sitting on  |
|the ground in plain sight, right in front of the third    |
|barricade.                                                |

Break through this barricade and continue down the long bridge until it is
suddenly destroyed. Yep, the gunship is back. Apparently the pilot took
"Annoying Lessons" from the helicopter pilots of Uncharted 2. 

The ship's main gun will tear you to shreds, so stand behind one of the small
barricades to shield yourself. When it eventually stops firing, you'll see a
prompt for Saber Throw. Stand in front of the barricades and toss your Sabers
to damage the gun. 

Now you will need to play catch again with the missiles. Deflect them with the
correct timing and the ship will take more damage. Not really much to it. When
a few missiles have landed, there is a new prompt. Hold the Left Stick to the
left, and mash the Circle button to throw the ship into the pillar. This will
then begin the cycle over again.

Shield yourself from the blaster fire, then strike back with Saber Throw.
Deflect missiles, hold Right and mash Circle, profit. 

After a scene, you'll be in a new area. An elevator will lower down to the
floor below you. We need it to search for some goodies in this room, but if
we ride the elevator too long, we won't be able to return here, so be careful.

|First, get on the elevator and ride it up. Look for the   |
|giant and difficult-to-miss skekelton hanging in here.    |
|Also quickly look for the large platform on the far side  |
|of the room. Wait for the elevator to rise a few feet     |
|higher than the skeleton, then jump, delay your double    |
|jump for a brief second, then do it and dash to reach this|
|platform. It might take a few tries, but you should get it|
|eventually. Walk to the left to find an EXP Holocron.     |

That's one down, and one to go. Stay where you are and don't move. 

|This one is easier once you have the first one. Staying up|
|where you got the previous holocron, turn around. Notice  |
|that very large and wide pillar? Walk past that as if you |
|were going back in the direction of the elevator. Once you|
|are past it, carefully drop down on a VERY narrow ledge   |
|below you. So what I mean is, drop over the side of the   |
|railing and try to land on a platform. You can use the    |
|camera to help you a little bit, but it will be hard to   |
|see regardless. Once you're here, you can see the Red     |
|Holocron across the room. Double jump and dash to reach   |
|the platform that has it. Try not to hug the wall when    |
|jumping or you might get stuck. This Holocron has the     |
|Corrosion Saber Crystal.                                  |

|Credit|Many thanks to weejane for a good job on explaining how to |
|      |get these last two Holocrons.                              |

Now get back on the elevator and ride it all the way to the top. Eventually,
you will get another scene.

                                  Cato Neimoidia
                                  TARKO-SE ARENA

     _________                                                           [sw04]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Defeat the Gorog                     |-None

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

     You are Vader's slave. But your power is wasted with
  him. You could be so much more...



This creature is big and ugly. You know what they say though, right? That
really hackneyed expression. What was it again? Oh, nevermind. 

In any case, the Gorog has very obvious attacks which take a little practice
to time and dodge. He will sweep the arena from your right to your left with
one hand. As soon as you see his hand slap down, start to jump, then double
jump over his hand. 

His other attacks are just fist smashes and so on. You can see them being
telegraphed by the red circle (much like the cannon sights from the previous
level) appear on the ground. Quickly dash out of the way. 

That's all well and good but how do you hurt it? Kota eventually drops you a
hint on this. While the beast is in front of you, hit it with Force Lightning.
The idea is to charge those nice wristwatches it has on. Well, they look like
watches anyway... 

Now you have to wait for the fist smash, which is a specific attack, different
from when it merely slaps its open hand on the platform. When it slams its
fist, you can attack the band (if you're on the correct side) with your saber.
Weakening it will allow you to break the band next time he slams his fist.

Just a few times and the beast will slam its fist down again. This time, Kota
will tell you to slash at the band again. Do so and then a new prompt appears
to  mash Circle, spamming Force Push. This restrains one of his arms.

Now focus on luring him into smashing the other arm down. Zap him with Force
Lightning like before, then attack the band until it breaks, spam Push and he
will be restrained.

Watch its breath counterattack. I don't even want to know how bad it smells.
It will sweep the platform back and forth a few times with this attack, so be
prepared to jump. After that, you can Force Grip the chain around its neck.
Hold R2 and hit the following QTE buttons: Circle, X, Square. That will deal
a large amount of damage.

This sequence repeats itself. Wait for the particular strike of his closed
fist and attack the band with Lightning or preferably saber attacks. The Gorog
almost always does a fist smash right after sweeping the platform so try to
be ready. Dashing repeatedly is recommended to avoid being hit by the fist.

Once you've weakened a band, attack it then use Force Push repeatedly to
restrain it. Repeat for the other hand, remembering that the Gorog uses the
fist smash after sweeping the platform. 

With both arms restrained again, avoid the breath attack as much as possible,
then hit The Gorog with Force Lightning a few times until the Grip prompt
appears. Follow that with this QTE sequence: Square, X, Square, Circle, Hold
Left Stick Down + Square repeatedly, Triangle repeatedly, Hold Left Stick
Down + Square repeatedly

No, the fight still isn't over. It moves on to a new phase. Where you will be
on a walkway near the top of the arena that goes in a big circle. The Gorog
will keep you trapped in one section. Your goal here is to weaken it enough so
it makes an exit for you. 

Begin by tossing electrified Stormtroopers at it. Then give it several bouts
of Force Lightning. You'll have to do your best to dodge the beast's fist
slaps and slams. When it throws its left hand on the platform (to your right),
it may either sweep it or keep it there. If the hand stays, unleash your saber
combos on it. Keep this up, along with Force Lightning. The Gorog will 
eventually smash the area to your right, allowing you to get out in front of a

Climb this tower by jumping on each ledge that is jutting out. Once you're on
the top, the Gorog will grab the platform with one hand. Attack the hand, while
watching out for the other to attack one side of the platform. Keep attacking
and you'll have to repeat this part again.

Like before, use Force Lightning and saber attacks when it puts its right left
hand on the platform. When it breaks open the way for you, climb the tower,
then attack the hand. This will create a bridge for you, so climb the tower
yet again, then jump and dash your way across to the platform that is sort of
dangling. This gives you a scene. 


With the boss fight over, you enter another falling sequence. This time, you
can dash by holding L1 for a bit, then letting go. As you descend, dodge all
the debris and Stormtroopers, using Push to clear out big obstacles for you
to destroy or pass through.

Dashing can also make you slightly invincible. Charge it up and then let go
and you should automatically break through most debris without taking damage.
You might find using Push repeatedly more effective for clearing it out though.

Use Dash repeatedly to get closer until you're eventually right in front of
the mighty beast. Hit it with Force Lightning or throw your Sabers by hitting
Square. When it prepares to swipe at you, either duck low or high to avoid
it. Repeat this sequence, dashing, then using Lightning and your sabers to
finally vanquish the beast and finish this level at long last. 


     _________                                                           [sw05]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Explore the mysterious swamp         |-Blue Bacta Tank
-Discover the mysteries of Dagobah    |-EXP
                                      |-Life Drain Saber Crystal
                                      |-Green Bacta Tank
                                      |-Focus Saber Crystal

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

    Am I going to see you again?


From the start, look to your right. Force Grip the large boulder and move it
out of the way. This reveals a Blue Holocron. I won't bother isolating the
Holocrons on this level because it's really short. 

Use that same rock as a platform and jump on it. Next, jump on your ship and
grab the EXP Holocron up here.

From the nose of the ship, jump to the ledge ahead of you. Turn to the right
and among the branches and roots, you should see a Red Holocron for the Life
Drain crystal. 

You'll also see a small house here. Hmm, wonder who that belongs to? Go past
the house and look for another boulder. Lift it for a Green Holocron. Keep
going and there should be a red one in plain view. This one gives you the Focus
saber crystal. Just beyond that, another EXP Holocron. I decided to upgrade
before going any further.

UPGRADES: Saber Rank 2, Grip Rank 2, Mind Trick Rank 2

                                  The Salvation
                               ABOARD THE SALVATION

     _________                                                           [sw06]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Make your way to the bridge of the   |-Regeneration Saber Crystal
Salvation                             |-Green Bacta Tank
-Chase the bounty hunter to find Juno |-Blue Bacta Tank
-Pursue the intruders and rescue Juno |-EXP
                                      |-Wisdom Saber Crystal

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

    Today, we all vow to change the galaxy, and one day
the galaxy will indeed be free.


From the outset, simply follow Kota through the ship. It starts off pretty
casual, but it kinda gives you an ominous, foreboding feeling. Eventually, you
will need to Force Grip a door open. Inside you get a scene. 

After that, use Force Lightning on the circuit panel to the left of the next
door. It will then open when you approach it.

Turn left, then use Grip to place this battery or whatever it is into the 
circuit panel. Charge it again with Force Lightning and the door opens. Get on
the elevator next and it will lower you down. Abruptly though, it begins to
plummet and inevitably, crash. 

Go down the next few corridors. You will need to Force Grip two doors by
folding part of them out so you can go through. Eventually, you'll be greeted
by some one... or something. 

These spider bots don't pose much of a challenge. When they get close, they
may jump on Starkiller. Just wiggle the Left Stick left and right to shake
them off. Saber attacks and Lightning work fine; they're pretty weak anyway.

They don't stop coming though. They eventually surround you perfectly. If only
we had that Force Power, you know... THAT Force Power! 

Oh wait, now we do. Unleash Repulse by holding L2 and hitting Circle (or hold
to charge). This is a great weapon to use against these bots as they continue
to surround you. Use this and saber and Lightning attacks. It seems like they
just don't stop coming, but there is an end to them eventually. 

When you're done, lift the battery on the floor and put it in the circuit. Hit
it with Lightning and proceed on through.

|You seriously can't miss this. It's right in the hallway. |
|It's a red holocron that gives you the Regeneration saber |
|crystal.                                                  |

At the end of this short hallway, drop down to land on another elevator. It
will go down slowly this time, but not without company. More of these "Terror
Droids" appear. Use Repulse to kill most of them, then any others in the hall
that will be in front of you when the lift stops. 

Take this down to a new, larger room. There is an explosion off to the left
screen and you'll see a body. Go through the door here and check it out. Follow
this corridor to an energy field where you'll see something interesting. Turn
around and head back to the previous room now. 

You kinda got the sense that "something" was lurking about, right? Well it
finally shows its face. This new enemy has a nice gimmick of apparently either
moving really fast or just having a cloaking mechanism. Saber attacks will not
work initially because it just keeps disappearing. The key is to hit it with
some sort of Force Power. Thankfully, these things usually appear right in front
of you for a brief moment. So hit it with Lightning or even Mind Trick if you
want. Take this opportunity to hit it with melee. One good combo should put it

More Terror Droids attack. Let them surround you a little then unleash a 
Repulse attack. Two more of the previous enemies show up after that. Mind Trick
both of them and they'll attack each other. Finish them off with your saber.

Take the energy core or battery from the door that exploded and take it to the
opposite door and put it in. Charge it up and move on. In this next room, you'll
have to deal with quite a more of those enemies, called the Terror Troopers.
They're pretty easy to take out though. Use Mind Trick or Lightning and the
threat is reduced quite a bit. You can also parry their melee if you time it
right when they appear in front of you.

Take the exit at the end of the room left. In this next corridor, a few more
droids appear. Use lightning-infused saber attacks to handle them.

|The energy core is in front of the door that you need to  |
|leave through. If you take the core and go down the right |
|hallway though, you can put it in another door. Inside,   |
|you find three bacta tanks. Destroy the center one with a |
|Saber Throw to obtain a Green Bacta tank                  |

Take the core to the other door and continue. After a scene, use Force Repulse
to bust out of this little glass chamber. More of these new enemies attack you
and here is where they get a little more dangerous, in bigger numbers. They
can stun you and the others will not hesitate to strike. Use Mind Trick. If you
have upgraded it, it can be used on two of them at once. Strike them down, and
it will get easier with each one you kill. Also beware the droids. Repulse can
sometimes catch the Terror Troopers off guard, but Mind Trick and Lightning are
the best choices.

Exit through the door on the right. You have to Force Grip it and mash X. Go
down this next corridor until you come across more Terror Droids. Kill them
with saber combos or Repulse. 

At the end of this corridor, follow the trail of melted walls and doors by
turning left. It eventually takes you to a very narrow area with lots of ledges
and platforms.

|This is underneath the platform that you first step on as |
|you enter this very narrow room. It's right under you on  |
|a platform that will collapse after you land on it. Grab  |
|it and quickly jump to safety. It's ok if you die though. |
|This one is good for a Force upgrade.                     |

Double jump and dash to the first platform. Jump from platform to platform
carefully. Look for the three energy cores in a small room that will be on your
left. Grab one, and lift it up to the nearby ledge and drop it inside that
doorway. Jump over there yourself now and put it into the circuit for the door.
Charge it up to open it. 

Climb out on the left and then jump to the long precarious walkway on the left.
Quickly dash and jump across these before they fall, jumping to one more
platform and to safety. Go inside here and turn right. At the end of this 
tunnel, drop down the hole to reach a generator-like room.

Wait for these red shafts of energy to dissipate before walking forward. You
then have a choice between going left, past more, or through the spinning
electrical generator on your right, which you also have to wait for. 

If you go left, you have to jump over the spinning machine in the center of the
room. Ahead, grip yet another spinning device until it stops completely. Now
pass on through. 

Go left this time, waiting for the electrical laser devices to stop and jump
and dash through them. 

|Going left through the laser devices eventually nabs you  |
|this EXP Holocron.                                        |

At the end, drop down the hole. More of these spider bots are waiting. Use a
Force Repulse or two. Choose which side you want to go down--it doesn't really
matter--to reach the other end of the room. More bots ambush you so deal with
them swiftly. If they don't let you pull off Repulse, lightning-infused Saber
attacks work fine. 

Grab the spinning device to stop it, then pass through. Wait for the red energy
shafts to stop, then quickly dash past them. Destroy the Terror Droids, then
drop down the hole on the left.

Go down this normal-looking hallway and enter a large room where below, you can
see a tough new customer make its entrance. Stay up here and eventually some
more Terror Troopers attack. Use Mind Trick and then dice them up. If you
stay up here, you won't have to deal with the enemies below. 

When you're ready, drop down to deal with the Terror Droids and the much larger
enemy. Lock onto it and if the Terror Droids surround you, use Force Repulse.
Focus on the big guy. Use Saber Throw and Force Lightning at a distance. Watch
for this enemy to telegraph an attack with its right claw. Dash to the side
and if the attack misses, the enemy will be stuck for a few moments. Use this
opportunity to unleash a full melee combo. Repeat these tactics to use a QTE
finisher on it. 

Go to the far side of the room where it first appeared and use Grip to raise
a platform up almost halfway. Jump on it, then onto the higher platform to
Starkiller's right. 

|If you turn around and look to the center of the room,    |
|there is a very large machine just chugging away. On top  |
|of a part jutting out, there is an EXP Holocron. Getting  |
|it is not easy. One way I found is to try to jump onto the|
|very tiny computer panel on the platform, in order to get |
|extra height. Double jump off this and dash to reach it.  |

Pass through the corridor on that previous platform to get a scene. After that,
it's time for another boss fight. 


This large mechanized creature has a few attacks, but not many surprises. At
very close range, it can hit you with one of its legs. At larger distances, it
can fire off a laser, use missiles, and an energy attack. There are also those
pesky Terror Droids to annoy you. 

For starters, the droid is shielded. Look for the small columns just barely
jutting out of the platform in the very center of the room, in front of the
spinning reactor. If you get in the right position, close enough, you can Grip
these. Raise them up as high as you can. Do these for the others and the shield
will be gone. Easy enough. 

Just slowly blast the creature with Lightning or hit it with Saber Throws
to weaken it gradually. After a few hits, the mechanized arachnid will fall.
Approach its face and let loose with saber attacks. You can deal a hefty amount
of damage before it gets back up.

Now things get a little tougher, and by tougher, I mean annoying. Besides more
Terror Droids, the Terror Troopers will attack you as well. Stun them with
Mind Trick, killing them if you are able to. Focus mostly on the Terror Walker
though. Hit it with more Lightning and Saber Throws. If the enemies really
give you problems, activate Force Fury to get some extra kick in your attacks.

Damage the boss a few more times, and energy cores will just fatefully drop
from their circuits. You need to go around the room and put them back in and
charge them up, one by one.

This is not the simplest task in the world with both the boss and its minions
chasing you. If you get hurt while doing this, try to get health back from
some of the Terror Droids since they're easy to kill. 

Once you get them all back in, the shield lowers again. Let loose on the boss
a few times to weaken it, then unleash your saber attacks to get the QTE
prompt. Starkiller mounts the droid and you get to control it. Hit Square to
use its energy attack, Triangle for the missiles, Circle for the lasers, X for
a jump attack. Target the smaller droids that are attacking you. Doing this
can be kinda tough, and after a while, the Terror Walker tries to shake you
off. Spin the Left Stick clockwise when this happens to try to stay in control.

The missiles and laser seem to be the best attacks, but they're still hard to
utilize effectively. Once you defeat all the enemies though, pilot the droid
into the reactor. Hit X when prompted to defeat this boss.


Force Grip the Terror Walker's body and lower it as a makeshift platform. Use
it to jump into the melted tunnel in the wall. 

|On the other side of the tunnel just departed from the    |
|boss, this Holocron is right in plain view. It has the    |
|Wisdom saber crystal.                                     |

                                  The Salvation
                           THE BATTLE FOR THE SALVATION

     _________                                                           [sw07]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Find a way to remove the Imperial    |-EXP
boarding vessels                      |-Green Bacta Tank
-Find your way to the Salvation's     |-Meditation Saber Crystal #2
bridge                                |-Incineration Saber Crystal
                                      |-Blue Bacta Tank
                                      |-Healing Saber Crystal #2

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

    Sometime soon, you will decide the fate of the
  Rebellion, not your master. 


This next battle is a bit tough. If you haven't upgraded in a while, you might
want to. 

UPGRADES: Saber Throw Rank 2

Start by clearing out the grunt enemies like the Stormtroopers. There are some
new fierce-looking enemies, the Saber Guards who wield red lightsabers, but
they are more like declawed kittens. They have very little resistance to a lot
of your attacks and go down with just a few melee attacks. 

Things get difficult though when an AT-ST and AT-MP show up. Try to take out
the latter first with Lightning and Saber Throws. Try to avoid even wasting
time on its missiles. Just take it down quickly so you can focus on the bigger

For the AT-ST, conventional Lightning and aerial saber attacks which were
effective when bundled together and used correctly in the first game, seem to
only soften it up at best. The bigger damage can be made by throwing the small
grenades that it drops back at it. Use Saber Throw and Lightning to continue
hurting it until you can finish it off. 

A second AT-ST shows up with two AT-MPs. Scout Troopers also start sniping you
from the side of the room, so I suggest going after them first. There is a
small ledge you can climb onto in the foreground corner of the room to get up
to where they are. Up here, you can even take advantage of the higher ground
and weaken the AT-ST and AT-MPs without putting yourself at too much risk. 

|On the right side of the room (when you're facing the     |
|hangar doors), there is a high ledge where the Scout      |
|Troopers inevitably appear. Use a small ledge in the back |
|corner to get up here. Look for one of the invasion pods  |
|up here and find this EXP Holocron inside.                |

Go to the other side of the room once all the enemies are down. Take this hall
and look for a shaft on your left that leads to the engine room. Inside, slice
up the Saber Guards and use Push or Grip to send other enemies into the
machines for extra damage. Force Lightning can work on the troopers on the
other side of the energy shafts.

To get past these obstacles, find the disk-shaped device and use Force Grip to
place it inside the laser device. This shuts it down and lets you pass. Grip
the spinning device to get through to some Scout Troopers. Hit them with either
Lightning or toss them around with Force Grip. 

Jump over the engines on the right side. If you turn left, you can see another
disk-shaped object beyond the energy shafts. Grab it and pull it over to the
laser device. Return back to the front and pass through here. On your right,
you can hit these red disks with Lightning to blow them up and clear a path.

|This Green Holocron is just on the other side of the parts|
|you need to blow up with Lightning.                       |

Turn left and drop down the hole. Stand near the energy shafts and you can see
the disk-shaped object toward the right. Grip it toward the laser device and
then go through when it's clear. Force Repulse the stormtroopers, then find a
single part on the right side you can hit with Lightning, like before. This
lets you get inside amongst the machinery a little more. From here, you can
blow up some other parts with Lightning. It should reveal a passageway for you
to take.

Jump on these objects to reach the higher ledge. Walk foward and drop down the
hole to return to a familiar room. Start by getting the Stormtroopers and
Scout Troopers on the high ledges. After that, drop down below to deal with the
troopers, Saber Guards, and the AT-MP. Try to Mind Trick as many enemies as
possible to thin them out. Attack the AT-MP with its own missiles, Lightning
and Saber Throw.

Once they're all cleared, exit through a doorway that Kota opens up for you.
Take this next passage forward.

|Right in plain sight. Grab it for the second Meditation   |
|crystal.                                                  |

Keep going until you get to a room where the Terror Walker blew through the
wall. Blast these Stormtroopers with a mid-air Force Push, then jump up there
yourself. This brings you back to the narrow room. 

First lower the walkway above you where the Scout Troopers are. Knock them off
with Force Push. Jump onto it and lower another walkway on the right-hand
wall. Deal with the Jumptroopers as well by overloading their packs with a few
bouts of Force Lightning. From here, carefully jump from platform to platform,
Gripping or zapping the enemies you come across. 

Go through the holes in the walls until you return to a familiar hallway. At
the other end, a Carbonite Wardroid appears. No, wait, it's slightly different!
This Incinerator Wardroid has pretty much the same attacks however. Charge up a
Saber Throw as it closes in. Use that and Force Lightning. Try to keep your
distance from its attacks and just pepper it with these long-range attacks
until you can finish it off. 

|Take a peek inside the pod the droid came out of to find  |
|the Incineration crystal.                                 |

Follow the next hall for a while. It will bring you to a room with another
Incinerator Wardroid and some Saber Guards and troopers. The flamethrower from
the droid is quite lethal, so keeping your distance is imperative. To make
things easier, Mind Trick as many enemies as possible, which should distract the
droid long enough. Grab objects around the room and hit them with Lightning
before tossing them at it. Finish it off with Saber Throws and Lightning.

Use the fuse or core thing to open the door. Charge it up and go through. This
brings you back to another familiar room. A Terror Trooper attacks here so Mind
Trick or shock him to stop him in his tracks. 

|This is the same room where you could take a detour with  |
|an energy core/fuse and find a Holocron inside a bacta    |
|tank. If you take a left and return to this room there is |
|another blue one waiting. Watch out for the deactivated   |
|Terror Droids which might explode.                        |

Fight your way through some Stormtroopers in the next room. It will eventually
bring you to another Wardroid. Use the same strategy as before. Hit the lower
enemies with Mind Trick, then toss things at the droid. Soften it up more with
Lightning and Saber Throw. If you can get behind it, melee is safer than from
the front.

Grab the fuse and put it in the socket. Fire it up and exit. When you find the
elevator, lift it up with Grip, then drop down.

|After you drop down under the elevator platform, turn     |
|around. On the wall that was behind you, there is a hole  |
|in the wall. Jump inside and find a hidden EXP Holocron.  |

|Credit|Thanks for this Holocron location go out to Masterkyro.    |

Jump your way out of here to a room with a turret. Mind Trick the enemies, then
slash them to bits in their confusion. Grab a fuse from the cannon and place it
in the the socket for the door. 

Inside here, a few more troopers, Saber Guards, and another Incinerator
Wardroid decide to crash the party. There aren't many objects to throw here, so
after taking off the droid's shield, you might want to stick with Lightning and
Saber Throw primarily. It can be tough, so save some troopers for health if you
need it, and use Mind Trick to keep them from attacking you. 

If you use Force Sense, you can see that you have to go through some doors that
are half open and apparently stuck. Go into the far room and grab the fuse from
the cannon. Bring it back out here and place it in the cannon that is on the
floor pointed at those doors. Once it's in, charge it up, then zap the cannon
itself to blast the doors open. 

Inside this next room, you'll have to deal with Jumptroopers, AT-MPs, and other
enemies. As usual, Mind Trick helps keep some of the enemies off your back,
while you deal with the bigger fish. Deflect or throw missiles back at the
AT-MPs, or use Lightning and Saber Throw. For the Scout Troopers, who are
perhaps the most dangerous, throw an object up at them to knock them down,
then finish them. 

The main cannon then gets hit and of course, you're the one to fix it. Go to
the back of the cannon, near where the Scout Troopers were. Jump on the object
on the floor that is in flames. Use it to climb the back of the cannon. Once
you're in the center, mash Triangle as you are prompted to. Next, hold Circle
until you are asked to stop. 

|This is floating in the air in one corner of the room,    |
|high above the ground. From where you enter the room, it's|
|across the other side of the cannon, up against that wall.|
|It's high up, and from what I can tell, the only way to   |
|reach it is by stacking objects with Force Grip. There    |
|should be two very large cubes in the room. Stack them in |
|the corner but place the second one so that there is some |
|room on the first one for you to step on.If you need more,|
|there are a lot of smaller crates around the room as well |
|to use. This Red Holocron will give you the second Healing|
|Saber Crystal.                                            |

Once that little scene is over, go through the once closed door and take the
lift up. It will take you the area where you first started, and that moving
platform. Get on it and enjoy the ride.

That is... until the Terror Droids drop in on you. Just take them out with
Force Repulse and saber attacks mostly. If you look closely, you can see them
coming on the roof of the tunnel ahead of you. Using this knowledge, you can
charge your Force Repulse attacks in advance. 

When you've landed, go down the hall for a scene. 

                                   THE RETURN

     _________                                                           [sw08]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Regroup with Kota and his Rebels     |-EXP
-Find a way to the top of the city    |-Green Bacta Tank
                                      |-Blue Bacta Tank
                                      |-Disintegration Bacta Tank
                                      |-Shock Saber Crystal

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

    You were weak when I found you. Now your hatred has
become your strength.


This level starts with Starkiller still on the bridge of the Salvation, trying
to guide it toward a divebomb attack on the Kamino facility. You have limited
control here. All you need to do is look for button prompts. They are mostly
Square or Circle, but sometimes X as well. When they appear, tap the button
repeatedly to clear debris from the front of the ship as it continues on its

At the end, you'll be given a prompt to charge Force Push again. Hold it until
the prompt disappears, then let go. Here you enter perhaps the most dramatic
falling sequence of the game. Like always, destroy any debris or TIE Fighters
in your way with Lightning or Force Push. Guide Starkiller down past the debris
as the ship enters the planet's atmosphere. More debris will come toward you
until it finally crashes into the facility.

When you begin, you will be back in a familiar area, although all the wreckage
makes it look like a foreign landscape. The cannons are back and will gun for
you but you have a lot of large debris to protect yourself. 

The first challenge of this stage is to take out the three AT-ST's. They come
one at a time, thankfully. Hide from the cannons and hit the AT-ST's with
Lightning, then throw their little bombs back at them. 

|Look for this EXP Holocron on the left side of the area,  |
|near a large cylinder-shaped object that is tilting high  |
|above the ground. Climb up onto the nearby structure and  |
|double jump and dash if necessary to grab this.           |

If you jump up to either of the hallways up here on the higher ledges beyond
the broken glass, you can kill a few troopers up here. They will be guarding a
small meeting room on either side. If you go in there, you can get a prompt to
Force Grip the cannons and destroy them.

|Climb on top of an engine near where the cannons are and  |
|you can easily nab this Green Holocron.                   |

After destroying one, an AT-MP and some more troopers appear. Try to take out
as many of the troopers first. This area is large, and there's lots of cover,
so you can keep your distance from the AT-MP, including a second one that shows
up. Once the area is mostly clear, you can hit them with Lightning and Saber
Throws, or use their missiles against them. 

When you're ready, clear the debris against the wall just below and between
the cannons. Grip it and tap X repeatedly to clear the way. 

After a short elevator ride, use Mind Trick on the Saber Guard enemy here. That
will distract him and let you kill him easier. Grip, slash, and zap the other

The door opens and a small squad of Stormtroopers bustles in. Hit them with a
charged Force Push and they are easily taken care of. Go down this hallway to
get a message from Kota about nearby snipers. In the next room, you'll
encounter an Incinerator Wardroid. Take off his shield, then keep your
distance and stay locked on. If you can hit it with charged Saber Throws, that
will do good damage. 

Find the Scout Troopers next. Two are on a platform high above in the center
of the room. The others are off to the right, beyond the orange glass screens,
near the windows of this building. 

Down the next hall, you encounter another droid and more assorted enemies. Mind
Trick the two Saber Guards first. After that, try to take out the droid. The
tight passage might make things difficult, so try to throw your Sabers
(charged) at it or hit it with Lightning. Try to stay on the left or right of
the hall and dodge its napalm blasts. Back away when it gets too close and keep
attacking. You can get health from all the troopers at the end of the hallway
if necessary.

In the next room, Force Push any initial troopers away, then use Lightning
to defeat all the Jumptroopers. This takes care of most of the resistance in
this room.

|This is on the high platform in the center of the room    |
|that goes around the structure here. You can climb onto   |
|one of the narrow barricade-like objects and jump onto it |
|from there. This one is a Blue Bacta Tank.                |

When you see Kota and the rebels pinned down by gunships, step toward the
window. Some TIE Fighters will swoop in toward you and open fire. Grab one of
them with Grip, and hurl it at the first gunship. Wait for the other to pass by
again and repeat this. The next door then opens. 

A short walk will land you in a room with two Incinerator Wardroids. Great.
Start by getting their shields off as always. You're vulnerable to one droid
while removing the other's shield though so be careful. The best strategy is
to just go around the room in a circle as the droids try to get close to you.
Hit them with Lightning and then keep moving.

Jumptroopers come in and provide more of an annoyance, but they can give you
much needed health if you can zap them too. When you manage to weaken one
droid enough, finish it off. Now you'll have more flexibility with the other
and can possible finish it off with charged Saber Throws. 

Through the other door, you come to the destroyed bridge. Lower one part of
it with Force Grip, then Kota will put out two small pieces for you to cross
over. Carfully jump to them and then jump and dash to the other side for a

Make your way outside and turn right, dropping down all the ledges. A few
troopers are soon overshadowed by one of those large walking droids from the
previous level. Stay locked onto it and circle it, hitting it with Lightning
and Saber Throw. When it telegraphs its attack, dash to the side, then strike
it with your melee while it's vulnerable. 

Press on, taking out the Scout Troopers. Climb over the platforms here and you
will find two AT-MP's. The close range makes it a little tougher. Use Lightning
and if they back up, you can Grip and throw their missiles back at them. Just
past them, there are some more Stormtroopers, easily knocked off the platform
with Push or Grip.

Go around this platform to find another AT-MP and one of those droids. You can
help yourself out here by climbing onto the high ledge you just went around.
You can jump onto the small tube-shaped thing sticking out of it and from there,
just barely jump on top of this wall. From here, all you have to worry about
are the missiles. Redirect them at the AT-MP, then drop down and kill the

|This is on top of the rounded platform as described above.|
|The best way I can tell to get up there is to jump on the |
|tube-shaped object sticking out the far end, then jump    |
|onto the wall itself. Grab this Red Holocron for the      |
|Disintegration crystal.                                   |

Before leaving this area, fight with one more droid. Dodge its claw attacks,
then strike back with your saber, while peppering it with Lightning and Saber

Inside again, four measly Stormtroopers foolishly attempt to block your path.
Take the hallway to a room with an elevator. Next thing you know, you're in
front of another Wardroid. You know the drill by now. Take out the shield,
keep your distance, Lightning, Saber Throw, etc, etc. You also have those
annoying Terror Droids to watch out for, so use Force Repulse when they start
to surround you. 

|On one side of the room, quite visible, you should see    |
|this Red Holocron. It will give you the Shock crystal.    |

If the door doesn't open, it likely means there's a few more Terror Droids
hiding somewhere. Search the room to find them, then proceed through when
the door does finally open. 

UPGRADES: Repulse Rank 2, Saber Rank 3

Proceed down this hall and into the next room. It starts out innocently
enough with several Jumptroopers. Let them feast on your Lightning and they go
down easily enough. Things get a little trickier when a Saber Guard and a Sith
Acolyte appear. This is further exarcerbated when even more show up after that.

Mind Tricking the Saber Guards helps a lot. They can attack the Sith Acolytes
or leave themselves more vulnerable to your own attacks. If you Mind Trick most
of them, you can use a charged Force Push while they're all gathered together,
knocking most of the Saber Guards off. Eventually, the Terror Troopers join the
fray, so use Force Lightning or more Mind Tricks to stop them. 

When the fighting is finally over, a platform rises at the end. Climb up here
and jump onto one of these rotatiing platforms. Make your way over to the right
side and jump to the blue ledge here, next to the droid with the red eye. Jump
onto that droid next. 

Jump from the next platform into the tunnel. Follow this ledge to another
tunnel. Next, jump from platform to droid, to another platform. Here, fend off
two pesky Jumptroopers with your Force Lightning. With that done, Force Grip
the tunnel above you and lower it so you can get inside.

Cross the platforms and the droid, then deal with more Jumptroopers. Up here,
you see another distant tunnel. Force Grip it from here and bring it toward
you. This allows you to cross to the far off platform. Once on the other side,
Mind Trick the Saber Guards and knock him off the edge, then slash the Acolyte
until he falls. 

Take that previous tunnel and guide it back to its original position, letting
you get to a new platform. Cross a few more platforms, then raise another
tunnel to bridge yet another gap. Cross more platforms and on and on until you
get up to more of those rotating platforms with the capsules on them. On pretty
much the opposite side, you will see another droid and platform sequence you
can take to another tunnel. 

This drops you off at the final platform with two Sith Acolytes. Just hammer
them with your saber combos and open the door when you're ready to move on.
The next room however drops even more of them on you, along with several Saber
Guards. Mind Trick or lightning-infused combos lowers the defense of the Saber
Guards, and saber attacks will eliminate the Acolytes. Leave the room when
you're done.

Outside, take the tunnel to a series of rotating platforms. In this room, you
will have to jump from one to the next and get to the droid that will let you
reach the next level of platforms. Along the way, some of the Terror Troopers
will appear on select platforms. Mind Trick them and then hit them with Force
Push to knock them off.

|On the fifth level of the rotating platforms, look for one|
|of these capsules that has a faint yellow light inside.   |
|Break all of them if you want to be safe. This particular |
|capsule has a EXP Holocron inside.                        |

On the final level, exit through the tunnel. This takes you to an empty
platform. Grip the door open and take the elevator inside.

                                THE CONFRONTATION

     _________                                                           [sw09]
____/Briefing \________________________________________________________________

OBJECTIVES                            |  HOLOCRONS
-Use all that you have learned to     |
bring down the Dark Lord

---END BRIEFING----------------------------------------------------------------

    I've trained you well, but you still have much to learn.

                  You have nothing left to teach me!


As you proceed down this next corridor, things will start to get a little
trippy. You'll hear certain voices and there will be some QTE sequences so be
prepared. Either way, stagger onward through each encounter and go toward the
room with all the tanks. Turn left and go toward the door. Another QTE sequence
occurs here. When you manage to leave, you are then faced with...


Vader's attacks are well, pretty simple to start with. He will do his normal
saber attacks as well as Saber Throw. He might also Grip you, forcing you to
wiggle the Left Stick back and forth. Thankfully he doesn't use that as much
as in the first game.

The best way to damage him is by parrying. Stay locked on and wait for him to
strike. Unlike in the first game, he telegraphs it just a tiny bit longer,
which provides you with better timing. Strike back after that. You can also
catch him off guard if you dash away and then back at him when he strikes,
letting you do a bigger combo. 

Eventually, one of the tanks around you will break, then all of them break.
Dispatch of these new enemies with melee, Mind Trick, and Force Repulse. Fend
them off and Vader will eventually retreat. Force Grip his platform and hit
X repeatedly to lower it. 

Climb up to the platform in front of Vader's. He will casually toss the tanks
at you. Grip them after he lets go of them and fling them back at him. Meet up
with the Dark Lord again and more of those clone enemies will attack. These
ones are like Sith Acolytes; they'll wave off all of your powers except Mind
Trick. Lightning-infused combos work well though from your saber. 

Once they're all gone, fight him as before. Get in close and parry his attacks,
or lure him into striking, back away, then go back to unleash a longer combo
on him. Either way, you'll eventually get into some QTE sequences, which leads
him to inevitably retreat again.

Lower the next platform. You will have to climb up several of the platforms
to finally catch up with the Dark Lord. He will send several of the creatures
after you. Mind Trick them all and fend them off with saber combos. If you
keep your eye on Vader during this fight, he will throw more tanks at you.
If you have the chance, toss them back. When you're done with the minions,
chase after him.

This will sort of continue again as he sends more of these things after you.
Just deal with them calmly, using Mind Trick. Vader may throw more tanks at
you again so be ready. Chase him down and attack, parrying and using combos
when he is in his swinging animation. He will run away... yet again.

You must fend off another pack of these things. Mind Trick the ones with the
sabers in particular and they will chase after Vader and deal small amounts of
damage to him. Take the rest of them out, then you finally get some significant
alone time with old Darthy. All good things come to an end though, and he will
run eventually. 

Follow him this time and let the enemies follow you. Mind Trick them there and
they will attack Vader for you. Pretty much repeat these steps over and over
and over until finally you get a scene. 

When the fight resumes, you will be outside amidst the storm. It appears like
you have permanent Force Fury on, but it's somewhat unclear as your attacks
are not boosted at all. One added bonus in this fight though can be achieved by
forcing the Dark Lord near one of the pillars at the outer edge of the arena.
Get him near here, then wait for a saber lock QTE. Win it and you can eventually
force him into the electricity. Mash Triangle to take out a huge chunk of his

You can repeat this until he goes down. There's not much more to it. Vader may
sometimes channel the lightning toward you, but it won't hurt too much. You're
able to get off some lengthier combos sometimes but the best way is to force
him into the lightning rods. When he's near death, a long QTE sequence starts
up. That ends the fight and it presents you with a choice. All the choice does
is affect the ending. It will not give you anything to control, so choose
what you want.

Congratulations, you've beaten Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II!

-----Submitted Strategy-----

"When you are fighting him outside in the rain, dash attack him straight away,
and start wailing on him with your lightsaber. The most effective combo is
square, square, square, square, triangle. With this combo you can stunlock him.
Watch him closely, as he sometimes swings while your hitting him, and parry his
attack (you can parry in the middle of a combo), and retaliate with square.
Launch into another combo. keep doing so until hes pushed up to the edge of the
arena, he will get shocked and stumble forward. Quickly position yourself
behind him (make sure YOU dont get shocked) and repeat the process. When your
attacking his back you can pull of 4xsquare, [wait] 4xsquare combo. If you do
this right you can finish him off without losing any health."

|Credit|Thanks to Archnemesis for this strategy                    |

 _____ _____ 
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  | |   | |   Extras | STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED II |               [ex00]
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 _| |_ _| |_ 

Here you can find information focused on specific parts of the game, such as
the Lightsaber crystals, the Challenges, and Holocrons. There is also a list
of the Trophies/Achievements available, as well as some tips on getting some
of them. 

CHALLENGES                                     [ex01]
Challenge rooms are some side trials for you to do as you go along on your
adventure. They can help you master some attacks and other skills, on top of
just being a temporary diversion from the story. You unlock more rooms as you
progress through the story. 

Challenges 1-2: Complete Kamino - The Escape
Challenge 3: Complete Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch
Challenge 4: Complete Cato Neimoidia - The Western Arch
Challenge 5: Complete Dagobah
Challenges 6-7: Complete The Salvation - Abord The Salvation
Challenge 8: Complete Kamino - The Return
Challenges 9-10: Beat the game

CHALLENGE 01| The Combat Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:00  |           | 00:45  |           | 00:55  |           |  01:05   |

Gold Reward: Saber Crystal Fury #2

This first challenge just asks you to perform prompted combos. You don't even
have to hit the training droid. Just input the combos as they appear in the
time alloted:

These are all pretty easy, but you might have trouble with the last few:

o Square, square, Square, Square, Cirlce (HOLD), Square, Square, Square
o Square, square, Square, Square, Cirlce (HOLD), Square, Circle
o Square, square, Square, Square, Cirlce (HOLD), Square, Triangle
o Square, square, Square, Square, Cirlce (HOLD), Square, Square, Circle
o Square, square, Square, Square, Cirlce (HOLD), Square, Square, Triangle
o Square, Square (Pause) Square, Square
o Square, Square, Square (pause) Square, Square, Square
o Square, Square, Square, Square (pause) Square, Square, Square, Square

You need to rush for a good time, but that does not mean to mash the buttons.
Be conscious of your button presses. Pay attention to the screen and input the
buttons as you see each one you hit being highlighted. Don't "overtap" and you
won't lose unnecessary time. 

Also keep in mind you do NOT have to hit the training droid. You don't even have
to wait for the droid to reset itself. As soon as the combo appears on screen,
perform it. Don't let the droid attack you either, or you will not be able to
do your next combo for a few seconds. This is extremely frustrating to get a
Gold on for a first challenge. It requires you to be nearly 100% perfect,
without hitting too many buttons than necessary, starting your combos as soon
as they appear, not stopping, and not getting hit or interrupted. 

What helps me is not looking at Starkiller, and instead looking at the buttons
so I don't mash too much and I time the pressess well. You really need to be
near perfect so this trial can easily be the most annoying, coincidentally
enough. For the last three, where you have delayed combos, the last one is
the most tricky. It requires a long pause, almost two seconds in between the

CHALLENGE 02| Kamino Drill Grounds Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 01:30  |           | 02:00  |           | 03:00  |           |  04:00   |

Gold Reward: Protection Saber Crystal #2

This one is also difficult, but you can possibly get a Gold on it if you try
hard enough. Your goal is to prevent as many Stormtroopers from escaping as
possible. They come from three different locations, two in the back corners
behind your starting position, and from the main gate in front of you. 

They will scramble toward either of the two top corners. If they pass through
the barrier, the counter on the left side of the screen decreases. When 20 of
them escape, you fail. The longer you can go without losing 20, the better your
ranking will be. Here is a small yet crappy diagram of the map:
           ___                  Key:
 _________|   |_________  
|/E         1         E\|            E = Stormtrooper exit       
|                       |            1-3 = Storm Trooper entrance
|                       |            S = Starting point
|           S           |
|                       |
| 2                   3 |

They will move in small packs of three or four and scramble for the gate. You
can stop them by nearly any means you have. Choosing the most effective means
however will get you a better score. This in my opinion is using Grip and in
an emergency, Lightning. When two packs start going toward the same gate (they
will always go for the same one as far as I can tell), Force Grip is helpful
in prying them away from that gate. Fling them in the opposite direction, then
you can focus on the other pack also heading to that gate. Zap them with 
Lightning to stop them, or a little more to kill them. Once you've caught up
to the rest, saber them which is by far, the quickest kill method.

You'll have to shuffle between each corner as you go so be quick. Throw one
group in the opposite direction, then zap and slice up the others. You can also
Grip them and turn them into Lightning Grenades in an attempt to blow up the

Besides the above, one of the most effective methods is to use Rank 3 Saber
Throw. The additional seeking power can often wipe out an entire group. You
may want to equip the Focus Saber Crystals to manage your Force energy. Saber
Throw works well while alternating between the two exits to take out the

|Credit|Thanks to Archnemesis for the Saber Throw tips             |

CHALLENGE 03| Deadly Path Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 01:00  |           | 00:43  |           | 00:23  |           |   00:18  |

Silver Reward: General Kota costume        Gold Reward: Corrosion Saber Crystal

This is basically a challenge of get to the finish line as quick as you can.
It requires you to jump from one floating platform to the next. Getting the
best times will be difficult, so it would be best to cut corners where
possible. Here's another lame map for your viewing pleasure:

                  3      5    7    9    10  12    14  16
 ___    1    2    __     _    _    _    _    _    _    _    ___
|   |   _    _   |  |   |_|  |_|  |_|  | |  |_|  |_|  |_|  |   |
| S |  |_|  |_|  |  |  _    _    _     | |  _    _    _    | F |
|___|            |__| |_|  |_|  |_|    |_| |_|  |_|  |_|   |___|
                       4    6    8          11  13    15            

For the first part, you want to jump from S to 2 in one go, instead of jumping
on platform 1. Run as close to the edge as you can without actually falling off
and double jump, then dash. You should land on 2. Jump to 3 from there.

Each time you land on a platform, enter a dash to move faster. Even if the
platform is small, dash and then jump immediately to enter your double jump and
dash combination. From 3, favor the left side, going across 5, 7, and 9. 

When you get to 10, you want to favor the left side again. To reach platform
12 though, dash immediately off the edge of 10. Yes, do it. As soon as you go
off the edge, enter your double jump and dash again. You'll reach 12, then jump
across the last few to reach F. If you do it fast enough, you should get a Gold

CHALLENGE 04| Deflection Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 01:00  |           | 02:00  |           | 04:00  |           |   06:00  |

Silver Reward: Rebel Soldier costume       Gold Reward: Life Drain Saber
                                                          Crystal #2

This one was pretty easy for me. It takes a little practice, but the key is
knowing that you don't actually have to use deflection only. You are allowed
to use Force Grip and that helps a lot. 

Your goal is to stay alive and stay on the platform as long as possible. AT-MPs
will fire their missiles at you from the other platform. You need to just stay
alive and prevent the missiles from knocking you off. The latter is a very
easy task so long as you keep moving every so often. 

For the former, use deflect when you want to, or when you see multiple missiles
coming at the same time. You can't manipulate the camera here, so you have to
judge for yourself how close the missiles are. Usually they make one last turn
before they are about to hit you. If multiple missiles are coming at once, a
well timed deflection will almost always deflect all of them, even if they
don't arrive at the exact same millisecond. 

Additionally, you might be able to deflect multiple missiles by hitting the
block button repeatedly. 
|Credit|Thanks to Archnemesis for the "spam block" tip             |

For other purposes, for example, when missiles are not coming simultaneously,
Force Grip is recommended. This also gives you some accuracy when throwing
them at the AT-MPs, to reduce the number of missiles coming at you. Force Grip
works really well, especially if you are not good at deflecting. 

This will also come in handy as you go through the waves and an AT-ST shows
up. When there are spare missiles (or after you've destroyed an AT-MP or two),
use one of their missiles and throw them at the AT-ST. Get it out of the fight
as soon as you can and stay on the move to avoid taking too much damage from
its blasters. 

Just keep this up and you'll do fine. It might take some practice, but Force
Grip helps a lot. Time your deflections well and you can deflect multiple
missiles coming in at roughly the same time. 

CHALLENGE 05| Retrieval Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 01:40  |           | 01:10  |           | 00:50  |           |   00:40  |

Gold Reward: Focus Saber Crystal #2

Here, you will want to recall a little trick from the other trial. Remember
you can cover a lot of ground by dashing off a platform, then double jumping
before you fall, and dashing again. 

Start by jumping to the platform that will swing toward you. When it comes to
a stop, dash off to the right, then double jump and dash again to reach the
next platform. Dash off the double jump and dash to reach the first of another
pair of platforms that come swinging toward you.

Wait for this platform to move, then do the technique again to go straight to
the next one, then very quickly, do it again to reach the next platform before
it moves out of your way. Wait for the last two platforms to align vertically,
then hop across them to the holocron.

As the camera spins around, you will want to go when all the platforms are
aligned vertically. There might be a really quick way to go, but I wanted to
be careful here not to mess up. Use that skill when necessary, but be sure to
judge how far you can go. 

CHALLENGE 06| Domination Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 03:00  |           | 02:00  |           | 01:30  |           |   00:55  |

Silver Reward: Neimoidian costume            Gold Reward: Regeneration Saber
                                                             Crystal #2

For this, you must stand in the green circle in the center. As you stand in
it, the counter on your left will decrease every second or so. You have to get
it to 0 as quickly as possible.

The enemies from three surrounding platforms will charge you however. If they
get in the circle or if they knock you out of the circle, you will stop 
decreasing the counter. 

Obviously Force Repulse is an ideal power here. It is most useful against the
Saber Guards who will block just about everything else. You can also use 
lightning-infused combos, then quickly attack with Force Push to knock them

Weaker Stormtroopers are easily held in check with Lightning. They can also be
effective weapons. Pick them up and use them as Lightning Grenades to bowl over
other foes. Use these skills as well as Force Repulse to keep them away for as
long as possible. 

CHALLENGE 07| Terror Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 02:00  |           | 01:40  |           | 01:30  |           |   01:15  |

Silver Reward: Terror Trooper costume         Gold Reward: Wisdom Saber
                                                             Crystal #2

This one was the first one I got a Platinum on (although I was mere
milliseconds from getting it on Deflection). You have to fend off a few waves
of Terror Spider Droids and Terror Troopers, those shadowy guys from the 

With the spider bots, you can obviously charge Force Repulse for a big effect,
but you might find it leaves you too vulnerable. Quick unleashes are still just
about as effective and you can also attack by other means. 

When the Terror Troopers appear, try to Mind Trick them as soon as you possibly
can, then unleash lightning-infused combos on them. You can also Grip them and
use Impale for a lot of damage. 

Keep up this strategy until you're done. Repulse the droids, Mind Trick the
troopers. Try to be quick. Avoid having the droids grab you, going with quick
Repulses if you must. Try to Mind Trick the troopers as soon as they appear in
front of you. Getting a Gold at least should not be too hard. 

CHALLENGE 08| The Cloning Spire Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:00  |           | 00:15  |           | 00:25  |           |   00:35  |

Silver Reward: Saber Guard costume           Gold Reward: Incineration Saber
                                                            Crystal #2

I'm not sure if I have a "great" strategy for this one. It's basically a crazy
game of whack a' mole. You have three platforms with clone tanks that pop up
for a few seconds, then drop out of sight again. 

You might notice that they almost go in a clockwise pattern. When one pops up,
the next one clockwise from it usually pops up next. This is sort of the way
you want to go with an exception and let me explain this.

You want to go clockwise, but you want to look for the tanks that pop up before
the next one in line. So if you go from tank position 1 to tank position 2,
but tank number 3 pops up first, dash an extra bit to reach that to get 3, then
dash back as number 2 pops up. This will save you valuable time. Keep this in
mind as you go. It's really like whack a' mole; hit the first one you see, but
still, go in a mostly circular path around the platforms.

CHALLENGE 09| Scout Trooper Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 03:00  |           | 01:30  |           | 01:00  |           |   00:30  |

Gold Reward: Disintegration Saber Crystal #2

You are given a linear path and there are five Holocrons on it. There are
Scout Trooprs with incredible aim along the path. Your job is to dash from
cover to cover and grab the Holocrons and reach the goal as fast as you can.

The first thing you'll want to learn is how the cover works in this trial. You
will notice these sky blue colored rocks on the ground. If you step on the
front half of these, the back half rises up and protects you. Basically just
dash onto these tiles as fast as possible and the back part should shield you.

Look for the shafts of light as you go. Grab the holocrons from these and use
the cover as you go. If the Scout Troopers' sights thicken and glow, wait for
them to shoot before moving. When you reach the end of a platform, they will

On the large platform, use the large boulders as cover. Grab the next Holocron
after moving past the first boulder, then dash quickly to the second. You might
take a hit or two, but it won't kill you. Move on. 

The last part is a sequence of small platforms where Scout Troopers appear
directly in front of you. Just Force Push them off as quickly as possible and
CAREFULLY jump from platform to platform to reach the goal. 

CHALLENGE 10| Gauntlet Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:00  |           | 02:30  |           | 03:00  |           |   03:30  |

Silver Reward: Sith Acolyte costume             Gold Reward: Shock Saber
                                                               Crystal #2

This is pure combat. You must clear each wave of enemies as fast as possible.
I used the Life Drain Saber Crystals here and I feel it was very helpful since
not only is time a factor, but so is your health.

The first wave is composed of a Carbonite Wardroid and some Riot Troopers.
Shock the troopers and throw them at the droid once you've removed its shield.
Charge up Saber Throw and do that repeatedly until you defeat it. You can keep
attacking it if you'd rather skip the QTE and save a few seconds. 

The next wave has Jumptroopers and a Terror droid. Zap all the troopers enough
so that they will overload and die. Shock the droid and use Saber Throw as
much as possible. When it gets close, lock on, and dash when it strikes, then
use your saber melee attacks. You might also want to skip the QTE by using
Saber throw until it dies.

For this next part, the Scout Troopers are your first immediate threat. Go
around the Incinerator Wardroid and use them as Lightning Grenades and toss
them at the droid. Now, remove the droid's shield and try your best to hit it
with two charged Saber Throws. That should be enough to weaken it. Hit it with
one decent combo to destroy it. Keep your distance if you must to avoid the
fire, then let loose with the Saber Throws. 

The final wave is comprised of two Sith Acolytes and a few Terror Troopers.
Mind Trick the troopers and focus on the acolytes. They take about one full
combo to kill, but they can be annoying so take them out. Keep Mind Tricking
the Terror Troopers, then slash them or Force Grip them and throw your sabers
at them. 

Dash to the goal when you're done to finish this challenge. 

     The next two trials are only available (as of now) if you pre-ordered
the game from Amazon.com 

CHALLENGE 11| Defend The Core Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:40  |           | 01:20  |           | 02:20  |           |   03:00  |

You must protect the Guybrush Threepwood statue in the center of the area. 
Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, and Jumptroopers will all try to attack it. The
Stormtroopers and Jumptroopers must get close to the statue before they open
fire. The Scout Troopers however will snipe it from afar. 

Lightning Grenade is an effective weapon. Try to stay in the center with the
statue and Grip any enemies that get too close. Hit them with Lightning, then
toss them at their allies. This is a way to try and get the Scout Troopers
without actually going after them directly. 

I honestly don't really have a good strategy for this one because it's really
hard to get a Gold on. The Scout Troopers create the biggest problem because
they are difficult to kill without going after them, which in itself is a big

CHALLENGE 12| The Trial of Dagobah
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:50  |           | 00:40  |           | 00:30  |           |   00:20  |

This one is also pretty hard. You have to cross one side of the swamp to the
other by jumping across the platforms. Easy enough, right? Only the air around
the platforms is electrified, and each time you land on one, you can expect to
lose a big chunk of your health. Ooh, not so easy. 

In fact, you can't even land on each platform and expect to live. Luckily, you
can target the platforms and raise them with Force Grip. This lifts them out of
the air and lets you land on them safely. You can certainly carve a path
through, lifting some platforms. In the interest of saving time, it's best to
cut corners and only lift some platforms. Even still, it's not easy. 

I found one way I was able to get through in time. You have to cut corners. So
once again, I made a crude map for this to try and help you out. 

               6             _
       1       _            |_|11  _
 ___   _      |_|     _     _     |_|12   ___
|   | |_|      _     |_|7  |_|10     _   |   |
| S |   _     |_|5   |_|   _        |_|  | F |
|   |  |_| _   _      8   |_|9       13  |___|
|___|   2 |_| |_|       
           3   4 

You will want to jump from the start and dash in the air to reach number 2,
right off the bat. Jump to 3 next, then from there, jump and dash to number 5.
Remember that you can get more distance by dashing over the edge, then double
jumping in the air quickly, and dashing again.

From 5, jump and dash to 7. WALK onto 8 and you won't take additional damage.
Do the dash trick again (dash off the edge, double jump, dash again) to reach
platform number 10. Do it again to reach 12, then jump onto 13 (or Force Grip
it and raise if you're too low on health). Jump onto the finish platform next.

Practice this again and again and you can do it around 20 seconds or less

     The next three trials are only available (as of now) if you purchased the
the Collector's Edition of the game.

CHALLENGE 13| Core Destruction Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:00  |           | 00:30  |           | 00:45  |           |   01:05  |

This one is pretty tough actually. You have to raise the pylons like on The
Salvation. Only problem is the enemies surrounding have something to say about

It starts off with several Terror Spider Droids. Your best bet is to not go
for the pylon directly ahead of you, but go to the right or left and avoid
the bots. If they surround you, use a quick Repulse, then grip the pylon and
mash X as well as you can. 

Acolytes and Riot Troopers show up. Again, it's best you just try to avoid
them and run to the far side, gripping another pylon and mashing X before they
can get to you. 

Terror Troopers show up. Try to Mind Trick them, then go with the same strategy
of just running to lure them away and while they're catching up, grab another
pylon and raise it. 

The last one is the most difficult because the Terror Walker appears. It
usually appears on a specific side however, so if you can make it so that the
last pylon is on the other side opposite the walker, you can avoid getting too
close to it. That leaves you to just try and avoid the other enemies.

I know I make it sound really easy, but it's tricky and might take a few tries.
Use Repulse for the droids, Mind Trick for every one else except the acolytes.
Run away from them, then grab the pylon when they're coming to get you. 

CHALLENGE 14| Tower of Death Trial
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:00  |           | 00:30  |           | 01:15  |           |   01:30  |

This one isn't terribly difficult. You must start by jumping over to the first
platform. These platforms are in the shape of rings, arranged in a pyramid
design. Each level has enemies on it. Clear them out and the next level will

Start by dashing your way around the ring, then Force Gripping any troopers
and throwing them over the edge. Do this for each of them as quickly as you
can, then do the same on the next level with Riot Troopers. 

When they are gathered together, you can Force Push them. Mind Trick also lets
you get them in one pile for Force Push. I don't claim that this is the best
strategy, but I was able to get a Gold by doing this quickly enough.

You can help yourself big time on the last level by using Mind Trick on the
Riot Troopers. Then throw them as Lightning Grenades at the AT-MPs or shock
them all with Lightning. Toss the missiles back at these mechs and try to be

CHALLENGE 15| The Trial of Agility
| BRONZE |           | SILVER |           |  GOLD  |           | Platinum |
|        |           |        |           |        |           |          |
| 00:30  |           | 00:15  |           | 00:12  |           |   00:10  |

Uh, this one is... pretty straightforward really. You have to get to the finish
in as little time as possible, especially for a Gold. The key is to use that
skill I've been mentioning over and over. Dash off platforms, double jump in
the air, then dash again. 

You want to try and stay on the floating platforms, instead of having to climb
up ledges and stuff. Try to go from platform to platform by using this trick
and you can make it decent time. It might take a few tries, but I really can't
think of any good tips to put down here. 

LIGHTSABER CRYSTALS                            [ex02]   
Here I will list the Lightsaber Crystals in the game and where to find them.
Many of them can be obtained from Holocrons scattered around the various
stages. Others are awarded for Gold Medals in some of the challenges. 

Starkiller can wield two sabers, so you have two crystals of each type if you
wish to dual-wield. By equipping two of the same type, you will increase the
effectiveness of the ability, or increase the chance it will activate. 

[CRIMSON] No special properties
o Crystal Location #1: Default
o Crystal Location #2: Default

[CHAOS] Gain extra Force points for destroying your environment
o Crystal Location #1: Kamino - The Escape
o Crystal Location #2: Cato Neimoidia - The Western Arch

[MEDITATION] Replenishes your Force Energy with each strike
o Crystal Location #1: Kamino - The Escape
o Crystal Location #2: The Salvation - Part II

[PROTECTION] Increases your defensive skills
o Crystal Location #1: Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Kamino Drill Grounds Trial

[FURY] Increases your Force Fury meter with each enemy defeated
o Crystal Location #1: Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on The Combat Trial

[HEALING] Gain extra health when defeating your enemies
o Crystal Location #1: Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch
o Crystal Location #2: The Salvation - Battle For The Salvation

[CORROSION] Grants a chance to do corrosive damage to your enemies
o Crystal Location #1: Cato Neimoidia - The Western Arch
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Deadly Path Trial

[LIFE DRAIN] Grants a chance to drain your enemies' health
o Crystal Location #1: Dagobah
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Deflection Trial

[FOCUS] Your Force Powers consume less energy
o Crystal Location #1: Dagobah
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Retrieval Trial

[REGENERATION] Improves your health regeneration
o Crystal Location #1: The Salvation - Aboard The Salvation
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Domination Trial

[WISDOM] Gain extra Force points when defeating your enemies
o Crystal Location #1: The Salvation - Part II
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Terror Trial

[INCINERATION] Grants a chance to set your enemies on fire
o Crystal Location #1: The Salvation - Part II
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on The Cloning Spire Trial

[SHOCK] Grants a chance to deal additional lightning damage
o Crystal Location #1: Kamino - The Return
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Gauntlet Trial

[DISINTEGRATION] Grants a chance to disintegrate your enemies
o Crystal Location #1: Kamino - The Return
o Crystal Location #2: Get a Gold Medal on the Scout Trooper trial

[IMPACT] Increases the damage done by your lightsaber
o Crystal Location #1: Collector's Edition Bonus Content
o Crystal Location #2: Collector's Edition Bonus Content

COSTUMES                                       [ex03]
This section will just very briefly and simply gloss over the available
costumes. It will include everything available that I know of and how to get
it in a brief statement. For extra details, go to the appropriate section.
So for example if "get a Silver Medal on (insert) challenge" doesn't help you,
then go to the Challenges section! Please, do that, because this is just for
listing purposes and not much more. 

Costume: Test Subject Garments
Unlocked: This is your default costume at the start of the game

Costume: TIE Flightsuit
Unlocked: Complete the first level, Kamino - The Escape

Costume: The Dreaming Robes
Unlocked: Complete the fifth level, Dagobah

Costume: Hero's Armor
Unlocked: Complete the fifth level, Dagobah

Costume: The Dark Apprentice's Robes
Unlocked: Complete the game and choose the Dark Side ending

Costume: Experimental Jedi Armor
Unlocked: Complete the game and choose the Light Side ending

Costume: Arena Combat Gear
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Guybrush Threepkiller
Unlocked: In Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch, go to the small casino room
where you see the hologram of Jabba. It's the second time you see such a
hologram and it's right after fighting a Carbonite Wardroid. Destroy the three
slot machines in front of the hologram to get this.

Costume: Boba Fett
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Jumptrooper
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Neimoidian
Unlocked: Get a Silver Medal on the Domination Trial

Costume: General Kota
Unlocked: Get a Silver Medal on the Deadly Path Trial

Costume: Rebel Commando
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Rebel Soldier
Unlocked: Get a Silver Medal on the Deflection Trial

Costume: Saber Guard
Unlocked: Get a Silver Medal on The Cloning Spire Trial

Costume: Scout Trooper
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Sith Acolyte
Unlocked: Get a Silver Medal on the Gauntlet Trial

Costume: Stormtrooper
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Terror Trooper
Unlocked: Get a Silver Medal on the Terror Trial

Costume: Training Droid
Unlocked: Complete the game

Costume: Training Gear
Unlocked: Have a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 save file on your system

Costume: Ceremonial Jedi Robes
Unlocked: Have a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 save file where the Light Side
ending was completed

Costume: Dark Stalker Armor
Unlocked: Have a Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 save file where the Dark Side
ending was completed

Costume: Deak Starkiller
Unlocked: Redeem a code from the Collector's Edition of the game

Costume: Maulkiller
Unlocked: Redeem a code from the Gamestop preorder bonus

HOLOCRON LOCATIONS                             [ex04]
You can find all the Holocrons highlighted quite clearly in the walkthrough.
If you'd rather just get the nitty-gritty and know their locations one after
another, this is the section for that. Here are the locations of all the
Holocrons in the game, listed by level and then by the order you find them.

|Kamino - The Escape|

1. This will be shortly after the falling sequence that opens the level. After
you land, you'll go outside and fight some Stormtroopers. You eventually jump
onto a round platform and this will take you to two more Stormtroopers and
eventually a place where you are told to use Force Grip to pull out a 
platform. Just after you do that, you'll jump to the ledge that has this.

-Reward: Chaos Saber Crystal

2. In the narrow corridor with the furnaces just after some Riot Troopers. Time
the furnaces and this is clearly visible at the end of the corridor before you
have to make a left turn. 

-Reward: Meditation Saber Crystal

3. Just after the previous Holocron, you'll go outside again. The next round
platform has a narrow walkway extending from it. At the end of that walkway is
this Holocron. 

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

4. You'll eventually come to a room where you have to Force Grip objects on
the other side of a forcefield in order to lower it. After doing that and 
killing the Stormtroopers on the other side, this Holocron is impossible to
miss in the next very small room. 

-Reward: EXP

5. When you get outside again and you have to go down a path where Riot Troopers
and other enemies attack, including some that are dropped off from ships. After
raising a platform at the end and jumping onto another path, you'll reach a 
gap where Jumptroopers attack. This Holocron hovers over the gap. Double jump
and dash to grab it and make it over. 

-Reward: EXP

6. Shortly after the above, you'll encounter your second Carbonite Wardroid.
After you defeat it, enter the building it came out of and look immediately
to your left.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

|Cato Neimoidia - The Eastern Arch|

1. Right at the beginning, after you defeat the Sith Acolytes, instead of
leaving, go to the left and walk down to the far docking platform. You will
see a lot of crates but nothing else. Remove the crates though and there is
your Holocron.

-Reward: Protection Saber Crystal

2. After you watch the tram escape you, go back up the ramp and use Force Grip
to raise the platforms in a stair-like way so you can climb up. When you reach
the top, this Holocron is right in your face. 

-Reward: EXP

3. You will eventually fight some Sith Acolytes on a bridge with those red
energy barriers you need to remove. It is after this point you will go indoors
for a little while. Fight your way through and as soon as you get outside
again, turn left. This Holocron is right here. If you find Jumptroopers on a
bridge, you just missed it.

-Reward: Fury Saber Crystal

4. After crossing some platforms where you have to use Saber Throw, the next
time you go indoors, lift up the sphere-shaped object in the middle of the room
with Grip. This reveals the Holocron. 

-Reward: Healing Saber Crystal

5. Soon after, you'll enter an "escape" sequence where you have to dash toward
the camera continuously to escape the blasts from a gunship. Keep your eyes
open and reflexes steady for a Holocron that will be in mid-air about halfway
down. Jump up and grab it, then keep on dashing.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

6. Inside the casino room, you fight a few enemies. The Scout Trooper in this
room is perched on a bridge. To get up to the second floor, try jumping on the
column-shaped objects and then jumping to the platform. The Holocron is on the
bridge where the Scout Trooper was sniping from.

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

7. Next you will go outside, then back into the casino where you will have to
drop an elevator and fall down the shaft. In the room right after you fall,
look for a cluster of enemies on a bridge to your right on the second floor.
It's right about a Carbonite Wardroid and where many other enemies are 
gathered. Get up there and grab it when they are defeated.

-Reward: EXP

8. This is in the room with the blue hologram of Jabba the Hutt. In front of it
are three slot machines. Destroy them by either zapping them with Lightning,
or throwing them around or whatever. When all three are destroyed (they will
disappear), this Holocron will drop into the room.

-Reward: Guybrush Threepkiller costume

|Cato Neimoidia - The Western Arch|

1. Immediately when you have control after the cutscene of jumping off the
burning tram, look to your right on this platform. You notice this curved 
"walls" or something at the end of the tram tracks. Well underneath the right
one is a Holocron.

-Reward: EXP

2. After fighting a Wardroid, AT-MP and other assorted enemies, you will need
to go down a walkway that turns right, then right again. It is on that adjacent
side that there are Scout Troopers that will snipe you. It's also at that very
corner, you might spy this Red Holocron floating in the air. To reach it, grab
the nearby objects that will be behind you when standing under the Holocron.
Bring them over and stack them and jump to reach it.

-Reward: Chaos Saber Crystal #2

3. This is after you fight two Carbonite Wardroids at the same time. You will
go inside a room after that. To the left of another one of those spherical
objects, just sitting on the ground is where you can find this.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

4. You come to a platform where you have to break through very large barricades
the Stormtroopers have set up. After breaking through the first two, this can
be find just in front of the third one. 

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

5. After the fight with the gunship, you'll be inside a room with a giant
skeleton. Get on the elevator that lowers in this area, but WARNING. Do not
ride the elevator too high or you'll miss these next two. Wait til the elevator
gets just a bit above the skeleton in the room. Then double jump, but delay
the second jump for a second so you can fall a little. After that, quickly
dash to reach the platform on the far side of the room up here. The Holocron
is to your left.

-Reward: EXP

6. Same room. It's best you get this from where you are once you've collected
the last one. Notice the very thick column up here. Walk left, going past it
as if you were moving back in the direction of the elevator. Once you are past
the column, carefully jump over the railing. You can stand on the railing and
inch your way over the edge, and by doing that, you can use the camera to sort
of see where you're going. You're trying to land on a very narrow platform. It
is very narrow so try to hug the wall as you drop. From here, there is another
platform across from you, so double jump and dash to reach it and this reward.

-Reward: Corrosion Saber Crystal


1. As soon as you start, Force Grip the large boulder on your right to reveal
this underneath.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

2. Use that rock as a platform and jump on it. Now jump on your ship. There is
a Holocron up here.

-Reward: EXP

3. Jump from the nose of your ship to the platform ahead. Look to your right
and you see this among the branches. 

-Reward: Life Drain Saber Crystal

4. Just past Yoda's house, there is another boulder. Lift it up for this.

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

5. In plain sight, just past the boulder, you pretty much can't miss this Red

-Reward: Focus Saber Crystal

6. Also in plain sight, grab this one easily. 

-Reward: EXP

|The Salvation - Aboard The Salvation|

1. This is just after the room where you re-learn Force Repulse. This Holocron
can't be missed. You just can't miss it. 

-Reward: Regeneration Saber Crystal

2. After a long room in which you have your second encounter with those
quick moving Terror Troopers, you will have to enter a new corridor where some
droids attack. You are then given two paths: straight and right. The fuse is
in front of the door right ahead of you. If you take it down the path to your
right however and put it in that door, it takes you to a room with coolant
tanks. Break the center one open to find this. 

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

3. You can find this Holocron inside the very very narrow room where you have
to jump from platform to platform. It's actually underneath the very first
platform you step on as you enter this area.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

4. This is in the second part of the engine room, just after you have to stop a
spinning object with Force Grip. Wait for the spinning laser devices on the
left to stop and jump through to get this. 

-Reward: EXP

5. In a large room where a big Terror Droid attacks, this is on the tip of a
very large machine on the right side of the room. Climb onto one of the higher
platforms near it and either stack objects or jump onto that tiny computer
panel. Double jump and dash to reach it. 

-Reward: EXP

6. After you defeat the Terror Walker boss, you have to Force Grip its body
to enter the large hole in the wall. Just inside is this Holocron.

-Reward: Wisdom Saber Crystal

|The Salvation - The Battle For The Salvation|

1. Just after the cutscene. This is on the right side of the room (when you're
facing the hangar doors) on the high ledge where some Scout Troopers eventually
emerge. There are smaller platforms on the sides in the corners of the room that
you can use to climb up. Besides the Scout Troopers, there is also an opening
to one of those boarding pods. Inside the pod is this Holocron.

-Reward: EXP

2. Back in the engine room, you have to hit some ship parts with Lightning to
blow them up. Behind them is this Holocron in plain sight.

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

3. Impossible to miss in a corridor after your return to the large room with
the furnaces on the ground. Just after killing the enemies, Kota opens the door
that leads you to this. 

-Reward: Meditation Saber Crystal #2

4. In one corridor, you get your first encounter with an Incinerator Wardroid.
Defeat it carefully, then enter the pod it came out of. This is inside.

-Reward: Incineration Saber Crystal

5. This is back in the main areas of the ship, backtracking to the corridor
from Holocron #2 in the previous stage, where you had a fork and could take
the energy fuse to either door. If you go back to the detour room where you
found that Holocron, there is another one, but watch out for all the bombs.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

6. Just after defeating another Incinerator Wardroid, you come to a stopped
elevator platform. Force Grip it and lift it up a bit to drop down below it.
As soon as you land, turn around and jump into the hole in the wall to uncover

-Reward: EXP

7. In the room with the main cannon that you have to fix. Before or after
fixing it but before leaving the room, this Holocron can be found on the far
side of the room, across from where you entered. It's floating high in the
air in the corner. Find the large cube-shaped objects and stack them in a
step-like way so you have room on the first one to stand on and jump onto the
other. If you need other objects, stack them as well. Jump from your makeshift
platform and reach this Holocron.

-Reward: Healing Saber Crystal #2

|Kamino - The Return|

1. After the falling sequence, obviously. This is near a large cylinder-shaped
object that is tilted above the ground. Climb the nearby debris to reach it.

-Reward: EXP

2. Also in the same area, there is a large engine near where the cannons are
that shoot at you. Climb on top of the engine using the surrounding debris and
grab this.

-Reward: Green Bacta Tank

3. After fighting an Incinerator Wardroid and other enemies in a narrow
corridor, you reach a larger room with glass maps and Jumptrooper enemies. The
large structure in this room has a platform at the top of it. You can jump on
the barricade-like objects to get up here and grab this.

-Reward: Blue Bacta Tank

4. You can find this in an outdoors area that is very similar to the areas in
the original Kamino level. It's also where you have to fight an AT-MP and a
Wardroid. The Holocron sits on top of a platform on this round platform. The
best way I can tell to get is to stand on a small tube-shaped object that is
protruding from the platform on the far side. Try to land on this, then you can
jump on top of the platform itself.

-Reward: Disintegration Saber Crystal

5. In a circular-shaped room with an Incinerator Wardroid and Terror Droids.
This is quite easy to spot on one far side of the room. 

-Reward: Shock Saber Crystal

6. This is in the cloning spire, where you must jump up the rotating platforms
with the clone tanks. This is on the fifth level of such platforms. Keep your
eye out for a tank that has a faint yellow glow inside. Bust it open to find

-Reward: EXP

TROPHIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS                      [ex05]
Here is a list of the available Trophies/Achievements in the game. I list them
as Trophies but there are no differences in how they are unlocked for 360

I should warn you, this section contains some slight SPOILERS. Nothing here
totally spoil the entire story for you, but still. Read at your own discretion.


Trophy: Padawan
Unlocked: Complete the game on Easy difficulty

Trophy: Amplified
Unlocked: Kill 10 enemies with the lightning towers

Trophy: Kamfetti
Unlocked: Kill 5 enemies with the fans on Kamino

Trophy: Imperial Painball
Unlocked: Throw 10 enemies into the Kamino generators

Trophy: Droid Rage
Unlocked: Control the Terror Walker and destroy all the Terror Biodroids

Trophy: Strike!
Unlocked: Kill three enemies with a single 'bowling' ball

Trophy: Shattered
Unlocked: Shatter 10 enemies frozen in carbonite

Trophy: Break the Bank
Unlocked: Smash up 10 game machines

Trophy: Valet
Unlocked: Use Vader's TIE Advanced to destroy the AT-MP

Trophy: Stay On Target...
Unlocked: Get to the falling Gorog without crashing into any debris

Trophy: Master of Disaster
Unlocked: Break all of the coolant tanks aboard the Salvation without dying

Trophy: The Jan Stakross Trophy of Excellence
Unlocked: Destroy 12 lightning pylons on the Kamino dive

Trophy: Jedi Bomb Squad
Unlocked: Remove all of the Terror Spider Bombs on the Salvation

Trophy: "No match for a good blaster at your side, kid."
Unlocked: Kill 10 enemies using the turbolasers on the Kamino Drill Grounds

Trophy: Top of the World
Unlocked: Reach the top of the Spire without falling once

Trophy: Rookie
Unlocked: Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Bronze medal in

Trophy: Challenger
Unlocked: Complete one challenge and receive at least a Bronze medal

Trophy: Unleashed
Unlocked: Activate Force Fury 10 times

Trophy: Enjoy The Trip See You Next Fall
Unlocked: Cause 50 enemies to fall to their deaths

Trophy: Maxed Out
Unlocked: Upgrade all Force Powers to Rank 3

Trophy: Use the Force, Luke
Unlocked: Complete any combat level using only Force Powers

Trophy: Lucky Streak
Unlocked: Defeat 300 consecutive enemies without dying

Trophy: Sky Killer
Unlocked: Destroy 15 TIE Fighters

Trophy: Arachnophobia
Unlocked: Destroy 200 Terror Spider Droids

Trophy: It Burns!
Unlocked: Disintegrate 15 enemies by throwing them into red force fields

Trophy: Pied Piper
Unlocked: Entice 10 Stormtroopers to leap to their deaths with Mind Trick

Trophy: Holocron Hunter	
Unlocked: Find every holocron

Trophy: Return to Sender
Unlocked: Kill an AT-MP by gripping its own missiles and throwing them back

Trophy: Up, Up and Away
Unlocked: Overload 20 Jumptrooper jet packs

Trophy: Passive Aggressive
Unlocked: Parry and counter 10 melee attacks

Trophy: To the Face!
Unlocked: Reflect 20 missiles back at AT-MPs

Trophy: Specialist
Unlocked: Upgrade one Power to Rank 3

Trophy: Fully Charged
Unlocked: Use an entire bar of Force Power on a Lightning attack

Trophy: Escape from Kamino
Unlocked: Escape Kamino in Vader's TIE Advanced

Trophy: The Nemesis in Flames
Unlocked: Destroy the Gunship

Trophy: Bring Down the Giant
Unlocked: Defeat the Gorog

Trophy: The Exterminator
Unlocked: Defeat the Terror Walker

Trophy: Crack the Sky
Unlocked: Destroy the Star Destroyer

Trophy: Meeting of the Jedi
Unlocked: Reunite with Kota

Trophy: Betrayed By Rage
Unlocked: Complete the game and choose the Dark Side ending

Trophy: A Measure of Mercy
Unlocked: Complete the game and choose the Light Side ending

Trophy: Poor Bob
Unlocked: Force Grip a Stormtrooper, impale him with a lightsaber, zap him with
Force Lightning, then throw him into an object


Trophy: Jedi Knight
Unlocked: Complete the game in Medium difficulty

Trophy: Hat Trick
Unlocked: Get a Gold medal on any 3 challenges

Trophy: Platinum
Unlocked: Get a Platinum medal on any challenge

Trophy: Competitor
Unlocked: Get a Silver medal on any 5 challenges

Trophy: Awww Yeah...
Unlocked: Perform every combat move in the game (excluding combos that require
Rank 3 Saber)


Trophy: Jedi Master
Unlocked: Complete the game on Hard difficulty

Trophy: Jedi Grand Master
Unlocked: Complete the game on Unleashed difficulty

Trophy: Champion
Unlocked: Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Gold medal in each


Trophy: The Circle is Now Complete
Unlocked: Earn all other trophies


Here are some tips for how to get specific Trophies. 


This is on Kamino - The Return. At one point there are electrical towers
outdoors. Lead some Stormtroopers to them and approach the towers. Tap
Triangle repeatedly to kill them. Die and when you reload, your kills will
stack, so you can do this again until you have it.


On the first level, Kamino - The Escape, you will see some spinning ventilation
fans in some areas, mostly in some indoor tunnels. Throw any nearby
Stormtroopers into them with Force Grip.

x-Imperial Painball-x

Obtain this on Kamino - The Escape. In the drill grounds (where the cannons
try to shoot you and you have to lower the red forcefields), as well as during
several other locations, there are these small mounds on the ground that are
red generators. Throw Stormtroopers into these until they die.


As soon as you start the Cato Neimodia level, kill the Stormtroopers. An AT-MP
shows up after them. As soon as you have control, immediately turn around and
grab Vader's TIE Advanced and then carefully but quickly toss it at the AT-MP.
You have to do this before it hits you with a missile and makes you drop it.

You might also have luck by standing right under the TIE Fighter which will
protect you from a missile. At that point however, you want to throw it as
soon as you can. 

|Credit|Thanks to michaeljf for the above tip                      |

x-Stay On Target...-x

This one can be tough, but the most important tip of all to remember is that if
you mess up, pause the game and hit "Exit" to start over. You'll start the
falling sequence over. Your goal is to get to the Gorog as it's falling just
ONCE without getting hit by anything.

You might think you have avoided everything, but barring a really bad glitch,
you probably did get hit by something. Watch Starkiller closely and listen. If
you see his body jar violently or hear him grunt, you'll know. Also pay
attention to your health bar. 

Force Push spamming gets rid of the rocks. It's after that though when the
Stormtroopers come flying at you. For this part, I prefer to just move as far
outside to the bottom left or right corners of the screen. Then go in either a
clockwise or counterclockwise motion to avoid them. It might take a few tries,
but this is how I did it. Restart if you mess up. Just get up to the Gorog the
first time and if it doesn't unlock, retry. 

x-Master of Disaster-x

The coolant tanks are the blue "bacta" looking tanks inside of The Salvation.
There are eight of them in the corners of the room where you first encounter
the Terror Trooper enemy. In the next hallway, there are even more. In the
next hallway, you can take the power fuse down the right corridor and open that
door. Inside that room are three more. Break them all with Saber Throw or other
attacks and you'll get this Trophy. 

x-Jedi Bomb Squad-x

This is in the same hallway (mentioned above) where you can take a detour. 
Since you are returning to this area, it's on your left this time. To further
identify it, as you come down this hallway, there's a lone Stormtrooper at
first, then some Scout Troopers at the far end. 

Make the left and go toward that detour room. You'll see a ton of deactivated
Spider droids. They explode when you provoke them. Use Force Repulse and also
Lightning to destroy them. There are many outside and inside the room. Repulse
will take out most, but not all. 

Look carefully around the room for stragglers on the walls, behind the coolant
tanks and even one above the socket where you put in the fuse outside the door.
To get these ones, jump at them and use your lightsaber. That should get them
all. If the Trophy doesn't pop, you must be missing one so look all around!

x-"No match for a good blaster at your side, kid."-x

You can do this on the first level, after you learn Mind Trick and are in the
area with the red barriers. After the first few enemy groups, the lasers start
targeting you. You need to lure enemies near you and then wait for the cannon
lasers to pinpoint you. Dash away and let the enemies be killed instead. 

This is tough because it pretty much makes you have to sit around while waiting
for the enemies to attack you. If you don't get enough, save and quit or die
intentionally. The kills will continue to stack. 

x-Use the Force, Luke-x

A lot of people have trouble with this one. The levels I recommend using are
either Kamino - The Escape, or Cato Neimodia - The Tarko-se Arena. You have to
beat one of them using only Force Powers. Now, there are lot of supposed things
that can effect this, such as Saber Throw, Force Grip, etc. I don't have any
proof of this so I will just try to keep it as simple as possible. 

1) Never use your saber to melee. It's a hard thing to train yourself to do. 
Do not ever use your saber. Avoid Saber Throw too if you want, but it's not
proven that this affects it. 

2) Avoid QTE finisher moves. These can negate the Trophy. 

3) Try to stick to two or three Force Powers. I prefer Lightning, Repulse, and
Grip. Some people have claimed Force Grip causes problems though so be careful.

Here's how I did it. I played the Tarko-se Arena, which is the Gorog boss. I
used Lightning the ENTIRE fight. Wait for him to slam his fists, then unleash
Lightning as much as possible. The Focus Saber Crystals might help. Eventually
you can push the chains back. Repeat this for the second phase.

When you're on the walkway, keep using Lightning on his head and on his hands
while dodging his fists. Kill the Stormtroopers for health with Lightning or
Repulse if you have it. When you're on the platform with his hand grabbing the
tower, keep spamming Lightning. Time it so that when he slaps the platform with
his other hand, you will jump into the air to avoid damage. Keep doing this and
after the falling sequence where you rescue Kota, you should bet the Trophy.
Some people say Saber Throw negated it, some said they got it even though they
used it. 

x-Pied Piper-x

The goal is to get 10 Stormtroopers to leap to their deaths by using Mind Trick
on them. The problem is that Mind Trick seems to be extremely context sensitive
and it is therefore, somewhat of a hassle. Most of the time, you only manage
to get Stormtroopers to fight each other with Mind Trick. So how do you get
them to jump off ledges?

Well, again, the game is very annoying with this, but it seems to work best on
troopers that are standing RIGHT near the edges, and more likely, are not near
other enemies. I found that Cato Neimoidia is a good level for this. Right from
the start of the level, when you are on the platform with Vader's TIE, you can
Mind Trick a lot of these troopers into jumping off the edge. Various troopers
throughout the level will also do this, but not all of them. 

x-Lucky Streak-x

The best place to get this is on The Salvation levels. The earlier you can
start the streak, the better. Of course, if you lower the difficulty to Easy,
you will have much less trouble getting this. 

These levels are easy because of the huge number of Terror Spider Droids you
will face. They'll rack up a huge number of kills for you. 

 _____ _____ 
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==| |===| |===================================================================
  | |   | |   Miscellaneous  | STAR WARS THE FORCE UNLEASHED II |       [misl]
==| |===| |===================================================================
 _| |_ _| |_ 

The other assorted information not necessarily related to the game itself. It
included the FAQ section, as well as the information on how to reach me and
what my rules are for tips and junk. Also the legal information because
plagiarism is just so not cool. 

Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
1) How do I get the extra trials/challenge rooms?
A) Some came with a preorder of the game off amazon.com, and some came with the
Collector's Edition of the game. I imagine they will be sold as DLC soon.

2) I have one saber crystal of one type, but I'm missing the second one of the
same type and I beat the game. Where is it?
A) A lot of saber crystals are offered for getting Gold Medals in the

3) For the "Champion!" Trophy, do Gold Medals earned from the DLC trials
A) No. You need to get at least a Gold in each of the 10 original trials for
the Trophy to be earned. 

4) Do Trophies that require certain number of kills stack after you die?
A) Yes, and this is a good way to get some Trophies. If you're trying to rack
up kills, you can die on purpose and start over and the kills will stack. 

5) So I beat the game but there's extra cinematics to unlock still. How do I
get these?
A) Beat the trials. I believe any medal will unlock cinematics. 

6) How do I get all three of the bonus costumes from Force Unleashed 1?
A) Have a save file from the game with both endings complete. However, for some
people, this still doesn't do the trick. Additional details might be needed.

7) Can you just beat the last level on Unleashed to get the "Jedi Grand Master"
A) No. You have to clear all levels under the Unleashed difficulty. 

Credits/Special Thanks

-GameFAQs and the community

-Archnemesis for several strategies and tips

Contact Info
If you are interested in contacting me, you can find my primary e-mail below. 
I just have a few rules that I would kindly ask prospective question askers
or tip providers to follow. 

First of all, if you haven't already, checked the FAQ section. If your
question isn't answered there, feel free to ask me. I try to check my e-mail
as much as possible, but it may sometimes take a day or two before I can get
back to you. 


If you are submitting information, a tip, a strategy, etc, I ask that you
please provide a username, screen name, or alias that you go by. Basically
any other name besides your real name or e-mail because I do not use these
to credit people with.

If you fail to give me a name, I will usually try and get back to you and
ask for one (unless you decline being credited, which is ok, but you must
let me know). I will not use tips that don't have a screen name attached
to them, unless the person declines credit. 

The last thing is in regard to all e-mails. I have a lot of guides, and I get
a lot of e-mails from many people. In order to make the process of answering
questions and addressing reader e-mails faster and easier, I just simply ask
for clear and identifiable subject headers. To avoid confusion with other
guides (including one for The Force Unleashed 1), please indicate this to me
in the header. Some examples are like "Force Unleashed II guide", or 
"SW:TFU2 question", etc. It doesn't have to be exactly like this, but just
try to make it clear what game it is you need help on. Titles like "HELP ME!"
I will usually ignore for a while on purpose.

E-mail: veritas7ax[AT]gmail[DOT]com

In order to reduce the spam I get, I have declined to put the "@" and "." in
my e-mail. If you can't figure the above out, then I probably can't help
you anyway. 

Legal Jabber
This guide is solely my own creation. Please do not misuse it in any way. Do
not take this guide and claim it as your own. Do not post it on your site 
without permission. Please contact me first for approval unless you have
already been pre-approved by me in the past. I will not approve all requests
as I eventually limit the places I want this guide to be hosted. The following
sites are already approved and may host this guide:


That should about wrap it up. Good night everybody. 

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